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Note: This Spotlight 1952 entry focuses on events from In The News 1952.

Picture of the Week

Above: From 1952, RAF Flight Sergeant Roland Hughes in front of his Vampire FB9. Hughes had been stationed at RAF Oldenburg in northern West Germany when, on July 30, 1952, he encountered a "gleaming silver, metallic disc" which flew alongside his aircraft before speeding off. The object was also detected by RAF radars on the ground. Hughes' was thereafter labeled by his flightmates as "Saucer Sam", which can be seen on the nose of his aircraft. Hughes' account was released in 2013 by the Churchill Archive at Cambridge University as found in the papers of Duncan Sandys, at the time the government's head aviation minister.

IT WAS THE PENULTIMATE year of the flying saucer -- both in the staggering number of detailed reports made by highly-credible sources and for the unprecedented level of attention paid to the phenomena by the United States Air Force. Witnesses included military pilots, airline pilots and private pilots, teachers, librarians, doctors, lawyers, police officers, Air Force and other military veterans, radar operators, airport control operators, and yes, even "scientists". But a vast number of witnesses also included ordinary people from all walks of life and from all generations.

Throughout the year 1952 the newspapers and magazines dutifully reported -- sometimes scathingly and other times with a gravitas associated only with the most important issues of the day. Included in that reporting were sometimes the all-encompassing and dismissive explanations of the phenomena by scientists and psychologists, most bordering on the ludicrous, and with only one or two even rising to the level of the barely plausible -- but still given great deference in an era when the title of "scientist" conferred an aura of incontrovertible infallibility. Also included in that reporting were assertions that the flying discs were real and either weapons of the Soviet Union or the United States.

Meanwhile the Air Force was almost schizophrenic in its reports to the public -- sometimes dismissive of the entire phenomenon as mass misidentification, at other times urging the public to send it detailed reports of all sightings and announcing grand schemes to scientifically "capture" the saucers through a network of cine-theodolites and diffraction-grid cameras.

As a result of all of the above, the public was at the same time confused and divided into camps of varying certitudes -- a widespread cultural phenomenon that first sparked in that pivotal year, and though morphed over six decades' time, remaining familiar in its essentials, even today.

But for all its impact, and even with the significant passage of time, the situation that year remains as opaque as ever, with the biggest question -- just what was the cause of it all -- still unanswered, with no new information ever to be gained, and only the historical record to act as guide.

The following, then, are the reported incidents en masse from that pivotal year, presented in the conviction that at the base of it all -- in the starkness of the reports themselves, stripped of the obscuring fog of opinion, explanation and analysis -- there still lurks the truth of the matter, waiting to be found, hiding in plain sight...

San Antonio, Texas Express - 3 Jan 52

Spot Flying Saucer

DUBLIN, Ireland, Jan. 2. -- The first of 1952's flying saucer stories comes from Dublin, the home of stout and Irish whiskey.

It was seen early on New Year's Day. Some observers said it moved quickly. Others said it was slow. Some said it dived and looped and disappeared.

Syracuse, New York Herald American - 27 Jan 52

Bedouins See Saucers Fly Over Sahara

New York (NANA) – Lighter side of the news from the world press:

Flying saucers have crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and are appearing over the mountains of Morocco, and in the sky above the Sahara Desert. At least that is what the frightened Bedouins report -- and they are certain that the luminous objects they saw high in the air were not flying carpets! Some, however -- those in particular who had been around the new U.S. air bases in French Morocco -- are inclined to believe that the mysterious visions are guided missiles from the American base at Port Lynuley. -- (Diario de Africa, Tetuan, Spanish Morocco).

El Paso, Texas Herald Post - 10 Feb 52

Mother and Children See Mystery Missiles

Mrs. Anna Lee Austin of 8275 San Jose road in the Lower Valley and her three children today joined flying saucer spotters.

Mrs. Austin say she has seen 10 or 12 of the mystery missiles during the past three weeks.

The most recent was yesterday, Mrs. Austin said, when she saw a dark, cigar-shaped object directly over Mt. Franklin at about 9 a.m.

The object appeared to be flying west over Mt. Franklin, followed by several jet planes at some distance.

The planes drew close to the "rocket," then veered off to one side and flew around it, Mrs. Austin said. The object turned around and flew straight up in the air out of sight.

Mrs. Austin sighted her first mystery missiles about Jan. 15. Four of the "flying cigars" flew slowly over the city from west of Mt. Franklin eastward. Each appeared to be about a block long, she said.

The cigar-like object halted in mid-flight for a few seconds while three objects, shaped like "flying saucers," were let down from inside, she said. The "saucers" glowed with a phosphorescent light, Mrs. Jackson [sic] said. They started flying upwards at a high rate of speed and disappeared. The "rockets" continued westward until they were out of sight.

Mrs. Jackson [sic] said the objects were seen by her three children, aged 10 through 13, and other children in the neighborhood. She has sighted six or seven other single "rockets" during the three-week period, she stated.

Long Beach, California Independent - 20 Feb 52

AF Orders Inquiry Into Korea Flying Disc Reports

WASHINGTON, Feb. 19 -- The Air Force disclosed today that it has ordered a full-scale investigation of reports that objects resembling "flying saucers" have been sighted in Korea by crewmen of two American B-29 bombers.

An Air Force spokesman said four fliers described the objects as disc-shaped, bright orange in color and sending off occasional flashes of bluish light. Two of the fliers were said to have estimated the discs were about three feet in diameter.

In the past, the Air Force has forcefully discounted widespread reports of "flying saucers" or "discs." But it was sufficiently impressed by reports from its own personnel to order a full inquiry.

The reports from the U.S. crewmen were sent to top officials here through regular military Intelligence channels.

The first report was submitted to Air Force intelligence officers from two crewmen of a B-29 bomber who said they saw the object flying parallel to their plane at about midnight the night of Jan. 29. The plane was over Wonsan, Korea. Their "sighting" might have been dismissed as an optical illusion or imagination working overtime. But the same night, a B-29 from a different squadron returned to its base after a flight over Sunchon, Korea, some distance from Wonsan. Two crewmen said they saw flying discs moving alongside their plane at a high altitude. The time also was at about midnight.

"The objects remained with the B-29 over Wonsan for five minutes and with the B-29 over Sunchon for one minute," the Air Force said...

Coshocton, Ohio Tribune - 13 Mar 52

Mystery Aircraft Seen in Columbus

COLUMBUS -- Columbus residents wondered today if the fiery streak they saw flash through the sky last night was a new-type jet plane or just the old standby "Flying Saucer."

A flood of telephone calls to local newspapers condensed to this: That a lot of people saw something high in the sky that they've never seen before. Albert Wasserstrom, who seemed to have sighted the "thing" for the longest time, said it was long, shiny, wingless, and tapering from nose to tail.

"It was flying southwest, then made a circle and headed north. Then it turned west again and a bright light flashed on in the front -- it must have burned about two seconds. After a short time, it whisked off to the north."

Paul Grandinetti, an employee in the engineering department at North American Aviation, Inc., here, said the "thing" was unlike any aircraft he saw before.

"At first," he said, "I thought it was a comet -- it made a brilliant orange-colored streak in the sky." Grandinetti believed it was at least 50,000 feet up.

Other persons gave varying estimates of the object's height, ranging from 3,000 feet up to "out of the earth's atmosphere."

A base operations sergeant at nearby Lockbourne Air Force Base said he told anxious callers it was probably a jet aircraft leaving vapor trails.

Sandusky, Ohio Register Star News - 17 Mar 52

Strange Objects In Sky Puzzle Ex-Plane Spotter

DURHAM, NC -- March 17 -- A man who spent "considerable" time in Alaska as a plane spotter during World War II claimed Saturday he had seen "strange objects flying from the North to the South."

J.D. Hunnicutt, now a fire tower watchman at Duke University, admits he does not know if the objects are "flying saucers," but he pointed out:

"I never saw anything like them in Alaska."

He said: "Some looked-like baby carriages. They were square, long looking objects -- the rest of them were round."

Vienna, Austria Die Presse 29 Mar 52

Flying Saucers Over Belgian Congo Uranium Mines

By Fritz Sitte

Recently, two fiery disks were sighted over the uranium mines located in the southern part of the Belgian Congo in the Elizabethville district, east of the Luapula River which connects the Meru and Bangweolo lakes. The disks glided in elegant curves and changed their position many times, so that from below they sometimes appeared as plates, ovals, and simply lines. Suddenly, both disks hovered in one spot and then took off in a unique zigzag flight to the northeast. A penetrating hissing and buzzing sound was audible to the on-lookers below. The whole performance lasted from 10 to 12 minutes.

Commander Pierre of the small Elizabethville airfield immediately set out in pursuit with a fighter plane. On his first approach he came within about 120 meters of one of the disks. According to his estimates, the 'saucer" had a diameter of from 12 to 15 meters and was discus-shaped. The inner core remained absolutely still, and a knob coming out from the center and several small openings could plainly be seen. The outer rim was completely veiled in fire and must have had an enormous speed of rotation. The color of the metal was similar to that of aluminum.

The disks traveled in a precise and light manner, both vertically and horizontally. Changes in elevation from 800 to 1,000 meters could be accomplished in a few seconds; the disks often shot down to within 20 meters of the tree tops. Pierre did not regard it possible that the disk could be manned since the irregular speed as well as the heat would make it impossible for a person to stay inside the stable core. Pierre had to give up pursuit after 15 minutes since both disks, with a loud whistling sound which he heard despite the noise of his own plane, disappeared in a straight line toward Lake Tanganyika. He estimated their speed at about 1,500 kilometers per hour.

Pierre is regarded as a dependable officer and a zealous flyer. He gave a detailed report to his superiors which, strangely enough, in many respects agreed with various results of research.

Lubbock, Texas Evening Journal - 3 Apr 52

Fiery Object Seen In State

Residents of at least seven Texas cities last night watched a fiery, fast-moving object with a flaming tail flash across the sky.

At Fort Worth, Houston, Wichita Falls, Longview, Dallas, Olney and Graham residents wondered if what they saw would start another flurry of "flying saucer" reports in the state.

The noiseless object was seen by Fort Worth residents about 8:40 p.m. traveling south to north on what happened to be a flat trajectory.

Believed Meteor

An amateur astronomer at Graham, E.B. Street, saw it and said he didn't think it was a meteor.

But Fort Worth astronomer Oscar Monnig -- who didn't see it -- said, "I can't help but think it was a meteor."

At Olney, Bill Easley saw the object flash from southwest to northeast and described it as a "reddish streak." An unidentified Wichita Falls man reported the object as "trailing a bluish light."

If it were the same object Houston residents saw, the "thing" was traveling at almost unbelievable speed, or at a tremendous altitude. Houstonians saw it about 8:40, too.

Some persons at Houston thought it was a jet plane, others thought it a meteor, and still others thought they saw the object fall to earth.

Dallas Weather Bureau employes said two reports of objects in the sky came to them, but they would make no speculation on the reports.

[From another version of the story, published in the Corsicana, Texas Semi Weekly Light ...]

John Allen of Radio Station KFRO, Longview, said 15 persons telephoned in before 7 p.m. to report seeing a red, round object shooting across the skies at a tremendous speed. It was moving eastward, they said. It trailed vapor, but no sound was heard. It was sighted about sundown.

Sighted By Pilot.

Len Johnson of Radio Station KWKC, Abilene, said a Pioneer Airlines pilot reported seeing the object about 8:43 p.m., moving an estimated 800 miles per hour. The pilot, on a flight from Lubbock to Abilene and whose name wasn't learned, said he didn't believe it was a meteor or a jet plane but "some type of rocket."

Corsicana, Texas Semi Weekly Light 4 Apr 52

3 Corsicanans See Mysterious Object In Sky

At least three Corsicana persons saw the mysterious object which appeared in the sky about 9 p.m. Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe York, 400 North Thirty-seventh street, and Dr. C. L. Gary, Jr., 405 North Thirty-eighth street, reported they watched the fire-spitting thing for about a minute.

The Yorks were in their back yard, they said, when they heard a plane in the southwest. This they readily identified. Soon they noticed the strange object, which they said was round in shape and spouting two jets of flame.

"The front of the thing," said York, "was a different color than the jets. It was traveling from the southwest to the northeast."

York estimated the object was up about 15,000 feet and traveling fast as it disappeared from sight in about a minute.

"It kept a level course and made no sound at all," said York.

The Yorks called Dr. Gary to see the object.

Oxnard, California Press Courier 4 Apr 52

Oval Joins Flying Saucers

BENSON, Ariz. -- Two Air Force pilots said today they watched for an hour as a huge oval-shaped object, possibly five or six times the size of a B-29 bomber, hovered at about 55,000 feet above them.

Chick Logan and C.M. Jasper, both veteran flight commanders from Marana, Ariz. Air Force Base, saw the king-sized object from the air.

Flight instructor Paul Wilkerson, Tucson, and Skeet Taylor, owner of a local airport, said they saw it from the ground.

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base at Tucson said some B-36s were flying in the Benson area at an altitude of 40,000 feet.

However, Logan said, the object did not have wings.

"The sky was bright blue," he said, "and the object stood out like a sore thumb. I couldn't go any higher than 14,000 feet because I had no oxygen with me.

"The object was bright and shone like polished aluminum. I've been flying for 25 years and never saw anything like it. It was weird."

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune - 10 Apr 52

'Flying Bow-Tie' Turns Somersaults In New Mexico Sky

SANTA ROSA, April 10 --Flying saucers are "bow-tie shaped" now. They somersault too! At least that's what a Southern Pacific Railroad section gang said one did.

The object traveled faster than a jet plane, according to Jesus Dimas, foreman. It was sighted about a mile high near Pintado, six miles west of here, at 3:05 p.m. yesterday and just one hour later was flying several miles high.

The men, who frequently sight jet planes, said the aluminum-colored object appeared to somersault during its high-speed flight.

Pulaski, Virginia Southwest Times - 14 Apr 52

Flying Saucer Reported Seen At Winchester

WINCHESTER -- The "flying saucers" are flying again. At least that is the opinion of Harrington Smith and John Seabright, both of Winchester.

They reported that they observed a tracer object traversing southern skies here on Saturday night.

The two men were standing on the front steps of Smith's apartment building when Seabright noted the unusual object in the sky, and called the other's attention to it.

They said the "saucer" appeared to be of a spiral shape and was revolving clockwise at terrific peed. They reported it appeared in the southern skies and passed across the area in just a few seconds. It was further described as having somewhat rough and uneven edges and no tail.

Lubbock, Texas Evening Journal - 14 Apr 52

Airman Reports 20 Saucers Over Waco

WACO, April 14 -- An Air Force lieutenant from James Connally Air Force Base said last night he saw what might have been 18 or 20 flying saucers over Waco. But other Wacoans said they were only birds.

Lieut. Ed Gaucher told a reporter for the Waco Times-Herald the objects appeared to be flying in formation at about 5,000 feet. He said they were doing better than 600 miles an hour, traveling in a northeast direction.

An orange glow appeared to come from inside the objects, Gaucher said.

Gaucher's story was substantiated by two witnesses, according to the Times-Herald reporter. But other Waco residents said the, objects were birds, flying low and at a slow speed. The orange glow came from the reflection of neon lights, they said.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune - 14 Apr 52

Quartet Sights Flying Saucers Speeding North

Flying saucers -- about 25 of them -- were reported speeding over Albuquerque by four persons Easter Sunday afternoon.

Mary Muses, Journal staff member; her sister Estel Westheffer; Jean Oliver, photographer for Home Builders magazine, all of 5116 Fastura Place, and Lyfin Prehn, 2909 Santa Monica, who has a photo laboratory at 808 East Coal, all reported seeing the saucers.

Miss Muses said they were in the front yard at her home taking pictures when they sighted the white objects going north by northeast, up at about an 80 degree angle at 3 p.m. She said they flew in a triangular formation like wild geese and changed formation as they seemed to bob gently up and down.

The craft, described as about the size of a dinner saucer, round and white, were in view about two minutes, Miss Muses said.

She added the other three witnesses reported they could still see flashes from the sun's reflection as long as six minutes later. The objects gained altitude and finally disappeared. Miss Muses said it was impossible to determine the size or altitude of the objects.

Both Miss Oliver and Mrs. Prehn had cameras, one with color film, but Miss Muses said, "We were so amazed we didn't think to take pictures."

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune - 14 Apr 52

Strange Flying Object Reported

An oblong, silver-colored object moving slowly south was sighted over the Sandias this morning by two Sandia Base employees.

"We don't know whether it was a flying saucer or something else," said Gerald Coster, 237 Riverside dr., one of the men, "and we'd like to know whether anyone else sighted it."

Mr. Coster and Richard O'Boyle, 1618 Anderson pl., saw the object at 7:40 a.m. just as they were entering the gates at Sandia.

They watched for three minutes as they drove down the main street of the base, then lost it when they turned behind a building momentarily.

Winnipeg, Canada Free Press - 16 Apr 52

Those Flying Discs In North Bay Now

NORTH BAY. Ont.. April 16 -- R.C.A.F. officials said Tuesday they plan to investigate two reports of flying saucers in this area. The reports came from airmen stationed here.

WO F.H. Rossell, a veteran airman with 13 years in the service, and FS Reg. McRae, a visitor from Weston. Ont., said they spotted a "bright amber disk" in the sky over the airfield around 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

The two said the disk came from the southwest, moved across the air-field, stopped and then took off in the reverse direction. It climbed at an angle of 30 degrees at "terrific speed" and disappeared.

WO W.J. Yeo, a master telecommunications superintendent, and Sgt. D.V. Crandell, an instrument technician, reported seeing a flying saucer the night of Jan. 1.

"The saucer appeared to be at great height, probably outside the earth's hemisphere," they testified. "It appeared to be moving at supersonic speed."

The disk was described as reddish-orange in color, "similar to a rock burning."

An R.C.A.F. spokesman said Tuesday there is no reason to doubt the validity of the reports since the men concerned are seasoned veterans familiar with conventional aircraft.

Fairbanks, Alaska Daily News-Miner - 17 Apr 52

Territorial News Roundup

...ALSO IN ANCHORAGE, a flying saucer was sighted this week, with at least a dozen people swearing that it was a real "saucer." The weather bureau reported that this unidentified object was tracked over the city for almost a half an hour.

One resident who sighted it, Robert E. Bratcher, said it resembled a huge disk. He said he followed it with binoculars until it vanished behind clouds. Many others reported seeing it, and all seemed to agree that it was real, and that it was flying at an altitude of about 30,000 feet.

Lubbock, Texas Morning Avalanche - 18 Apr 52

'Flying Saucers' Are Reported Seen Near Atomic Test Site

LAS VEGAS, Nev., April 17 -- "Flying saucers" in the area of the Nevada test site, where important new atomic tests are in progress, were reported today.

An Air Force technical sergeant and four civilian workers at the Nellis Air Force Base, near Las Vegas, said they saw 18 circular objects flying an easterly course which carried them over or very close to the test site.

Those who reported seeing the objects were T/S Orville Lawson, Rudy Toncer, sheetmetal shop foreman, and sheetmetal shop workers R.K. Van Houtin, Edward Gregory and Charles Ruliffson.

Streak Across Sky

The objects went by at 12:05 p.m. Van Houtin saw them first and called the attention of the others to them.

The men watched the saucers for about 30 seconds while they streaked across the sky in an easterly course north of Las Vegas and disappeared.

The men estimated that the craft were 40,000 feet high and flying at a speed of at least 1,200 miles an hour.

The objects flew in an irregular formation with one of them off to the right, moving with a zig-zag motion. They left no smoke or vapor trail.

A check at the air base showed that there were no planes in the air at the time and that no observation balloons had been released.

The Atomic Energy Commission said that none of its personnel had seen the objects...

Naugatuck, Connecticut, Daily News - 18 Apr 52

More Saucers

Cleveland -- An Eastern Air Lines radio operator says he has seen what looked like a flying saucer over a Cleveland airport. Joseph Radford has submitted a report on what he saw to government intelligence officers.

Twin Falls, Idaho Times News - 20 Apr 52

Flying Saucers Are Reported By Picnickers at Twin Falls

Flying saucers apparently have returned to Magic Valley.

At least that is the report of a local family picnicking Thursday at the Idaho Power company's park at Twin falls. The picnickers who reported seeing the objects asked to remain anonymous for fear of being termed "crackpots."

Eighteen objects were seen flying in two formations along Snake river at 1:30 p.m. Thursday. Two of the picnickers viewed the objects which constantly changed formation. Formations resembling a V and a walking cane were observed.

The saucers were in sight for 30 seconds and followed the general course of Snake river before disappearing from sight. No estimate was given of the height at which the objects were flying, but they were reported moving at great speeds. "They weren't birds or like anything we've seen before," one observer declared...

Delphos, Ohio State Journal - 21 Apr 52

Saucer Reports Come from Cleveland

CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Hopkins Airport Control Office received several calls Sunday from pilots and residents who believed they had sighted flying saucers.

The station said that one man of the city's East Side reported seeing what he thought were seven saucers flying in formation.

Pilots on Trans-Canada Airlines planes also reported unknown objects. One pilot said he traced 11 objects that might have been saucers on his radar track and that they flew from horizon to horizon in three seconds.

Air control officials in Toronto reported the latter phenomenon might hove been caused by a search light. They said objects reported by four other pilots may have been anything from wild ducks to reflections of aluminum barns.

North Bay, Canada Daily Nugget - 21 Apr 52

Colored "Saucer" Observed Again

WINNIPEG -- A mysterious light, first reported over Manitoba Monday, was seen whirling across Winnipeg last night.

Newspaper offices received numerous calls from citizens who said the sparkling disc kept changing color as it moved across the evening sky.

Toronto, Canada Globe and Mail - 21 Apr 52

Dim Orange Lights Seen in Formation Flying Over City

A collection of 50 to 60 lights in V-formation moving rapidly from southeast to northwest was observed at 10:30, last night by a Wychwood Park resident. The lights were a dim orange in color and judged to be at a great height. There was no sound. He was able to observe an arc of approximately 30 degrees in the sky and the collection of lights appeared and disappeared over that distance in approximately six seconds. The observer admitted he was greatly shaken by the experience.

Sault Ste. Marie, Canada Daily Star - 21 Jul 52

RCAF Claims "Saucer" Speedy British Bomber
Toronto-Detroit In 12 Minutes

TORONTO - A dark, cylindrical object which streaked across Ontario skies yesterday, at a speed estimated to be as high as 1,000 m.p.h., revived talk today, of "flying saucers."

Leaving a long vapor trail, which stretched from horizon to horizon, the object was first reported over Toronto, and then, over Hamilton -- before Toronto Airport officials had a chance to telephone ahead to warn of the approach of the object.

One Toronto newspaper, in a report from R.C.A.F. officials in Ottawa, said it was a British Canberra jet bomber enroute from Montreal to Omaha, Neb., and thence to Baltimore, Maryland, where the aircraft is to be made under license by the Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Co., a large U.S. producer of warplanes. However, the top speed of the British jet is estimated to be in "excess" of 600 m.p.h. The Toronto newspaper report estimated the craft's speed at "in the neighborhood of 1,000 m.p.h."

Within a reported 12 minutes of passage over Toronto, Detroit Airport Control messaged that the trail was visible north of that city.

The vapor trail was sighted above Toronto by airport officials, about noon, and shortly afterwards over London, Ont. RCAF officials said the jet bomber, one of the fastest planes in the air, flew at a height of about 30,000 feet, and it was going so fast that it sped over Toronto before its flight plan reached Air Traffic Control officials.

At London, fighter aircraft from No. 420 Squadron attempted to intercept the plane, but it quickly left them behind. The mustang fighter pilots pushed their craft to speeds of 450 miles an hour in the futile chase.

R.C.A.F. officials at Ottawa said that Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Lloyd, chief of the R.A.F. Bomber Command, arrived at Montreal Saturday, in a Canberra and took off yesterday, in the same plane for Omaha. His ultimate destination is Baltimore, Maryland, where the Canberra will go into production.

The R.C.A.F. said there is a possibility the Canberra created the controversy.

But the reports that it was going 1,000 miles an hour stump them.

Tangier, Morocco Espana - 22 Apr 52

Glowing Spheres Seen Over Almansa, Spain

Almansa, 21 April -- At 0800 hours today, many persons saw a series of four glowing spheres crossing the sky, along the Murcia-Valencia trajectory at high speed and at a great height. The spheres looked like locks of wool of a vivid reddish color which changed to an intense yellow as they flew further away. They gradually disappeared in the distance. No unusual sound was heard. The spectacle lasted hardly a minute.

Winnipeg, Canada Free Press - 23 Apr 52

Winnipeg Too Has Saucers

Winnipeg is in the flying saucer act.

Within the past 24 hours, mysterious objects in the sky have been reported to the Free Press by a Carlton street housewife, a machine accountant in Fort Rouge, a Tuxedo schoolboy, and an unidentified individual who said he was calling from "just south of Winnipeg.

The reports differed as to the size, and coloring of the object, but agreed that it changed direction abruptly and was "definitely not an aircraft, or a falling star.

First report was received from John Woods, 17 year old Tuxedo schoolboy, of 132 Cirton boulevard who saw a small circular object, yellow and then turning orange hurtling overhead across the sky and moving very fast at 8:26 p.m. at Tuxedo.

High And Fast

He said: "I was standing on Hertford boulevard Tuesday night, when I saw a small, circular object moving across the sky. I'm sure it wasn't a falling star because I watched it. It was good and high, changed from yellow to orange as it moved towards the horizon, and then it turned east, almost at right angles, and disappeared."

Mrs. J.E. Woods says her son is "not a star-gazer and definitely not the imaginative type."

Stevenson field reported having received a similar report about 9 p.m. from an "unidentified individual calling from just south of Winnipeg."

A 'White Object'

P. Alderdice, accountant, of 495 Rathgar avenue, Fort Rouge, told the Free Press that both he and his wife had seen a "white object moving "much higher and much slower than any aircraft I've ever seen."

This is Mr. Alderdice's report: "It was 10:15 p.m. and I had just left the Park theatre at Fort Rouge with my wife. My wife drew my attention to a starry white object moving northwards. It was definitely not an aircraft, because it was moving much higher and slower than any aircraft I've ever seen. We watched the object moving north and then it suddenly stopped and started back, reversing almost exactly in its own tracks."

"I've never seen a falling star do that." he added.

Mrs. D. Shaw, who lives at 368 Carlton street, witnessed a peculiar green light from the front yard of her home shortly after 10 o'clock.

"It was moving slowly, and seemed to be close to the ground," she told the Free Press Wednesday morning. "First it was green then a red light appeared and merged into the green haze. The green vanished completely, and the red turned to yellow."

Mrs. Shaw said another family watched the phenomenon at the same time she did.

"It certainly was strange," she said. "I don't know what it was, but it wasn't a star."

Traffic control at Stevenson field reported "normal activity, at this time of night."

"Normal for us, that is," an official sighed. "I guess it must be the season."

Sidney, Australia Morning Herald - 23 Apr 52

"Cigar-shape Saucer" Seen Over Singapore

SINGAPORE, April 23 -- Many people in Singapore believe they saw their first "flying saucer" to-day.

Early this morning, newspaper offices were swamped with phone calls from people who said they saw a cigar-shaped silvery object belching smoke as it streaked southwards high over Singapore Island.

At Johore Bahru, 16 miles north of Singapore, Yee Hong-hoy, a Chinese employee of a shipping company, said: "The cigar-shaped object appeared to turn back for about two minutes, then resumed its flight. It was very high and very fast."

Traffic was at a standstill in busy Raffles Place, the city's business centre, as people told of seeing "something like a wingless rocket, spouting white smoke at intervals."

The object "disappeared in the distance after emitting a bigger than usual puff of smoke."

A newspaperman reported seeing "about 10 narrow silvery lines of vapor trails in the sky."

An R.A.F. spokesman said no jet aircraft from Singapore bases were in the air at the time, and a Meteorological Department spokesman said no weather balloons were up.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune - 23 Apr 52

Flying Saucer Sighted Here

Another flying saucer was sighted over Tijeras canyon east of the city today.

Mr. and Mrs. Everton Conger, who live on N. Highland-rd., said they saw the aluminum colored disk hovering beneath a cloud as they drove east on Mountain-rd. near the intersection, with Campus-blvd. at 8:32 this morning.

Mr. Conger, associate journalism professor at the University, said the disk, was within 10 degrees of the horizon.

"A strato-cumulus cloud was above it," he said. "We could see the disk tilting slowly. It remained in one spot about two minutes. Then it moved slowly north and disappeared, probably into the cloud."

Mr. Conger said he telephoned the Weather Bureau to learn the altitude of the cloud and said he was told such a cloud forms about 13,000 feet above sea level. When the disk tilted, it reflected sunlight he said, but apparently had no source of light in itself.

"The object was very small," Mr. Conger said. "But the most unusual aspect of it was that I saw the very same thing in almost the exact spot and at the same time in the summer of 1948."

A different object -- a fireball -- was spotted in the sky a few minutes before 10 last night by several Albuquerqueans.

D.D. Miller, 1320 San Andres-dr., said he spotted the object, which had a soft white glow in front and a brilliant bluish green toward the rear. He watched it move along in the sky, moving slower than a star falls at about 500 feet, and said he heard no noise. He said it looked like a flare, only larger.

W.A. Hannett, Blake-rd. said he spotted the object, moving at a horizontal angle and that it looked like a green shooting star, only bigger than a star.

Winnipeg, Canada Free Press - 25 Apr 52

Around The World

Canada... You've heard of flying saucers? Well, now it's flying trowels. Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Kennedy said they spotted a "trowel-shaped affair with a dark tail" over Ottawa's northeast end, travelling at terrific speed.

Cairns, Australia Post - 29 Apr 52

Flying Saucer Over N.Z.
Farmer's Report

WELLINGTON. Apr. 28 -- The report of a flying saucer over New Zealand came to-day from a North Auckland farmer, Mr. J. Erceg of Kokopu, 13 miles west of Whangarel, who claims to have seen an oval boat shaped object travelling across the sky at 10.35 p.m. on Saturday.

Mr. Erceg said that the object was bright blue and seemed about 10 to 12 feet long. It travelled across the night sky "slower than a meteor but faster than a plane." The saucer travelled from north to south.

Mr. Erceg claims to have seen it while he was returning with his family from an evening at the pictures.

Mitchell, South Dakota Daily Republic - 30 Apr 52

Flying Saucers Sighted By Trio Over Rapid City

RAPID CITY -- Flying saucers may become an added attraction in the Black Hills this summer if reports of three residents who sighted one hovering over the city Monday are any indication.

Witnessing the saucer's antics were Roy Edwards and. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Edwards, of Rapid City and several unidentified tourists.

According to Roy, he saw a "comet-like" shape flying toward Rapid City from the south between 6 and 7 p.m. He stopped his truck on highway 79 about 15 miles south of here to watch the aerial maneuvers.

His brother and wife caught up and stopped with him. While the men argued whether the ship was a jet a jet plane or a saucer, it stopped completely in mid air. The witnesses said the ship appeared to be directly above Rapid City.

After a two-minute pause, the saucer suddenly took off toward the west at a right angle to its previous path of travel, Roy said. It then circled the city and zoomed south again.

Winnipeg, Canada Free Press - 1 May 52

'Saucer' Fever Hits B.C.

VANCOUVER, May 1 -- This year's flying saucer fever now has infected British Columbia.

Reliable citizens of Hammond, a community 30 miles east of here, reported Wednesday they have seen queer things whizzing through night skies of the Fraser Valley for the last six weeks.

The "things" don't answer to descriptions of natural phenomena or conventional aircraft, Hammond citizens say.

Four men on two occasions saw "lights," which were seen later by two of the four separately.

A Hammond post office worker saw a "saucer" in daylight.

Boy Saw Eight

A woman reported she saw a "mass of tiny lights, changing shape in the sky." A Vancouver schoolboy saw eight "saucers."

Hank Harms, wartime R.C.A.F. tail gunner, said he first spotted a "light" March 14.

"The sky was clear. It was as large as a silvery white star, except that it shimmered."

Mr. Harms said he saw a similar sight the night of April 4. There was "something sparky coming out of the back" and it made "a sharp reverse turn impossible for an aircraft."

The R.C.A.F. here said: "No comment."

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune - 2 May 52

New 'Fireball' Is Sighted Here

Another "fire ball" was reported seen over Albuquerque last night.

Frank Lenox, 209 N. Madison, said today he saw the brilliant white object moving northward at 11:05 p.m. He saw it from his bedroom window. He said it definitely was not a shooting star.

He said it looked "bigger than a star but not as big as the moon." It did not move as fast as a shooting star, and appeared to veer slightly toward the east.

Flying saucers were reported over the city yesterday between 1:30 and 2 p.m. Eugene Cline, Albuquerque Publishing Company employe, said he saw four objects seemingly playing tag with a formation of Air Force bombers.

Two men working at Sandia Base also reported seeing the objects.

Today, E.E. Redman, commercial photographer said he saw the objects also, but that they differed greatly from the "saucers" he had seen twice before.

Yesterday's objects were "mere pinpoints" in size compared with the saucers, Mr. Redman said. He said they moved with a flicking motion from north to south. One object moved straight up, he said.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal - 2 May 52

Flying Saucers Play Tag With Bombers Over City

Flying saucers were sighted over Albuquerque Thursday from two different vantage points, and the reports check in a number of respects.

Eugene Cline, an employee of the Journal composing room, fixed the time at 1:45 p.m. Cline was at Fifth and Iron at the time.

The other report, from workmen erecting an aerial at Sandia Base, fixes the flying objects sometime between 1:30 and 2 p.m.

Both Cline and the Sandia men say the objects appeared silvery in the distance, and moved with a tumbling motion.

Cline saw four of the objects seemingly playing tag with a formation of 12 Air Force bombers -- either B-29s or B-50s -- flying west over the city.

The four round objects, shining more brightly than the bombers, appeared to be keeping up to the planes at the same altitude. Cline judged the height by the fact that small clouds which obscured the planes from time to time also obscured the saucers.

"They moved in a tumbling or pitching manner. Then one appeared to be climbing straight up. It then took off in a southerly direction losing altitude at a fast rate. Its speed was twice as fast as any jet."

Cline estimates that the diameter of the saucers would be about one-third the wingspan of the bombers, assuming that they were all flying at the same altitude.

The Sandia men said they saw one come from the west and move south. Then they saw another, come from the north and disappear at about the same point in the sky. Both were very high. They appeared disc shaped.

"But what actually threw me," said one of the men, "was the third one cutting across very low."

It looked like a cylinder, rolling end over end. It was tan colored. "Like a manila envelope," one said.

"We thought it was something different from the first two," one of the Sandia men said, "but when it moved into the distance, it seemed to be silvery like the others."

The bombers were not in the sky at the time that the four watched the aerial objects.

They are hoping that other reports will come in to help dovetail their observations with Cline's.

Wichita Falls, Texas Times - 3 May 52

Ex-Airman Sees Saucer East of City

Traveling at a high rate of speed, an object resembling a "flying saucer" swept across the sky east of Wichita Falls and disappeared in a matter of seconds in the direction of Lake Wichita Friday morning, according to a retired airman.

Staff Sgt. S.R. Horn, retired, an early-day Wichitan whose 20 years in the armed forces included serving in both lighter and heavier-than-air units as well as with [Illegible] field artillery, saw the objects.

Horn estimates the "saucer" was traveling at least 1,000 miles per hour, "twice as fast as any jet I ever saw," and dropped from an altitude of 4,000 feet to 3,000 feet while he was watching.

He guessed it as "about half the size of a pursuit plane," metal color and bright, shaped like a "saucer" and angled slightly as though banking.

It was in the former airman's vision about five seconds, he said. Horn started to call for someone to look "but it was too late."

Horn saw the object from the home of his brother-in-law, E.V. Turner, at 409 Star Avenue, near the east edge of the city, about 10 a.m.

The retired airman estimates the object was about a mile east of him when he first sighted it.

Horn, who first came here in 1901, is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Horn, who were early-day residents north of the city.

Long Beach, California Independent 4 May 52

Flying Saucer Reported Here

What appeared to be a "flying saucer with some form of blue exhaust circling it" was seen about 6:20 p.m. yesterday by the V.M. Hill family, 5225 Maury Ave.

Mrs. Hill said the shiny, circular object seemed to pause in flight over Long Beach and then suddenly "took off and disappeared to the east very fast."

She said it was "very high in the sky" at the time.

Sydney, Australia Morning Herald - 4 May 52


Seven Men Report Seeing A "Flying Saucer"

Seven men reported seeing a "flying saucer" over the Sydney area and at Parkes, 180 miles by air west of Sydney, yesterday.

They said it was a cigar-shaped object, well lit, which flew silently and very fast.

R.A.A.F. and Civil Aviation officials and meteorologists at the Sydney Weather Bureau could not give an explanation.

The "flying saucer" was reported over: --

PARKES at 6 a.m. (by one man);

ENFIELD, western Sydney suburb, eight miles from the city, at 6.10 a.m. (by three men);

BELFIELD, adjacent to Enfield, at 6.10 a.m. (by one man);

BEROWRA, seven miles north of Hornsby, at 6.17 a.m. (by two men).


"White Object"

Mr. L. Bailey, of the Parkes radio station 2PK, said he saw a white object, flat at one end and pointed at the other, flying over the town at 6 a.m.

It was about 4,000 feet up and travelling at 450 miles an hour.

Mr. Bailey said he was on his way to conduct the station's breakfast session.

He watched the "saucer" for at least two minutes until it disappeared into cloud. It travelled silently.


Fast And High

Mr. G. McKenzie, of Linda Street, Belfield, said he was on his way to work about 6.10 a.m. when he saw a "flying saucer."

"I thought I was seeing things and could hardly believe my eyes but the object passed overhead at about 500 miles an hour and travelling at around 25,000 feet," he said.


"Like Ship At Sea"

Three P.M.G. employees said they were on their way to work at Enfield at 6.10 a.m. when they saw an object which appeared to have many lighted windows.

The men are: -- Reg Edwards, of Hawthorn Parade, Haberfield; William Anderson, of George Street, Enfield; and Ken Shippley, of Victoria Road, Burwood.

Edwards, who acted as spokesman for the three, said: "We were in my truck outside the Enfield post-office when we saw the 'flying saucer.'

"It was well to the north of Enfield and travelling north to south.

"It took us a couple of seconds to realise we weren't dreaming.

"We then dashed from the truck to get a better view.

"It was a long thing like an airship or a submarine, and all lit up like a liner at sea.


"It was at least three or four times larger than a four-engined Skymaster, it made no sound as it flew, and travelled at about 500 miles an hour.

"One thing we were all convinced about, it was definitely not a meteor or any kind of star.

"It travelled across the sky as straight as a gun barrel and appeared to be on a fixed course.

"We saw it for at least a full minute, and ran to the corner of the street to watch it finally disappear into a bank of clouds.

"I used to think stories about flying saucers were fairy tales but now the three of us are convinced they really do exist.

"We could even see the exhausts at the back of the 'saucer' which looked like jets.

"When you see things like this it kind of makes you wonder how long we all have to live.

"None of us were suffering from hang-overs yesterday morning and no one will ever convince us we didn't see the 'saucer.' "


"Due South"

Keith Holmes, 19, dairy farmer, of Turner Road, Berowra, and Gordon Ross, 21, university student, of Crowley Road, Berowra, said the object they saw appeared over Berowra at 6.17 a.m. It was travelling due south at a high speed.

It was well lit and they could see sparks coming from a type of exhaust.


No Known Plane

Officials in the operations room at the Kingsford Smith airport, Mascot, said no known aircraft was in the area at the time the "flying saucer" was reported.

Meteorologists at the Sydney Weather Bureau said there were no meteorological balloons in the area yesterday.

Mr. N. Ward, building merchant, of York Street, Berala, said last night that last Thursday while driving from Punchbowl to Bankstown he saw an intensely bright object flash across the sky.

Last month "flying saucers" were reported over Arizona (April 5), Minnesota (April 10), and Singapore (April 30).

In each case the "saucers" were reported by scores of eyewitnesses who said the objects were "cigar shaped."

"Flying saucers" were reported to have been seen over Bondi and Maroubra on December 17, 1950.

They have also been reported from Maryborough, Queensland, Adelaide, and Canberra.

Las Vegas, New Mexico Daily Optic 7 May 52

Spot Flying Saucer

DURANGO, Colo., May 7 -- Residents of this uranium center were puzzled Tuesday by spinning, silver-colored "flying saucers" which were reported to have been hovering over a processing plant here Monday.

More than a dozen persons claimed to have sighted the mysterious metal objects -- some reported seeing two, while others said they only sighted one.

Weather officials here said no weather balloons had been released in the vicinity Monday. Fred Brown, a local brokerage employee, said he saw two "saucers" and declared they "definitely were of metallic structure."

Mrs. Robert Hartzell, a housewife who also spotted a "saucer" over the uranium processing plant, said the sun reflected off the silver-colored object. Two officials of the Vanadium Corp. of America plant, however denied seeing any objects over the plant and said they received no reports of them.

Galveston, Texas Daily News 7 May 52

'Flying Disc,' Or Something, Seen Overhead

A "flying saucer" scare hit Galveston Tuesday night.

Even the Weather Bureau became so excited it sent out a five-city "alarm" to other weather stations to watch for a "luminous, fast-traveling object that is neither comet, star nor airplane."

The Beaumont weather bureau was the first official station to observe it.

San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Port Arthur and Fort Worth also were notified by the local bureau to be alert for the strange object.

It reportedly was moving south over the island at 9 p.m. and "swinging from side to side at the same time."

The Galveston News received several phone calls about the object, and passed on the information to the weather station at the airport.

There observers quickly spotted it, disclaimed it as comet, star or airplane, and notified the other cities.

Corpus Christi, Texas Times 7 May 52

Two Pilots Puzzled
Brightly Lighted Object Sighted in Sky Near Here

An unidentified object, distinguished by its bright lights, about 9 p.m. yesterday passed a Braniff Airlines DC-3 plane inbound from San Antonio. The incident occurred as the plane was over Odem preparing to come into Cliff Maus airport here.

Pilot Bruce Martindale and copilot Don Showman emphasized that they did not know what they had seen. Both were cautious about describing the entire incident.

Apparently no one else here saw the lights.

I wouldn't under any condition say, it was a flying, saucer," Martindale said.

Resembled Blinking Star

The two men surmised at the time that it was a helicopter. At a distance it had resembled a rapidly blinking star, they said.

Helicopters do not fly at night, a Navy spokesman said today.

The Civil Aeronautics Administration control tower log here shows no entry concerning a helicopter in this area. "Of course," a control tower operator said, "there could have been one in the area without us noting the fact."

Showman, the copilot, spotted the object first. He said he watched it remain stationary for about two minutes. The bright light resembled a star on the horizon with dust impairing the visibility, he said. Martindale's attention was called to the sight by Showman.

Bright and Fluttering

The pilot described its first appearance as being "a very bright, fluttering, blinking star." The light appeared to be blinking about 600 times a minute, he said.

Martindale said the light remained stationary for two or three minutes and then began moving northward, passing them.

Distances are hard to estimate at night, Martindale emphasized but said that the object appeared to be at an altitude of 5,000 to 8,000 feet and was about over the Naval Air Station when he first saw it.

The single light became a collection of possibly a "dozen" as the distance between the aircraft and the light lessened.

Martindale and Showman said they were reminded of a recent magazine picture of a helicopter at night with a light fastened onto the rotor blade.

No great burst of speed was noted by the airline employes.

Moved Northerly

The object, after hovering over the NAS area, moved off in a generally northerly direction.

Showman said that the distance between their plane and the sighted object as it passed on the plane's right was difficult to determine.

The object's speed appeared unexcessive, although if the object was at a great distance the speed would have been very great, the copilot said.

The DC-3 was at an altitude of 1,200 feet and over the Odem fan marker, a radio aid to navigation device which emits energy overhead, at the time of the sighting.

Both men said they were not too concerned with the sighting -- thinking first it was a rapidly blinking star and then possibly a helicopter -- and did not call anyone's attention to it. No one aboard the plane asked them about the occurrence after the flight was over.

The incident took six or eight minutes or so.

Martindale and Showman today are just wondering what they did see.

Tokyo, Japan Pacific Stars and Stripes - 10 May 52

Newsmen Get Saucer Photos

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Two photographers maintained Friday they saw a flying saucer over the outskirts of Rio De Janeiro and two Rio newspapers are publishing their photographs as evidence.

An extra edition of Diaro Da Noite carried the photos Friday night and Cruzeiro will publish the photos on Tuesday.

PHOTOGRAPHERS Ed Keffel and Joao Martin took to the radio to tell of how they were at Barra Da Tijuca beach, on the outskirts of Rio, on another assignment when they saw what first looked like an airplane coming head on.

As the weird contraption neared, it looked like a plane flying sideways; and finally, when close enough, the photographers knew it was no known type of plane, but perfectly round, wingless and completely noiseless.

IT REPORTEDLY was "rocking like a slowly falling leaf" as it descended to an altitude of several hundred yards on an approach to the beach from the sea.

Then, according to Keffel and Martin, the "saucer" accelerated and disappeared out over the sea traveling at tremendous speed.

They described the "saucer" as bluish-gray in color and their pictures showed it as looking like a pot lid with a knob-like protuberance in the middle.

Central Region, France La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest - 12 May 52

[No Headline]

LA ROCHE-SUR-YON, NANTES. May 11, 1952. -- Saturday, around 06:30 p.m., a girl of La Roche-sur-Yon, Miss Ferre, was puzzled by an object evolving in the sky. The object, of spherical form and white color, was similar to an electric sphere, rotating. Fearing an illusion, Miss Ferre called her mother and a neighbor. These three people then saw the ball, which came from the south, to move towards the east. Little by little, the color of the sphere appeared to become yellower, but the object maintained its glowing appearance, without however letting any trace behind it nor producing any noise. Suddenly the sphere went up at a vertiginous pace and joined a point which appeared motionless, very high in the sky and which none of the witnesses had noticed hitherto. The two objects then quickly disappeared.

Cairns, Australia Post - 14 May 52

Flying Saucer At Bunderberg
Report By Fishermen

BUNDABERG, May 13.- Three men, employees of the Bundaberg Foundry, while fishing on Monday night, sighted a bright object in the sky, which they later described as a "flying saucer." The three men were Ron Corrogan, Des Dahl and Ted Rayner.

They saw a silvery, near oval-shaped object travelling at a great speed across the sky. They said that the object appeared to be travelling in an easterly direction at a height of 3000 to 4000 feet. The object was about the same size as an aeroplane and was like a football in shape.

The three men said that they saw it for about 10 seconds before it completely disappeared They assert that it was not a falling star or a meteor

Hobart, Australia Mercury - 15 May 52

Flying Saucer Over Portugal

LISBON, Wed. -- A shining flying saucer was reported to have been seen yesterday over Alcobaca, 80 miles north of Lisbon.

It was cigar-shaped and was flying northwards trailing a smoke track.

Two flying saucers were reported last night flying across French Morocco from west to east. These were said to have left greyish misty trails.

Tangier, Morocco Espana May 22, 1952

Flying Saucers In Spain And North Africa

Barcelona, 21 May -- As I crossed Jose Antonio Avenue on my way to the newspaper office, I saw a strange object flying at high speed from the direction of Prat Airport, about 2,000 meters above ground, and leaving a wide smoke trail. It did not look like an aircraft (neither Prat nor Sabadell airport admitted any knowledge of the object), and unlike the so-called flying saucers, it was proceeding in a straight line, without emitting flashes of light or revolving on an axis. The object seemed to me to be rocket-shaped, and the smoke came out of two points close together, merging into a single streak.

My colleagues at the office saw the smoke but not the object. Over Badalona, about 10 kilometers-away, the object stopped trailing smoke, disappeared for a few seconds, and reappeared, again emitting smoke, several kilometers farther away. The newspaper office was soon flooded with telephone calls from people who had seen the object. A friend of ours took the picture of the smoke trail. -- Valentin Garcia

Note from CIA file on article : The picture shows a diagonal stripe of diminishing width and lighter in shade than the sky over the dark bulk of a building cornice. It is attributed to Francisco Andreu. The caption says that the picture was taken "on 17 May," although the report is dated 21 May.

Statesville, North Carolina Daily Record - 29 May 52

More Flying Saucers Seen

WILMINGTON, N.C. -- Two observers said today high-flying lights hovered silently over this seaport town last night, then swept off southward at 50,000 feet, leaving no trail.

F.L. Mier, an Atlantic Coast Line employe, said the spots hovered at about 50,000 feet in the air for about seven minutes shortly before 8 p.m. Mier said they split apart and flew away slowly southward.

Ray Wyche, state editor of the Wilmington Morning Star, said he saw the two buff-colored lights in the northwestern sky and he does not believe they came from airplanes.

Wyche said they were definitely formed and looked about the size of a baseball held several feet from the eyes. He said they stayed together for several minutes and then broke apart and flew away to the south. They made no sound and left no trail in the sky, he added.

Civil Aeronautics Administration officials said the lights may have been caused by refueling Air Force planes in the vicinity.

Marseille, France Le Meridional - 1 Jun 52

Luminous Object Seen Over Mallorca

Colmar. -- Yesterday evening, at approximately 23 h. 30, Mr. Kurt Folt, night watchman of a transport company, in Colmar, and his assistant, Mr. Xavier Schaffhauser, saw in the sky, in the north of Colmar, a disc of white color which was moving at a great speed from East to West, leaving behind red-bluish trails.

The guard and his comrade are formal in affirming that the disc, which took the direction of Friburg, disappeared a few moments afterwards behind the Haut Koenigsbourg, and that it had the shape of flying saucers that they had seen reproduced in a weekly magazine.

Dunkirk, New York Evening Observer - 4 Jun 52

Here We Go Again; The Gremlins Are On the Prowl

PLATTSBURG -- Northern New York residents have been seeing "saucer shaped" objects whizzing through the skies during the past few days.

An Ausable valley farm woman reported yesterday that she and four neighbors watched such an object flying through the skies the night before last.

Mrs. Charles Preston, who lives on a farm about 17 miles from here, reported that the "object" gave off a "brilliant silver light, blinding as the sun." She said it made no noise and seemed to travel in the direction of Burlington, Vt.

The object left a long vaporlike trail and acted as though it was "controlled because it seemed to gain altitude on approaching mountains to the east."

A Plattsburg woman reported seeing a similar object last Sunday.

Walla Walla, Washington Union-Bulletin - 4 Jun 52

Flying Saucer Here? Yep!
Residents Urged To Watch 'Em

The flying saucer season is here again. Bill Vollendorff, 133 Boyer Drive, officially opened the season early this week. Sunday he saw a saucer over Walla Walla, he reported Tuesday night.

Vollendorff is adjutant of the 9460th Volunteer Air Reserve squadron of Walla Walla. He was a flying instructor in the last war with the rank of major.

He spotted the object over Walla Walla about 1:30 p.m. and observed it from his home, for an estimated seven seconds. He estimated the object's altitude as from 10,000 to 15,000 feet. It appeared to be small in size, of oval shape and relatively thin. It was traveling northeast.

Vollendorff observed what appeared to be a rocking motion of the object, then it changed course at approximately 45 degrees and disappeared from view at a high rate of speed...

Algiers, Algeria Echo d'Alger 4 Jun 52

Unusual Object Over Tunisia

On 3 June, at about 2000 hours, many inhabitants of Sousse saw a flying object traveling at dizzy speed from west to east and emitting a pale green light.

Reading, Pennsylvania Eagle 5 Jun 52

More 'Flying Saucers'

Catania, Sicily, June 5 -- Another rash of "flying saucers" has broken out in Sicily and Italy. Many persons reported seeing a silvery object cross Catania at a high altitude today. Two other saucers were reported over Ancona, on Italy's Adriatic coast, late yesterday.

Algiers, Algeria Echo d'Alger 11 Jun 52

Flying Saucer Over Meknes, Morocco

Two witnesses reported a flying saucer appearing above Meknes at 1300 hours on 7 June 1952. One of them said that he saw a bright light in the sky moving at lightning speed. He was able to compare its speed with that of some T-33 planes flying near the Meknes base, for they seemed very slow by comparison. The unknown apparatus emitted a white trail of smoke and made no sound. It drew near, described a parabola in the sky, stopped, and then disappeared toward Ifrane in the south.

Long Beach, California Press-Telegram - 14 Jun 52

Dozen Report It
'Saucer' Flits in Night Sky

NORWALK, June 14 -- It's flying saucers again!

At least a dozen calls were received at the sheriff's station here, shortly after 9:30 p.m., Friday, reporting what the informants believed to be a "flying saucer" over the Artesia-Bellflower-Lakewood areas.

The object was described as emitting a strange orange glow, flying in a circular path above the area. Observers said it was very high and flying very fast.

Deputies said it could be seen from the station here but none could identify it. The performance lasted nearly 30 minutes, some viewers said.

Algiers, Algeria Echo d'Alger 16 Jun 52

Flaming Disc Above Taourirt, Morocco

On the morning of 15 June 1952, a strange phenomenon appeared above Taourirt, French Morocco. For 30 seconds, dock workers saw a disc of white flames surrounded by two circular strands, with smoke trailing behind it. The fiery object, which seemed to move earthward, vanished rapidly.

Pulaski, Virginia Southwest Times - 15 Jun 52

Pulaski Flyer Views 'Saucer' While On Trip

LAKELAND, Fla. ( Special) -- Two instructors from the Barlow air base on a routine night flight spotted a rapidly moving bluish-white light in the vicinity of the Plant City.

The conversation went something like this. "It's not the moon," said one. The other retorted, "It isn't a searchlight."

What was it? Instructors James E. Bouldin, of Pulaski, and Charles Shank are not committing themselves as to whether it was a flying saucer or not. They have been taking quite a kidding from the fellows at the base.

Their story now is "We don't say it wasn't a light but we don't say it was."

Pulaski, Virginia Southwest Times - 16 Jun 52

State Wondering At Appearance Of 'Shiny Thing'

RICHMOND -- A mysterious and shiny "thing" flashed across the southside Virginia horizon yesterday and astronomers, weather bureau officials and science fiction writers took turns today guessing was the "thing" a meteorite? Or -- here we go again -- a flying saucer?

To some, it appeared round. To others, oblong.

To some, it was big. To others, small.

Sheriff P.W. Simpson, of Powhatan county described the "thing" as "very high and in the shape of a spinning top, with two lights in the big part."

Commonwealth's Attorney William Blandford said "it looked just like a parachute at first. It seemed silver and looked like an oval."

Miss Margaret Catterwhite of Richmond, who was traveling in the Powhatan vicinity, said it was a "huge object, shaped like a glass ball."

Among the folks who might know, weather bureau officials said they hadn't seen the weird phenomenon and therefore couldn't offer any help. Astronomers at the University of Virginia observatory said the same thing.

Algiers, Algeria Journal d'Alger 16 Jun 52

Saucer Over Casablanca

After Meknes and Marrakech, Casablanca had its flying saucer on 15 June 1952. It was observed by Andre Assorin, a former pilot. The Meteorological Bureau claims that it has not seen this unusual apparition above Casablanca.

Newswire Report Agence France Presse - 17 Jun 52

Barcelonnette, France -- A bright light appeared in the sky on the night of June 16-17 above the mountain called "The Gendarme's Hat", at an altitude of about 10,000 feet.

After travelling in a straight line to the northwest for about 5 seconds, the light shot upward at a dizzying speed, leaving a short trail of green color and disappeared. The phenomenon lasted only ten seconds and produced no sound.

Mitchell, South Dakota Daily Republic - 17 Jun 52

Flying Saucers Spotted Over Jamestown, N.D.

JAMESTOWN, N.D. -- "Flying saucers" were reported over North Dakota again Monday night.

Mr. And Mrs. Carl Hahn, Jamestown, reported they saw a strange object flying very high over the Jamestown airport Monday evening. They said the object, which they watched through binoculars, had "a luminous top and a red bottom." They said several other persons also saw the object before it moved out of sight across the sky.

Tokyo, Japan Pacific Stars and Stripes - 18 Jun 52

Discs Reported Over Paris

PARIS, June 17, 1952 -- The Paris newspaper France Soir reported Tuesday that operators of Le Bourget Airport sighted "flying saucers" over the French capital last Thursday.

Anniston, Alabama Star - 19 Jun 52

Weather Observer Sees Another 'Flying Saucer'

PUEBLO. Colo. -- Orville Foster of the U.S. Weather Bureau at the Municipal Airport here said he sighted "an object commonly called a flying saucer" on the bureau's theodolite last night.

He said the nondescript object circled leisurely for 10 minutes and then disappeared toward the northeast.

A theodolite is the instrument the weather bureau uses to observe its weather balloons.

Ironwood, Michigan Daily Globe - 21 Jun 52

Capital Sees Hot 'Saucer'

WASHINGTON -- Washington had a foreign visitor last night, right out of this world.

The new arrival -- reported by dozens of phone calls to newspapers, police and the naval observatory -- was variously described as a fireball, a glowing plate and a flying saucer.

Astronomers said the object was probably a meteor. "The skies are full of them at this time of the year," it was explained.

One irate motorist said it zoomed right over the top of his convertible as he drove near the White House.

Most reports indicated the object descended in a diagonal line from a great height and disappeared while still high up.

Marseille, France Le Meridional - 21 Jun 52

A ship commander and his crew saw a mysterious machine in the sky of Black Africa

Dakar. -- A mysterious craft was seen in the sky of Black Africa, above Port-Gentil, last June 1st, by a commander of a merchant ship and several members of his crew.

The commander, who arrived yesterday in Dakar, specified that the object in question was seen at 2 o'clock in the morning and that it described a double loop before diving towards the ocean at high speed.

Still according to the commander of the boat, it was a great and extremely luminous and phosphorescent orange gleam, moving at a vertiginous speed, following an appreciably rectilinear trajectory. The gleam was followed with the binocular during three minutes. The craft did not make any noise, it was to be at three or four kilometers altitude and its visible diameter was that of a planet.

The second of the ship has as for him saw the object whereas it came from the interior of the land above Port-Gentil. He could note that it stopped, then that it veered on its right taking again its initial path, and it did this twice.

The commander believes that it was neither a known celestial phenomenon, nor a flying machine of the current type, and he added that he had obtained confirmation that during the same night, June 1st, no plane had been announced above Port-Gentil.

Winnipeg, Canada Free Press - 23 Jun 52

Second Time
Flying 'Saucer' Seen At Dauphin

DAUPHIN, Man. June 23 (Special) -- A flying saucer has appeared over Dauphin for the second time in the past year. This time it was spotted by Mrs. Dorothy Holling, a recent arrival from England and former member of the wartime observer corps.

Mrs. Holling saw the object, believed to be a flying saucer, at about 7:20 p.m. (CST), Friday. It emerged from one cloud formation which was lying at 2,000 feet, tilted upwards and flashing across a patch of blue sky made for another cloud strata about 1,000 feet higher.

Mrs. Holling, as former wartime plane spotter, felt she would have recognized the object if it had been any standard type of aircraft. She described the object as being twice the size of a civilian transport aircraft and was black in color with red facings on the trailing edges that faced her.

Mrs. Holling would not estimate the speed of the object but said it was travelling much faster than any aircraft she had ever seen.

Last fall, M.F. Sczewczyk, also of Dauphin reported a brilliant object flashed across the sky at approximately the same time of day. He described the object as being dark in color and travelling at a fantastic speed.

A check with airport officials revealed that no civilian or military aircraft were in the vicinity on either occasion.

Hammond, Indiana Times - 26 Jun 52

Sees Flying Saucer

CHICAGO – A flying saucer was reported over Chicago last night by Mrs. George Wilson of 329 S. Honore St.

She described the object as being very high in the air, wobbly and traveling a zig-zag course.

Mrs. Wilson described the object a "shimmering red, as if illuminated from inside." She said it disappeared into the southwestern sky.

Conakry, French Guinea La Guinee Francaise - 26 Jun 52

Luminous Object Seen Over Port Gentil

The master of a cargo ship anchored in front of the wharf of Port Gentil in Gabon, French Equatorial Africa reported that at 0240 hours on 1 June 1952 a mysterious object came up from the area behind Port Gentil, made a double loop, passed over the roadstead, and then dived toward the sea at great speed. He submitted the report to the local authorities and to the Administrative offices of his company. The following is a summary, of his story.

On 1 June 1952 at 0240 hours, the ship was riding at anchor in the roadstead of Port Gentil, heading 150 degrees. The northern sky was clear and starry; the southern, slightly cloudy. Visibility was excellent, a slight southwest breeze prevailed, and the sea was calm. There was a quarter moon.

The first mate was at his forward post ready to weigh anchor while the master was on the bridge with the officer on duty. With the exception of the mooring lights, the ship was in complete darkness, thus permitting excellent night visibility.

At 0240, the first mate telephoned the master informing him that be had just sighted an unknown luminous object in the sky which came from Port Gentil and passed directly over the ship. Training his binoculars (Zeiss 7 x 50, for night vision) skyward, the master was able to see quite clearly, on the port quarter, a very bright and phosphorescent orange light, circular in shape and moving at a great speed in a seemingly straight-line course. Standing on the wing of the bridge, and with the aid of the gyrocompass repeater, the master estimated its average direction to be about 10 degrees.

He followed the light quite easily in his binoculars for about 3 minutes and lost sight of it when it moved at great speed over the Prince buoy, about 7 miles from the ship. The master was unaware of any accompanying sound and admits that it was difficult to estimate the altitude of the object, yet he judged this to be 3,000-4,000 meters. Its diameter was that of a planet.

The first mate stated that before he telephoned the master, he saw that object come from the direction of Fort Gentil, stop, make a right turn, and resume its initial course. As it passed directly over the ship, it repeated the same sort of gyration.

The master stated that his 20 years of sea duty enabled him to affirm that what he saw was neither a known celestial phenomenon, such as a falling star or meteor, nor a current type of aircraft.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that there were no planes in the air that night over Port Gentil.

Winnipeg, Canada Free Press - 28 Jun 52

Well, Here's Another!

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask., June 28 -- A flying saucer was "spinning like a top and bobbing around" the skies in the Prince Albert district.

Mrs. Lea Fast said "The light was spinning from east to west and seemed to curve upward," she said. She thought it might have been a falling star but they don't curve upward.

"I never believed in the story of flying saucers but now I've changed my story and belief."

Long Beach, California Independent - 30 Jun 52

See Mystery Lights Racing Over City

Were flying saucers over Long Beach last night?

At least four people reported strange phenomena, strange lights moving faster than an eye could follow.

And the lights were not searchlights -- because searchlights which were moving in the sky at the time couldn't match these lights in speed.

The most authentic observers of the unusual sight were William K. Channell and B.O. Bobp, both of Seal Beach, who were fishing off Belmont Shore at the time, approximately 10:30.

Channell is employed by Douglas Aircraft and knows his planes. Bobp is employed by the Seal Beach Ammunition Depot, and also knows his planes. Added to their story is that of an unidentified couple who had just emerged from a church in Long Beach and reported they saw the same thing.

But the story of Channell and Bobp, verified by the couple emerging from the church service, was this:

Two lights, apparently on planes or flying saucers, moved over the area at tremendous speeds.

According to Channell, the two lights were moving at far greater speeds than any U.S. plane has ever achieved.

They were moving so fast, in fact, that they outdistanced the sweep of a searchlight beam across the sky.

One, Channell said, appeared to bank above the ocean as the two lights swept out to sea.

Yes, Channell admits he has read about flying saucers, usually with his tongue in his cheek.

Now he is wondering. And so is Bobp.

Winnipeg, Canada Free Press - 30 Jun 52

Around the World

Royal marines handed in Malta's first flying saucer report. They said a saucer-like object flying at high speed and height was sighted over the island last week.

Salt Lake City, Utah Deseret News - 2 Jul 52

Flying Disc, Crew, Seen By Red Refugees

BERLIN -- Western intelligence officials are investigating the claim of a Russian zone political refugee, the former mayor of an East German town in Thuringia, to have seen a flying saucer and two members of its crew on the ground at close range in a forest in the Russian zone, three miles from the border of the U.S. zone.

The mayor, Oskar Linke, who was forced to flee from Eastern Germany to escape Communist persecution, Wednesday sat in his emergency home in Berlin's British sector and quietly described his experience. He has been "screened" by intelligence officials.

Linke said: "It was an uncanny experience. I was returning home in the evening by motorcycle with my 11-year-old daughter in the side car when we glimpsed something shimmering white through the surrounding trees.

"We were in the neighborhood of Meiningen, a town in Thuringia. We crept through the undergrowths, and to our amazement, saw a huge oval disk about 25 feet across lying on the ground in a clearing.

"It looked like a huge phosphorescent warming pan without a handle. In the center was a square contraption, a sort of upper works which rose about the 'saucer' like a top hat, and was slightly darker in color than the rest of the aluminum-like disk.

"Then, to our astonishment, we saw two figures who appeared to be wearing metallic overalls, approach the object.

"My daughter let out a scream when she saw them and the figures hastily entered it through a porthole on the top of the square upper works in the center.

"It was then that we noticed also that the disk had two rows of circular portholes around its edge, about the size of ship's portholes.

"As we looked the square upper works began to retract and simultaneously the object started to rise slowly off the ground.

"We both noticed that a similar square-shaped based was emerging out of the bottom of the disk and apparently forcing it off the ground.

"Then the object began to rise slowly into the air. It rose to about a hundred feet, hovered for a moment, and then spun away out of sight.

"There was hardly any sound as it rose, but the sides of the 'warming pan' glowed dark red and we felt a swish of air as it left the ground." After seeing the "saucer," Linke wrote a description of it in the form of an eight-page eye-witness report, with diagrams drawn from memory. He hid the report for fear that the East German secret police would find it and arrest him as a spy.

"This has been the first chance I have had to mention the matter to anyone," he said.

"I was too frightened before."

His 11-year-old daughter confirmed the story in detail: I was so terrified I did not know what to do," she said. "Father told me I was not to mention it to anyone as long as we were in the Soviet zone as it would have meant our arrest."

Western intelligence officials refused to comment on the report until they had made further investigations.

Linke was a senior official of the East German Farmers' Association and was returning to his home from a meeting of the association when he made his flying saucer discovery.

Williamsport, Penn. Gazette & Bulletin - 2 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Again!

Shamokin -- Reports of 'flying saucers' emanated from this Northumberland County community tonight.

Mrs. Bernice Kocur, who lives in the Springfield section of town, said she saw a silvery, soundless object move across the sky toward nearby Mt. Carmel before it disappeared. She said she and several other women sighted the object while they were standing in front of their homes awaiting news from an independent coal mining operation where three men were burned today in a gas explosion.

Mrs. Kocur said her niece, Miss Theresa Lehner, living some distance away, also saw the object.

A motorist approaching Shamokin from nearby Brady gave a similar report.

Galveston, Texas Daily News - 3 Jul 52

Those Saucer Tales Again

CHICAGO, July 3 -- O'Hare Air Force Base officers said Thursday that "flying saucer" reports have picked up lately. The public information office said it has received 16 reports of mysterious objects in the sky in the Chicago vicinity this week. But officers denied reports that a special "flying saucer" alert has been ordered.

Lubbock, Texas Morning Avalanche - 3 Jul 52

Two 'Flying Saucers' Reported In State

HUGO Okla., July 3 -- Joe Swink, news editor of the Hugo Daily News, reported Thursday that he and 15 others saw two "flying saucers" over Fort Hood, Tex.

Swink, just returned from Fort Hood where he took two weeks reserve training, said he and others saw two whirling discs, traveling at tremendous speeds in daylight. He and other soldiers were on a field problem when they saw two objects travel from horizon to horizon in a span of some 30 seconds.

"The objects appeared silver in color," Swink said, "and went through maneuvers no ordinary plane could accomplish, including a 90 degree turn from the horizontal to the vertical -- then shot out of sight into the upper atmosphere."

Swink said Fort Hood officers said similar discs had been sighted in the area before.

Long Beach, California Press-Telegram - 6 Jul 52

Fliers See 'Saucer' Over Atomic Plant

DENVER, Colo., July 5. -- Four Florida air pilots, three of them World War II veterans, told today of seeing a "flying saucer" hovering over the Hanford atomic plant at Richland, Wash.

Capt. John Baldwin of Coral Gables, Fla., an Air Force pilot in the Pacific during World War II who has 7000 hours of airline pilot experience, said the object he and his companions saw early today was a "perfectly round disc, white in color and almost transparent with small vapor trails off it like the tentacles of an octopus."

He said he was flying at about 9000 feet and saw the object "just below a deck of wispy clouds 10,000 to 15,000 feet directly above us."

"All of us have been flying a number of years and we've seen all kinds of clouds and formations, but none of us had ever seen anything like this," Baldwin said.

Aerial Jellyfish

"The object seemed to back away from us and change shape. It was perfectly round and still at first. Then it seemed to back away from us and change shape. It became flat, gained speed and then disappeared quickly."

Baldwin's report was attested to by Capt. George Robertson of Miami, who flew a C-46 over the Hump to Burma in World War II; D. Shenkel of Miami, a former Air Force pilot, and Steven Summers of Hialeah, Fla., who has been flying since shortly after the end of World War II. Baldwin and Robertson are pilots and Shenkel and Summers are co-pilots for Conner Air Lines.

Baldwin said that after spotting the object "I ran to the rear of our C-46 for my camera, but by the time I could get it, the object had disappeared. Boy what a shot that would have made!"

Baldwin called the object a "flying saucer," but then added that "I've never believed in them, but this definitely wasn't a cloud formation nor a weather instrument. It was an object that none of us had ever seen before."

Baldwin said the object was spotted over the "Hanford atomic plant" between Ellensburg and Yakima, Wash., at about 6 a.m.

This is about 75 miles east and south of an area where the first of the mysterious objects was reported seen six years ago in the vicinity of Mt Rainier, southeast of Seattle.

"We passed the object as it stood suspended in space," Robertson said. "We couldn't pick it up on our radar. We reversed our course and went back, but we couldn't spot it again."

Madison, Wisconsin Capital Times - 8 Jul 52

Scientist Who 'Saw' Saucer Is Mystified

WHITE SANDS, N.M. -- Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered the Planet Pluto, today agreed that he is the scientist who was quoted as being "certain" he saw a flying saucer.

But Tombaugh was not nearly so positive about the identity of the object he saw scoot across the sky above this secret military base as was the British authority on space travel who quoted him.

Arthur C. Clarke, a leading British expert on rocket travel, told newsmen in Los Angeles recently that he believed flying saucers were more than myths or mirages.

Clarke said he based his opinion on new data supplied by the scientists at the rocket testing base at White Sands. He also said, "A noted American scientist told me at White Sands that he is certain he has seen one (a flying saucer)."

Tombaugh Monday revealed that he was the scientist Clarke mentioned but added cautiously that he had not seen "anything like saucers."

The American scholar did say, though, that he saw an object in the sky above Las Cruces, N.M. in the summer of 1948. He said the object whizzed silently overhead from south to north, too fast for a plane and too slow for a meteor.

"I take a very humble attitude about it all," Tombaugh said he told Clarke. "We may know something some day but we have no idea yet as to what these objects are, if they are material objects."

Clarke was careful to point out to reporters that he was still not prepared to say for certain that flying saucers were real.

Reno, Nevada Evening Gazette - 8 Jul 52

City Survey Crew Sights Saucer Through Lens Of Transit In Reno

Flying saucers, as well as daylight meteors, were in the news today in Reno.

Elliott Cann, city engineer, gave a belated report that a city survey crew sighted an object last Thursday described as resembling an inverted parachute.

The four members of the crew, as well as two interested bystanders, were able to watch the object through a transit lens for "three to four minutes."

Croyden York, the man in charge of the survey crew, said he and three other city surveyors were in a truck in the Alameda Heights subdivision just north of the race track last Thursday when they first saw the object hovering in the sky over the Spanish Springs mountains at about 3:15 p.m.

"I stopped the truck, set up the transit and got a sight on it," Mr. York said.

The head surveyor said he and the other crew members and a man and a woman who came running to see what was going on all were able to watch the object through the transit.

Mr. York described the "flying saucer" as resembling an inverted parachute with three vapor streams rising from its surface up to a point some "150 feet or more" where they joined together.

And Mr. York said, "those six pairs of eyes" which looked through the transit weren't all that saw the object that day.

He said he had heard other reports of a saucer-shaped object over Peavine mountain earlier that day, and a "reliable person" reported seeing the same type object about 150 mites south of Reno Thursday evening, he added.

"While we were watching it, it hovered over the mountains, almost perfectly still, for three or four minutes, then took off toward the direction of Fernley and disappeared," he said.

But while it was traveling away, Mr. York said he and the crewmen were able to follow its path with the transit. "And if it had been a jet plane, it couldn't have been followed that way," he said.

Mr. York said the vapor trail from the object discredited the idea that it might have been a jet plane. "If it had been a jet, the vapor would have been parallel to the earth's surface as it moved across the sky. But the vapor from this was vertical."

Just how high in the sky the object was, Mr. York said he couldn't estimate. But he, said it was close enough to the ground that if there was anybody in it, they could have been taking pictures.

The other crewmen with Mr. York were Burt Chanslor, Terry Whobrey and Wayne Peterson. The two interested bystanders were unidentified.

City Engineer Elliott Cann, in reporting the incident belatedly today, explained that there are so many stories these days about objects in the skies that persons are apt to be skeptical.

"But every one of those four men swore that they saw something," he said.

Mr. Cann wasn't on the scene himself.

Marseille, France Le Meridional - 8 Jul 52

A flying saucer in the Gard

A flying saucer was seen in the sky of Remoulins, last night, between midnight and one hour of the morning.

Several people saw in the sky between Remoulins and St-Hilaire-d'Ozilhan, an unknown object in the shape of disc which carried twinkling lights.

The object moved without noise at rather low altitude, and a relatively low speed.

Hutchinson, Kansas News-Herald - 10 Jul 52

A Flying Saucer Seen By Kansan

FREDONIA -- M.C. Phillips, a Fredonia resident, said Wednesday he and two companions spotted a "flying disc," nine miles north of Chanute Tuesday.

Phillips described the object as apparently being flat, polished metal flying in a horizontal plane north to south. He said the disc was large and revolving on its axis at a terrific speed. He could see the disc revolve, but could not estimate its height, Phillips said.

San Antonio, Texas Express - 10 Jul 52

10 Watch Huge Flying Saucer

MIAMI, Okla., July 9. -- Ten workmen watched a huge silver object which emitted a haze of smoke from its edges hover high above the B.F. Goodrich rubber plant at Miami for 15 minutes Wednesday before it skimmed away to the south at a "tremendous speed."

The object, matching previous flying-saucer descriptions, was spotted by R.D. McCarthy, an electrician working atop the plant. He summoned other nearby workmen who said they observed the strange craft for a quarter-hour.

Hobart, Australia Mercury - 10 Jul 52

Canadians See Flying Saucer

BROCKVILLE, Ontario, Wed. -- Observers said here yesterday that they had seen a flying saucer "like a floating light-bulb" over the city last night, at about 5,000 feet.

They said it moved in a northwesterly direction and stayed in view for about half an hour. As it disappeared from sight, they said, it was joined by a second small light.

Conakry, French Guinea La Guinee Francaise - 12 Jul 52

Unidentified Flying Objects Over Morocco And French West Africa

France-Afrique Dakar weekly reports the statement of an eyewitness who claims to have observed a flying saucer above Dakar at 0608 hours on 3 July 1952.

According to this account, the object was flat and tapered in shape and issued forth bluish and reddish flames which were quite long and very clearly visible. The report further stated that the object was moving southward at a great rate of speed, at an altitude of approximately 1,500 meters. The report added that the stars were no longer visible at the time of the saucer sighting and that there were no aircraft in flight over Dakar at the time.

Casablanca, Morocco Atlantic Courier - 12 Jul 52

Flying Saucers In Casablanca

Flying saucers have been seen in the Casablanca sky, and their flight over the city was witnessed by several people including Mr. Bud Krueger, the T.W.A. representative here.

The following is a statement written by Bud Krueger:

The conversation was general and we were all enjoying the cool, cool breeze on the roof terrace at the Key Club last night when all of a sudden Bunny Lewis said "Look up there, is that an airplane?"

With that, Ed Lewis (Bunny's husband) G.G. Giffin, Mrs. Vi Knoll, her husband and daughter, Harry Handcock and his wife Martha and myself looked up in the sky. Coming from the north, traversing the sky very rapidly, was a formation of what looked like four ghostly shapes.

The formation appeared to be the same type used in military air maneuvers with one "thing" in the lead, one on either side and one trailing.

When we first saw them, they were about "one o'clock" and moved across the sky with great speed. They seemed to be flying at a constant speed. We lost sight of them as they came into the illuminated area of the moon.

Had one or two people seen them it could have been considered an optical illusion, but when as many as nine people saw them, it could hardly be considered as such. We knew that they could not have been the lights of an aircraft as most commercial and private aircraft have blinking light. These objects were completely illuminated with a neon type glow. Also absent was a sensation of sound, which would also rule out the possibility of it being a known type of aircraft.

Most everyone had a different version of what the shape of the objects were. Some of them thought they looked like pillows, others thought they looked diamond shaped, and still others thought they looked like "Flying Saucers."

The Farm Bureau In Massachusetts - Date Unknown

[Note: The following is from a clipping found in Project Blue Book files, telling of a sighting on July 13, 1952 but there is no publication date provided.]

Farm Bureau

Associated Women
By Mrs. Charles Thompson

I saw a flying saucer on Sunday evening, July 13, at about 10:35 P.M. As far as I was concerned it was an ordinary evening, only perhaps an extra warm one. Most of the family were away over the week end, and those at home were abed. There was a good radio program with questions and answers by prominent political figures on the bedside radio in our room. As I remember it, the program was coming in very clearly. Because of the heat the two south windows were open, but it seemed a good idea to open the east bedroom window also and put in a screen. I did this, then looked out the window toward the barn. Right over the barn a red flame seemed to float in the sky. To be sure I was not seeing a light reflected in an imperfection in the window glass, I bent down to watch through the screen and the flame was still there. It was a vertical light, nearly as long as the moon would have been if it were in the same position and about one-quarter as wide as it was long. It had not rough edges and seemed a perfect rectangle. The intensity of the light remained the same. It seemed to be over our barn roof. I watched -- expecting it to come nearer, but instead it moved quietly sideways toward the north and disappeared behind a tree. It is hard to judge time but I watched it maybe for a minute or two. After it disappeared, I came down stairs and went out doors hoping to see it again but couldn't. I thought it was "fire balloon" and if there had been an unexplained fire in the next town that night, I would have laid it to that.

The next morning I told all the family and my sister next door. Tuesday morning my sister telephoned saying she had heard over the WBZ news that many people had seen the strange light from points as far away as Virginia. Then I felt I should tell someone. But whom? I decided to call the State Police and did. They made note of what I said and asked for my telephone number if they needed to get in touch with me again.

Early in the afternoon I was visited by a strange young man. He showed his credentials and later I referred to him as an FBI man. He corrected me with "Special Officer Army Air Force." He asked for the story of the "Flying Saucer". I told him everything I could remember and answered all his questions to the best of my ability. It was hard to state just how long I watched the light. Even a minute can be a very long time. When a flame seems poised over your barn roof and ready to drop on it.

He said that there actually is something in the sky that people are seeing from time to time. It is not anyone's imagination. The Air Force investigates every report it hears and wishes more people would report to the nearest air base or to the State Police.

How does this affect Farm Bureau people? This special officer (he asked me not to mention his name) is from Texas, a Farm Bureau family. He was reading our Farm Bureau magazine while waiting for me to come downstairs. He said Farm Bureau had a weekly in Texas. He also gave us a few of his childhood memories of Texas parties and church picnics. But back to the "flying saucers", he said Farm people with their outdoor life and wide view of the sky can be of great help in reporting anything unusual they see. The saucers have also been seen in the daytime when the outlines of an object can be seen around the light. his own mother and sister saw a group in the day time about a year ago back in Texas.

He was convinced that I really had seen a "flying saucer". After he had left, I realized how little he actually told me. A direct question he answered in a maybe yes, maybe no way. Thus:

"If this was something the army was trying out, would they tell us about it?"

And the reply "Not unless they had to."

His parting admonition was, "Do tell all the farm people to report any strange light in the sky to the nearest air base, or to the State Police who are instructed to pass the information on to the air base themselves."

I know how shooting starts appear and am familiar with airplanes that fly over head at night. This was something different -- that I never saw before. I believe it was a Flying Saucer.

Anderson, Indiana Herald - 13 Jul 52

Family In Automobile Reports Spotting 'Saucer' East Of City

A ground observer for the Civil Air Defense organization reported last night he and his family saw what they believed to be a flying saucer.

Wayne Higgins, 1218 East Tenth street, said he and his wife and son were driving on Ind. 32 between Yorktown and Daleville when they spotted a greenish-white glow in the sky.

Higgins stated the object stayed in sight about 20 seconds and appeared to be traveling at a high rate of speed. He said it appeared to be about a mile high and five to 10 miles away, and following a horizontal course.

He said when first sighted the light was heading across in front of the automobile, then changed its course and headed parallel with the road until fading from sight

Salina, Kansas Journal - 13 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Are Back Again

CONCORDIA -- They're back. Those will-of-the-wisp saucers which bob up every now and then around the country have been sighted again in this neck of the woods.

A report of a flying saucer was received in this area recently, preceded several days earlier by descriptions of bluish white glows in skies elsewhere.

Skip Kenyon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Kenyon, Concordia, said he saw what he believes was a saucer while plowing land owned by Mrs. Ella Paisley, north of Concordia.

"It looked like a huge silver disc. It was traveling fast as a bullet," Kenyon said. "I had stopped the tractor for a few minutes and the thing was traveling so fast I got only a glance at it before it was gone. It approached from the south and just as I saw it, it swerved sharply and disappeared in a second or two as it took off to the northeast."

Earlier, Kenneth Bacon, McPherson, reported an object which he described as a shooting star.

Bacon and three other boys were sleeping outdoors. They said the object resembled a shooting star but didn't burn out like one would.

It appeared in the north they said and carried on to the southern horizon, bluish white in color, and going rapidly. It left no trail. The boys said it definitely was not an airplane.

Logansport, Indiana Press - 13 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Are Seen Again

Flying saucers were once again sighted throughout the area last night, according to reports received by state police, Carroll county authorities, and The Press.

Lieut. Jack A. Green of Los Angeles, Cal. and the Air Force reserve sighted the object near Delphi and gave a complete report to Sheriff Sparkey Carey there.

Green was traveling on road 25 two miles west of Delphi with his mother and sister, when he saw the fiery green object coming from the east toward the west.

It was at an altitude of 3,000 to 4,000 feet, Green said, and was moving at a speed of 500 to 700 miles an hour.

Green said he has flown every type of plane, including jets, and it most definitely was not a plane as planes don't have that kind of light. It was the size of an automobile headlight, he said.

The strange object was seen by the Green family for four or five seconds, and they followed it until it disappeared from sight.

The saucer was also seen east of Logansport at 9:25 by Jere Goodman and Gary Hipsher, who were at the Hipsher home on route 4. They also said that it was traveling toward the west.

Others who called thought it was a burning airplane.

The state police post at West Lafayette received about twelve separate reports of the phenomenon from over the area, from such spots as Boswell, Lafayette, and Delphi. Reports have been coming in from all over the state, police said.

Galveston, Texas Daily News - 13 Jul 52

Those Disks Here Again

RICHLAND, Wash., July 12 -- Flying saucers were reported Saturday to have been seen not far from the area of the atomic energy plant near Hanford, Wash., Friday night.

George W. Walton, Kennewick, Wash. told police here he saw two fiery yellow balls play "follow the leader" high in the sky Friday night at about 9:45 p.m. (pdt).

Walton, a wartime weather observer, told officers he and a friend saw the two objects moving from west to east one behind the other.

"They looked like flying saucers," Walton told officers. "They disappeared in about 20 seconds and looked to be about 15,000 feet up."

Ruston, Louisiana Daily Leader - 14 Jul 52

Objects Similar to flying Saucers' Seen By Ruston People Late Friday

Perhaps the Martians really are coming. Or maybe the "flying saucers" sighted over Ruston Friday afternoon were nothing more than a patrol of Joe Stalin's secret scouts come to get a look at Uncle Sam's ideal city.

Still another possibility is that a group of pioneering stratospherists were out looking for prospective sites for the future artificial planet they're going to build somewhere between here and the moon.

As a matter of uncertain fact, no one knows what they were, but at least seven Ruston people know what they looked like. They bore a striking resemblance, say observers, to what have been called "flying saucers," there were eight of them in all, moving slowly and soundless in the direction of Shreveport at altitudes of 12,000 to 15,000 feet.

They traveled in two groups of four, with the first quartet moving one behind the other and the second squad flying in formation. The first disk was sighted at 5:10 o'clock, the last ones at about 5:40 p.m.

John R. Scalf, who with his wife and three daughters was first to notice the strangely silent aircraft, says he won't state flatly that what he saw was flying saucers, but they were like nothing he's ever seen before. "They could have been jet planes," he said "but I think you could make out the shape of a plane even at that height, and these objects were absolutely round."

They were silver in color, he said, very bright, and each of them trailed a thin, wavering line of vapor several feet behind them. He pointed out that he has seen the vapor trails left by cruising jets, and that those left behind Friday's disks bore little resemblance, in that they were thinner, shorter, and did not hang in the air but dissolved and disappeared very quickly.

Mrs. Scalf, their daughters and a visitor, Miss Judy Copeland, all confirmed these reports. Miss Copeland, who is the nine year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Copeland of Chautauqua street, said she thought at first they were jet planes, but wondered why they didn't have the shape of airplanes. She said she saw four of the silver craft while she was visiting the Scalfs and another after she got home.

Mrs. Breard Carpenter is also reported to have seen the "saucers," but could not be contacted for comment. Mrs. G.D. Fearing, Minden street, did not see the disks themselves, but said she saw the vapor trails.

Scalf said the saucers did not appear to be spinning, but of course such an attribute would not have been noticeable at that height. However, he stated, the edges of the objects appeared dim in contrast to the very bright center surface, which might be indicative of some sort of whirling device around the edge.

With the mysterious nature attributed to all the strange and unidentifiable disks which have been reported during the past few years, the sighting of one of them always reopens an old field of speculation. Are they extraterrestrial, and if so, by whom or what are they controlled? Will man eventually conquer the universe and find out there in space a whole galaxy of living people or animals or monstrosities.

Is earth even today being visited by living creatures from other planets who are, perhaps invisible to our eyes, making us a defenseless and vulnerable enemy?

Be sure to save your nickel and buy another thrilling issue tomorrow of The Ruston Daily Leader to see if there are other important and exciting developments to this hair-raising story of adventure into the world of tomorrow. And if you want to grow up to be big and strong like Captain Marvel, don't forget to take your reducing tablets three times a day.

Tokyo, Japan Pacific Stars and Stripes - 14 Jul 52

'Flying Saucer' Observed By Many At Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Residents, pilots and airport, officials all reported Saturday night they saw a "flying saucer" object shooting across the sky over Indianapolis.

Officials at Wier Cook airport said all reports of the "saucer" tallied with airport information proving "most conclusively it was not a figment of anyone's imagination."

THEY SAID it was an "unidentifiable object" heading northwest out of Indianapolis. "It had a bright glow and was on a straight line, a very definite flight line and its altitude was about 10,000 feet," they said.

The state police, however, reported it as a "shooting star."

MEANWHILE, reports poured in from the entire city. E.I. Arnold said he was in his front yard when he saw a flat, round object burst across the sky from the southeast. He said he believed it was about 5000 to 10,000 feet in the air.

William Tresslar, 20, who "dabbled" in astronomy at Vincennes university, said it traveled "from horizon to horizon in ten seconds." He said, "to the best of my knowledge it was not a meteor." He described it as reddish in color changing to green.

Chester Webb and Bob Webb reported seeing a round object with a whitish tail, three times as long as the diameter of a "saucer." They said it traveled on a straight line and disappeared behind the wooded section of a park.

Kokomo, Indiana Tribune - 14 Jul 52

'Saucers' Sighted Elsewhere, But None Seen Here

Lake Central Airlines officials were alerted Saturday night to "flying saucers" reported over various sections of Indiana but none was spotted locally.

Fred Robinson, an airlines employe, said Indianapolis alerted the station here after reports of a "flying saucer" had come from Marion, Logansport and Anderson.

The local airlines employe said the airport here was asked to quiz pilots on two flights scheduled to land here Saturday concerning the reports. Both pilots said they had seen nothing out of the way.

However, Robinson said a pilot from the Ozark Airlines, which flies out of Lafayette, reported he had seen a fiery object flying on a level through the air. The pilot said it "definitely was not a meteor," Robinson said.

One of the saucers was reported to have been seen near Delphi and another near Logansport. It was described as a "fiery green object, traveling from the east toward the west."

At Marion, several persons were reported to have seen "a strange light flying swiftly in a northerly direction."

One observer there said "the light grew in intensity, turning a brilliant white, then suddenly exploded with a bright flash."

Robinson reported that a woman came into Lake Central Airlines here Sunday and said that she had seen the "flying saucer" at Marion. She did not give her name, however, Robinson said.

Kokomo police said they had not received reports of any local citizens seeing the "fiery light," as has been the case elsewhere in the state.

The reports were made between 8 and 9 p.m. Saturday night at the various points in central Indiana.

Kennewick, Washington Tri-City Herald - 14 Jul 52

Flying Disc Fraternity Gains More Members

AT LEAST FIVE residents of Kennewick Sunday became eligible members of the Flying Disc Fraternity -- whose motto is: "seein' is believin'."

Members of three families on Tacoma Avenue qualified for the "club" by visually observing an airborne object that oscillated over the city for four or five minutes, then disappeared rapidly to the southwest between 12 and 1 p.m.

Mrs. Virginia Keisport, 760 Tacoma, who viewed the strange form through high-powered binoculars, declared it was "round and flat, and aluminum colored. It wavered in mid-air, then shot eastward, reversed its direction, and finally disappeared traveling at a terrific speed."

"Gee, it was sure some sensation," Mrs. Keisport commented. "I was barefooted and got so excited I ran through some high weeds and stickers trying to keep up with the thing with my glasses."

Her daughter, Pamelia Keisport, discovered the "disc" while relaxing in the back yard.

"I thought at first it was a piece of paper floating on high," she said. Pamelia told her mother of her find, and soon the entire neighborhood was alerted over the flying body.

MRS. CHET DURDLE, who lives across the street, also saw the "saucer." She described it as "kind of three-cornered." It wavered, then shot this way and that." She concurred with Mrs. Keisport's observation that it was aluminum colored and capable of phenomenal speed.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Shield, the Durdles' daughter and son-in-law, also "lamped" the strange object, Mr. Durdle saw something in the air, but is color blind and could not discern it clearly.

Sighting the "saucer" Sunday marked the third such instance in the Tri-Cities this weekend.

About 9:35 p.m. Friday, George W. Walton, 723 North Garfield, Kennewick, spotted a mysterious duo of "huge fiery balls," darting over the city. His companion, Lucille England, also of Kennewick, saw the same objects and verified Walton's statement.

WALTON, WHO was a World War II weather observer, said the bodies resembled neither meteorites nor weather balloons. "They were flying faster than any jet plane I have ever seen," he added.

Another "disc" discovery was made about 8:20 p.m. Friday by D.D. Stack, 1010 Willard, Richland. He told Richland police he saw a large misty form revolving slowly directly over the Van Geisen Street bridge.

K.E. Shrap, 1415 Fair Drive, Richland, asserted that a government observation balloon was aloft in the Tri-Cities Sunday. He could not be contacted Monday morning for verification.

Casablanca, Morocco Maroc-Presse - 15 Jul 52

Luminous Object Seen Near Casablanca

Forty persons have reported that at 2200 hours on 13 July 1952, they observed a "luminous flying object" in the vicinity of Casablanca.

Palm Beach, Florida Post - 16 Jul 52

Another Sighted Over West Palm

With the corroboration of three other witnesses, a veteran licensed pilot, who admitted "I was never so frustrated in my life," Tuesday told of seeing a "flying saucer" swoop down toward a high-flying plane over the city at 1:10 a.m. and then proceed southward at a terrific speed."

The source, who asked that his name be withheld, said he had a doctor trading at his place of business check his eyes after the "yellowish-greyish discus-shaped object appeared in the northern skies somewhat west of the city and continued its path directly southward as if heading to Miami."

The observer, who said he has been flying since 1929, let it be known that he not alone saw the flying object, but that his brother and an out-of-state neighbor saw it.

He went on to tell this story of the incident:

"I was standing outside on Olive Ave. in the near south side and a plane I later learned was a Navy trainer flying at about 6,000 feet attracted my attention.

"Suddenly, out of the blue, cloudless sky I saw the disc I estimated as at least 20,000 feet up. It soon began an oblique approach down toward the plane from the rear and seemed to slow down to the speed of the plane.

"Then, it tilted up and sped skyward in a southerly direction until it disappeared over the distant horizon.

"The object traversed the horizon from north to south, being in view for about two minutes. It left no smoke trails and I could hear no noise other than the faint noise from the plane.

"It moved swiftly in a horizontal position."

The caller said at 11 am he still hadn't been able to do any work since seeing the "saucer." He said he called the control tower at Palm Beach International Airport, which had no knowledge of the "saucer."

Kennewick, Washington Tri-City Herald - 16 Jul 52

Sight New Disc Over Hanford

A FLYING object emitting a bright yellowish-blue light, which circled Hanford Works twice Monday night, was reported Wednesday by five Hanford construction workers.

Their description of the object fitted in closely with that of a Bellingham man who reported a similar flying disc earlier in the evening Monday.

Herbert Veason, 1023 F Avenue, North Richland, a welder, said Tuesday, "I always laughed about flying saucers before. But, brother, I'm a believer now."

He said four of his friends first noticed the object at midnight as they were finishing the swing shift in one of Hanford's construction areas. The object circled the project twice at tremendous speed and then disappeared. It was in sight perhaps 15 or 20 seconds, they said.

AFTER WORK, Veason got off the bus at North Richland where his wife met him. They were driving down the street in front of the North Richland drug store at 1:23 a.m. (Veason checked his watch) when he saw the object to the southwest.

His wife also saw it as it seemed to fly above the ridge of the Horse Heaven hills on a steady course toward Pasco. Veason said, "If it was going one mile an hour, it was going one thousand."

When it seemed to be about over Pasco, it began to zig zag rapidly and then seemed to turn southwest toward Pendleton and faded out. Veason said he was unable to estimate its height or distance or size because there was nothing to judge it by.

HE SAID HIS wife estimated they watched it about 15 seconds. Veason said it was much brighter than any star in the sky and couldn't have been a meteor. He pointed out it held a steady course all the way across the sky, until it zig zagged over Pasco and then took off again toward Pendleton.

Veason pointed at a Manila envelope and said "Mix a little green and blue into that and you'd have about the color." He said it had no tail but appeared to be round but "misty in shape."

At 8:57 p.m. Monday a Bellingham man said he and two other persons saw an object traveling north at tremendous speed which he described as a "bluish half moon with the brightness of a welder's torch."

Lowell, Massachusetts Sun - 16 Jul 52

Two Veteran Pilots See Flying Saucers Over Virginia
Claim Objects Maneuver Too Sharply For Endurance by Human Beings

MIAMI, Fla. July 16-- Two veteran airline pilots added to the flying saucer lore Wednesday accounts of seeing eight huge discs zipping in formation at supersonic speed near Norfolk, Va.

Pilots W.B. Nash, 35, and W.H. Fortenberry, 30, of Pan American Airways, said the "glowing orange-red" saucers maneuvered too sharply for human endurance at a speed of "far above 1,000 miles per hour."

"Whoever was in those things," the pilots declared, "had capacities far beyond our own. Those things absolutely did not contain any human beings as we know them."

Major Problem

While Nash and Fortenberry were referring to the "centrifugal force" of turns at such speeds, reports of the Navy's tests with its refrigerated "skyrocket" disclosed another major problem is heat generated by friction with the air.

The tiny plane being used for research on the problems of high speed flight at Edwards Air Force base, Calif., carries enough refrigeration for a good-sized auditorium. In an alleged unintentional "leak" an Air Force officer mentioned a skyrocket speed of 1300 miles an hour.

Nash and Fortenberry said they were flying their DC-4 with 10 company officials aboard southward between Newport News, Va., and Norfolk night before last when six of the saucers appeared 6000 feet below them.

In Echelon

First they flew in an echelon formation -- a diagonal straight line -- at about 2,000 feet altitude Nash said. As the DC-4 passed over them, he said, they turned sharply westward and were joined by two other discs. He said the eight "saucers" zoomed upward to an estimated 10,000 feet altitude.

Nash estimated they "watched the whole maneuver" for between 10 and 12 seconds" before the glowing light "pulsated off" and the "things" disappeared into the sky.

"Giving consideration to the difference in our altitude and theirs we judged they were approximately 100 feet in diameter and between 10 and 15 feet thick," Nash said. "As they neared us they appeared to be solid bodies of light, but they had definite outlines."

Nash and Fortenberry, who immediately reported to airlines and military officials on landing here, said others aboard were seated in the wrong part of the plane "to see them at the angle we did."

"If either of us had seen the things alone," Nash said, "we would have hesitated to tell anyone about it, but we watched the whole thing together." He said visibility was "excellent."

Santos Ceyanes, acting operations manager for Pan American here, said the discs "obviously were not figments of their imagination."

Nash, a Navy transport pilot during World War II, and veteran of 20,000 flying hours, and Fortenberry, a former Navy fighter pilot, said they had never seen saucers before.

Casablanca, Morocco La Vigie Marocaine - 16 Jul 52

Flying Objects Seen In Morocco

It is reported from Mechra bel Ksiri that on 12 July 1952, two flying saucers were seen by two policemen on night duty at Had Kourst. The saucers were elongated in shape, followed by a trail of white light, and traveled at a high rate of speed from north to south.

On 13 July 1952, two inhabitants of Fedala reported having seen, at 2345 hours, a blue-green, ball-shaped object, followed by a short trail of light, and moving at a rather high rate of speed. According to the eyewitnesses, the object disappeared after about 3 or 4 seconds as though it had literally melted in the sky.

On 14 July 1952, a man and his wife reported having observed for about 30 seconds, at about 0900 hours, a mysterious flying object traveling from Ifrane in the direction of Meknes.

Casablanca, Morocco Maroc-Presse - 16 Jul 52

[No Headline]

Two inhabitants of Chichaoua report having seen three "white fires" in the sky at 2130 hours on 13 July 1952.

Meanwhile, it is reported from Louis Gentil that at 2130 hours on 12 July 1952, several persons saw a yellow flying disk, about 30 centimeters in diameter, moving very rapidly from east to west.

Unusual flying objects were also reported seen at Bouznikaou and Baulhaut between 2100 and 2200 hours on 13 July 1952.

Tipton, Indiana Tribune - 17 Jul 52

Just Talk
by Leona Kinder

Last Friday, I think it was a little after noon, my next door neighbor, Mrs. Jerry Farley, called to me to come out in the back yard.

When I reached the back door, she yelled, "Come here, quick."

I was too late. She had seen one of the famous flying saucers, but it had disappeared. She said a plane had gone over and just as it passed over the house tops, this white object appeared.

It floated (rather than whirled as others described objects they have seen) back and forth for a few seconds and disappeared just as I came out.

This was a strange coincident, for I had been reading an article on "Visitors From Space" and "Flying Saucers." These articles appeared in the current "Reader's Digest."

And that evening, Bill Crawford on TV said people in the capital city also had seen objects. The report was that they were only visible 55 seconds.

Personally, I have never believed that these objects were anything but an illusion, and to my surprise, one of the articles I was reading gave accounts that people as far back as 1870 saw similar objects in the heavens.

In 1913, on February 9, thousands of watchers were awe stricken by a fiery formation that started somewhere in Saskatchewan, Canada, and crossed part of the United States, then disappeared in Bermuda.

The time of passage over one particular point was about three minutes, traveling at a rate of 10 miles per second. The Encyclopaedia Britannica calculates the altitude at some 35 miles.

This is far the most spectacular saucer performance ever recorded, but I am still regretting the fact I was so slow to see one.

Danville, Virginia Bee - 17 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Sighted Over Tidewater Va.

Tidewater Virginians can be excused from scanning the night skies a little more than usual this week, after a flurry of new flying saucer reports.

Last night, Mr. And Mrs. George Bonine of Hampton reported spotting eight glowing, yellow-orange objects spinning at a high rate of speed about 500 feet above ground near Hampton.

And a Southampton man, who identified himself only as a commercial pilot, told of seeing two pulsating white lights zipping along in excess of 600 miles an hour in the vicinity of Newport News.

Meanwhile, three Norfolkians, including a naval officer, a high school girl and a radio agency manager, said they had seen flying saucers Monday night. That was the night two Pan American pilots flying over Norfolk said they passed several objects in the sky.

But R.D. Tankersly, a railroadman, poured cold water on the flying saucer theory for Monday night's sky show. While picnicking at Willoughby that night, he said he saw what appeared to be rockets in the direction of Thimble Shoal Light, and he pooh-poohed the idea of saucers in the sky.

Langley Air Force Base officers have suggested that the airline pilots might have seen rockets or tracers being fired at the base's bombing and target range.

Sandusky, Ohio Register Star News - 17 Jul 52

Summer Is Here And So Are Flying Saucers Over Dayton

DAYTON, O., July 17 -- Those elusive flying saucers are back in Ohio again.

Roy T. Ellis of Dayton, president of the Rubber Steel Products Co., said he saw what he guessed to be a flying saucer over Dayton at 12:35 a.m. (est) Sunday. He described it as almost like an ice cream cone with an elliptical dark object in the center where the ice cream would rest in the cone.

Ellis said "the object was as wide as a full moon with a white light about as brilliant as the full moon."

Ellis, an amateur astronomer, said he was looking for comets when he saw the "saucer".

Kennewick, Washington Tri-City Herald - 17 Jul 52

Three Report Sighting Discs Wednesday Eve

THREE MORE reports of mysterious objects in the sky -- one by day and two by night -- were received from Tri-City residents today.

Herb Henne, operator of Twin City Airport in Kennewick, said he saw a bluish-green object streaking across the heavens above the Horse Heaven hills at about 9:15 p.m. Wednesday. He said it traveled at terrific speed. His description tallied closely with that given of an object seen Monday night over Hanford and later over the Horse Heavens.

Henne estimated the object was 40 to 50 feet in diameter and had a visible exhaust. He said it gave no sound and estimated its altitude at 4,000 feet. Henne is a veteran pilot. His assistant, Dorothy Benson, also saw the object.

ANOTHER REPORT of a flying saucer came from Wendell O. Moore, 606 Smith, a Hanford guard. He said while driving to Walla Walla he saw a metallic-appearing object in the sky in broad daylight. He was several miles this side of Touchet at the time.

Moore said he pulled the car off the road and watched the object for two or three minutes. It was traveling roughly northeast at a high rate of speed and glinted brightly in the sun. He said the object was very small and estimated its diameter at two or three feet and thickness at three or four inches.

"I looked very closely but could see no exhaust or hint of how it was powered," Moore said. "There was no markings on it."

HE SAID ITS definite course and high speed ruled out the possibility of its being a piece of paper or brush blown aloft by the wind.

The object sighted by Henne apparently was the same one seen by Chuck Lambertson, 1809 Third Avenue West, Kennewick.

He said it was traveling in a generally East-West direction. It was the "brightest thing I ever saw in the skies" and he was convinced it wasn't a shooting star.

Lambertson said the object appeared to be somewhat oblong in shape -- not perfectly round -- and it had a trail such as a jet engine might leave. He said it disappeared from sight in 3-1/2 to 4 seconds.

Lambertson said he saw the strange object shortly after 9 p.m. He was headed home, traveling south.

Oran, Algeria Echo d 'Oran - 17 Jul 52

Strange Objects In Sky Over Algeria

At 2300 hours on 15 July 1952, in the town of Boukanefis, two bakers clearly saw a plate-shaped flying object in the sky. It moved with unusual agility, giving off a greenish smoke and lighting up the sky. It seemingly did not alter its course as it increased its speed and disappeared toward the south. Similarly, in Lamoriciere on 11 July 1952, one Thomas Martinez saw a sudden illumination above and at first took it to be a falling star. Actually, it seemed more like a meteor followed by two other bodies, all trailing a yellow cloud of smoke. Then, these disappeared and out of nowhere appeared an oval-shaped, longish ball of fire. Flying at a low altitude and clearly visible it rapidly followed a rectilinear course.

Rabat, Morocco L'Echo du Maroc - 17 Jul 52

Disks Appear Over Marrakech

Marrakech (special correspondent) -- At 2100 hours presumably on 16 July 1952, many people saw a large, luminous disk flying horizontally, with a leaping and bounding motion. Then, there was a burst of light. A second disk of smaller dimensions appeared, going off horizontally toward the southwest. The whole appearance lasted about one minute.

From several points of the Marrakech region, luminous disks were seen traveling at a dizzy speed.

On 14 July, flying saucers had been seen over the Ifrane region, flying toward Meknes.

Tokyo, Japan Pacific Stars and Stripes - 18 Jul 52

Canadian Sailors Swear To Saucer -- Navigator Jeers

ABOARD HMCS CRUSADER -- The Canadian destroyer escort HMCS Crusader reported about 40 of the crew saw an object that looked as if it might be a flying saucer earlier this week.

The night was dark and a murky overcast obscured the stars. "Light on the starboard bow," an alert lookout reported. "Elevation about 30 degrees."

A luminous object seemed to close on the ship and then, in a capricious or threatening mood, remained stationary just beyond the range of the ship's guns. A series of bearings and other cogent observations were compiled and when the apparition disappeared at dawn a score of men were ready to certify its genuineness.

In the end, however, the dissenting opinion of the navigator prevailed. "The planet Jupiter," he said after consulting a half dozen nautical references, "and just where she is supposed to be -- roughly, 400 million miles away."

Brownsville, Texas Herald - 18 Jul 52

Saucers Reported Seen In McAllen

McALLEN -- McAllen is finally catching up with the rest of the country. Now we're having flying saucers, or missiles, or whatever they are.

Tuesday night about 10 o'clock, Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Landry happened to glance skyward. They saw some strange objects sneaking over the city at a great altitude. The objects were casting a reddish glow. There were eight of them.

At the time, they thought little of the occurrence, but after reading in a newspaper that others had seen the same thing, they began to be interested. Two veteran airline pilots over Miami, Fla. reported they watched eight missiles "glowing like red coals" speeding along at more than 1,000 miles per hour.

The Landrys said the description of the objects matched the description given by the pilots. The objects were flying in a southerly direction and were easy to count because of the formation. Five were grouped together, with three others traveling a short distance away.

Great Bend, Kansas Daily Tribune - 18 Jul 52

Pilot Spots Four Mystery Objects In Air

Chicago -- A veteran airline pilot reported seeing four flying objects moving at terrific speed over Denver, Colo., last night. Capt. Paul L. Carpenter of American airlines said that he and his crew spotted the objects after a flight ahead of them radioed them to be on the lookout.

Carpenter said the objects looked like planets and had a yellowish tinge. He said he saw one by itself, then two others and finally a fourth.

He estimated their altitude at about 25,000 to 30,000 feet and said he thought they were traveling at about 3,000 miles an hour.

He said they trailed no light as meteors might and that one changed its direction.

The objects were too far away, Carpenter said, to tell if they had the round shape of the reputed "flying saucers."

An air force officer assigned to investigate the "flying saucer" reports said in Dayton, O., that about 15 percent of the approximately 1,000 reports can not be explained.

Carpenter, who lives in Los Angeles, was piloting a non-stop Los Angeles to Chicago flight when he spotted the objects.

Washington, D.C. Daily News - 18 Jul 52

Saucers Soar Over Argentina

LA PLATA, Argentina, July 18 -- Residents of nearby Veronica reported seeing six disc-shaped lighted objects which resembled "flying saucers" last night.

Eye-witnesses said the objects maneuvered in the sky and that their shape and movements were entirely different from those of regular planes.

The objects were said to have been bluish-yellow in color, and remained within sight of Veronica for more than hour [sic].

Casablanca, Morocco Maroc-Presse - 18 Jul 52

Ovoid Object Seen Taking Off In Daiet Aoua Region

Inhabitants of the Daiet Aoua region, French Morocco, have reported seeing recently a "blue, phosphorescent, ovoid, object" on the ground rise rapidly in the air, followed by a bluish trail. The observers estimated the object to be 20 meters long.

Salisbury, Maryland Times - 19 Jul 52

Radio Man Sees 'Flying Saucers'

WASHINGTON -- At 2 a.m. yesterday, Radio Engineer Elmer Chambers looked up at the sky. Here's what he says he saw:

Six or seven bright orange discs were streaking through the sky, in single file. The saucers sped along for about five seconds and then each, in turn, veered sharply upward and disappeared.

Chambers, 41, is chief engineer at the WRC radio station transmitter in the Washington suburbs.

Middlesboro, Kentucky Daily News - 19 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Get to Kentucky

MADISONVILLE, KY July 18 -- Flying saucers are on the loose in Kentucky skies, according to J. Falcon Durham, superintendent of mails here.

Durham said today that he and his wife saw five of the saucers pass over his home Wednesday night. He described the saucers as reddish orange in color and traveling 30 seconds apart at a very high speed.

The flying disks dipped over his house and turned north, Durham said.

Syracuse, New York Herald Journal - 19 Jul 52

Strange Sky Objects Reported Over Area

WHATEVER THEY are, those mysteries of the skies are cavorting over Syracuse and Central and Northern New York. One was seen by Dan Kelly of 310 Hixson av. at 12:30 A.M. yesterday. Five boys reported a similar sight at Oneida, and Samuel Jacobs of Massena saw either a flying saucer or a meteor. He thinks it was a meteor.

No explanation is given of these bright objects that have been reported by Air Force pilots in the West and elsewhere. Radar units have also been reported as picking up mysterious flying things.

Kelly was seated on his porch when he saw the object.

"It was round," he said, "and looked to be on fire. It seemed to whirl around and then disappeared after five or 10 seconds. It was a horrible, frightening thing to see and I nearly passed out after watching it. I sat on the porch for two hours after that waiting for it to return but it never came back.

HE IS SURE it was something like the flying saucers that have been reported elsewhere. He never before had seen anything like it.

The five boys at Oneida say they saw three flying saucers. Four of them would not permit use of their names because, they said, "no one would believe us." But Joseph Medbury, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Medbury of 303 N. Lake st. spoke out about that mystifying thing which shot across the heavens.

"We are all sure they were not airplanes," Joseph said, "because there was no sound of motors and their lights were not blinking." Medbury and the other boys, ranging in age from eight to 15 years, were at Harmon Field between 9 and 9:30 o'clock Wednesday night. They were standing by a fence when they saw a white light streaking across the sky traveling from west to east.

They said they also saw jet planes pursuing the three things that looked like flying saucers. Joseph said he knew they were jets because of the sound and the streaks of colored vapor in their wake.

IT WAS about 11 P.M. Thursday when Jacobs saw the object. It whizzed across the sky from south to north, he reported. he doesn't believe it was a flying saucer.

"It was the brightest meteor I've ever seen," said Jacobs, who said for certain it was not a flying saucer. "If what I saw is termed a flying saucer by some observers, then I'm sure half of these so-called flying saucers are really meteors," said Jacobs.

The missile left a streak of light behind which last for three or four seconds, said Jacobs.

The state police, CAA communications station and the observation post which is not on 24-hour duty did not make any report of the meteor.

ACROSS THE border in nearby Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, two boys who were sleeping outdoors in their back yard and a man on the way to work in a mill reported seeing the object. The boys termed it a "shooting star" while the man believed it was a flying saucer.

He said it hovered in the sky about 15 seconds and then flew away at a tremendous speed. He said it was about 60 or 70 feet long and gave off a bluish light...

At Buffalo it was reported Bernard Thoman, of suburban Tonawanda, saw eight objects flying about 5,000 feet up and then a single "round silver object" which looked much like a flying saucer. The Buffalo filter center observation post saw nothing.

A dispatch from New York says witnesses saw a V formation of five "flying saucers" over that area. The dispatch says the Army Air Force takes seriously now all such reports, and they are being investigated at Wright Field, Dayton, O.

STATEN ISLAND civil defense authorities were notified immediately when the sky objects were sighted last night. The witnesses were Mrs. Josephine Hetzel of West Brighton, S.I. and Frank Gondar, toy operator, next door. His small son saw them too.

Mrs. Hetzel reported:

"I almost fainted when I looked up at the sky and saw what looked to me like five large dinner plates flying through the sky.

"They came from the direction of Perth Amboy, N.J. and appeared to be heading for Manhattan.

"THEY WERE up high and had a silvery glow and were silent. They were in formation. The red glow from the rims was outstanding. They were flying as fast as jet planes.

"I was so excited I almost fainted. I yelled to the only one I could see -- my neighbor, Mr. Gondar.

Gondar was sitting in a lawn chair with his son, Allan, 3. Gondar said:

"I looked up. My son did, too. I was too startled to talk. My son said: 'Look at that daddy, what's that?'

"THEY WERE high in the sky flying from south to north or from Tottenville to St. George. They were flying like geese. They were bright in color and had a reddish rim. They gave off a glow and didn't make a sound.

"They didn't take long to disappear in the clouds. Be assured they were not airplanes and this was not an illusion. Now I believe in such things."

East Liverpool, Ohio Review - 19 Jul 52

Salem Sees 'Saucers'

SALEM -- Unexplained objects resembling descriptions of flying saucers were seen to the north of Salem Thursday night. Walter Bak of Benton Rd. was the first to notice the whitish flying objects between 10 and midnight. Neighbors and a Salem News reporter, Joseph Kupka, also saw them.

Syracuse, New York Post Standard - 20 Jul 52

'Saucers' Reported By Utica Spotter

The elusive Flying Saucers were hovering over the Utica area shortly before midnight yesterday according to a report filed at the Syracuse Filter Center by three ground observers at an observation post outside the city limits of Utica.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond LaBounty of 722 Sherrod st. and Mrs. Minnie Crowil, Civil Defense observers, reported that the flying disks appeared from the southwest about 9.30 p.m. and hovered over the area for two hours before vanishing towards the northeast. They said the disks darted about trailing varied colored flames as from an exhaust system.

Appropriate investigation was instituted by the Air Force it was indicated but exact procedure was not revealed.

No other reports of the phantom disks were reported to the filter center, officials indicated. Utica observers declined to relate their experience and observation when contacted by The Post-Standard.

Statesville, North Carolina Daily Record - 21 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Disrupt Radio While Passing

ELIZABETH CITY, July 19. -- An Elizabeth City barge watchman-- H.G. Lane -- has reported that he has seen flying saucers on three different occasions.

Lane says he saw four objects, resembling saucers at 1:20 a.m. yesterday. The watchman said the objects were about 100 feet in diameter and were flying two abreast at high speed.

Lane added that his radio had gone dead and that he saw the disc shaped objects when he went to investigate his aerial. The watchman added that his radio worked perfectly after the objects had disappeared.

Lane said he also saw two flying saucers on May 12th and three on June 10th.

Orrville, Ohio Courier Crescent - 21 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Finally Find Promised Land

The flying saucers have finally found Orrville.

Mrs. Amelia Stevenson, who resides with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. And Mrs. William Schmid, South Vine street, reports that she saw two "saucers in the sky " -- resembling gigantic inverted ice cream cones -- flying leisurely above Sassafras street in the direction of Dunlap Memorial Hospital Friday evening.

This bears out the evidence of Mr. And Mrs. Bob Jameson of Wooster, who reported to The Record Friday that they saw three saucers floating east of Wooster and followed them in their car as they moved toward Orrville.

"I thought is was some kind of natural phenomena," Mrs. Stevenson said: "perhaps spotlights playing on the clouds, but when I noticed a report that a similar 'saucer' was seen in New York Saturday it sharpened my interest. "It's rather a coincidence, don't you think, that I should see inverted ice cream cones floating in the sky?" Mrs. Stevenson said with a chuckle, referring to the fact that her son-in-law is an authority on ice cream cones.

Williamsport, Pennsylvania Gazette And Bulletin 22 Jul 52

Radar Spots 'Aerial Objects' Over Capital

WASHINGTON, July 21-- The Air Force disclosed tonight it has received reports of an eerie visitation by unidentified aerial objects -- perhaps a new type of "flying saucer" -- over the vicinity of the nation's" capital. For the first time, so far as is known, the objects were picked up by radar -- indicating actual substance rather than mere light.

In addition, they were described as traveling at a slow 100 to 130 miles per hour -- instead of with the incredible swiftness attributed to earlier saucers -- although at times they shot up and down.

The "objects" were also described as hovering in one position.

The Air Force said no planes were sent out in an attempt to intercept the objects, and no sightings were reported, by "Operation Skywatch," the round-the-clock ground observer operation, now underway around the northern part the United States.

The Air Force, said it has received only a preliminary report, and therefore does not know why no attempt at interception was made.

The air traffic control center at Washington National Airport, just across the Potomac river from the capital, reported that its radar operators picked up eight of the slow-moving objects around midnight last Saturday. They were flying in the vicinity of nearby Andrews Air force Base.

The center said Capital Airlines Flight 807, southbound from National Airport, reported seeing several objects between Washington and Martinsburg, W. Va., at 1:15 a.m. (CST) the same night.

Officials of Capital Airlines said the pilot of Flight 807, Capt. "Casey" Pierman of Detroit, a veteran of 17 years service with the company, spotted the objects and described them in these words:

"They were like falling stars without tails."

Company officials said the airport picked up radar "blips" -- contact with aerial objects -- and asked Capt. Pierman to keep a watch out for any unusual objects in the sky.

Shortly thereafter, officials said, Pierman reported back to the dispatchers tower that he had spotted a group of objects.

Pierman, then flying at normal cruising speed of 180 to 200 MPH reported that the objects were traveling with "tremendous vertical speed" -- moving rapidly up and down -- and then suddenly changing pace until they seemed to hang motionless in the sky.

Officials said Pierman made only a routine report of the incident and did not specifically say that what he saw were flying saucers.

The eight objects picked up by Air Force radar were said to be traveling at slightly more than 100 MPH.

The airport traffic control center said another air liner, Capital-National airlines Flight 610, reported observing a light following it to within four miles of National Airport.

This information has been relayed to the proper Air Force authorities and the Air Force is investigating the matter," the announcement said.

Earlier the Air Force said it is receiving flying saucer reports this summer at a rate higher than at any time since the initial flood of sights in 1947.

An Air Force spokesman said that while 1947 was the big year for such reports, the current average of 100 sightings a month is the largest since then, with the November-December period of 1948 next. He said there has been no correlation of sighting reports to seasons.

Reports are checked by the air technical intelligence center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton.

Anderson, Indiana Herald 22 Jul 52

News Man Sees 'Flying Saucer' Near New York

RIVER EDGE, N.J., July 21 -- I saw a flying saucer myself Saturday, midnight, about the same time some unidentified objects were picked up on radar over Washington.

From now on you can't convince me there is no such animal. And after 12 years as a newspaperman -- almost six of them with the Associated Press in New York -- I don't jump to conclusions.

It was like this:

I was sitting on my back porch alone. The night was clear and star-lit There was no wind.

Idly, I saw a tiny orange ball draw into view from the northwest. At first I thought it was a plane.

Then as it drew closer, so distant that it appeared to be about the size of a quarter, I had two thoughts that hit me with quite an impact.

Planes have two lights that flicker on and off. This object had only one constant light.

Planes make noise. This object was silent as death. Though my neighborhood -- seven miles from New York -- is very quiet, I couldn't hear a sound from above.

Later when a plane did come by I could see its lights distinctly -- and they looked much different from the other light. Its engines were very audible.

The object flew to the southeast. I saw it for about a minute to a minute and a half.

I called my wife. She watched it and thought it looked like a Japanese lantern.

Could it have been a shooting star or a meteor?

Well, they sort of shoot down and fade away. But not this thing -- its intense glow stayed constant. It didn't get lost.

Could it have been the reflection of a search light on a cloud?

The sky was cloudless. Furthermore, the object left no trail of light as a beam would have done.

And it was moving too fast and too evenly to be a balloon.

I wasn't frightened at all, because the thing looked so peaceful and so serene. There wasn't any appearance of menace.

Syracuse, New York Herald Journal 22 Jul 52

Flying Saucer Buzzes House Near Air Base

THOSE FLYING saucers were at it again last night when they buzzed William E. Kramer's house at 114 Marsden rd., Salina.

Kramer said he was sitting on his front porch with his daughter, Patricia Ann, 35, when he saw a bright pink ball of fire come out of the western sky. He said it glided noiselessly towards the house and then turned and headed north.

Charleroi, Pennsylvania Mail 22 Jul 52

'Flying Saucer' Seen At Star Jct.

Flying saucers spun back into the news today, this one with fire in its tail.

Mrs. Mary Uhor, Star Junction farmer's wife, and her two sons observed a flaming sky visitor for the better part of half an hour last Sunday night, she disclosed today.

Her sons, Michael and August Uhor, confirmed the appearance of the strange nocturnal phenomena. They observed it until it disappeared in a fiery maze 500 feet above the Uhor barn.

Mrs. Pauline Berty, 819 Washington avenue, told her mother's story as follows:

"Mother said a strange light in the sky lighted up her bedroom and she went outdoors to investigate. There was a large sphere in the sky giving off a brilliant light. It appeared to be spinning rapidly and she thought it was about five feet in diameter.

"Mother waited until Mike and August came home about 11 o'clock and they watched it. The light was getting dimmer and it appeared to be sending off sparks just like a piece of steel on a grindstone. My one brother, Mike, who has done some flying said he judged it to be 500 feet above the earth and spinning at a high rate of speed. It eventually faded from sight as the fire diminished. Mother said you had to see it to believe it."

Marysville, Ohio Journal-Tribune 22 Jul 52

Marysville Man May Have Seen 'Flying Saucer'

Marysville has finally broken into the flying saucer news reports.

O.H. Fawcett, 600 E. Fourth st., reported the first one here yesterday, although he is rather uncertain about just what it was he saw.

Mr. Fawcett reported that he was sitting on his front porch at about 6:15 p.m. Sunday when he spotted a silvery, circular object coming into view from the northeast.

He ran into the yard and watched the object as it passed overhead and disappeared over the intersection of Fifth and Vine sts., headed toward the southwest. He said that it remained in view for about a minute.

The saucer, or whatever it was, according to Mr. Fawcett, moved fast but remained on a steady course. Judging from the height of the trees, it was about 300 feet in the air he added.

It was shaped like a small disc or ball and glistened like silver in the sunlight, he added. The object left no trail of fire or smoke and made no sound at all, he said. He added that it looked as though it was getting lower as it moved on.

Brainerd, Minnesota Daily Dispatch 22 Jul 52

Hopkins Police Scan Skies for 'Flying Saucers

MINNEAPOLIS -- Suburban Hopkins police scanned the skies throughout the night last night, but failed to spot a "flying saucer" three persons reported seeing.

Mrs. R.D. Miller, who lives five miles south of Hopkins, said that at 1:40 a.m. she looked in the direction of Hopkins and saw a brilliantly lighted object moving west. She said she and her husband watched it three or four miles before it disappeared. Mrs. James Paulos, Minneapolis, said she saw a "dazzling bright light" in the sky over Minneapolis.

"I watched it for 20 minutes," she said.

Early Monday, a Hopkins police officer and three other persons reported seeing a light-spangled object.

Clovis, New Mexico Journal - 22 Jul 52

Portales Man Sees High-Flying Lights

PORTALES -- A formation of high-flying lights that swept half-way across the sky in four seconds, and reversed positions like a Notre Dame backfield, was spotted here Monday night.

Eric Smith, local jewelry store operator, says he saw the strange lights while at a drive-in about 10:50 p.m.

They appeared out of the northwest, at an elevation of 30 degrees, and swept through a 75-degree section of the sky while he counted to five.

He says the lights were in a V formation, and the open ends of the V were in the lead.

During the flight, the two leading objects, he said, reversed their path through the formation, then went hack to the lead while the remainder of the lights paused momentarily.

Smith believes that any known plane that could have covered an equal distance in such a short time would have to have been so close that the motors would have been audible.

"I didn't believe those stories about flying saucers until now," he commented.

Eugene, Oregon Register Guard 22 Jul 52

Saucers Fly Over Goshen

The people out on Dilley Lane east of Goshen late Tuesday morning were playing "find the saucer."

First there were three shiny, whitish flying objects -- then two -- then one -- then two. Then eight, all flying in a circle.

Mrs. William Brock, the watchers' spokesman, said at 11:25 a.m. they had been watching the cavorting things for 15 or 20 minutes. She wondered whether they could be weather balloons, and described them as looking like bits of fluff. They circled and turned around each other, disappearing and then returning, apparently without making progress in any particular direction.

Just to add to the interest in the game, the Air Force has said "mysterious" objects have definitely been traced on radar screens.

But the Onion Editor, a dry skeptic, said: "Bah, they're just drifting milkweed."

Mrs. Brock had a reply to that: "Well, he's wrong. They're too big."

Long Beach, California Independent - 22 Jul 52

Shiny Object Over Downey Splits Into 5

DOWNEY -- A "shiny object" was seen high in the sky over here at 7:30 last night.

It was reported to have hovered lazily above, then swiftly divided into five "shiny objects" and raced off to the northwest.

This was the report of T.D. Whitney, of 8140 Orange Ave., who works in the Long Beach Proctor and Gamble plant. He so [sic] impressed with what he saw that he called his son-in-law to the back yard and the latter, Roscoe Schaffert, saw the objects too.

Whitney said he couldn't identify the objects as "flying saucers -- or anything else." Because he couldn't see them well enough. He estimated their height at 12,000 feet or more. When first seen, he said, the object was moving too slowly to be an airplane, but after it divided it moved "very swiftly."

Whitney reported the incident to the sheriff's office, which also expressed mystification.

North Adams, Massachusetts Transcript - 23 Jul 52

Sight Flying Discs Over New England

Boston -- Flying objects described as silver disks were reported sighted over New England last night and early today.

The reports came from observers in Worcester, in Central Massachusetts, Nahant on the coast, and West Newfield, Me. All observers concurred in saying the objects were "silvery."

At Nahant Coast Guard Station, Seaman Henry Arnpriester said he first sighted two disks flying at 2:15 a.m. (EDT) about two miles east of the station. Flying at about 2000 feet, Arnpriester said, the objects slowly circled above the station and headed back to sea.

An observer in West Newfield, Charles Buck, reported he sighted three "silver, disk-like" objects at 7:50 p.m. (EDT) flying southwest at a "very high altitude."

Both Arnpriester and Buck are air watchers for the Ground Observer Corps of Central New England.

In Worcester, a wartime flight engineer reported sighting three silvery objects whizzing across the sky about 11 p.m. (EDT) "like planes in attack formation."

The report from Hubert T. Wright was confirmed by his wife and by another couple who declined to be identified.

Wright said he "never saw anything like it all through the war."

Newport, Rhode Island Daily News - 23 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Reported By Newport Observers

Two flying saucers were seen between 2:25 and 3:25 this morning by two 15-year old spotters on duty at the Airplane Spotting Station on the Armed Services YMCA. Robert DeCosta, of 26 Walnut St., and Gerry Fill of 68 Sims St., reported both flying objects into the New Haven Filter Station, where much interest was expressed in the report.

The objects were both eggshaped and of a gray color, with a luminous glow about them. One was flying low at a fairly slow speed, the second high at a tremendous speed. They followed the slower one as it travelled a straight path out of sight. The second they could only follow about two or three seconds because of its speed.

A flying object resembling a silver disk was spotted off Easton's Point, Middletown, last night as similar reports came in from various New England points last night and early today.

In the Newport area the object, seen at some distance, resembled a planet in the sky. It appeared about 8 o'clock before it was dark enough for celestial objects to be seen. It attracted attention because the supposed planet was moving in a southwesterly direction.

Other reports came from observers in Worcester, in central Massachusetts, Nahant on the coast, and West Newfield, Me. All observers concurred in saying the objects were "silvery."

Tyrone, Pennsylvania Daily Herald - 23 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Spotted 3 Times In New Jersey

Three reports of flying saucers today were being given serious study by officers at McGuire Air Force Base at Fort Dix.

Ralph Curio, Haddenfield reported sighting a circular dark object floating in the air about 20 miles south of Millville. It displayed no lights and altered its speed several times, Curio said.

A Trenton woman shortly afterwards reported sighting a bright object streaking across the sky toward Philadelphia from New York. Three more Trenton residents later reported still another brightly lighted object moving in the same direction.

Oil City, Pennsylvania Blizzard 23 Jul 52

'Saucer' Sighted In Titusville Sky

Dr. H. David Sharp, optometrist with offices in Oil City and Titusville and son of Dr. J.R. Sharp, well known local surgeon, reported sighting a flying saucer over Titusville at 11:25 p.m. yesterday.

He said it disappeared in the northwest a few moments later.

Dr. Sharp said he saw it from his home at 210 East Main St., Titusville.

"It looked like a shooting star in reverse," Dr. Sharp said. "It came down in an arc from the direction of Warren, made another arc, and went toward Erie."

Dr. Sharp said that he happened to look out an east window just before going upstairs. Its color was blue white, he noted.

Asked about its size, the eye specialist described it as "a good sized star."

His was the second report of a flying saucer in the Titusville region in the five years since they were first observed in this country. One was observed near Townville a few weeks ago.

Air observers at the Sunset Heights observation post went off duty at 10 p.m. yesterday, so no confirmation was available from that source.

Austin, Minnesota Daily Herald - 23 Jul 52

Herald Staff Man Says He Saw 'Rockets'

By Dick Williams

We hope somebody was shooting off fireworks around Austin at about 9:30 last night because if they weren't, what was that green light with a tail of fire which trailed through the atmosphere to the south?

We suppose we could claim it was a flying saucer or something similar now that the air force has tracked the things on radar thereby proving they are solid objects rather than refracted lights as some people who should know about such things have claimed.

The thing was traveling so fast we didn't get a good look at it -- just zoop and it was gone.

It appeared to be falling earthward at a fairly rapid rate when we glimpsed it over the top of the trees as we drove south on Fourth street.

If someone was shooting off fireworks, we'd like to hear about it if for no other reason that if somebody WASN'T shooting rockets we can join the other hundreds of people who can claim they have glimpsed the mysterious celestial visitors.

Bradford, Pennsylvania Era 23 Jul 52

Tower Staff Sees 'Lights' in Sky Over Cleveland

CLEVELAND, July 22 -- Professional control tower men at Cleveland Hopkins Airport said today they couldn't explain "lights" in the sky over Cleveland. At least one said he had lost his skepticism over "flying saucers."

Clark Croft, chief of the Civil Aeronautics Administration's tower staff, told a reporter:

"I'm ready to say there's something doing. Our people have seen the lights, and experienced pilots have seen them.

"I haven't the slightest idea what they are. I'd like to think that whatever it is, it's our own, but I don't know."

The subject came up as the result of some reports in suburban Parma last Saturday that "golden lights" were seen in the sky. Several control tower men said they hadn't noticed anything on that occasion, but had seen "lights" several times, during the past two years.

Croft said some of his night staff saw a red light several months ago hovering in the sky over nearby Berea.

A pilot taking off for Akron was asked to watch for it.

"When the pilot saw it, it was below and ahead of him," said Croft. "Suddenly it took off at a very rapid rate. He tried to catch it, but couldn't. It was faster than any jet aircraft we know about."

A "skywatcher" in Springfield, 0., today added another flying saucer report.

John H Holl, a member of the Springfield ground observer corps saw a light in the sky while on duty about 10 a.m. this morning.

He reported it to the filter center.

He said that while watching a four-engined plane he noticed a bright point of light far above the plane. He said he watched it for four or five minutes before it disappeared.

"It seemed to have its own light," he said, "because there were no changing reflections that you see when a plane is in the sun's rays I couldn't tell its outline. It was just a bright point of light and kept its same brilliance."

Benton Harbor, Michigan News Palladium - 23 Jul 52

Strange Sights Seen Here During Storm

Stormy skies last night not only produced a thunder and rain storm -- they also produced some strange happenings according to the reports of two local citizens.

Ground observers at the Twin Cities airport received a call from Atty. Dale Seymour saying he sighted a weird object dodging across the horizon over Lake Michigan. And a Benton township man, Robert Clark, of 1756 Eastman, said he saw two balls of fire collide resulting in a hugh bellow [sic] of flame this morning.

Seymour's report was relayed to the Air Filler station in South Bend operated by the Air Force. Clark said he checked back over the spot this morning where he saw the phenomena but could find nothing.

The attorney's report was substantiated by his wife and his brother, Atty. Dalton Seymour. The trio was looking over the lake behind Dale Seymour's home in Edgewater shortly after 10 o'clock when suddenly the object appeared.

It was several miles out over the lake and the three thought at first It was a shooting star. It continued to fall, Dale said, and then suddenly it shot upward, began to hop and then it disappeared.

ALL THREE AGREED it was traveling at a terrific rate of speed. Mrs. Seymour said It was reddish while Dalton said ne thought it was blue.

Ground observers turned it in as a possible flying saucer. Dale Seymour said he didn't know what it was, but he added, his wife said she thought it was spinning around. The object was visible for about five seconds, Dale said.

Clark said he was looking out his window shortly before 3 a.m. towards the east when he saw the two small balls of fire. They crashed together, he said, and a sheet of flames as big as a house appeared for a second, and then there was nothing.

Said Clark: "I thought everything was about over with -- I was scared then and I'm still shaking this morning."

East Liverpool, Ohio Review 23 Jul 52

'Flying Saucer, Maybe,' Wellsville Man Says

"It appeared to be about 18 inches long and looked like a hot dog with a pin in the middle of it."

That's the district's latest "flying saucer" story.

The object was high in the sky and, of course, could have been just another jet. But, according to Charles Clutter, 200 Danbury Ave., Wellsville, the eyewitness, the wiener-shaped thing "floated, spun and then took off in a hurry out of sight" -- not in the manner of a jet.

Danbury was going about his duties as caretaker at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Cemetery, Wellsville, yesterday afternoon about 4:10 when the strange object attracted his attention. Supporting his story was Basil Galipo, a nephew, with Danbury at the time.

There was more action on the flying saucer front.

A round object, "reddish in color and flying at terrific speed," was noticed Monday night by Mr. and Mrs. John T. Harries, 451 Gardendale Ave. Harries said the object was flying too fast to be a plane and left a small vapor trail.

Billings, Montana Gazette 23 Jul 52

Flying Saucers 'Milling Around'

JEFFERSON CITY, Mon. -- The first "flying saucer report from these parts in several months was turned in Wednesday by three men who said they saw "11 white objects milling around" at a high altitude over Jefferson City Tuesday.

Louis Teura and Norman Teura of Jefferson City and William Hal of Helena said they first through the objects were "birds" until they "lined up and traveled south at high speeds."

Previously, Norman Teura said, he saw "six white objects milling around." These, too, "lined up" and left the vicinity at high speeds.

Jefferson City is about 15 miles south of Helena, Montana's capital city.

The three men reported their discovery to the Montana aeronautics commission director, Frank Wiley, and he notified the civil aeronautics administration.

C.A.A. officials said they knew of no planes in the vicinity.

Ruston, Louisiana Daily Leader 23 Jul 52

Monroe Pilot Reports Flying Disk Followed Him For 20 Minutes

Those flying saucers are buzzing over Louisiana again.

The latest reports come from a man in Monroe. He is A.D. Hanks, who says he saw one last Tuesday night. The reason he didn't tell about it sooner Hank says, is he was afraid people would think he was crazy.

He says he was flying near the Arkansas border when he saw what looked like a blood red star about 2000 feet overhead. He estimates that it was traveling at 4000 feet at a speed of over 100 miles an hour.

Hanks says the object was headed southwest, but, suddenly it turned around and started following him. Hanks thought he was seeing things. To find out, he made a 90 degree angle turn. The flying saucer did the same thing and followed his course for about 10 minutes.

Then, say Hanks, the saucer swooped down below him and kept following his course. About ten minutes later, according to the pilot, it went back overhead and switched to its original course.

Hanks has been a flier for 25 years. But, he says he has never had such an eerie feeling or seen such an unnatural sight.

Abilene, Texas Reporter-News 23 Jul 52

Abilene Family Sights Mysterious Flying Object

The R.J. Cooper family, 121 Palm St., reported seeing a "flying saucer" over Abilene about 9:23 o'clock Wednesday morning.

"It was definitely not an air plane," Cooper said. "It was a round, silver object. It was headed west, traveling not too fast."

Mrs. Cooper and 6-year-old Cathy were in the yard and noticed the object first. They called Cooper to come from the house and see it.

"I thought they were just seeing things," he said. "I never had seen one of these flying saucers people have reported."

Cooper said be could not estimate the speed or altitude, but the object was low enough for him to tell but it was round. He judged it to be about 50 feet in diameter, "although I couldn't be sure at that distance."

The object stopped, "went up and down twice," then headed off to the west and disappeared from view.

It was in sight from one to two minutes, Cooper estimated.

Cooper is manager of the appliance department at Star Merchandise Mart.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal 23 Jul 52

Trained Airplane Spotter Reports Seeing Flying Disk

And still they come. Another flying disk was sighted Monday evening over Albuquerque, reported by Charles Kowall, 710 Lead Ave, SW.

Kowall, trained during the war with the British Air Force to take sightings of aircraft, was able to give an accurate description of what he saw from his back porch.

"I was sitting in the dark, when I saw it at 9:24 p.m.," he said "It was so plain that I wasn't even startled. It flew from a south to a northwestern direction at an approximate speed of 600 to 700 miles per hour, about 7000 to 9000 feet high and there was no smoke trail. The duration of the sighting was 6 to 8 seconds."

Kowall said there was no sound. "None whatsoever -- it was a very still night and any sound would have been audible."

The lighting also impressed Kowall, trained to determine the height of an aircraft by the intensity of light. "The disc had no light source of its own," he said "The light visible was strictly reflected light from the city. If the disc had been flying over a thinly-populated area, it would not have been visible. It was refracted light, reflected from the illumination of Albuquerque."

Kowall added that the disk appeared almost two dimensional in that it was very slight along the edges.

Miss Mary Stevens, of the same address, who occupies an apartment adjoining Kowall's corroborated his statements as she too had been on her back porch and had observed the disc. She watched the disc appear in the south and trace an arc toward the northwest, disappearing when vision was cut by a large tree growing at the northwest corner of the building.

Kowall, now an employee of the Public Service Co. of New Mexico, was a member of the regular U.S. Army who volunteered to serve with the British Air Force.

He was assigned to "Coast Artillery AA," and for 14 months, his duty was to observe aircraft, approximating height and distance by taking an average reading between that estimated by "height finders" and that of radar detection.

Long Beach, California Independent 23 Jul 52

Flying Discs?
See Sky Tonight

Care for a look at a flying saucer by daylight? There's a good chance of glimpsing something that answers the description if you step outside at about 7:30 tonight, according to the Leon Whiting family, of 6040 Lemon Ave.

A tiny point of light, very high, with a kind of halo surrounding it, has appeared directly overhead each night at this time since Saturday, the Whitings told The Independent.

Appearing stationary at limes, the light whisks about in a regular pattern for a half-hour or more, then zooms off to disappear in the north, Mrs. Jean Whiting said. Others in the family who have observed the phenomenon are the husband, Leon, a mechanic at Los Alamitos Air Base, and two sons, Ronald, 20, and Larry, 12.

Oak Park, Illinois Leaves - 24 Jul 52

Letters From Readers

Flying Saucers?
See Strange Sight On Holiday

To the Editor: I fully expected to find in last Thursday's OAK LEAVES a report of the so-called flying saucers observed over Oak Park and River Forest. Could it be only four of us saw the phenomenon on July 4? Four of us were sitting on the open terrace of Mrs. Ives Duncan's home on Augusta. Mrs. Duncan, her mother, my daughter and I. My daughter was reclining on a chair when she called our attention above. It was around 5 o'clock. There were three, evenly apart, the center one ahead somewhat, a long trail following. Very plainly seen. Seemed like shiny balls with sun on them. Could they possibly be jet planes? Certainly a strange sight.


Syracuse, New York Herald Journal 24 Jul 52

The Saucers Are Still Making News

The flying saucers were out again last night.

Take it from Mrs. Fred Bishop, of 223 N. Edwards av., who not only saw an "awfully bright light" in the sky but called the attention of three neighbors, who also saw the object.

Mrs. Bishop said it appeared about 9:45 P.M. and was traveling north.

She said it was noiseless and seemed to be rotating and about the size of a football.

Syracuse, New York Post Standard - 24 Jul 52

Strange Lights Seen In Area Still Unsolved

There was no new explanation yesterday for those five strange lights seen floating about the Central New York area by at least 50 persons Tuesday night.

The lights apparently did make their way to the Watertown area because Howard A. Scott, CAA airway operations specialist, reported there that he saw "two luminous objects, moving east to west along the horizon" about 11:30 p.m.

He said the saucers looked like stars – moving slowly. The same report was received at the Post-Standard office Tuesday night when residents of several nearby communities called the newspaper office with descriptions of the unusual aerial activity.

Spokesmen for three airline companies in Syracuse said yesterday their pilots have not reported any strange lights during the course of their flights in and out of the city.

Syracuse, New York Herald Journal 24 Jul 52

Saucers Over Lake Ontario

Lewiston -- State police here said last night that Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Diamond of nearby Youngstown reported that they saw four flying saucers speeding north and out over Lake Ontario.

Panama City, Florida News-Herald 24 Jul 52

Tampans Report Seeing 'Saucers'

TAMPA, Fla. -- A score of Tampa residents reported seeing flying saucers Tuesday night, and MacDill Air Force base began an investigation Wednesday.

Capt. Paul Mitchell, base public information officer, said calls about the objects kept coming in from 10 p.m. to 3 o'clock Wednesday morning.

Mitchell said three planes were sent up to check on the objects but added he could not disclose their report.

The public information officer did say MacDill experts have not reached any definite conclusions and are continuing their study of the reports.

"Most of the reports had to do with colors rather than a physical description of the objects," Mitchell said.

The best description came from L.H. Kohlmeyer, who said:

"When I first saw them there were two yellowish-orange colored discs traveling south over the city.

"They swept in an arc over MacDill Field and then sped away to the east. They were flying twice as fast as any jet plane I have ever seen."

Kohlmeyer said he picked up another disc 10 minutes later with the aid of binoculars.

New Castle, Pennsylvania News 24 Jul 52

Flying Saucer Club Adds Two Members

PITTSBURGH. July 24 -- The "I saw a flying saucer club" picked up two members today and one of them was a central police station watchman.

Policeman Albert Hess described the object he saw as "The size of a bushel basket, with a yellow tinge." Hess said it sailed over Mt. Washington at 2:15 a.m., paused over the Gateway Center, and then headed for the North Side.

Daniel Simon (of 340 Craft avenue, Oakland) said his saucer hovered into view a half hour later. Simon told police the big disk appeared in the sky over East Liberty and gave off an orange light.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Gazette 24 Jul 52

Flying Saucer Seen Heading Toward C.R.

Anyone see a flying saucer over Cedar Rapids early this afternoon?

One was reported coming this direction from a few miles southwest of town at 12:30 p.m.

Mrs. Byron Hatter of Ladora said she spotted a "round, shiny metal disk" flying through the air "not too high up" while she was driving to Cedar Rapids. She said she watched it for four or five miles then lost it when traffic became too heavy for her to follow it any more.

Mrs. Hatter said she saw it when she was near Walford on highway 149. "It was about a foot in diameter and very visible. The sun's rays kept glancing off it, making it very shiny.

"It was moving northeast, toward Cedar Rapids."

Valparaiso, Indiana Vidette-Messenger 24 Jul 52

Flying Saucer Reports Are Received By Local Police

Flying saucers were back in the news again today after at least three persons reported seeing strange objects in north Porter county skies Tuesday evening.

A woman, identifying herself as Mrs. Mary Lou Smith of a Valparaiso rural route, reported to city police that she and a companion spotted a "bright object which shot upward into the sky at about 7:15 Tuesday."

While she was making the report, Sgt. John Kane of the city police department also mentioned having seen the object at about the same time and in the same vicinity.

An unidentified motorist from Eagle River, Wis., also reported watching the object from his auto in this vicinity that evening.

Mrs. Smith said the object appeared to be at a standstill for a time and then "shot upward on a slanting angle at an apparent high rate of speed."

Cairns, Australia Post - 24 Jul 52

N.Z. 'Flying Saucer'
Like Partial Football

WELLINGTON. July 23 -- The New Zealand model of a "flying saucer," shaped like a Rugby football with the end cut away, according to one observer, was seen over Hamilton in the centre of the Waikato district shortly after 9 p.m. on Sunday. The object was seen by a number of witnesses, including a Baptist minister (Rev. F.H. Carter), who said it was a solid, bright object, followed by a stream of bright vapour and sparks. It was steady in its course and could not have been a rocket. It was nothing like a meteor.

A woman, who saw the object from a window, said it flashed parallel with the horizon across the sky at a tremendous speed.

Newswire Report Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata - 24 Jul 52

PIACENZA, Italy, July 24, 1952 – A flying saucer was observed yesterday afternoon at an altitude of 25,000 to 30,000 feet over Piacenza, 80 miles southeast from Milan in the Po Valley. The object irradiated a silvery light and left a vapor trail. It hovered for a few moments over the city, then moved laterally from west to east and finally rose vertically disappearing from sight.

Regional, France Le Meridional - 25 Jul 52

A flying saucer has been photographed in the Auvergne
"The craft was between 3.000 and 8.000 meters and I did not hear any sound" states the geologist who took the photographs

Paris. -- An electrical engineer of Le Puy claims to have seen a flying saucer Tuesday evening. "It was," he said, "spindle shaped. After having made a sudden half-turn it took the shape of a disc of gray colour."

But a resident of Clermont, Mr. Fregnale, residing at the Martes-de-Veyre did better: he photographed a saucer. He was hiking in the area of Bessem Friday in search for geological curiosities, when suddenly, whereas he was near Lake Chauvet, he saw a kind of disc that crossed the sky from West to East.

Without wasting time, he directed his camera (which he always has with him when he goes hiking) and took four shots of the mysterious machine... With his binoculars he studied the "flying saucer" during a few seconds.

"It was approximately 6 p.m.," told Mr. Fregnale, "when I saw the saucer. Being unaware of its diameter, I cannot say at what altitude it flew. Apparently it was between 3.000 and 8.000 meters. I do not think that the altitude could be higher, for then, because of the thickness of the atmosphere, the craft would have had a bluish metallic colour which it did not have.

Four shots

"I had the time to take four shots very quickly. I saw the machine approximately during 50 seconds and after having taken the photographs I observed the craft with binoculars. According to my observations and calculations I made afterwards, if the saucer were at 3.000 meters it was going at approximately 300 meters per second. If it were at 8.000 meters its speed was larger obviously and could reach 800 meters per second. I heard absolutely no noise.

"The craft -- as often told -- had the shape of an oval saucer. Below and in the center it seemed that there is a light bulge, but I am not certain. Around the circular part, a brilliant circle appeared. I suppose that above the apparatus, a rotor, or some other gyroscopic system, rotated very quickly, which would explain the reflection that one very clearly sees on the photographs that I took."

Syracuse, New York Herald Journal 25 Jul 52

Saucer Dive Over Car Unnerving

COULD IT BE lightning bugs?

Flying saucers gave Mrs. Margaret Rebensky, 32, of Green Lake rd., Fayetteville, and her mother, Mrs. Julia Lindsey, an unnerving experience last night.

They had been visiting and were driving down W. Genesee st. hill about 11 P.M., and stopped for the traffic light at Erie blvd., W., when it started.

Mrs. Lindsey saw six bright lights in the sky and was just calling her daughter's attention to the phenomena when all of a sudden one dropped out of formation and came right at them.

Mrs. Lindsey let out a scream.

The saucer about the size of a honeydew melon, dipped down, passed over the hood of her car and shot straight up and rejoined the formation.

She said it seemed to be shaped like a quarter moon, gave white intense light, and was followed by a plume of smoke.

New Castle, Pennsylvania News - 25 Jul 52

Flying Saucer Reported Here

Lawrence county has been visited by a flying saucer. At least this is the belief of the family of Leroy Stafford of R.D. 8.

Members of Mr. Stafford's family report that about 1 o'clock Wednesday morning a saucer shaped object was seen flying high over the section just north of New Castle. It appeared to be green and was illuminated.

The "saucer" seemed to be doing figure flying in a sort of figure eight effect, it was stated.

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald - 25 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Spotted Over Corry Vicinity

Four "flying saucers" were reported at 12:15 p.m. yesterday at Concord Ridge near Corry. They were spotted by three women, who said they positively could not be mistaken.

The trio said they had glanced into the sky when two jet planes went roaring overhead. While still gazing skyward the four "saucers" hove into view, flying just below the clouds.

Described as bright and almost flat and reflecting the sun, the women said the objects resembled a soap bubble as much as anything when viewed from the side.

While they watched the saucers made a nearly complete circle and as they turned into the wind the sound of what apparently was small motors could be heard.

Lebanon, Pennsylvania Daily News - 25 Jul 52

Report Flying Saucers in Philadelphia Area

PHILADELPHIA -- Flying saucers were reported by two persons yesterday in the Philadelphia area.

Miss Anna H. Bethell said she saw a cluster of saucers, yellowish in color Wednesday night. They traveled with the speed of shooting stars, she said.

Two objects, copper brilliant and moving at high speed were reported in the sky over Pitman, N.J., last night by William Kamps. One object was elongated and the other round, Kamps said.

Newport, Rhode Island Mercury And Weekly News 25 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Reported By Newport Observers

Two flying saucers were seen between 2:25 and 3:25 Wednesday by two 15-year old spotters on duty at the Airplane Spotting Station on the Armed Services YMCA. Robert DeCosta of 26 Walnut St., and Gerry Fill of 68 Sims St., reported both flying objects into the New Haven Filter Station, where much interest was expressed in the report.

The objects were both egg shaped and of a gray color, with a luminous glow about them. One was flying low at a fairly slow speed, the second high at a tremendous speed. They followed the slower one as it traveled a straight path out of sight. The second they could only follow about two or three seconds because of its speed.

A flying object resembling a silver disk was spotted off Easton's Point, Middletown, last night as similar reports came in from various New England points last night and early today.

In the Newport area the object, seen at some distance, resembled a planet in the sky. It appeared about 8 o'clock before it was dark enough for celestial objects to be seen. It attracted attention because the supposed planet was moving in a southwesterly direction.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal 25 Jul 52

Flying Saucer Sounds Off

This one gave off a white light and made a noise.

S.N. Gregory, 4517 Third St. NW, told The Journal Thursday night that he saw an object -- described as a flying saucer -- flit across half the sky to the north here about 8:35 p.m. turn sharply to the east, blast off two reports and disappear behind some trees in the area of Sandia Base.

Glowing with a white light, Gregory said, the saucer traveled at a tremendous speed, up about 70 degrees from the horizon. It appeared to be about the size of the moon, and its course was between the mountains and the city, he added. The two reports he and his wife heard when the object turned, he said, sounded like those of a pop gun.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune 25 Jul 52

Disk Sighted Over City Today

Reports of a "flying disc" over Albuquerque today were received by the Institute of Meteoritics at the University.

Alfred Fierro, an employee at the Old Town Postoffice, said he observed an "object half the size of a full moon" in the sky southwest of the city. Mr. Fierro said he was just outside the Postoffice about 9:45 a.m. when he saw the white round object.

It remained stationary for four minutes, then headed north at a high rate of speed, Mr. Fierro said. It was out of sight in about 30 seconds, he said.

Mr. Fierro, a former paratrooper, estimated the object's height at about 10,000 feet. It reflected the sun's rays, he told officials of the institute.

Mr. Fierro's report was verified by Mrs. D.C. Andrews, 2420 Rose-dr. NW, and her daughter, who also witnessed the spectacle.

Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, head of the institution of Meteoritics, said calculations he made from the reported observations would make the object 100 to 200 feet in diameter.

He said it was definitely not a "fire ball" or a weather balloon, according to the reports received.

Dr. LaPaz said the object's remaining still for four minutes provided an excellent opportunity for pictures and urged anyone having the chance to take a picture to do so. Such pictures would be valuable in making a study of the mysterious object, he said.

Pocatello, Idaho State Journal - 25 Jul 52

Fireman Reports Seeing Saucers

A formation of eight to ten flying saucers was reported flying over Pocatello early Thursday morning by a restless fireman.

Grant Green, Pocatello fireman, said he saw the discs flying over at 2:30 a.m. He explained that he couldn't sleep and was looking out the back window at the time.

Green described the objects as discs and said they showed a blue light. He said they came from the east and were moving toward the south.

The fireman added they were going a little slower than a falling star. They were in sight about 20 or 30 seconds before buildings shut off further view.

Billings, Montana Gazette 25 Jul 52

Weather Bureau Employee Spots Silvery Flying Saucer Over San Francisco

Another "flying saucer" made an appearance over San Francisco Wednesday, according to a chart plotter for the United States weather bureau at San Francisco.

Harold Groger said he was sunbathing when he saw a small, silvery, blimplike object pass above him in a southeasterly direction about 2 p.m.

A moment later, Groger said, it reappeared from behind a cloud flying at tremendous speed and at right angles to its original course.

Eugene, Oregon Register Guard 25 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Must Be Real, Many County Citizens Believe

A number of Lane County persons think it's about time flying saucers are recognized as something real -- not as hallucinations or hangover spots or idle subjects for idle chuckles.

Judging from a series of separate reports called in from the eastern part of the county this week "flying saucers" are more or less round, white or silver, propelled by some power unit and not just the wind, capable of tremendous speed and maneuverability and are released from large conventional aircraft.

Eight White Objects

The first report came to the Register-Guard late Tuesday morning. Mrs. William Brock and a group of neighbors along Dilley Lane east of Goshen spotted first one, then two, then three, and finally eight white, roundish objects "like bits of fluff," but much bigger, circling and maneuvering in the sky. The group watched them for more than half an hour. At one time all eight flew in a fairly geometrical circle. It was between 11 a.m. and noon. The sky was clear and bright.

Then Thursday afternoon two men from Jasper and Thurston -- who didn't want their names used because of the stigma attached to "saucer gazers" -- were picking berries along Hills Creek about 20 miles east-southeast of Eugene.

A large four-engine aircraft, "probably a B-36" flew over at medium altitude headed northwest. An object which "looked like a puff ball" appeared just beneath the craft. Then the men saw a second object of the same sort. "They were kind of round and very fast -- too fast for jets . . . and they had no wings." They left the plane and flew due north rapidly. "The one on the left passed the one on the right about three times." This was at about 1:35 p.m. Again the sky was clear. Neither man had heard about the objects at Goshen.

Airplane and Saucers

Some 25 minutes later an airplane was heard by Sid Stiers, a Lowell logger who was working on Saddle Blanket Mountain a few miles from Hills Creek.

He sighted the craft, which he identified as a bomber "very high" and flying toward the south. Just under the bomber and "just a little bit behind" he saw what he at first thought were two small planes. But he couldn't see any wings. They were just small, round, silver objects. They followed the plane halfway across the sky and "then one of them suddenly turned and went up and in an opposite direction at a tremendous rate of speed." The other followed the bomber, Stiers said.

The two Thursday reports are nearly identical to a report made two years ago by a Eugene family which saw a number of round objects flying beneath a large aircraft. The family made the observation from its fishing camp near the summit of the Cascades. One of the group was an Air Force pilot on leave...

Darmstadt, Germany European Stars and Stripes - 26 Jul 52

'Objects' Sighted Over New England By Air Spotters

BOSTON, July 25 -- Air Force officials said they had received a number of reports of "silver discs and other unusual objects" sighted over New England and as far south as New Jersey.

At Manchester, N.H., Maj. Harold Hurlburt, commander of New England's "Operation Skywatch," said two trained observers reported disc-like objects over their stations.

The first report, he said, came from an observer at Westfield, Me., who saw three discs of different sizes flying at a high altitude and heading southwest.

Another came from a Coast Guard seaman who said the disk-like objects circled the Coast Guard station at Nahant, Mass., at 2,000 feet and then headed out to sea.

Residents of Boston suburbs reported three "greenish blue" objects making an arc in the southwest sky before disappearing.

Ralph Curio, of Haddon Field, N.J., said he saw a dark circular object floating in a westerly direction, about 120 miles south of Millville. He said the object changed speed several times.

Syracuse, New York Post Standard - 26 Jul 52

Unidentified Aerial Objects Seen in City and N.N.Y.
Syracuse Women Say Flying Saucer 'Dived' Toward Car

Unidentified aerial objects -- flying saucers, moving lights, shining balls -- were reported in the Syracuse area and various points in Northern New York yesterday.

Ogdensburg Agog

What was believed to be a flying saucer hovered high over Ogdensburg yesterday afternoon and aroused the curiosity of thousands of residents.

Civil defense ground observers in Ogdensburg and Madrid, both in St. Lawrence County, and other observers in Jefferson and Lewis Counties reported sighting strange objects in the sky.

Their reports early yesterday morning were of moving lights in the sky. It is believed they detected other objects during the day.

Two Syracuse women told of a flying saucer which "dive bombed" toward them. Two other Syracuse women spoke of a shining silver ball sparkling in the sun.

The flying saucer observed over Ogdensburg was said to be rectangular in shape. What appeared to be two parachutes was attached underneath the object.

Motionless At Times

It first appeared about 2:30 p.m. It was white or silver and seemed at times to hang motionless in the sky. It was plainly visible by residents of Ogdensburg and area.

Unlike flying saucers previously seen traveling across the heavens at high speed, the object yesterday drifted slowly for nearly an hour before it faded from view in the south.

The jet planes were noticed circling the object shortly after it had been sighted. The planes were so high they were barely visible.

The object was believed to be similar to aerial objects sighted over Washington, D.C., Monday. The latter were said to be traveling at 100 to 130 miles an hour and also seemed to hover in one position.

Mrs. David DeLoria, 335 Fobes ave., and her visitor, Mrs. Don Bickley, were having coffee about 11 a.m. yesterday when they saw a shining silver ball sparkling high in the sun. Having seen the ball thru a window, they rushed outdoors to get a better view; but the object was gone.

Re-entering the house, they looked out and saw it again. To go out again would have been like a game of peek-a-boo. Anyway, Mrs. DeLoria said she was sure the object was not a balloon, since it was too high in the air.

Break In Formation

The night before Mrs. Margaret Rebensky, Green Lake rd., Fayetteville, and her mother, Mrs. Julia Lindsey, had stopped for a traffic light as they were driving in Eric blvd., W. Mrs. Lindsey saw six bright lights in the sky. Suddenly one of the lights broke formation and "dived" toward the car. It missed the hood, then shot upward and got into formation again. The object was the size of a honeydew melon.

At Hancock Field pilots reportedly have seen objects in the sky. When jets have been sent to investigate, they have found only conventional aircraft, according to an air official.

He said the numerous reports of aerial objects may be due to three causes: Numerous aircraft and weather bureau observation objects in the air, clear visibility high in the sky during the summer days, and numerous ground observers on 24-hour duty.

It's quite possible that aircraft at 35,000 to 50,000 feet in the air are being mistaken for flying saucers and other strange objects, he said. The same holds for weather observation balloons and such.

Also, reports are more numerous because civil defense ground observers had been put on 24-hour duty thruout the state since July 14.

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald 26 Jul 52

30 Workers See Strange Silver Disk

Hovering high in the Titusville sky, mysterious and alone, a strange object glinted yesterday noon for 15 minutes and then suddenly sped away into the thin blue.

At least 25 or 30 men on their lunch period at Struthers Wells Corporation saw the silent disk.

Doubting their eyes at first, the men watched the silvery object until it flashed out of sight.

"I never believed in flying saucers before," said John F. Austen of 407 East Main Street, "but I hope I never see anything like this again."

The first, to see the awe-inspiring device were William Wescoat and Charles Warner. They called it to the attention of a group of workers who were outside the boiler shop on the Washington Street side.

There were about 25 or 30 in the group, enough witnesses to make certain there was something in the sky like they had never seen before.

They agreed it was made of metal, either silver or aluminum. It couldn't have been a balloon, by its appearance. It reflected the sun brilliantly when it turned in the air, but when it went over on its side it exposed a dark edge.

Perhaps 20,000 Feet Up

The "It" was toward the northeast, perhaps near the Grand Valley area, when it was first spotted. Its height from the ground was variously estimated from 10,000 to 20,000 feet and the diameter as seen from Titusville appeared to be about 15 inches.

It first hovered, and then moved on its quiet course to the east and swung back to the west again. The observers watched it go up and down a couple thousand feet at a time. Finally it streaked north until it vanished in the distance.

The Herald interviewed several of the watchers. Mr. Austen, a former Pittsburgh Press photographer, said:

"It was like a bright half dollar.

"It was too far away to photograph. It circled a bit, finally pulled up and went away to the north where it disappeared.

"It went up and down a little and sideways. If that is what a flying saucer looks like, we saw it.

"When the sun hit it, it would shine. Then it turned over and would fade out except for a dark line along the edge. Then it would come in again when the sun hit it.

"If radar hadn't picked up 'saucers' in Washington I would say it was something caused by atomic blasts out west. Now I don't know what to say, from a planet or Russia. I never saw anything like it before."

Top-Secret Weapon?

Others were agreed the object didn't appear to be made on earth. But one man thought the mysterious thing is produced by our government and is a top-secret weapon.

Stanley Crowther of Guys Mills, Route 4, said:

"It was something man-made, and the U.S. government knows all about it. That's why no one is investigating reports of the flights.

"Yes, the group was excited and couldn't get over what it was. It went vertically for quite a space and also horizontally until it diminished in mid-air at about 12:35.

"It seemed to be about 12 or 15 inches in diameter as we saw it out in space. It was like silver or aluminum and was high in the sky. About eight miles away, it was quite small but it was there."

Carson Dement of Centerville said in answer to questions:

"I don't know what it was. It looked like a disk that was very shiny, or a silver dish. It was so high in the air we couldn't hear any sound.

Gained, Lost Altitude

"It first went east as we were facing north. Then it came back to the west, gained altitude and then came down a way. Then it went back up and went due north. Couldn't tell exactly what it was except a silver-colored object in the sky.

"No, I don't think it was a balloon. It was so far away and awful high that it looked ten inches in diameter.

"You could see when it turned that one side would be shining real bright. Then it turned and a darker spot would show, something like a leaf turning in the air.

"I have said anybody was crazy who said he saw a flying saucer, but I saw something I never saw before in the air. It sure wasn't any kid's kite."

A number of Struthers Wells employees saw the object, including Russ Henry, Robert Butcher, Ralph Young, Con Enright, Charles Warner and others.

Oil City, Pennsylvania Blizzard 26 Jul 52

Blizzard Breezes

JOE STANDISH reports seeing a "flying saucer" near here early this week. He said that the saucer was "as big as a big airplane" and that it was flying at a high altitude.

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald 26 Jul 52

Watch Sky at 12:15, When Things Happen

If you haven't anything to do today at 12:15, you might look up at the sky at that noon time.

No one promises you'll see anything, but for two days in a row strange disks have been spotted at that exact time.

Thursday four "flying saucers" were seen skimming along just below the clouds north of Corry.

Yesterday a mysterious object was sighted near here, 12:15 to 12:35.

Indiana, Pennsylvania Evening Gazette 26 Jul 52

Blve. Skywatch Observers Spot Flying Saucer

"Operation Skywatch" in Blairsville has come up with the report of a "flying saucer."

Three observers -- David Luchsinger, Joe Haydon, and Jack Spicher -- said they sighted a round white ball about 5:45 a.m. Thursday while they were on duty at the Blairsville Civil Defense post.

They described the ball as traveling at an excessive rate of speed from southeast to north. The spectacle lasted about five seconds and is believed to have traveled about five or six miles during that time. There was no tail to the light, the observers stated.

Findlay, Ohio Republican Courier - 26 Jul 52

Van Buren Man Sights Saucer Over Findlay

Carl Baxley, of Van Buren is wondering whether he saw a flying saucer early yesterday morning.

Mr. Baxley. an employe of General Tire company, Bowling Green, had just returned home from work on the second shift.

It was 3:15 a.m. as he drove into his yard. Looking up into the heavens he saw what appeared at first to be an orange ball moving slowly through the sky.

He went into his house and procured a pair of high-powered German binoculars. Looking through them he saw the object which then appeared to be conical in shape, red in color with translucent stripes in orange, yellow and lighter red.

It moved slowly towards Findlay and as it seemed to him to be about over Findlay he said it seemed to stop and jerk up and down several times before going on southward.

He said he watched it for nearly five minutes before it was lost to sight.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal - 26 Jul 52

'Flying Saucer' Reported Sighted

A 'flying saucer," estimated to be from 100 to 200 feet in diameter, hovered over the city four minutes Friday morning, an Old Town Post Office clerk reported.

Alfred R. Fierro said he left the Post Office building to empty a waste paper basket, heard the sound of an airplane, looked up and saw a disc which appeared to be about half the size of a full moon. He checked the time at 9:40 a.m.

Fierro, a paratrooper during World War II, estimated the altitude at 10,000 feet. It stayed in the same position four minutes, Fierro said, then with a sudden burst of speed disappeared to the north in about 30 seconds.

With, this information, Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, director of the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico, calculated that the size of the object, "definitely not a fireball or a weather balloon," at from 100 to 200 feet in diameter.

The saucer, which appeared in the southwest portion of the sky, was also seen by Mrs. D.Z. Andrews and her daughter, 2429 Rose Dr. NW, patrons in the Post Office at the time. An object of similar description was reported seen by another resident Thursday night.

Marseille, France Le Meridional 26 Jul 52

New Appearances Of "Flying Saucers" Above Cote d'Or and the Netherlands and Havana

Dijon. -- In Aisey-sur-Seine, Misters Roy and Ormancey which were at the sawmill of Vaux, examined a flotilla of seven flying saucers flying in form of a V at a vertiginous speed. The spherical machines had the luminosity of neon, they declared.

The same day, in the afternoon, several residents of Delan-sur-Ource, could examine two luminous discs which, after having hovered on the village during a certain time, seemed to dissociate. At the same time, a violent movement of air was felt in the area, movement which curved the trees. As soon as the machines disappeared, the swirl ceased...

Several craft in the Netherland sky

Amsterdam. -- The Press reports that a Dutchwoman and her four children saw many flying saucers flying over Arnhem, the evening before yesterday.

They would have come from the north in formation of a "V" and would have been visible during several minutes. They were described as having a dark core of the size of a tennis ball, surrounded of a brilliant rim.

... and above Havana

Havana. -- The doctors and nurses of the Marianao hospital observed two flying saucers evolving at about 1.500 meters of altitude.

The "flying saucer" of Clermont-Ferrand said to be a weather balloon

The experts of the Air Force, after examination of the photographs of the "flying saucer" seen close to Clermont-Ferrand declared that it was probably an observation balloon of the national weather services.

Oran, Algeria Echo d 'Oran July 26, 1952

Strange Phenomenon Witnessed From Two Points In Oran

Recently, several inhabitants of Oran reported seeing a flying saucer at approximately the same time.

At 1535 hours, Raoul Le Henaff, foreman of a local company, saw an incandescent white mass in the sky above Oran. It flew southwestward, traveling at an altitude of about 2,000 meters. There was no luminous exhaust and no smoke. After about 30 seconds, the phenomenon grew hazy and disappeared. The personnel of the company office and Palacio, an employee in the Algeronaphte factory, also saw the "saucer."

At 1537 hours, Maurice Dubessay, who works for L'Echo d'Oran, saw what appeared to be a brilliant disk going in a southwest direction at a great speed and at medium altitude. It disappeared after 5 seconds. In a similar time interval, Atias and Karsenty, two grocers, also saw the unknown object before it disappeared behind a cloud.

New York City, New York Post - Jul 52

[Note: The following appears in Project Blue Book files but is not noted as to the date it was published. However, the incident date is July 25, 1952, and the language employed -- i.e., a reference to "late Friday" -- indicates it was published within a week of the incident.]

Post Sketch

This is a sketch of the "flying saucer" formation drawn by Rita Acuna which she and three others saw streaking across the skies. The original has been sent to Air Force officials.

17 'Saucers' Sighted In Sky Over Bronx
By Harry Swirsky

It might appear to be just another "flying saucer" tale. Yet it involves not one "saucer" -- but 17 of the mysterious objects. The "saucers" -- which appeared reddish orange in color -- were sighted in the sky above 1041 Tiffany St., in the East Bronx, late Friday night by two women and two girls.

"It was a hot dull night and we began counting stars for excitement," said Rita Acuna, 16, of 1035 Tiffany St.

"But it proved far more exciting than we might have imagined," she said, "for we wound up counting 'saucers' instead."

"They sped through the sky in a huge reddish orange formation -- which looked like an upside down 'J'," the girl said.

"Although they were visible for only about 10 seconds, we managed to count 17 in all."

Rita's observations were confirmed by her mother, Mrs. Marie Acuna; a neighbor, Mrs. Sylvia Finkelstein, of 1041 Tiffany St. and the girl's little sister Yvonne, 9, all of whom had been engaged in "star counting" when the saucers were sighted.

"I've seen eclipses and things like that," said Mrs. Finkelstein, "but this was different -- and more thrilling -- than anything I've ever seen."

Rather than rely on pure memory, Rita, a commercial art student at the High school of Industrial Art, ran upstairs and made a water color painting of what she had seen.

The drawing was sent to Air Force officials for possible investigation.

The Tiffany St. "saucer" case was second of its kind to be reported in the Bronx within the last few weeks.

Six person reported seeing a similar twirling object speed through the air over a rooftop at 1555 Boston Rd. on June 26...

Reno, Nevada State Journal - 27 Jul 52

Others See Flying Saucers; Housewife Sights Flying Dish

DARTMOUTH, N.S. [sic], July 26 -- Mrs. Robert Cohoon, a housewife, has reported to naval aviation authorities that she saw a "flying dinner plate" circle the ball park near her home at "terrific speed."

"This was no mere flying saucer," she told the Navy, "this was a flying dinner plate."

Lima, Ohio News - 27 Jul 52

Looking At Lima

TWO ADDITIONAL comments on the report that "flying saucers" were seen over Lima Thursday night were phoned in to The Lima News Friday night.

Ronald Eastom, 239 W. Kibby-st, said that he distinctly saw a "bright, shiny silver disc" high up in the northeastern part of the sky at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

The object hovered about a cloud for about two hours before descending nearer the earth. It then "set in the air" for about 20 seconds before disappearing toward outer space, he stated.

Eastom said the object was apparently made of aluminum, and had a circular dome atop it.

John Tirnmerman, 435 S. Nixon-av, said he saw two bright objects in the sky about 7:30 p.m. Thursday. He added that closer observation showed them to be conventional-type airplanes.

Ada, Oklahoma Evening News 27 Jul 52

'Saucer' Reported Northeast of Ada

Call it a flying saucer or just something, but a report came in to THE NEWS of something being seen early Saturday night.

Louis Long and son Russ were sitting in the back yard of the Long home at 808 South Broadway when they noticed the strange object.

Long described it as being of water drop shape, emitting a greenish white light. It was in the northeastern sky, moving SE-NW and falling at an angle of about 30 degrees. Long adjudged it to be two to five miles away and to be about the size of the fuselage of a large plane. He checked the time at 10.

He said that he had seen meteors and that the Saturday night object was moving slower than meteors, more like a skyrocket in the distance. Long admits that he isn't sure what the occasion qualifies him for but is curious to know if other people in this area saw the same object.

Twin Falls, Idaho Times-News - 27 Jul 52

4 Persons See Saucers Play in Twin Falls Sky

Twin Falls is not without its flying saucers. Four residents claim they saw 15 of them at 10 p.m. Friday. Only instead of being round or cigar shaped or spherical, these were diamond shaped.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Frasier and Mr. and Mrs. "Buz" Stepp, who live across from the Park hotel, said they saw the 15 diamond shaped "saucers" come from the east and at first they thought they were sparks. Around a half hour later the "sparks" returned, however, this time in a wedge formation.

The observers claim the objects darted about playfully and seemed to bump into one another. They had yellow-orange glows and took only about two seconds to cross the sky. The objects made four trips across the sky, finally disappearing in the east.

Long Beach, California Independent 27 Jul 52

Deputies Confirm Mystery

LAKEWOOOD PARK -- A couple of skeptical deputies from the sheriff's station at Norwalk have joined the ranks of the people who "saw it."

They are Officers Jim Wahlke and R.D. Benedict, whose observances of a flying object in the sky now lend a semi-official credence to the reports of flying discs.

The officers were on routine patrol in Lakewood about 9 p.m. Friday, they notified their headquarters, when a round object appeared in the sky overhead. It was flying at a very slow rate of speed, the deputies said.

As they watched it, it suddenly "took off" at a high speed, finally vanishing into the distant sky.

As Wahlke and Benedict pondered the phenomenon, they decided that it was certainly worth making a report about.

So, at the risk of meeting scoffers in the higher echelons, they notified their office.

Ane then, said Sgt. Albert LeBas, came confirmation.

Another sheriffs radio car, this one operating out of the Lennox Station, also saw the same object at the same time, and gave substantially the same explanation of the aerial "tourist."

However, presumably for want of a title under which to file it, the sheriff's office made no formal report of the incident.

Long Beach, California Press Telegram 27 Jul 52

Plane Talk

Another saucer sighter is Hazel Clark, who flies out of the East Long Beach Airport.

Mrs. Clark and her son were returning from Santa Maria the other day in their Luscombe when they spotted what they figure must have been a flying disc.

Mrs. Clark didn't bother to give chase. From what she has heard about the saucers, she said, they apparently have a little more speed than a Luscombe.

Washington, D.C. Post - 28 Jul 52

Washington Post

Note: The transcript below is from an earlier edition on the same day as the "final edition" pictured above.

Fiery Objects Outrun Jets Over Capital
Investigation Veiled In Secrecy, Following Vain Chase of 'Blips' Coursing Night Sky

By Paul Sampson
Post Reporter

Military secrecy veils an investigation of the mysterious, glowing aerial objects that showed up on radar screens in the Washington area Saturday night for the second consecutive week.

A jet pilot sent up by the Air Defense Command to investigate the objects reported he was unable to overtake the glowing lights moving near Andrews Air Force Base.

The CAA reported the objects traveled at "predominantly lower levels" -- about 1700 feet.

July 19.

Air Force spokesmen said yesterday they could report only that an investigation was being made into the sighting of the objects on the radar screen in the CAA Air Route Traffic Control Center at Washington National Airport, and on two other radar screens. Methods of the investigations were classified as secret, a spokesman said.

"We have no evidence they are flying saucers; conversely we have no evidence they are not flying saucers. We don't know what they are," a spokesman added.

The same source reported an expert from the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton Ohio, was here last week investigating the objects sighted July 19.

The expert has been identified as Capt. E.J. Ruppelt. Reached by telephone at his home in Dayton yesterday, Ruppelt said he could make no comment on his activity in Washington.

Capt. Ruppelt confirmed he was in Washington last week, but said he had not come here to investigate the mysterious objects. He recalled he did make an investigation after hearing of the objects, but could not say what he investigated. The captain said he had been informed of the latest sightings of the lights.

Another Air Force spokesman said here yesterday the Air Force is taking all steps necessary to evaluate the sightings.

"The intelligence people," this spokesman explained, "sent someone over to the control center at the time of the sightings and did whatever necessary to make the proper evaluation."

Asked whether the radar equipment might have been mis-functioning, the spokesman said, radar, like the compass is not a perfect instrument and is subject to error. He thought, however, the investigation would be made by persons acquainted with the problems of radar.

Two other radar screens in the area picked up the objects. An employee of the National Airport control tower said the radar scope there picked up very weak "blips" of the objects. The tower radar, however, is for short ranges and is not so powerful as that at the center. Radar at Andrews Air Force Base also registered the objects about 8:30 p.m. until midnight. Andrews radar located them about seven miles south of the base.

A traffic control center spokesman said the nature of the signals on the radar screen ruled out any possibility they were from clouds or some other weather disturbance.

"The returns we received from the unidentified objects were similar and analogous to targets representing aircraft in flight," he said.

The objects, "flying saucers" or what have you, appeared on the radar scope at the airport center at 9:08 p.m. Varying from four to 12 in number, the objects appeared on the screen until 3 a.m., when they disappeared.

At 11:25 p.m., two F-94 jet fighters from Air Defense Command squadron, at New Castle, Del., capable of 600-mile-per-hour speeds, took off to investigate the objects.

Airline, civil and military pilots described the objects as looking like the lighted end of a cigarette or a cluster of orange and red lights.

One jet pilot observed four lights in the vicinity of Andrews Air Force Base, but was not able to over-take them, and they disappeared in about two minutes.

The same pilot observed a steady white light 10 miles east of Mt. Vernon at 11:49 p.m. The light, about five miles from him, faded in a minute. The lights were also observed in the Beltsville, Md., vicinity. At 1:40 a.m., two-other F-94 jet fighters took off and scanned the area until 2:20 a.m. but did not make any sightings.

Visible in Two Ways

Although unidentified objects have been picked up on radar before, the incidents of the last two Saturdays are believed to be the first time the objects have been spotted on radar -- while visible to the human eye.

Besides the pilots who last Saturday saw the lights, a woman living on Mississippi ave. se. told The Post she saw a "very bright light" streaking across the sky toward Andrews Base about 11:45 p.m. Then a second object with a tail like a comet, whizzed by, and a few seconds later, a third passed in a different direction toward Suitland, she said.

Radar operators plotted the speed of Saturday night's "visitors" at from 38 to 90 miles an hour, but one jet pilot reported faster speeds for the light he saw.

The jet pilot reported he had no apparent "closing speed" when he attempted to reach the lights he saw near Andrews. This means the lights were moving at least as fast as his top speed -- a maximum of 600 miles per hour...

Rochester, New York Times-Union - 28 Jul 52

They've Been Seen Over Rochester

Those saucers have appeared over Rochester and this time nobody is laughing.

That's why control tower operators at Rochester Airport are more than ordinarily alert. They had several telephone reports yesterday that saucers have been sighted.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Caswell of 63 Glenora Rd., Greece, said they had watched a flight of five Air Force P-51 planes at 3:15 p.m. Five or 10 minutes after the last plane disappeared, the Caswells said, a "big silvery ball going like the wind," streaked across the sky at such a speed it was visible for only a minute. The object left no smoke or vapor trail and appeared to be about 30 feet in diameter.

A McCall Rd. man reported seeing two objects which resembled round pieces of silver. Another caller described the object as resembling "an egg-shaped disc." James L. Henimerich, a service man at the airport, said while jet planes are very fast, their shape is easy to identify and they frequently leave vapor trails.

In Albany, stargazers said they had a good look through their telescope last night at a round, white object "very much like the flying saucers."

Mrs. Jack Sussman reported she and her husband saw an object "lower than the stars and moving very slowly" across the field of their telescope.

Another skywatcher, Mrs. Louise Demarest, said she and her husband watched a "saucer" for half an hour. The Civil Defense ground observation post in Albany did not witness the object.

Tarrytown, New York News - 28 Jul 52

Spotters Here See Sky Lights
May Have Been Fireworks Display At Verplancks Point

Flying saucers, last week reported from as nearby as Yonkers, were observed in Tarrytown last night by air spotters on duty at the local Observation post atop 19 South Broadway. Somewhat doubtful as to what their reception would be, they reported the strange flying lights to the White Plains Filter Center and were gratified to get the Center's full and immediate attention.

It is not known whether an unusually large display of fireworks in Verplanck last night could have been related to the objects seen here.

Telephone Supervisor

At 10 P.M. Bill Janos and Jack Murphy, observers on duty at the post, telephoned Post Supervisor Joseph J. Pulsoni, reporting that they saw several brilliant objects moving through the sky, which seemed to trail a streak of light like fire, behind them. Mr. Pulsoni, understandably, treated the report with some levity, but was finally convinced that the men were serious, and himself went to the observation post, arriving there about 10:30.

Saw Bright Objects

He at once saw two bright objects, which he estimated at about two miles south of Tarrytown moving rapidly westward, and soon vanishing. He did not, however, observe any comet-like tail on the objects. Though he saw about a dozen of the objects, Mr. Pulsoni said that no more than two were ever visible at once. It was 11:45 when he telephoned his report to the Filter Center, after prolonged observation.

Learning today of the chase of similar objects by jet planes in the sky over Washington, Mr. Pulsoni feels better about the whole thing. He also anticipates added interest in air spotting locally, where a shortage of volunteers has restricted the post's participation in Operation Skywatch to the period from 6 P.M. Friday to midnight Sunday.

Plainfield, New Jersey Courier-News - 28 Jul 52

Park Place Resident Reports Mystery Light

Russell Stewart of 84 Park Pl., with an unidentified friend, reports seeing a mystery light Friday about 10:30 p.m. He said that the light was a dim, rusty red and that it traveled at incredible speed from south to north. The observation point was Linden Ave. in North Plainfield.

Stewart said the light was dimmer than a first magnitude star and that its flight was straight. He said it did not resemble a meteor.

Atlantic City, New Jersey Union - 28 Jul 52

Local Woman Reports Seeing Flying Saucers

A resort woman today reported she saw what might have been flying saucers streaking across the resort skies last night.

She is Mrs. Emma Vickers, secretary of the Atlantic County Mosquito Extermination Commission, who said she viewed the mysterious objects from a fourth floor bedroom window of her apartment at States and Atlantic Aves.

"At first I saw what appeared to be a shooting star but four more roundish objects much larger than stars followed in quick succession," she said.

Mrs. Vickers added that the "saucers" were traveling at high speed oceanward and not much above the horizon.

Hagerstown, Maryland Mail - 28 Jul 52

Strange Lights Spotted In Skies Over Frederick

Frederick, July 28 -- An amateur astronomer reported he saw two lights playing hi-jinks in the sky last night.

Brian B. Shockley, Jr. and his wife, and Mr. and Mrs. Austin James said they were at a street intersection when they spotted the mysterious beams. Shockley said the lights were zooming from the west to a southwesterly direction at a high altitude.

The objects, brighter than a major star according to Shockley, stopped and raised and lowered themselves several times.

Jet fighter planes streaked over the Washington skies late Saturday night and early yesterday morning to try to intercept some mystery objects. They had been spotted on radar screens and pilots said they looked like lights.

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald - 28 Jul 52

Round Bubbles Hum Past Hydetown, Then Blink Out; Are 'Saucers' Big Balloons?

Two round "soap-bubble like" objects flew over Hydetown at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, injecting a new note into the current flying saucer mystery in this area.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ridgway said they definitely heard the hum of motors as the objects went by. It sounded as though the engines were being raced in fits and starts for the sound alternately increased and decreased.

Another witness to the strange sight was Chester Sullivan of Hydetown. He also heard the motor hum, and not in a steady drone.

Mr. Ridgway said the two big bubbles were more toward the Gresham area. They were flying side by side when they suddenly went out like a soap bubble bursting in the air.

"The objects glistened in the sun," Mr. Ridgway said. "The hum of motors was unmistakable."

He said they remained in view for about 15 seconds before suddenly blinking out of sight.

They went out like a light, the Hydetown resident said.

He thought it was especially queer the way the round objects disappeared from view all at once instead of receding in the distance.

The bubbles were not shaped like the silver disk spotted Friday noon by 30 workmen at the Struthers Wells Corporation. Several golfers at the Titusville Country Club Friday also watched the "silver saucer" which resembled a bright half dollar. Among the golfers viewing the spectacle were William Stocker and George Farley...

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Beaver Valley Times - 28 Jul 52

11 County Persons Report Seeing "Saucers" As Air Force Puzzled By Glowing Objects

Eleven persons today told the TIMES they saw flying saucers this morning -- all of them about the same time.

While they were puzzled about the mysterious aircraft, Air Force officials were trying to figure out what the mysterious glowing objects are which streaked over Washington, D.C., for the second consecutive week end.

Reporting seeing the saucers here today were:

Mrs. J.A. Smith and Mrs. Clarence Fry, who live on Beaver avenue at the foot of Fifteenth street in Monaca, and nine Ambridge residents:

Mrs. Charles Moran, 61 Church street; Mrs. William Hendrickson, her two sons, Bob, 13, and Tom, 11, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Vito, 63 Church street; Kostas Gerazounis, 1666 Ohioview, and Mr. and Mrs. John Kosko, 1664 Ohioview.

All said the circular objects left a stream of smoke when they departed after an apparent brief stay in one position.

The Ambridge folk said they saw two. Both came from the east, they reported.

Then, according to them, one flew down river towards Pittsburg and the other went west across the river and hills.

The Monaca women said they saw theirs while looking out over Monaca Heights, which would be in the direction the latter took from Ambridge.

After hovering momentarily, the women said, the object moved on towards Kobuta, leaving a trail of smoke.

All said they heard a slight hum, rather like the drone of an airplane motor.

The objects were said to be "very high." ...

Goldsboro, North Carolina News-Argus - 28 Jul 52


FLYING SAUCER... Over Goldsboro?

Goldsboro Going Modern -- Flying Saucer Spotted Here
News-Argus Star-Gazer 1st Class

After being behind time for years and years, Goldsboro has finally caught up with the rest of the world in the biggest game of the half century, seeing saucers where stars ought to be.

The first of the supposed out-of-space visitors crossed Goldsboro's horizon-to-horizon area about 9:15 last night. For the benefit of cynics and other non-believers, there are four witnesses available to testify to the authenticity of the saucer.

Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Griffin were entertaining another couple in their back yard at 509 North Audubon Avenue when the saucer came into view. The visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Owen Dail, Camp Ogallalla.

Griffin said the saucer came out of the north-northeast and took about two minutes to traverse the 12 miles of horizon he could see from his observation post.

He described it as "definitely not a plane. It was a bright, flaming red cylindrical object that seemed to travel in rhythmical spurts.

"It slowed down at periodic intervals, then speeded up again until it disappeared."

Griffin said just before seeing the mysterious missile, he and his wife and guests had heard a news cast which described the efforts of the Air Force in Washington to trail some of the "flying saucers" reported in that area the past few days.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina Twin City Sentinel - 28 Jul 52

Three See Objects In Forsyth County

The report of a "mystery object" in Forsyth County skies was made this morning by Mrs. O.F. Thomas of 734 Buxton Street.

She said the object, in the form of an unflickering light very high up, was seen by her and two relatives she was visiting, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Thomas, at their home in the Union Ridge Church community.

All three of them were in the front yard about 9:20 p.m. when Mr. Thomas said he heard a whistling noise overhead. Looking up they saw the light, about the size of a bright star, moving in a straight path southward.

Mr. Thomas, described as having some knowledge of mechanics, said the noise did not sound like a jet plane, although none of the three dismiss the possibility that the object might have been some sort of plane.

The object appeared to be moving at a rapid speed, they said, but was so high up that it stayed in sight for about a minute. Its course did not change during the time it was observed.

Most "flying disc" reports from other parts of the country have reported no sound accompanying the objects. If the object sighted here had been at any great height more than five or 10 miles, no sound would have been heard, because the thin air at high altitude does not carry sound very well.

Lexington, Kentucky Herald - 28 Jul 52

Viewers Report 'Saucers' Seen Over Lexington

"Flying saucers," which Air Force planes chased over Washington Saturday night, may have made their way to Lexington skies.

Five persons last night said they saw objects in the sky at about 9 p.m. Saturday while they were sitting in the parking lot at Ball's Ice Cream Company, South Limestone street. The report was made by Pat Wylie, Richmond.

Wylie said that he and Charles Tucker, Elam Tucker and Mrs. J.T. Tucker, all of 1101 South Limestone, and Wolfgang Peinecke, Hanover, Germany, saw the "round, flat-like" objects.

The "saucers" had an orange-yellow glow and alternately disappeared and returned, Wylie stated. He added that two of the objects seemed very large, followed by about 15 smaller saucers.

Wylie said that it was difficult to determine the direction of travel. At times, he said, the saucers looked as if they were spinning and making wide turns to the northeast.

Wylie and Elam Tucker said they watched the objects for about 15 minutes.

Lima, Ohio News - 28 Jul 52

Looking At Lima

THE FLYING SAUCERS that Air Force jet planes at Washington, D.C. couldn't find Sunday seem to have been over Lima, reports received from several local residents indicate.

Mrs. Walter Morrisey, 823 N. Main-st, reported seeing several Sunday.

At 6:30 a.m. Monday while standing at the corner of W. Wayne and Kelmworth-av, William Davis, 1107 W. Spring-st, and Thomas Wilson, 1317 W. Wayne-st, not only saw but also heard a "something or other."

The Monday morning disk, the west siders report, was traveling northeast and they could hear a loud humming noise which they described as sounding like a huge dynamo.

Zanesville, Ohio News - 28 Jul 52

Flying Light Sighted Over Zanesville

At least six Zanesville persons, picnicking yesterday afternoon, were certain they saw a flying saucer speeding high and westward.

Loren Nolan of Pine street first saw the object, a flying light, about 7 o'clock, and pointed it out to his companions. The light was so high they reported, it appeared not much larger than a silver dollar...

Ypsilanti, Michigan Press - 28 Jul 52

'Things' in Sky Here Sunday Appear Like Flying Saucers

Ypsilanti residents were "seeing things" too, Sunday, adding to the accumulation of evidence that there are really flying saucers. Other areas in south central Michigan also reported the objects.

Mrs. A.M. Vandersall, living east of Ypsilanti and south of the new George School got a good view last Sunday night.

Unable to sleep because of the heat, she had gone into the garden at approximately 11 o'clock. She describes the sky visitors as luminous, with a white light and the front rounded and the rear ragged or feathered, something like the exhaust of jets. First she saw three close together and three strung out behind. All traveled at incredible speed.

The Vandersalls live but a short distance from the Air Terminal and are familiar with various types of planes including jets. These were much faster than the jets flown from the terminal here. The accompanying sketch was drawn by her to indicate the approximate contour of the strange objects. She glimpsed them through two treetops, fairly low in the sky and going from north to south. All seemed to have a flat, oval shape.

Saucers D.C.
Sunday morning at about 10:15 Warren Erlewine, 437 Owendale, was startled to see a silvery disc sweep over jet planes moving in an arc toward then before lifting away. It was cloudless at the time and he had heard planes going south and saw their vapor.

He estimated that the "flying saucer" was between 200 and 300 feet across and faster in flight than jets. It looked to be circular and was first noticed north of the jet planes. He saw it east to southeast of his residence, apparently in the vicinity of the air terminal.

Other residents of south central Michigan also reported seeing mysterious flying objects in the sky last night.

One person said he saw an object that looked like a "giant bulb." Other said the objects were "football shaped."

Objects were also reported sighted in the Detroit area.

Volunteer observers of the Civil Air Patrol's "Operation Skywatch" at the Ionia airport reported seeing the objects between 10:15 p.m. and 11 p.m.

This time coincided with reports of sightings at Battle Creek to the south.

Mrs. Herman Zanders and Mrs Ray Martin, on duty at the Ionia Airport, were first to report them at that point. The woman's sightings were confirmed by James and Jack Hall, also skywatch observers.

They said the objects were "football shaped" and appeared to resemble shooting stars. Headed southwest, they were reported seen twice, the second time at a lower altitude. The Hall brothers trained binoculars on them.

Mrs. R.D. Davis, Battle Creek housewife, said she saw 14 very bright objects, blurred at the edges, about 10:15 p.m.

Harrison Howes, an accountant living across the street from her, came out of the house in time to see one of the objects. He said it looked like a giant light bulb.

Lloyd Rainier, a Marshall machinist, said he saw what appeared to be a brilliant white light hovering in the sky when he looked up at Lyons Lake, south of Marshall.

Mrs. Davis acknowledged that she had heard reports of the mysterious unknown objects picked up by radar over Washington D.C. before she saw the lights. But she insisted these reports had nothing to do with what she saw. And she insisted that she had been drinking "only ice tea."

In Detroit, several citizens reported seeing "yellowish-orange things" hovering in the sky.

Descriptions of the "things" varied from cigar-shaped to looking like flying saucers.

The Air force at Selfridge Field where some of the "things" were reportedly seen refused to comment.

Air Force authorities at the local radar base reported no signs of "flying saucers" on their screen. They stated, however, that they may be the Sunday bomber mock raid of Detroit and stated the B-36 bombers, which participated this "raid" flew over this area at high altitudes.

The surprise "attack" on Detroit by B-36 jet bombers climaxed as the first joint air defense test on the U.S.-Canadian Boundary, "exercise sign post."

Detroiters by the scores turned into raid spotters and called police to report the sham battles in the air as 20 of the huge bombers appeared over Detroit.

One wave of the make-believe attackers flew directly over the loop area, leaving spectacular vapor trails.

New Albany, Indiana Tribune - 28 Jul 52

Indiana State Troopers Watch 'Saucer Dance'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Police and military observers and hundreds of civilians reported seeing three "flying saucer" objects over south central Indiana today.

State police troopers at Indianapolis, Seymour and Connersville posts, and Army and Air Force observers at Camp Atterbury said they watched the objects for several hours.

"The things were so weird I hesitate to even talk about them," one state trooper at Seymour said.

Robert Wolfe, civil defense director at Franklin, 25 miles south-east of Indianapolis, alerted the air force observation post at South Bend, thinking they were jet fighters flying from Selfridge Field, Mich. The South Bend observer told him to "stand by."

Wolfe said one of the three objects was bluish, another orange, and a third was white. The bluish object sailed in from the south, the orange from the north, and the white from the east.

He said they seem [sic] to have a dogfight over Franklin.

State Trooper Charles Longstreet said he saw one of the objects as early as 1 a.m. (CDT) while he was east of Franklin.

"It was very high in the sky," Longstreet said. "It was like a star. It moved up and down and back and forth, and at times would hover."

Hundreds of motorists reported seeing the objects. Some said they were not shooting stars, and they doubted they could be weather balloons or a searchlight beam on low clouds.

Wolfe said two of the objects, "the white and yellow ones -- were chasing each other under what I'd call the Little Dipper."

He said they traveled at high speed but he could not estimate their size or altitude.

"They danced all over the sky -- like a kid pulling up and down on two or three balloons," he said.

Seymour, Indiana Daily Tribune - 28 Jul 52

Local Post Personnel Witness 'Flying Saucers'

The Seymour state police radio station at the local post was kept busy early this morning recording reports of "flying saucer" objects in this section of Indiana, several of the reports having been made by troopers from the local post.

The reports here were supplemented by police and military observers from other parts of the state north of here who reported seeing the objects over south central Indiana between midnight and dawn. In addition to reports of officers of the local post, state troopers of the Indianapolis and Connersville state police posts and army air force observers at Camp Atterbury said they watched the objects for some time.

First report was made at 1:07 o'clock this morning by Trooper William Torrance of the Seymour post, who said he saw an unusual illumination northeast of the Atterbury Air Force base. Another report came from a Connersville post officer, who said he saw it north of Flatrock.

At 1:18 o'clock this morning, Trooper Phillip Stout of the local post, reported seeing the object when he was one-half mile west of Clifford and other reports were made a few minutes later by troopers from the Connersville and Indianapolis posts.

Arville K. Guthrie, radio operator at the local post who was receiving the reports said he saw it from the post at 1:45 o'clock and that calculations would place the object about over Greensburg.

Later reports from troopers indicated they had seen the object in Shelby county and at 2:56 o'clock the Camp Atterbury signal center reported seeing a light, barely moving, due east of the camp and changing color. Next report of seeing the object was from Franklin and Camp Atterbury at 3:19 reported seeing the object again, this time blue white, due east of the center. Trooper Torrance, who was at the stop light on Road 31 at Edinburg, verified this report.

Three Objects Seen

At 3:39 o'clock, Franklin police reported five witnesses had seen three of the objects, two orange or yellow and the third red, about 55 degrees south of east and moving toward Franklin. They said the first two were circular as a disc and gradually varying in intensity.

At 4:18 o'clock, Robert Wolfe, civil defense director at Franklin, alerted the Air Force observation post at South Bend, and it was planned to send out aircraft in an effort to determine what the objects were.

At 4:24 o'clock, the Camp Atterbury center said they had watched one of the objects with powerful field glasses and that it was red, white and blue with a tail. It was traveling southwest, gaining altitude and flashing its colors, moving slowly.

Later reports from Franklin said observers there saw three objects, yellow, orange and white, in the dawn light and that all were moving north. They said they saw the three apparently merge into one and change their course to move due west.

Washington, Iowa Journal - 28 Jul 52

Objects In Sky Are Reported In Many Iowa Communities

Persons in half a dozen Iowa cities said today they saw strange flying objects which shot off sparks in the sky over the weekend, but an astronomy expert said he believed the objects were stars...

Many Reports

State highway patrolmen and other persons in Fort Madison, Burlington, Mount Pleasant, Albia, Red Oak and Ottumwa reported seeing a strange object late Saturday night and early Sunday.

Fort Madison police said they received reports of flying objects that bobbed up and down in circles, shooting off sparks. A patrolman in the area said he saw a bright object shooting off red and blue lights.

A multi-colored object also was reported seen from the Burlington airport. Airport personnel said it disappeared when search lights were turned on.

A patrolman said he saw a strange object of similar description while driving form Ottumwa to Burlington, and another patrolman reported seeing a mysterious bright object from Albia.

At Red Oak

Several residents of Red Oak said they watched a strange object between midnight and 2 a.m. Sunday. State Patrolman Dale [Illegible] said he watched the object for two hours and thought it was moving. Similar reports came from Mount Pleasant...

Iowa City, Iowa Press Citizen - 28 Jul 52

Southeast Iowans See Celestial 'Fireball'

BURLINGTON -- Burlington and southeast Iowa had a celestial mystery on their hands today.

The big question is whether an object seen in the early morning sky Sunday was just a star or planet performing some high jinks or whether it was something else.

Evidence can be had from observers to substantiate either point of view. Then, too, some point out that maybe everyone wasn't observing the same object.

In Burlington it caused quite a commotion. Airport landing lights were turned on when it was thought the object might be an aircraft looking for a spot to land.

AT THE IOWA ordnance plant, a powerful searchlight probed the darkened sky. It was so powerful it could be seen in Ft. Madison and police there radioed at one time the beam was too far south of the mysterious object.

Burlington police cars were sent to the airport and outskirts of the city as observers. The local naval reserve was contacted to see if the object could be picked up on radar but no operator was immediately available. The air defense filter center in Des Moines was contacted but there has been no report of its findings.

Various observers described the object as a zig-zagging ball of fire which changed color, a helicopter, a blimp, a possible planet or meteor, or just a plain star that was shining brightly.

AT MT. PLEASANT state highway patrolman Donald Platt said he saw four glowing cone-shaped objects which moved with tremendous speed. Platt said he rounded up 20 witnesses in the three or four minutes the objects were in view. He said they were three to five times larger than any star in the sky...

In Des Moines, the air defense filter center said it relayed reports of the sighting to its secret radar station.

The filter center said it was awaiting word from the station on whether the objects were picked up on the sighting screen.

THE FILTER CENTER later advised that its radar post reported only that it was unable to intercept the objects reported by eastern Iowans. The radar station did not disclose any additional information, except to say it did not identify the objects.

In Des Moines, meanwhile, a night watchman said he saw "several bright objects" hovering in the sky about 3 a.m. today. He said one object was much brighter than the others and disappeared from view twice during the four minutes he watched it.

Hutchinson, Kansas News-Herald - 28 Jul 52

Sees Something

Anybody lost a flying saucer?

John Dick, Hutchinson fireman, says he saw one Saturday several miles west and several miles straight up from Hutchinson.

Dick said he heard an airplane's engines and looked up to see a B-29 flying west.

"Then to the east of the B-29 quite a ways," Dick relates, "I saw this other object. It was round, disc-like, without wings and as bright as if it were chrome plated. It moved pretty fast up toward the B-29. Then it made a quick right-angle turn. It seemed to stand still in the air for awhile. Then it started straight up and went up until it was out of sight."

Ottawa, Kansas Herald - 28 Jul 52

Saw Flying Saucer Over Coffeyville

Coffeyville, Kas. (Special) -- What looked like a flying saucer was observed here on two days. Early one morning Homer G. Blass observed an object, flying high, as he was driving to Coffeyville to work. Next night several others reported similar observance.

Blass said the "thing" was flat on the bottom and curved on top and seemed to be about the size of a stock watering tank, about 12 feet in diameter. It appeared to be moving slowly in a south-south-easterly direction. All at once it stopped completely and then went west at a high rate of speed, he said.

Miss Sarah Carpenter, Mrs. Vi Stephens, Miss Cythia [sic] Carey and Dr. R.L. McConnell observed the "glistening flying saucer" while at the latter's home. It was described as brilliant in front, yellow-white in color, with a short tail, and was travelling at a high elevation. All at once it shot straight up in the air and disappeared. The four agreed that it had a [Illegible] appearance, was curved on top, and similar to the one Blass had reported.

Ada, Oklahoma Evening News - 28 Jul 52

Several Here Saw That 'Flying Saucer'

After announcement in THE NEWS Sunday that Louis Long and his son Russ had seen a 'flying saucer' early Saturday night, others began calling him to report that they had seen the same phenomena.

And almost every one said that husband or wife had advised against saying anything about it as they'd be regarded as 'nuts' or something of the sort.

Long had reported seeing a large object moving slower than a meteor, giving off a greenish white light, and traveling west or northwest at a point northeast of Ada.

Fred Ely, night watchman at the new sewage disposal plant, told Long he saw some parts break off.

Lowell Adams, 1215 South Highschool, pushing his small daughter Ann on her tricycle, watched it and to him the light was a bit behind the rapidly moving object.

Mrs. Bart Smith, northwest of the City, related seeing it break up and disappear.

Mrs. Ben Covenlon, in northeast Ada, and Mrs. L.C. Bryant, on North Francis, called Long to report they had seen it, Mrs. Bryant saying that it looked to her as if it was pointed at each end, with a rim around it.

Mrs. G.E. Allender, 129 East Fifteenth, told of seeing the 'saucer' and Tom J. Hays, who was at the drive-in theater north of Ada, reported that he saw it disintegrate in the northwest.

Some called Long early Sunday morning and others Sunday night and Monday morning and he figures still others must have called while he was out of town Sunday afternoon.

Kalispell, Montana Daily Inter Lake - 28 Jul 52

'Saucer' Rumors Hit New Peak

Bright flying objects in the sky continue to be seen in Northwest Montana -- and throughout the nation, adding credence to "flying saucer" rumors.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gorton, 392 Third Ave. East North, Kalispell, today report they saw a "bright white object (round) in the southeast sky Sunday evening."

Mr. Gorton first spotted the object traveling through the sky and called his wife. She said the object had nearly disappeared behind the trees before she saw it.

The Gortons were camped on Bitterroot Lake when they saw the object at 9:50 p.m. Sunday...

The flying object seen by Mrs. E.A. Meehler in Northwest Montana on July 7 was about the same shape of the Gorton object and in the same general direction. Lookouts of Glacier National Park, Flathead Forest Service, and Northern Montana Forestry Association failed to see the object seen by the Gortons although one fire dispatcher said one of his mountain top observers had gone to bed.

Hayward, California Daily Review - 28 Jul 52

4 Reports Of Saucers In Bay Area

HAYWARD -- Four independent reports of "unidentified objects" in the sky, one from an excited Ashland resident Saturday night, were received by San Francisco Bay Area authorities during the weekend.

Walter Tomoff, 13278 Hesperian boulevard, gave the Hayward substation of the sheriff's office a knotty problem in the bargain.

Tomoff phoned about 9:30 p.m. Saturday that he had spotted what looked like a flying saucer. "It looks like a big bat," he told deputy sheriff Bert Harrison.

Sgt. Harrison said he would send a patrol car to the man's house for further details. After hanging up the receiver, the sergeant scratched his head.

"I don't dare say "flying saucers" on the radio," he told a reporter. "We'll get swamped with calls."

(The reporter suggested using 928b, the call number for a Japanese balloon during the war, but this was politely declined.)

Finally the deputy picked up his microphone and said to the patrol car, "Proceed to 13278 Hesperian, contact Mr. Tomoff regarding a miscellaneous public nuisance."

The episode did have an explanation: lights from the San Francisco airport playing across the clouds had created the illusion of a moving white disc.

Sunday night three more reports were received in San Francisco. Leslie N. Wetherby, of that city, told authorities he had seen two objects at 7 p.m., with long tails. Wetherby said they were over the bay and headed west.

Approximately an hour and one-half later Mrs. Paul Stefurak in Menlo Park reported to the San Mateo county sheriff's office she saw two white objects -- headed west and going fast. She said they were not planes.

Within a few minutes Mrs Margaret McBride, of San Carlos, phoned the sheriff's office and reported the same spectacle.

A Hamilton air force base spokesman said the only air force plane in the air at the time was a B-26 light bomber. He added it was not likely it could be confused with the weird objects reported.

San Mateo, California Times - 28 Jul 52

Three S.M. Groups See Flying Saucers

Two flying saucers, or "unknowns," described without variation as "round in front with long tails and brilliant in color," were sighted by nine persons in three widely separated localities over San Mateo county last night between 8:20 and 8:30 o'clock.

The unidentified objects were seen over Menlo Park, San Carlos, and Millbrae, and were reported by Mrs. Margaret McBride of 1031 Riverton drive, San Carlos; Mrs. Paul Setfural of 504 Vidol drive, San Francisco; and H.G. Fawcett of 1055 Millbrae avenue, Millbrae. With Mrs. McBride to confirm her story was Mrs. Ann Burch of Oakland.

Viewers Startled

Fawcett, his wife and their two children spotted the two objects at "approximately 8:20 p.m." while sitting in their back yard shortly after sundown. He is a mechanic at Mills field for Pan American Airways.

Mrs. McBride said at the time she and Mrs. Burch sighted the two "very bright objects" they were riding in the back of a pickup truck driven by her husband, James P. McBride, a subcontractor, and were entering San Carlos on Old County road.

Her attention was called to them, she said, by Mrs. Burch, who declared, "Oh, for heaven's sake, Peggy, look!"

Hovered In Sky

Mrs. McBride said the two objects were round in front with long, greyish-red tails. At the time they were sighted, she said, they were hovering in the air west of San Carlos.

"I don't think they were too far up," she explained, "but I'm no judge of distance. They were very bright and shiny in front with greyish-red tails." She added, "They were not just a figment of the imagination; they definitely existed in the air."

After she and Mrs. Burch sighted them, she said, she shouted to her husband to stop, but when he pulled to the side of the road the objects were hidden behind a steel high voltage tower. However, after they started up she said they sighted them again.

The Fawcett children, Joyce, 11 years, and Kenneth, 8 years, first called their parents' attention to the sky objects.

"I looked up and north and west of our observation point and I could see two shining objects with long vapor trails," Fawcett said. "They must have been 40,000 feet up and had white tails at least a block long."

Fawcett and his wife reported the saucers were apparently flying slowly to the southeast. "They came almost overhead and suddenly speeded up and turned east. Then they vanished.

"They made no noise and when they speeded up the vapor trail just disappeared," Fawcett added. "My wife, Gertrude, noticed that the vapor trails vanished shortly after the objects speeded up.

"We watched them for almost three minutes. I went into the garage to get a transit for a closer look, but couldn't find it. They looked like the sun shining off highly polished metal.

Mrs. McBride stated that they watched them for "two or three minutes" and that they finally rose and slowly disappeared in the direction of Half Moon Bay. "I'm certain they were not planes," she declared.

"When we first saw them, she said, "they appeared to be suspended in the air. When they disappeared, they rose at a sharp angle toward Half Moon Bay." She added that during the whole time they watched the two objects they remained equi-distant from each other.

She said they had been to Half Moon Bay and were returning home when they sighted them.

She reported the incident to the sheriff's office after talking to a friend on the telephone. She said the friend suggested she call the sheriff's office to see if other persons had reported a similar experience.

The sheriff's office, only a few minutes before, had received a similar report from Mrs. Setfural who said she was in Menlo Park when she saw "two white objects west of the moon" traveling at a high rate of speed toward the west. She said they were very bright and "definitely were not planes."

About 7 p.m., Leslie H. Weathersby reported to San Francisco police that he saw two objects answering the same description flying west over San Francisco.

Kennewick, Washington Tri-City Herald - 28 Jul 52

2 Flights Of Discs Reported

TWO FLIGHTS of "flying saucers" were sighted streaking across the Kennewick sky Sunday evening.

The strange objects were seen by W.J. Luebke, 1614 West Fifth St., Kennewick, at 9:48 p.m. Sunday.

"There were 12 disc-shaped crafts going southwest in perfect 'V' formation," Mrs. Luebke said. "They traveled at a terrific rate of speed and emitted a pale blue light. They were gone in 10 seconds."

Just 35 minutes later, Luebke and his wife spotted another group of three saucers.

"These were larger and brighter, and seemed to be playing tag," Mrs. Luebke again reported. "They scurried around the sky for a few minutes, one following another, then flashed out of sight," she said.

"I'VE HEARD all these flying saucer reports before," Mrs. Luebke continued, "and I always considered them a lot of hooey, but after seeing them with my own eyes, I'm definitely convinced that the discs are real."

Oran, Algeria Echo d 'Oran - 28 Jul 1952

Saucers Observed In Two Areas Of Oran

On 26 July 1952, people in two areas of Oran reported seeing unusual flying objects, described as 'saucers.'

At about 2300 hours, three women in the Eckmuhl district of Oran noticed a large, orange-red, luminous patch in the sky, of the size of a duck's egg, but flatter. Traveling from east to west, it appeared to halt for a second then vanished.

Three trustworthy individuals living on the Tiaret plateaus saw an unusual object at 1045 hours. The local parish observed it for about 40 seconds and described it as a shining, cigar-shaped mass without a smoke trail. It disappeared toward the northwest. A teacher and his wife gave a similar description, adding that the object had a dark center, was in an oblique position, and moved at an altitude of about 3,000 meters. No one heard any sounds of a motor.

Ruston, Louisiana Daily Leader - 29 Jul 52

Flying Saucers Seen Over Washington For 2nd Time In 4 Days

Washington, D.C., saw flying saucers again for six hours early today.

Eight to 12 objects showed on radar screens, flying a 10-mile arc around the capital. Radarmen estimated the objects, or flying saucers, were clipping along at about 120 miles per hour.

The last time the saucers were spotted over Washington, on Saturday, the air force sent jet fighters up to chase them, and when the word of the new appearance was flashed around, it was expected that the jets would be ordered up again, to try to shoot down the objects.

But the jets stayed on the ground. An air defense official explained, "We were too busy with other things, and besides objects [sic] aren't hurting anybody."

However, civil aeronautics officials did direct an Eastern air lines pilot to check the objects as he flew over the city. But the pilot didn't see a thing. The officials said the saucers disappeared from the radar screen when the plane reached the area where they had been tracked...

And three persons at Casper, Wyo., report they've seen a flying saucer "as big as a quarter moon."

One of the three, Joe Mooney, watched the object through field glasses. "It looked kind of kidney-shaped," he said. "I could see the top side clearly, but the bottom was fuzzy like it was spinning."

Tucson, Arizona Daily Citizen - 29 Jul 52

All These People Claim That They DID See 'Em

The "Flying Saucer" epidemic reached a new peak today.

In cities and towns from coast to coast residents reported seeing strange objects flitting across the sky last night.

But as usual nobody knew for sure what they were, and the descriptions varied widely.

Reports of "saucers" have kept police, air force and weather bureau telephones jangling for several days recently in widely scattered localities.

At Los Angeles, several persons last night reported spotting a round, luminous object streaking eastward over the city at a terrific speed.

The observers claimed the object resembled a comet without a tail.

Walter Babychuk, 28, a World War II pilot, said he caught a glimpse of the object streaking over his Silver Lake home.

I'm not an authority on such things," he said, "nor am I trying to cause hysteria. But I think I've had enough flying experience to know it wasn't a weather balloon or lights playing on clouds."

Some saucer reports recently have turned out to be weather balloons or searchlight reflections. At Miami Beach, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Goldstein said they saw a glowing object hang motionless in the sky, then flit away "hundreds of times faster than any plane we've ever seen."

At Key West, Fla., the navy said it was investigating accounts by several sailors who said they saw a "saucer" while attending an outdoor movie.

Thomas W. Sortor at Hollywood Beach, Fla., reported seeing a brilliant orange ball "hanging about 2,000 feet up" early Sunday. He said it "wobbled" a moment, then disappeared to the east over the Atlantic.

Near Cleveland, Ohio, three observers of "Operation Skywatch" reported spotting floating lights which rapidly changed color and dodged in and out of clouds, finally vanishing to the south.

Alan Dumas, former air force photographer at Scott Field, Ill., who now lives in Culver City, Calif., revealed today that he took a picture of what he described as something that looked like "two straw hats pasted together brim-to-brim."

Dumas said the picture was taken June 1, 1951, at 3:15 p.m. when the object zoomed out of the north, did a flip over the airport and then sped off to the east.

Dumas said the flight from horizon to horizon lasted "no more than 20 seconds." He said the object was also witnessed by airmen in the field's control tower on the flight line.

He happened to be on the flight line with a camera when the black object raced across the sky and took a quick shot at it with his camera.

The sighting was reported to intelligence at Scott air force base, he said, but was explained as possibly a "weather balloon or a conventional jet plane."

Dunkirk, New York Evening Observer - 29 Jul 52

Saucers Seen In Chautauqua Lake District

Flying saucer excitement occurred in the Chautauqua lake area Sunday afternoon.

But the man who saw them is not confused. He reported that the objects were guided missiles.

Charles McCrea of Belleview described his discovery of four silver-colored round objects whizzing through the sky over his home at 4 p.m.

Mr. McCrea was lying on his back on the lawn at his home with his three children when he spotted the objects. They were traveling so fast, he said, that before he could call the children's attentions to the mysterious objects, they were gone.

He described the "saucers" as "dimes rolling across the sky." The four objects were flying in an L-shaped formation and all were traveling at the same high rate of speed. Mr. McCrea could not estimate their height.

The speeding saucers were accompanied by the sound of four "swishes." He declared that the sound was not that of a jet plane.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune - 29 Jul 52

Navy Checking 'Fiery Object'

KEY WEST, Fla. -- Navy officials said today "we're investigating thoroughly" reports of a fiery object that streaked across the sky at 8:45 p.m. Saturday.

The USS Greenwood, a destroyer escort, was sent to sea but officers would not elaborate.

Hundreds of sailors reported seeing the object Saturday night while watching an outdoor movie. One witness described it as a 40-foot long solid white light zooming across the sky from north to south. He said it made no sound.

"There may be something to it," said a Navy officer, "but it's so hush-hush there aren't many of us who know anything."

A week ago tonight four persons reported seeing a "fiery ball" in the sky over Key West and a Navy man said that object stopped and started several times before it disappeared.

Chester, Pennsylvania Times - 29 Jul 52

Chester Man Thinks He Saw Flying Saucer

What he believes was one of the mysterious flying saucers has been observed by Frank Lutz, 38, 502 w. 4th St., he reported to the Times today.

Lutz, a welder at Rheem Manufacturing Co., Lester, said he saw a bright light following a large air transport plane as it flew over Chester one night last week. From his vantage point on the front porch, Lutz watched the light, "which resembled a distant star," he said. He reported that it seemed to be flying at the same rate of speed as the plane, at about 200 yards off the left wing of the plane.

"I didn't think anything about it until I began reading all about these unidentified objects in the sky and now I'm sure that this was one of them -- whatever they are," he commented.

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald - 29 Jul 52

Eyes See and Ears Hear Sky Things

Strange machines in the sky are giving area residents quite a show. More reports of queer aerial happenings filtered in yesterday.

The latest to see a pair of silver disks is George Miller of Titusville, Route 1. One swooped down to an estimated 1,500 feet above him before it was overhauled by a second which appeared to spread a vapor which blotted both from view.

Early yesterday morning a group of Titusville residents watched for nearly an hour as a slowly moving light in the sky drifted and turned until it finally dimmed and went out.

More confirming reports came to The Herald about flying objects which had been seen in other localities over the week-end. The observers agreed on several points about the traveling disks: that they are silver, round or nearly so, and also flat. When the objects roam low enough they appear to hum or whine at a high pitch. When they are on edge they have a dark rim. Peculiar rib-like construction in the form of several "V's" together have been seen on one side of the flat disk.

And when they leave, they seem to go like a streak of light too fast for the human eye to see.

Accounts Support Each Other

The persons who reported the objects to The Herald had not communicated with each other, but their reports were nearly the same concerning the characteristics of the disks.

Mr. Miller, a confirmed skeptic about black panthers and the like says now he is fully convinced there are mysterious machines flitting about the vicinity sky.

"I saw them," he said.

He was on the Brown lease on the Spring Creek road about eight miles from Titusville at 3:15 p.m. Sunday when he heard a hum in the air. He was in rather thick woods but when he came to a clearing he saw a round disk coming in at a 30-degree angle from the north. He said:

"It seemed to be 1,500 feet up. While I was watching it it curved, went over on one edge and headed toward Titusville.

"Then another one came on the scene, more of an oblong shape. It barreled over the first -- they didn't seem to be more than 10 or 15 feet apart -- and they disappeared at once. But I could still hear the hum of a motor, like an airplane in a power dive.

"They were silver in color. The oblong one seemed to have a couple short wings on it like a butterfly. It overtook the round one like nothing, looped over it a couple times and then both disappeared. I figure the second one had some vapor that would hide both, because after they disappeared I could still hear the hum.

"The disks seemed to be pin-wheeling. From where I was they were about four feet thick, and seemed to have a dark ring around the center. They were flat on both sides and looked about 20 feet across. One side looked like it had ribs on it, but they didn't project out.

"The sky was very clear and I could see both very distinctly until the one rolled over the other.

"What do I think it was? Oh, I definitely think it was man-made because I could hear the motors. No, I don't think it was a spaceship. Russia may be making them and they are mapping the country."

Mrs. William Orum, Jr., of Titusville, Route 1, lives on the Mystic Park road northwest of Hydetown. She got an excellent view of the two round objects which Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ridgway saw for about 15 seconds Saturday morning.

Her daughter, Larenia, aged 6, was playing in the yard when she screamed to her mother to "come out and see the big ball."

Mrs. Orum said there were two objects high in sky which were about the size of soup bowls. One was in front of the other and they zig-zagged through the air. Then they turned on one side and were nearly invisible.

"All of a sudden," the housewife said, "there was a real bright streak through the air like lightning and they disappeared. The light was so bright it made my eyes burn.

"They were silver in color and looked like bright aluminum."

Planes Had Passed Over

Mrs. Orum said others thought they heard a hum or motor noise but she can't be certain on that point. Two large planes had passed over shortly before and they might have still been in hearing, she said.

The two objects were not moving fast at first. She had time to call the attention of others to them between 10:15 and 10:30 before they streaked out of sight. They appeared to be 10 to 12 inches across at their height in the sky.

"I positively don't think they were balloons," Mrs. Orum declared. "At least, not like any balloons I ever saw. You could see the round things were flat when they made a sudden flip-flop and turned over."

Still another pair of disks were reported over the Breedtown district Friday evening about 8:30. Mrs. Glenn Patterson of Titusville, Route 3, and her sister, Mrs. M.A. Paup of Shamburg, were outside when they saw the objects flying side by side to the southwest.

The two disks were round and appeared to have a "V" through the middle. They were very high and sped above the clouds and were gone out of sight in seconds.

A strange light in the sky was spotted by Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Lord of 305 North Fourth Street when they were coming into the city from the Auto Drive-In theater about 1:30 a.m. yesterday.

Watched Light a Long Time

They saw the light when they left the theater and watched it on their way to Titusville. Then they woke up their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Brink of 303 North Fourth Street, and both couples watched the light. Soon others were there looking.

The observers said the light would glow in the sky toward the east for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Then it seemed to dim, as if the object was turning around, then it would get bright again. However, the light did not blink on and off in pulsations such as running lights on an airplane.

Further, the reddish-tinted light did not seem to move much from its position at a moderate angle in the eastern sky. But as the people noted its position in relation to roof tops and trees they could discern movement slowly to the north.

Employees of The Herald on their way home at 2:30 a.m. also saw the light. At first it looked like a bright star, but it had a peculiar cast to its light and was definitely moving. As they drove to North Perry Street hill for a better vantage point, the men saw the light begin to go quite rapidly to the northwest until it blinked out of sight.

One police officer also saw the mysterious light in the sky. Michael Kurtich of 324 West Fim Street said the extra bright star flickered as he watched it and also went up and down and from side to side.

Portsmouth, Ohio Times - 29 Jul 52

'Flying Saucer' Reports Pick Up Here, Too

The new "flying saucer" epidemic has brought a number of such sights in the Portsmouth area in recent weeks.

No one, of course -- not even the viewers -- knows what actually was seen. It might have been a plane, a weather balloon or the reflection of a light against the clouds.

Virtually all of the "saucers" have been sighted at night, when natural lights from the ground could have caused eerie reflections in the sky.

Latest to report a "flying saucer" -- without the aid of radar to confirm it -- was V.R. Smith of Wheelersburg. He said he saw the phenomenon at 4:30 a.m. July 21 while working at Detroit Steel Corp. Portsmouth Division.

After reading reports of sighted "saucers" in the Washington area, Mr. Smith said he decided to report his "find" for the record.

Mr. Smith, a steel mill inspector, said he was looking out a window toward Sciotoville when he spotted the "saucer" about midway between the horizon and straight overhead.

"It was diving at about a 45-degree angle in a southerly direction and was in sight a fraction of second before disappearing over the horizon," Mr. Smith said.

"It looked like a highly-polished silver ball and appeared to be about the size of a full moon. It wasn't flaming and didn't have a tail like a meteor."

Mr. Smith said he couldn't judge how far off the "saucer" was nor could he estimate its speed, except to say that its dive was "steady and fast."

Lima, Ohio News - 29 Jul 52

Ohioans Spot Saucers

AKRON, O. -- Five Akron residents reported sighting flying saucers over the city at about 11 p.m. Monday.

Valparaiso, Indiana Vidette-Messenger - 29 Jul 52

Air Filter Center Official Studying 'Saucer' Reports

SOUTH BEND -- The commanding officer of the Air Force filter center here said he is spending "a couple of hours every day" studying reports of "flying saucers over Indiana.

Capt. F.R. Shafer said the latest report came from Franklin, Ind., city police, state police and Johnson County Civil Defense Director Robert Wolfe.

Saturday night, a couple watched strange objects hover over a Mishawaka drive-in movie; an air defense observer saw them over his command post near Lafayette, and three women manning an observer post at Milroy saw them over Rush county.

Three objects over Franklin, according to Police Cap. Lee Sloan and Wolfe were blue, white and yellow.

They Travel Fast

"They traveled fast," Wolfe said. "They danced all over the sky. I've always been skeptical about flying saucers but there is no doubt there's something to these."

Charles Longstreet and Norman Mellis, state police troopers in separate cars miles apart in Shelby county reported seeing a strange object "like a star" moving back and forth and sometimes hovering in the air.

Wolfe reported to the filter center the objects were seen "at low altitude flying west over Camp Atterbury" about 3:15 p.m.

Shafer said he got a lengthy report on strange objects over Cairo, Ind., 10 miles north of Lafayette from Larry O'Connor, post supervisor. He said O'Connor had seen the objects almost nightly since July 18.

'Sort of Fiery'

"One object is sort of fiery," O'Connor said. "Sometimes it is red and sometimes it turns slowly white like it is heating up. The objects, O'Connor added, are arranged in the sky in a sort of "geometric pattern" and they do not dart about.

Shafer said the other reports, including one by Paul Kuhn of Mishawaka, described them as "bluish-white lights looking about the size of dinner plates and moving at terrific speed."

Kuhn watched them at the drive-in and said they moved in a V-shaped formation.

Shafer said "saucers" also were reported recently over Indianapolis and Marion. He said thus far no interceptor planes had been sent aloft over Indiana because nobody had been able to see the objects long enough in one place.

Hopkinsville, Kentucky New Era - 29 Jul 52

Object is Sighted Near Breckinridge

Hard on the heels of reports from Washington of more unidentified flying objects traced on radar screens, and of the sighting of three similar objects in south central Indiana, came a report of one sighted near Camp Breckinridge.

Elmer Chambers, of 125 So. Green Street, Henderson, said he saw the object early yesterday morning while on his way to Breckinridge, where he is employed as a civilian fireman.

Chambers said he saw the object near Waverly, and that he stopped and got out of his car to watch it. He described what he saw as a disc-shaped object. He said the top -- or bottom -- was turned toward him at times.

The object left two large vapor trails with two smaller parallel trails on each side of the larger ones, he stated.

Chambers said he immediately discounted the theory that it might have been a jet plane because it turned almost at right angles.

"It didn't turn in a circle like an ordinary airplane," he stated, "but would almost reverse itself."

Chambers said he watched the object from 8:05 until 8:25 a.m.

Madison, Wisconsin State Journal - 29 Jul 52

They're Also Out Where the Tall Corn Grows

DES MOINES, Ia. -- Police said Monday night several persons reported seeing flying saucers in the sky over Des Moines.

Police said a workman at the city sewage disposal plant reported seeing several objects. He said one object hovered in the sky over the point for some time, but apparently disappeared when an airplane passed over.

The man told police the object reappeared after the plane passed and others joined it.

Oelwein, Iowa Daily Register - 29 Jul 52

Iowans Sighting New Mysteries In Sky, CAA Reports

DES MOINES -- Several persons reported Monday night they saw strange objects in the sky, but a Newton man said they may have been a search light from a carnival there.

Lloyd Cook, night operator at the Des Moines sewage disposal plant, said he saw one object which seemed to hover over the plant.

At Waukon, four teen-agers who declined to identify themselves, said they were parked at the north edge of town and saw a bright flash in the sky about 9:30 P.M. Monday.

They said they observed the object for two or three minutes and said it appeared to be moving in an easterly direction.

San Antonio, Texas Express - 29 Jul 52

Weird Objects Also Sighted In San Antonio

Washington has nothing on San Antonio. Latest oddities sighted in the local skies were reported to San Antonio Express late Monday afternoon by E. Houston St. residents. Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Bedford, 2344 E. Houston, said they first noted a "funny-looking" airplane, of a type they had never seen before, flying north. As they watched it, their attention was attracted by a saucer-shape object, with what appeared to be a tail, moving south.

They called their neighbor, Mrs. O.J. Vazquez, and watched the silver-color object for about five minutes, till it vanished.

Rapid rise of the Planet Jupiter in the eastern sky shortly after midnight Sunday night was believed to have caused a report locally that another unidentifiable object or "flying saucer" had been spotted.

One report originated from Randolph Air Force Base where an airman on duty in the control tower said he saw a lighted object darting through the sky.

A C-97 Military Air Transport Service plane was taking off from Kelly A.F.B. about this time and the pilot, Capt. Samuel Tyson, heard the report on the radio. He said he started flying in that direction and traveled about 80 miles in some 20-minutes time.

He said that on the basis of observation made by him and the pilot they believed the object which had been seen was Jupiter, as at this time of the year the planet makes a rapid rise and is unusually bright.

A San Antonio couple, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Bryant, 127 North Drive, reported seeing objects in the sky also Sunday night. They said they were flying high, zigging and zagging. They expressed hope that someone else saw them too, so they wouldn't feel ridiculous.

Bryant said he and his wife were in their back yard when six of the things -- brilliant, elongated and in the southwest, darting and dipping like a bird and going three times faster than a jet appeared. Then a seventh one returned from the opposite direction, he said. Bryant said they were in view only about 10 to 15 seconds.

Ogden, Utah Standard-Examiner - 29 Jul 52

Ogden Neighbors Watch 'Saucer' For 90 Minutes

"Saucers" also have been active locally, judging from reports of Ogdenites.

V.L. Beck of 1152 Rushton St., said he and eight or 10 neighbors watched a bright yellow object in the southwest skies for an hour and a half Saturday. He said it hung motionless like a light on a string for the most part, but occasionally darted sideways and up and down. "It would dim out and then brighten," he said.

A belated report also came from Lewis B. West, 516 6th St. He said he and his brother Grant West, on June 8 in the evening, watched "two gray metallic discs with silver edges" on the western horizon.

"They seemed to hover over the mountains, then would dart away and back at terrific speed."

West said he didn't immediately report his observations because he feared ridicule, but after reading so many saucer reports in the papers decided to call The Standard-Examiner.

Idaho Falls, Idaho Post-Register - 29 Jul 52

Seen At Weiser

WEISER, July 29 -- Two women reported Monday they saw a flying saucer over Weiser Saturday night.

Mrs. Oren Wilson of Weiser and Mrs. John Boyt of Portland said the object had a "bright green center with a coppery looking edge." They spotted it about 9:15 p.m. and said it seemed to grow brighter as it vanished to the north at a high rate of speed.

Idaho Falls, Idaho Post Register - 29 Jul 52

More Flying Objects Seen In Local Skies

People are seeing stars again!

Or was it a flying saucer? Maybe it was a meteor! At any rate James Sparks, 211 West Eighteenth street reported Monday he saw something in the sky.

"I was looking north about 9:40 p.m. Saturday when for about 30 seconds I saw an orange ball streaking across the sky."

He described the object as the most unusual thing that he had ever seen in his life. "It didn't resemble a meteor or a falling star," he added, "but it did have a slight tail."

"When I first saw it, the object was quite high and then gradually descended," he said. Other residents in the area also reported seeing a strange object.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire Herald - 30 Jul 52

Bay State Skies Swarming With Unidentified Discs

MANCHESTER -- The skies over Massachusetts were alive with unidentified flying objects last night, according to the Air Force Filter Center here.

The Filter Center is the point to which all reports of unidentified objects in the sky are made in the middle Atlantic and northeastern states.

A spokesman said today that between 5:18 p.m., EDT, and 11:44 p.m. EDT, four Bay State communities reported sighting strange flying objects. All reports came from Ground Observer Posts -- a component of the nation's Civil Defense System.

The communities making the reports were Marlboro, Leominster, Plymouth, and Northfield.

A spokesman at the Filter Center said the last report -- the one from Northfield -- came at just before midnight and was attested to by Cpl. Howard Neubert, regularly assigned to the Filter Center staff, who was at the observation post at the time on a routine inspection.

The Northfield report was made by observer Ed Towell Jr., the Air Force reported. He said he sighted a "ball of fire" at about 10,000 feet eight miles southwest of the post.

Cpl. Neubert verified the report.

At 8:40 p.m., EDT, the observer at Leominster, who was not identified, called in a report of a light in the sky. He said he trained binoculars on the object and observed it to fly straight up into the air out of sight.

He said it was 14 miles east of the observation post. He said four single-engined aircraft passed over the post a few seconds later flying east to west.

The report from Marlboro, the first of the night, was made by observer Lester Poll. He identified the object as a "large red ball."

George Barrett, the observer at Plymouth, called in and reported a bright light four miles southeast of the station, which "faded" as he watched it.

The Air Force spokesman declined to elaborate on the reports.

Today it was revealed that "Aircraft Flash" messages from observation posts to the Filter Center have been given a priority over all emergency calls.

Chester, Pennsylvania Times - 30 Jul 52

Jersey City Saucer
NIGHT PHOTOGRAPH taken by a plane spotter atop an observation station in Jersey City early yesterday is reported to show a "flying saucer" hurtling through the air. The glowing object at the upper right is the mysterious "saucer." The fixed circle at lower left is the light on the Metropolitan Insurance Building.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Times - 30 Jul 52

Countians See Strange Light Last Evening

There may be no such thing as a flying saucer -- but a number of Adams Countians Tuesday night saw something they claim resembled one.

At Bonneauville a group of neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hahn and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sanders witnessed the antics of a "strange light" in the sky at 10:30 o'clock.

At exactly the same time Ira Lobaugh and his family and other residents of East Berlin sighted a "similar object" in the sky. And at the same time residents of North York reported sighting a "flying saucer."

The Bonneauville group reported the orange-red light as being to the north of Bonneauville. Mrs. Miller said she estimated it as being about three feet in size, and said there seemed to be a tiny white light above the orange disc. The disc, she added, traveled very fast in one direction, stopped, and traveled just as fast in the opposite direction. Then, she said, it repeated the back and forth travel a number of times.

Yorkers See Light

Reports from North York residents said the light appeared in the north and "seemed to move 50 to 60 feet from east to west about a half dozen times before disappearing." Twelve residents of North York, living in different sections of the town, were reported by York papers as having seen the light, "moving back and forth in the sky."

At East Berlin Lobaugh first saw the strange light and called a number of neighbors to witness the aerial manifestation.

Air Force officials, who Tuesday were reported as saying the air force is studying the recent "flying saucer" reports, gave as one possible explanation of the fact that the "lights" have been seen by radar that they are caused by cold air being compressed by warm air in the sky.

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Daily News - 30 Jul 52

Mysterious Lights Are Seen In Sky Over Huntingdon

Did you see them? Those lights in the sky last night? If you did, don't be afraid to tell your neighbors and friends, for others saw them too.

We have had several reports today at The Daily News office about the mysterious lights in the northwest, between 10:30 and 11:30. From downtown they appeared to be "up over Juniata College." They were described by one observer as being under the big dipper, very close to the horizon. They seemed to be moving in a horizontal course across the heavens in a northwesterly direction.

While one observer was watching the phenomenon, two airplanes flew over, one going east and the other west. By the time the plane coming from the west neared the area, the lights had disappeared, but they were still in evidence when the plane from the east appeared.

Yes, they've been seen in the daytime, too. Well, perhaps not lights, but "things in the sky." One afternoon late last week a globular object, about the size of the moon, was observed by a resident of Stone Creek Road. It appeared about 4:30 in the afternoon. The sky was clear and blue. The great white ball was moving somewhat erratically. It was not glistening, but was definitely white.

Our observer watched the object until it faded from view and that evening learned by radio that similar objects had been observed near Syracuse, N.Y.

Charleston, West Virginia Daily Mail - 30 Jul 52

Man Almost Swept Off Road By 'Ball'

ENID, Okla., July 30 -- A photographic supply salesman told police he was almost swept from the highway last night by a huge "flying saucer" which swooped low at terrific speed.

Sid Eubanks, 50, Wichita, Kan., told his bizarre tale to Desk Sgt. Vern Benel, who said the man was still trembling when he walked into the police station.

Eubanks said the mystery, object, appearing as a "yellow-green, then yellow-brown streak about 400 feet long," suddenly swooped low over U.S. Highway 81 and completely reversed directions, disappearing in a few seconds into the west.

He said the "tremendous pressure nearly threw my automobile off the road."

The object loomed suddenly out of the night between Bison and Waukomis, south of here, Eubanks said. He described it as a huge round ball when directly over him.

Lowell, Massachusetts Sun - 30 Jul 52

Pilot Says His Plane Was Attacked by Flying Saucer
Says Incident Happened a Year Ago On Warm Sunny Day Over Augusta, Ga.

CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Press, a Scripps-Howard newspaper, today told of a veteran air force pilot whose F-51 fighter plane was "attacked repeatedly by a flying saucer."

The story was told by the Press aviation editor, Charles Tracy, captain and former assistant wing operations officer of the 117th tactical reconnaissance wing, Lawson Air Force base, Columbus, Ga.

Tracy said the incident "never before revealed to the public" happened a year ago over Augusta, Ga., on a "warm, sunny, clear day."

The pilot was First Lt. George Kinman of Birmingham, Ala., a veteran of seven years service, now flying jets in Germany.

Tracy said he never saw the official report but was "repeating the pilot's conversation with me." Here's Kinman's story as told by Tracy:

"I was cruising at about 230 mph.

"All of a sudden I noticed something ahead, closing in on me head-on. Before I could take evasive action -- before I even thought of it, in fact --this thing dipped abruptly and passed underneath, just missing my propeller.

"The thing was definitely of disc shape . . . white . . . pretty thick . . . it looked like an oval . . . it was about twice as big as my plane . . . it had no visible protrusions like motors, guns, windows, smoke or fire."

Kinman immediately turned round but couldn't see anything.

Within 15 seconds, he estimated, the disc came directly at him again and once more dipped suddenly at the last possible moment to avoid a collision. This happened repeatedly, he said, for from five to 10 minutes.

Kinman tried to put his plane is position to use the cameras in his fuselage, adjusted to shoot the ground while in level flight. He was not successful and his films, when developed, showed nothing," Tracy said.

"On its final pass, the disc whirled upward. Kinman thought it was going to take a piece of his canopy with it. Then, he said, it disappeared.

Tracy said the pilot's own startling story is in the top secret files in Washington.

Miami, Florida Daily News - 30 Jul 52

Jersey City Saucer

Four views of the "flying saucer" that flashed over Miami Beach last night are reproduced here from the film taken by Marine Pfc. Ralph C. Mayher. The film was released without comment by Third Marine Air Wing officials. Miami Daily News artists did not retouch the "saucer" itself, which loses some detail in reproduction, but did retouch scratches on the film and designated the object with arrows. The photos show the "orange, yellowish object" was bowl-shaped with a projection on top. It speedily vanished, after being watched for more than three minutes.

Miami's Saucer
Marine Here Snaps 'Disc'

By Larry Birger, Miami Daily News Staff Writer

A strange "orange, yellowish object traveling at more than 2,000 m.p.h." was photographed last night by a Marine cameraman watching from a Miami Beach home.

Forty feet of film were taken of the object as it flashed across the sky, the marine reported.

however, showed any image. [sic, entire paragraph missing]

The "object," which observers said they saw for about three minutes and 30 seconds, was photographed around 9:35 p.m. by Pfc. Ralph C. Mayher, 22, of 60 NE 78th St. and Cleveland, O.

Officials at the Marine Corps Air Station in Opa-locka released the pictures and information at 2 p.m. today without comment.

Shot From Patio

The films were shot from the patio of the home of Herman Stern, 8200 Byron Ave. Stern and his wife two days ago reported spotting 'flying saucers" in the sky above their residence.

The film showed a bowl-shaped image with a projection on top.

The object looked like a ball of fire. It was not clear enough, however, to be diagnosed as a flying saucer or meteor.

Mayher said what he saw in the sky was "crystal clear" and that as fast as it was traveling, he noted detail in the object, or phenomenon.

The Leatherneck said he went to the home of the Sterns on a hunch. He was not acting officially for the Marines but on his own initiative. He checked out the .16-millimeter camera from the MCAS yesterday afternoon.

He had requested permission of the Sterns to watch the sky from their home. Along were his wife, Eleanor, and a friend. They arrived at the Stern home about 9:05 p.m.

Neighbors Shouted

About 9:30 p.m. they heard neighbors shout, "Look there, in the sky!"

For several seconds, Mayher recalled, "We saw nothing. Then an orange, yellowish - shaped object [sic] appeared. I pulled out my camera and shot about 40 feet of film."

After more than three minutes, the object disappeared. Mayher said his wife and the friend saw the object, along with other residents in the area.

The Marine then called the officer-of-the-day at Opa-locka, and he and a Public Information Office sergeant went to the Stern house and obtained the film.

Marine officials at the Air Station had no comment to make on the photos. They stressed the fact that Mayher was acting in a non-official capacity. "All we did was process the film," one officer commented.

Mansfield, Ohio - 30 Jul 52

See Mystery Lights In Sky Near City

WILLIAMSPORT -- Three Morrow county ground observers, one an admitted skeptic of flying saucer tales, today joined the ranks of persons who have reported seeing mysterious traveling lights in the heavens.

Robert Chapman, his wife, and Howard Cover, observers at the Skywatch post at the A.R. Gramly home here, approximately 17 miles south of Mansfield, said they saw an object streak across the sky in a straight line and disappear near the horizon at 10:50 p.m. EST Monday.

CHAPMAN, a post office employee at Mt. Gilead gave the following account of what happened Monday night just as they were about to go off duty at the post.

"We were standing in the yard when I first saw the object coming from the east at an altitude of about 2,000 feet. It was a very deep, brilliant blue and about half the size of the full moon. I shouted to Howard Cover and he looked up in time to get a good view of the 'sphere' which had a jet tail about three times as long trailing behind it. The tail had greenish tinges around its edge and there was an empty space between the sphere and the jet as if some kind of vacuum had formed there. My wife heard us yell, and she also looked up and saw the glowing object. We were all standing within a 20-foot radius of each other.

"The sphere didn't fall in an arc like a meteor but continued in a horizontal line due west, even gaining altitude slightly. The entire period during which we sighted the object lasted approximately 12 seconds. It seemed to "surge" through the air. This is what made us practically sure that it wasn't any type of falling star or meteor. As it traveled it seemed to increase and decrease its speed only very slightly. Shortly afterwards it entered an atmospheric haze above the western horizon and we lost sight of it. The rest of the sky in all directions was perfectly clear except for the filmy haze to the west.

"THE jet behind it was horizontal and seemed to stem from a small point in the sphere, fanning out, and then trailing off into a kind of vapor. We were dumbfounded for a few seconds when we first saw the light. We've never seen any star act like that or appear so big and bright," Chapman said.

"I've been rather skeptical about flying saucer stories but after hearing the owner of the land on which our post stands tell about sighting three objects two weeks ago, and after what we saw Monday night we don't know what to think" he added.

Mrs. A.R. Gramly of Williamsport said her husband saw three green objects far to the north two weeks ago Monday, but thought it was the northern lights. The objects, according to Gramly, didn't glow steadily but seemed to "act like a fluorescent bulb when turned on and off." This was the same night that several of the lights were reported near Norfolk, Va.

Cleveland sky watchers also reported seeing several objects Monday night.

CHAPMAN said the sphere which startled him and the two other observers Monday was "very bright" and of an entirely different nature than the lights seen by Gramly two weeks previously. He estimated that the over-all circumference of the sphere first sighted almost directly over the Williamsport area, was about 26 feet, according to the height at which it was traveling.

"The object didn't seem to be shaped like a disk at all," Chapman added.

Owosso, Michigan Argus Press - 30 Jul 52

Seen Near Flint

FLINT, Mich. -- Three Flint men and a Linden woman reported today they saw a flying disc in the skies last night.

One who reported seeing the object was Don Cameron, a member of the news staff of Radio Station WFDF and a former member of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The Flint men described the object as reddish, and Cameron said it did not act like a celestial body but like a mechanical one.

The Linden woman reported that she saw an orange disc at a "fairly low altitude," about the size of a big star. She said it remained almost stationary, then disappeared.

All four observers reported spotting the object between 11:15 and 11:45 p.m.

Ironwood, Michigan Daily Globe - 30 Jul 52

U.P. 'Saucer' Stories Denied By the Air Force

The Air Force today denied reports that some of its jet fighters engaged in a 600-mile-an-hour tag game with mysterious flying discs over Northern Michigan last night.

The reports, emanating from usually reliable sources, said the Selfridge Air Base jets were sent aloft to investigate the mysterious aerial visitors.


The informant said the jets caught up with the flying discs or saucers near the Upper Peninsula and flew along on their trail for several minutes. The discs reportedly varied their speed from very slow to highs of around 600 miles an hour.

According to the source, the jets gave up their flight after a while and turned back towards Selfridge, only to have the discs change from pursued to pursuer and follow the Selfridge jets for a brief time.

An Air Force spokesman at Selfridge said some jet units were aloft last night on routine maneuvers, but said they saw no discs or saucers.

The story about the tag game between the jets and discs came amidst a rash of reports that the mysterious aerial visitors had been sighted over Michigan.


Several of the reports came from people with a sound background of aerial knowledge. They included a wartime B-17 pilot in Detroit, a former Canadian Air Force flier and a sergeant at an Air Force warning station at Battle Creek.

The former B-17 pilot, Henry Tison of Detroit, said he saw a silvery, disc-shaped object over his home yesterday afternoon. "It was not an airplane, not a dirigible, not a weather balloon. I've seen all of them," said Tison.

The Selfridge Air Base said it had received many calls since the weekend from citizens who told of seeing mysterious flying objects.

Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, Wisconsin - 30 Jul 52

Chicago Saucer
Among the rash of flying saucer sightings breaking out anew is this one drawn by George Charney, Chicago Daily News art director.

He said he saw "coppery orange football-like shapes as big as blimps" about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday and sketched these on a photograph of the area at his suburban Highland Park home.

Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune - 30 Jul 52

Declares He Took Picture of Flying Saucer a Year Ago

CULVER CITY, Calif. -- Alan Dumas, a former Air Force photographer, said today that while stationed at, Scott Field, Ill., a year ago he took a picture of a "flying saucer" that looked like "two straw hats pasted together brim to brim."

Dumas disclosed that he took the picture June 1, 1951, at 3:15 p.m. He said the object zoomed out of the north, did a 'flip' above the airport and sped off to the east.

Dumas, a former Pfc, said the flight from horizon to horizon lasted "no more than 20 seconds." He said the object also was seen by airmen in the field's control tower.

He happened to be aboard a plane in flight with a camera when the object crossed the sky, and got a quick shot of it.

The sighting was reported to intelligence at Scott Air Force Base, he said, but was explained as possibly a "weather balloon or a conventional jet plane."

Tucson, Arizona Daily Citizen - 30 Jul 52

Dumas Saucer

As more "flying saucer" reports cropped up across the nation several people reported Monday seeing round, luminous objects streaking over Los Angeles at a terrific rate of speed. Allan C. Dumas, Culver City, Calif., claims to have made this photo of a saucer he saw a year ago. It looked like "two straw hats stuck together" with a dome on the top and bottom.

Council Bluffs, Iowa Nonpareil - 30 Jul 52

Burlington Crew Sights 'Objects'

Several silvery objects -- not airplanes -- were sighted high over Council Bluffs about 9:20 a.m. Wednesday by the crew of a Burlington switch engine.

The spokesman for the crew, Switchman A.W. Wintersteen, did not know whether the objects might be the so-called "flying saucers." But, he did say, they were not airplanes.

Wintersteen sighted one or two of the objects by himself about 9 a.m. Later, the whole crew watched the sky objects, high over the Burlington tracks near Twentyninth avenue.

"We saw 8 or 10 of them hovering around the sun," Wintersteen said. "Then one by one, they took off like a shot and disappeared."

He said they were "about the size of a pin head."

Other crew members who, Wintersteen said, saw the objects were: Woodrow Hansen, engineer; Al Frieze, fireman; Don Rath and Earl Loder, both switchmen.

Abilene, Texas Reporter-News - 30 Jul 52

Brilliant, Mysterious Light Sighted by Abilene AF Vet

A veteran pilot of 5,600 flying hours Tuesday night told Civil Aeronautical Authorities here of being momentarily blinded by a brilliant light from a mysterious object in the skies as he and his wife were returning home by automobile from Uvalde Sunday night.

Dick Dickenson, of 2149 Beech St., World War II pilot and a Civil Air Patrol lieutenant here, first caught sight of the light, which he described as a "big welding torch running across the skies," about 15 miles south of Balllnger.

Dickenson made the report to Max Emery, chief of the CAA control unit at Municipal Airport, in compliance with a request from the Air Force for information about unidentified objects in the skies.

The strange light, Dickenson said, made a pass in a 30 to 40 degree elevation in the horizon dead ahead of his automobile, the light flicking intermittently.

Its route was east to west. The Dickenson car was headed north.


"It was a terrifically bright light, such as I have never seen before," Dickenson related. "It was like a welding torch flame, a brilliant blue-white."

Dickenson said the light was making a rapid downward plunge when first sighted, suddenly leveled off, and then shot down again before disappearing behind a grove of trees.

Dickenson, a World War II pilot in the Air Training Command, said the object switched its course sharply in turns physically impossible for any aircraft, including the jet.

"It couldn't have been a falling star. For one thing, the star's glow wouldn't have been that bright. Also, had it been, wouldn't it have continued falling rather than veering back up? It left no trail as falling stars do," Dickenson said.

Dickenson said the object appeared before him for only a brief moment before vanishing. "I have stood and watched F-86s (jet fighter planes) buzz me  and I can say right here the F-86 couldn't have matched this thing."


Glare of the bright light left Dickenson partially blinded. The light, he said, would flash briefly, then black out, then flick back on. It did this about four or five times in the course of its passing. Dickenson recorded the time of object's encounter as 9:46 p.m. Sunday. After it disappeared, the light was never sighted again.

Dickenson recalled remarking to his wife, "Hey, did you see that light?"

"Yes," replied Mrs. Dickenson.

The Dickenson's two children, also in the car, were asleep in the back seat.


The light was brighter than the brightest star in the heavens, Dickenson, who has logged night flying time, reported. His first reaction upon sighting the light -- as if running head on into the blinding lights of an approaching car -- was, "How did that firefly get inside the windshield?"

"But this certainly was no firefly. It came down from a 45-degree angle, leveled off at a 2-degree angle, and then shot up again in a 45-degree angle. It had the power or the force to resist gravitation, that being my argument why the light was not a falling star."

Dickenson did not stop the car, but kept driving while the light was in sight, he said. Because of the car's motor and high wind, Dickenson could detect no sound of engines, nor could he estimate the object's speed or altitude.

The light appeared to be powered by propulsion of great speed, Dickenson noted.


"Just what this thing was, I don't know. I'd like to know myself. I've been wanting to see one of these things for five years, and this is my first time."

Advancing the theory some foreign power or another planet may have found the secrets to gravitational aviation, Dickenson said the light appeared to have been powered by some terrific internal force, suggesting atomic power.

Dickenson is a traveling salesman for the Amarillo Hardware Co.

Walla Walla, Washington Union-Bulletin - 30 Jul 52

Montana Air Base Reports Flying Discs

GREAT FALLS. Mont. -- Flying saucers which hovered over the Great Falls area and then took off at "a tremendous rate of speed," were reported Tuesday by a sergeant at the Great Falls Air Force Base.

Sgt. Charles Boden said he was listening to a direct communications system with McChord Air Force Base in Washington and learned that saucers were sighted over that Air Force Base "heading toward Great Falls."

Boden said he immediately began scanning the skies, about 2:30 p.m. M.S.T.

Objects Sighted

About four and a half minutes after hearing the McChord report, he said he sighted the objects.

He reported that two of the saucers appeared stationary at first, then another came "whipping going West" and the two stationary objects then appeared to take off, following the third.

(A McChord spokesman said Tuesday night there were several flaws in Boden's story. He denied there had been any conversation between McChord and Great Falls bases about 2:30 p.m. concerning flying saucers over McChord. And he also pointed out that saucers would not be "going west," as Boden reported, if they were traveling from McChord, in Washington state to Great Falls.)


("I can say categorically we logged no unusual sightings over McChord this afternoon," the spokesman declared. "Two unusual objects at high altitude and traveling at great speed were sighted in the morning, but a check showed definitely they were jets from our own base.")

Later in the afternoon Boden said he sighted four traveling in the opposite direction. He described the objects as circular in shape and not thick and added they gave off no sound or left no vapor trails.

If the saucers over McChord and the ones Boden reported were the same, a rough estimate of the speed would be 3,360 miles an hour.

Other persons in Great Falls also said they saw saucers.

Greeley, Colorado Daily Tribune - 30 Jul 52

Woman Claims She Saw Flying Saucer Southwest of Niwot

Longmont, Colo. -- Illuminated and moving at great speed, a flying saucer was sighted by Mrs. M.L. Swearingen from their home southwest of Niwot between 10:30 and 11 p.m. Tuesday.

Mrs. Swearingen said the "saucer" was moving westward, apparently just over Longmonth "much faster than planes fly." There was no sound discernible, the Niwot woman reported, but the object was illuminated with one complete ring of light which formed a circle, apparently at the bottom of the saucer.

There also appeared to be an unlighted, or shadowed, portion extending above the lighted ring. Mrs. Sweringen said she was unable to determine accurately the height or exact size of the object, although she would judge it to be a very large and at a great distance above the earth.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune - 30 Jul 52

Flight of Luminous Objects Maneuvers Over City

A flight of luminous objects -- at least 10 -- passed over Albuquerque at 9:30 last night.

Whatever they were, they made a "flying saucer" believer out of me. They resembled nothing I had seen before.

Their flight, if it was flight as we know it, was soundless and graceful. At first they appeared overhead from the south. They were clustered together in no apparent pattern, heading due north.

Then they shifted to a perfect V. The shift was done with great precision. The formation resembled a flight of geese.

Within a second or so they formed a new pattern.

This formation presented two rows with the objects in front spaced at exact intervals. Take your pencil and place five dots on a piece of paper. Then at a distance as far behind the dots as the dots are apart, start a new row. Place the second row of five dots so they center between the openings of the first row and you'll see how the formation appeared.

Incredible Performance

If the objects were about 2500 feet over the city, as they appeared, they moved only about as fast as an F-86 Sabre jet. Going on this assumption, their shifts in position were incredibly swift, fantastically violent -- in terms of our experience.

But if their nearness to the ground was an illusion -- and the Air Force has said it believes such phenomena may be tricks of the atmosphere -- their performance takes on even more incredible aspects.

Their size appeared about one third the size of the moon when it is overhead. But the light they emitted was very different. It was not as intense as a star, nor as bright as the moon. There was no color except white.

It was soft, almost suggesting reflection from lights of the city. The objects appeared low -- yet at a great distance, if such contradiction is credible.

If they were at a great height, and this observer would like to believe they were, their speed must be beyond comprehension.

Witnessed Fireballs

I was a witness on several occasions when fireballs, both green and blue white, flashed through the skies at various points in the southwest. On one occasion I reported in detail what I saw to Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, director of the University's Institute of Meteoritics and a nationally known authority on such things.

Dr. LaPaz told me today that the objects I saw last night "definitely are not associated with the Perseid meteor shower." He said the meteors are coming from the northeast, that they do not change formation nor exhibit "intelligence or coordination."

Col. William Matheny, commander of the 34th Air Defense here, reported he knew nothing of any military flights at the hour of the "saucer maneuvers" and requested me to relate what I saw to his air defense intelligence officers.

The flight of aircraft also is familiar to me. The "lights" indulged in maneuvers impossible to modern aircraft.

I have witnessed the flight of rockets, German and American, at White Sands Proving Ground in daylight and at night. The saucers were something different altogether.

Four years ago in Albuquerque one resident telephoned The Tribune and said a "flying saucer" had landed in her yard, I went to see it and it turned out to be the radio unit from a weather balloon.

Two years ago near Holloman Air Force Base a group of persons was peering into the sky at a "saucer. Inspection through binoculars convinced me it was a balloon of some sort, reflecting that intense June sunlight. The objects last night resembled no balloon.

In April, I witnessed the detonation of an atomic bomb in Nevada. The light the saucers emitted last night was of a different order.

My observation of the objects last night was accidental. I was convening with my landlady, Mrs. Georgia Gibion, 910 Gold SW, on the front steps of her home. The quick movement of the "stars" caught my glance. Mrs. Gibson, who was under the porch roof, failed to see the objects before they passed from view behind trees across the street.

The Air Force can call the objects hallucinations, tricks of the atmosphere or perhaps anything falling within the limits of logic.

Several persons, on and off the record, have said they believe the saucers are visitors from space.

But if you see them, you will be struck with the impression that it is much easier to say what they are not, than to suggest what they are.

Ogden, Utah Standard-Examiner - 30 Jul 52

'Object' Seen Near Moon; Speedy 'Cloud' Sighted

A flying object was sighted near the moon yesterday about 7:30 p.m. by a group of eight persons at 2633 Liberty Ave., Fred E. Benson of 1841 Kiesel Ave. said today.

Mr. Benson said he and his wife were visiting his son and family at the Liberty Ave. address when some painters working next door saw the object near the moon.

He said another man in the party, a government engineer also saw the object and said he didn't believe it could be an air force weather balloon.

Mr. Benson said his son, Fred William Benson, went in the house and got a pair of binoculars and they all looked at the mysterious flying object.

It was round and a sort of reddish, orange color, he said, and it was bobbing up and down erratically. He said the object appeared to him to be about 30,000 feet high, traveling south and east at terrific speed. He said every member in the group sighted the object.

Fred William Benson, who works in Clearfield, said he had seen many balloons released from Hill field but the object in the sky did not behave as did the weather balloons.

When the elder Mr. Benson returned to his home on Kiesel Ave. he got his own binoculars and looked for the object. He sighted it first this time with the naked eye, he said. From the Kiesel Ave. location he said he could still see the round, reddish orange object and it was still bobbing, still heading south and east.

Somebody Else Sees One

And somebody else saw another one.

This one didn't look too much like a saucer, but it was flying -- and fast.

Mrs. C.E. Tribe saw this one while spending the week-end at their summer home in South Fork canyon, about 22 miles east of Ogden.

She said Saturday, about 10 p.m., she went out to "admire the beautiful night before retiring. I was watching the stars when I saw a brilliant white light, somewhat resembling a fleecy white cloud traveling across the sky. It was going from east to west at a speed greater than that of the average airplane. I watched it, I would judge, for a little longer than a minute, until it disappeared over the mountain. I have never before seen anything like it."

Salt Lake City, Utah Deseret News - 30 Jul 52

'Flying Saucers' Appear Again In Salt Lake Area

"Flying saucers" made another late evening appearance over Salt Lake City Tuesday night.

Among persons who watched the vari-colored object cavort about the sky for 20 minutes was the J.M. Hays family, of 7415 West 2400 South St.

Mr. Hays reported the object, whose color shifted from red to orange and green, made erratic motions in the sky, darting to the rear, straight up, and to the side. It would hover for a minute and would then suddenly move forward at a tremendous speed, he said.

Officials at Salt Lake Municipal Airport said several planes landed at the field during the time the object was seen.

Mr. Hays later said he saw a plane land at the airport at the time and that the "saucer" was radically different.

Two staff members of the News also watched the strange objects move about the sky.

The missile had a strange orange-white-blue color that is difficult to describe, one newspaperman said.

Idaho, Pocatello, Idaho State Journal - 30 Jul 52

Pocatello Couple Reports Saucer

A Pocatello couple reports having seen what they believe were "flying saucers."

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bales of Jason avenue in South Park addition say they were looking out the door of their home at cloud formations when they saw a large orange colored object. The Bales said the object was extremely bright.

The object was seen for about 20 minutes and at first appeared to be in the shape of a half-saucer. After the saucer disappeared, the Bales said the clouds in the sky remained, but became splurges.

Spokane, Washington Spokesman-Review - 30 Jul 52

Disk At Boise

BOISE, July 30 -- Now it's Boise that's seeing those things in the skies again -- a total of 13 about midnight.

Jack Heller said he and Earl Allen saw two "sausage-shaped" lights hover over Gowen field for almost 30 minutes before they vanished. An unidentified man told police he saw four scoot east over town and a short time later watched seven speed west over the foothills.

Long Beach, California Press-Telegram - 30 Jul 52

This One Has Split Personality

LOS ANGELES, July 30. -- A "flying saucer" that can split in two and keep right on flying, was reported by a former Air Force pilot.

Ted Golin, 28, said he saw the object last night and watched it break into two halves, with both pieces flying independently.

"I know it sounds nuts," said Golin, "but I actually saw it. My eyes are good and my flight experience is enough so that I know it wasn't a hallucination or my imagination running away with me."

Portsmouth, New Hampshire Herald - 31 Jul 52

Local Area Gets in on Act

New Hampshire, a newcomer to the "flying saucer" scene, moved into national contention last night as it reported the only flying saucer of the day in the northeast area.

A South Manchester physician reported to the Grenier Field filter center he saw a bright orange-yellow object, travelling very fast at an unknown altitude for about three seconds.

And Tuesday night, the Portsmouth ground observation post at Pulpit Rock reported what may have been the mysterious "saucers" between 10 and midnight.

The observer, Franklin Webber of Clark Rd., Rye told a Herald reporter today he saw two lights "moving at a good speed" in a southerly direction about a mile ahead of an airplane. He described the airplane as a transport.

Webber said the mysterious lights appeared to be staying ahead of the transport. The only sound heard was the transport's motors, he related. On watch with Webber was Alden F. Dixen Jr. of 94 Rockhill Ave.

Webber said personnel at the Air Force filter center, which receives reports from throughout the Northeast, questioned him at length when he made his report.

The state's third report of flying saucers came from Jaffrey earlier.

An indication of the Air Force's interest in the "flying saucers" was evidenced when it announced that "Aircraft Flash" messages from Ground Observer Corps pasts in New Hampshire have been given priority over all emergency telephone calls with the exception of actual Air Defense warning messages.

A more facetious attitude was displayed by the president of the U.S. Rocket Society in Chicago who urged the nation's defense officials not to shoot at the "saucers," saying that the shooting might alienate mankind from "beings of far superior powers."

Another Chicago man claims he has a legal deed to all outer space and has "forbidden the saucers to fly in his domain."

In any event, earth dwellers throughout the nation are eyeing saucers with new respect.

Statesville, North Carolina Landmark - 31 Jul 52

Strange Glow Seen In Wayne

GOLDSBORO, July 29 -- Four persons have reported in Goldsboro that they, saw a strange, bright red glowing cylindrical object flash through the sky about 9:15 last night.

Mr. and Mrs. Owen Bail and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Griffin said it took about two minutes for the object to pass from horizon to horizon. The object traveled north northeast to south southwest. They said it definitely was not a plane.

Miami, Florida Herald - 31 Jul 52

Mayher Herald

SOMETHING LIKE A "SAUCER" is this glowing disc which was photographed Tuesday night by a Marine Corps photographer as it whizzed over Miami Beach. He used a 16mm. movie camera with a telephoto lens and the five frames shown here were photographed in about one-fifth of a second. The photographer, Pfc. Ralph Mayher, said the object was so high and going so fast that he had difficulty sighting it through his view-finder. "I just pointed the camera in the general direction and hoped I would get something," he said. The object showed up in eight frames of the film. The direction of flight was from left to right. Noticeable is a small "tail" behind each of the discs. The Air Force intelligence office in Washington, D.C., has asked for copies of the pictures for study.

Navy Fliers See Similar Sky Object

By O.J. Smith, Herald Staff Writer

Ralph MayherThe big "flying saucer" talk in Miami Wednesday was about photographs of a glowing disc taken Tuesday night by a Marine Corps photographer from the Opa-locka Marine Air Base.

But even with the disc on film, all sources official and unofficial, were still as far from explaining the phenomenon as ever.

It was certain the photographer, Pfc. Ralph Mayher, caught some moving, shining object in the telephoto lens of his 16 mm. movie camera. He and observers with him say the thing was a clearly defined disc, with a small tail extending from one side.

Three Navy fliers said Wednesday they saw a similar object in about the same location (over Miami Beach), at about the same time, as they were returning to Miami from cross-country flights.

Their impression, however, was that the object resembled a meteor.

Lt. Comdr. Joe Gardner and his co-pilot, Lt. Joe Mills, said the thing they saw was a "greenish and reddish variation." Lt. I.M. Blum said what he saw was a very deep blue. Mayher said the disc he photographed was yellowish.

All declared it couldn't have been a light on the clouds -- "because there were no clouds."

Officials at the Marine Air Base, faced with Mayher's photographs, didn't know just what to do about the whole matter. The photographer was acting with the knowledge of his superiors when he went out to take the pictures, but it wasn't on official duty.

Wednesday the superiors appeared to wish the whole matter never had come up. They didn't feel inclined to make any statement and hadn't decided to forward them to any higher echelon for further study.

Col. W.K. Smith of the Air Force intelligence in Washington, C.D., when notified about the pictures Wednesday afternoon by The Herald, said his department was anxious to get such evidence and [Illegible] immediately [Illegible] copies of the film for close study.

Numerous reports of flying luminous objects in the sky came from other Miamians throughout the day. None could add anything to reports already made, and none was quite as "authentic" as Mayher's pictures.

Smethport, Pennsylvania McKean County Democrat - 31 Jul 52

Sky Mystery Over Kane Has Crowd Gazing

As Jets whined into the air over Washington. D.C., in search of unidentified objects -- Kane residents, at least a half-hundred of them, were pondering a sight in the skies over the Hilltop Saturday morning -- a large cylinder like object which hovered over the air at about 2,000 feet altitude for an hour -- possibly more.

The object was sighted by a car load of workers headed from Kane to the Dresser Mfg. Division plant in Bradford. They stopped and watched it. Not willing to be stuck with a story on their own they flagged other cars and soon a long line of cars was at the roadside on Rt. 6 a few miles east of Kane -- and fully a half-hundred persons viewed the "thing."

The men had to get to work and proceeded east on Route 6 -- keeping an eye aloft at the object. When they reached Lantz Corners, eight miles east they could still see the object -- which then looked about two feet in length. Estimates from original observations indicated the object from 100 to 200 feet in length. One observer said "it looked like canoe, with a couple guys in it." Others agreed.

Early morning light, clear skies and absence of wind in a dead calm seemed to make the object stationary in the skies. From descriptions of the object, it was believed to have been a large weather balloon.

One observer, a scoffer on "flying saucers" and other mysterious objects in the skies said, "I'll believe anything now but I wouldn't have believed what I saw if the others had not seen it too." He said the way cars were stopping on the highway that scores of persons must have seen it and watched its progress.

Maybe it was the "thing" -- maybe not, but Hilltop skies were full of aircraft over the weekend -- some low flying military planes included. The planes continued over the area Sunday and early Monday morning -- two huge "B-36s" moved over the area, going over Kane shortly before 9 a.m. at a very high altitude. One continued directly west, the other changed course to the south. Both were jet equipped.

Indiana, Pennsylvania Evening Gazette - 31 Jul 52

Saucer Rage Reaches Into Indiana Co.

The flying saucer furor reached into Indiana County yesterday.

WDAD announcer Jim Pattison revealed two calls from area residents insisted some kind of flying phenomenon was flitting about the countryside. In one case a picture had been taken.

Pattison rushed to the home of Mrs. W.F. Shields, Clymer R.D.2, whose daughter had just snapped a picture of a "flying saucer" with a Brownie camera. Back to Indiana came Pattison to have Frank Sipos, Gazette photographer, develop the film.

The enlargement revealed a telephone pole in the lower part of the picture and in the middle of the sky -- a speck.

Viewers of the picture have been unable to say the speck is not a flying saucer. But they can hardly insist that it is one.

Mrs. Shields said the picture was taken as the "saucer" sweeped from left to right across the sky.

Earlier Pattison had received a message from a sleepless Kent housewife who said she had watched a strange object in the sky yesterday morning from 2 to 6 o'clock. Her saucer was on the fantastic side. It was triangular, with a red ball on the end. It grew alternately brighter and dimmer. And it puffed smoke -- she said.

The night before in Punxsutawney a newsman chased reports of flying saucers for several hours. Described as a celery dish in form, it turned out to be the tail end of a beam from a searchlight probing the sky from Clearfield County.

Hopkinsville, Kentucky New Era - 31 Jul 52

Object is Sighted Near Breckinridge

Hard on the heels of reports from Washington of more unidentified flying objects traced on radar screens, and of the sighting of three similar objects in south central Indiana, came a report of one sighted near Camp Breckinridge.

Elmer Chambers, of 125 So. Green Street, Henderson, said he saw the object early yesterday morning while on his way to Breckinridge, where he is employed as a civilian fireman.

Chambers said he saw the object near Waverly, and that he stopped and got out of his car to watch it. He described what he saw as a disc-shaped object. He said the top -- or bottom -- was turned toward him at times.

The object left two large vapor trails with two smaller parallel trails on each side of the larger ones, he stated.

Chambers said he immediately discounted the theory that it might have been a jet plane because it turned almost at right angles.

"It didn't turn in a circle like an ordinary airplane," he stated, "but would almost reverse itself."

Chambers said he watched the object from 8:05 until 8:25 a.m.

Racine, Wisconsin Journal Times - 31 Jul 52

Sight 'Saucers' At Saumico

GREEN BAY -- Two veteran aircraft spotters told the Green Bay Air Filter Center Wednesday that two silvery objects like upside-down bowler hats had streaked across the sky, apparently being chased by a jet plane.

William Vickery and Harvey Pehn were working on a mink farm near Saumico, their home town, when a B-25 bomber attracted their attention. After the bomber came the silvery objects, they told the center. The "hats" moved at a terrific speed, then slowed up until the jet plane almost reached them, then rushed away again.

Within a minute after the objects vanished into the northeast, they appeared again from the east and shot overhead, disappearing into the west. Pehn and Vickery said they agreed not to describe their impressions until they had drawn sketches. Afterward, they said, they compared the sketches and found them almost identical.

Racine, Wisconsin Journal Times - 31 Jul 52

Watertown Spotters See 'Bright Object'

WATERTOWN -- Two Civil Defense air spotters reported a "bright object" over the Watertown Airport early Wednesday.

Spotters Bill Raue and Bill James, a radio announcer, said the object, which traveled westward over the airport, emitted a steady white light. They estimated its speed at more than 200 miles an hour and its height at 6,000 feet. They spotted the object at 2:30 a.m.

Monticello, Iowa Express - 31 Jul 52

See Flying Saucers Over Monticello Monday
Ground Observer Corps Notified To Be On Watch Monday Evening
Sighted About 11 p.m. Monday

The nation's "flying saucer" tension became more real for some Monticello folks this week as rumors spread like wildfire.

In Monticello Monday evening at least one group of people reported seeing multi-colored objects in the sky about 11 p.m.

The observers, four girls who are employees of the local N.W. Bell Telephone Co. said that they watched the object from 11 until about 1:30 a.m., but that they made no report to local defense officials. A report was turned in from somewhere, though, because Walter Zubler, head of the Monticello Ground Observer Corps, was alerted to man the local post from 12 until 2 a.m.

No Sight

Zubler said that he and his volunteer observers manned the local post from 12 until 2 a.m. Tuesday morning but saw nothing but several falling stars. He said that he understood all of eastern Iowa had been alerted to be on the look-out for unidentified objects in the sky, but did not know whether any had been sighted.

One local businessman who had been listening to the late radio news stood on his front porch from 11 until 11:10, scanning the skies for possible flying saucers but saw nothing.

Zubler said that he wouldn't be surprised if he received orders to maintain watches at the power plants on coming nights in view of the apparent prevalence of the objects in the sky.

Describe Sight

The girls said for 2½ hours they watched the object move through the skies. They said that it was much larger than any star in the sky and moved in a way not at all like stars.

"As it moved sideways, backwards and up and down, it seemed to turn so we could see at times first the top and then the bottom," one girl told the Express. One side, they said, was red in color and the other side was green. The object appeared to be a long distance away and to be revolving, though they couldn't be sure of that.

During the time the girls watched, the object seemed to travel further and further away and diminished in size as well as get dimmer.

"We tried to stop several cars," they said, "but they must have thought we were crazy." Two more girls joined the four at 12:15 and watched with them until 1:30 a.m.

At Waukon

The Express checked with newsmen at Station WMT in Cedar Rapids Tuesday afternoon to find if reports from other towns had been turned in. They did have a report from an observer in Waukon, but added that "everyone is seeing saucers."

That was the attitude the six girls who saw the saucers here took too. They were almost afraid to mention the occurrence for fear folks would think they were making up the story.

(Tuesday's news reports from Washington, D.C., indicated that numerous "saucers" were shown on radar but that interceptor planes failed to find them in the skies.

(An air force release Tuesday said that some of the nation's top scientists had been called in on the problem and that they were not at this time experimenting with anything that could be interpreted as a flying saucer.)

An Anamosa man, L.L. Fulwider reported seeing a "saucer" Monday evening. He reportedly watched its progress with binoculars as well as with his naked eyes.

Council Bluffs, Iowa Nonpareil - 31 Jul 52

Another Report

LARRABEE, Ia. -- There is another report Wednesday of mysterious flying objects in Iowa skies, this time from Cherokee county.

Six persons reported seeing a number of disc-shaped silver objects speeding high above a farm near Larrabee. The witnesses reported the discs appeared to hover in the sky at times and remained in sight more than an hour before heading northward out of sight.

Graettinger, Iowa Times - 31 Jul 52

Saw Flying Saucer In Eastern Sky

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Norris saw flying saucers in the eastern sky Tuesday evening. The saucers were over Indiana the previous night. These flying saucers are probably space ships from Mars.

Newark, Ohio Advocate - 31 Jul 52

Sees 'Green Light' Not Traffic Signal

ST. LOUIS -- An object with a greenish light was sighted in the sky south of St. Louis Wednesday night by at least three persons who described it as a "flying saucer." They reported viewing the phenomenon about 30 minutes after a similar "saucer" was reported directly over Hot Springs, Ark.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal - 31 Jul 52

Arkansas Residents See "Flying Saucer"

HOT SPRINGS, Ark., July 30 -- The Hot Springs Sentinel Record said tonight that six residents of this resort city reported they saw a "flying saucer" here tonight.

The newspaper said the six people telephoned its office within two minutes about 9 p.m., to report the fiery objects. Two of them gave identical descriptions.

A hotel clerk, said he was sitting in his car at a drive-in cafe when he saw a "white ball of fire with a red tail" pass high over the city. He said the "saucer" was flying north.

Fayetteville, Arkansas Northwest Arkansas Times - 31 Jul 52

"Flying Saucers" Sighted At Various Points Over State

Hospital Springs, Ark. -- "A white ball of fire with a red tail."

That was the description given to the Hot Springs Sentinel Record last night by two excited citizens who claim they saw a "flying saucer" over the resort city.

The newspaper also had reports from four other residents that fiery objects were skimming through the sky about 9 p.m. All reports reached the newspaper office within two minutes.

G. Clark, a hotel clerk, and Don Bigsbee gave identical descriptions of the "flying saucer." Clark said the "saucer" was flying north. Bigsbee said the object remained within his vision for about two minutes and then disappeared into the north.

A third witness, Bill Heard, said the object was flying at about 1,5OO feet and appeared to be either a jet plane or a guided missile. He, too, said it was going north.

Three other persons who witnessed the space object told the newspaper they did not care to give their names.

At Walnut Ridge, Bob Twombly, an auto mechanic and Air Force veteran, said he spotted a round bluish object with an orange tinge at its rear about 8:30 p.m. last night.

An unidentified airline pilot reported to the Adams Field tower at Little Rock that he had seen "something that looked like a shooting star" zoom across the skies at 8:40 p.m. about 80 miles west of Little Rock.

Two Blytheville residents also reported seeing a strange object at that time of the evening which fitted the description given by others.

The 3003rd [sic] Radar Bomb Squadron, National Guard, at Adams Field, reported its screens had picked up nothing unusual.

Emporia, Kansas Weekly Gazette - 31 Jul 52

"Flying Saucer" Is Seen in Lyon County

In connection with reports that flying saucers have been seen in the vicinity of Washington, D.C., it was revealed today that Lyon county also has been visited by strange aerial craft. Reports from Reading said that a plate-shaped object was sighted the other day and observers said it "definitely was not an airplane."

Tom Price and his sons, Dave and Bill, all well-known residents of the Reading area, were setting feed boxes in a pasture two miles south and one west of Reading, when their attention was attracted by a loud noise.

According to Dave Price, a former Army pilot, the noise seemed like a jet ship taking off. There ended the resemblance to any aerial craft he had ever seen, said Dave Price.

The round, plate-like object was to the east of the pasture in which the men were working, Dave said, and appeared to be approximately 10,000 feet high.

"The noise we first heard lasted only a few seconds." Dave Price said. "When we first saw the object it was going only about 100 miles an hour and did not appear to have much directional stability. It appeared to waver from its general northerly direction. After 30 to 40 seconds of this it suddenly began a rapid climb and increased its speed to what I would guess to be about 1,000 miles an hour. It disappeared to the north at an altitude of about 25,000 feet."

The object appeared to be spinning in the air, Dave Price said, and was aluminum in color, "about the same color as the big air liners."

"But it definitely was not an airplane," the former Army pilot said.

Austin, Texas Daily Herald - 31 Jul 52

Austin's 'Flying Saucer' Resembles Australia's

By Dick Williams

Well, we are gratified to learn that someone else -- an Australian, no less -- has been seeing "flying saucers" in technicolor.

If you remember, we reported seeing a bright green object streaking through the sky south of Austin at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 22.

Now comes a report (via the British news agency, Reuters) that one Capt. J. Murray, a pilot, has reported seeing a similar object in the sky south of Darwin, Australia.

The captain, who flies a Constellation, says he sighted a strange, bright green object flashing horizontally across the night sky.

May Have Bern One

A professed believer in flying saucers, the captain said he thinks this may have been one.

Anyway, it changed color to red and then to gold as it disappeared.

Now, to further substantiate that we saw the same thing as the captain but not so much of it, here is a report we received from Ernie Jacob, 301 Cleveland, who called us after reading our previous story.

Jacob said, "I was sitting on the porch watching a ball game at Marcusen park a little after 9 last night (July 22). I saw a sort of ball of fire -- a red light. It didn't seem to be very high. I thought it was about 300 or 400 feet in the air.

Trail of Fire

"It was going south. It looked like a ball of fire up ahead and left a trail of fire behind. It was sort of round.

"Then it changed to yellow and went out. Boom! It was gone. It was too big for a skyrocket or a shooting star. I have my doubts it was a skyrocket because it was going in almost a straight line across the sky when I saw it." Jacob caught sight of it when it shot past the corner of the house.

He said it went out when it was in line with the north side of the grandstand in the ballpark. "I never saw anything quite like it before," he said.

Just a Glimpse

Well, neither did we. We first sighted the object while driving south on Fourth Street. We just caught a glimpse of it as it dove out of sight behind some trees. However, we feel that after our object disappeared from our vision it changed to red and Jacob, sitting on his porch, first sighted it after it had changed its dress or whatever it is flying saucers of this type wear.

Anyway, we like to think that, with Jacob, we sighted the same object -- or type of object -- which Capt. Murray saw way-down-under the following Saturday.

What do you think?

Harlingen, Texas Valley Morning Star - 31 Jul 52

'Saucers' Reported Over Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE. July 30 -- Flying saucers were over Brownsville, residents reported here today. Seven to 10 of the "mystery objects" were seen over the city about 5:40 p.m. Tuesday by a woman and three children who live in the high school neighborhood.

The woman, who preferred her name not be used, said she definitely saw the objects and "they were no birds or planes." She said they spotted the saucers flying southwest in a circular motion. "They were glistening objects and could be seen very clearly," she said. She added the saucers moved very fast and disappeared high in the sky.

The three children, Jeff Warburton, and Diana and Dolores Escobar, said they noticed the "salad plate shaped" objects headed southwest.

Walla Walla, Washington Union-Bulletin - 31 Jul 52

[No Headline]

WENATCHEE  -- Wenatchee joined the nation-wide "sky objects" race Wednesday.

Chelan County Civil Defense Director Lee Klawitter reported a mysterious "something" was seen at an air watch observation post.

It looked like a star to the naked eye but sighted through glasses it seemed to be moving across the sky, he reported.

Kennewick, Washington Tri-City Herald - 31 Jul 52

Believe It Or Not . . . Newsman Sees 'Saucer'

(Eds note: Charles Lamb, Tri-city Herald reporter, was among the latest persons in the Tri-City area to spot what he feels was a flying saucer. Here is Lamb's eyewitness account of what he saw.)


I've always wanted to see a flying saucer and Tuesday I saw one. I knew If I kept looking I would see one sooner or later.

My wife saw it too. And so did our little daughter Vicky. But Vicky is only 10 months old and didn't think it was so unusual. It was just another experience for her. She didn't even get excited when she watched the spectacular Fourth of July fireworks display in Richland.

We were driving along Vista Road enroute to Richland at about 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Directly ahead, about 10 miles away and at an altitude of 5,000 feet we saw a disc. It was kind of a silvery color and as flat as a pancake. It appeared to be either traveling away from us or just hanging in midair.

Occasionally it would vary its course and we could see it was round. We watched it for at least two minutes before it finally disappeared behind a hill on the horizon and was gone. It is quite a feat of driving to watch a flying disk, face an afternoon sun and buck the five o'clock stream of workers driving home from Richland.

I am certain it wasn't a plane, and I sent up enough weather balloons during the war to know a balloon when I saw it. My eyes aren't the best, and I have been doing a lot of wishful thinking lately about discs. If I'd seen it alone I would have called it a mirage or a case of wish fulfillment.

But the wife saw it too, and she thinks it was an honest to goodness flying saucer. I can't help but agree with her.

Placerville, California Mountain Democrat - 31 Jul 52

Les Frost Again Sees Mystery Flying Object

Les Frost of Placerville, who sighted flying saucers in the skies some months ago, got more data Thursday night when he witnessed mysterious fire balls in the sky moving in a fashion ruling out the possibility they might be meteors.

Les and Mrs. Frost both saw the objects. One came out of the northeast, glowing in a very brilliant purplish-white hue, at about 11 to 11:15 at night. About three minutes later another similar object came out of the southwest at about 40,000 to 50,000 feet, on a level plane and on a straight course, trailing a luminous tail. The light cut off as though by the operation of an electric switch, Frost said, giving the impression of cutting power off and on to control speed of flight. He saw it a third time, a few minutes later, farther away.

Frost says he sees many meteors from his home, above the city light glare on Sacramento Hill, and recognizes their trajectory and general flight attitudes.

Redlands, California Daily Facts - 31 Jul 52

Former Pilot Puts New Wrinkle In 'Disc' Stories

LOS ANGELES -- A new wrinkle in "flying saucers" -- an object that can split in two and keep right on flying -- was reported in Southern California skies yesterday by a former Air Force pilot and an engineer.

Ted Golin, 28, the former pilot, said he saw the object last night and watched it break into two halves, with both pieces flying independently.

He said the object was oval in shape and looked like an "oscillating star." Several other witnesses also reported watching the object in the sky over nearby Culver City shortly after sundown.

"I know it sounds nuts," said Golin, "but I actually saw it. My eyes are good and my flight experience is enough so that I know it wasn't a hallucination or my imagination running away with me."

He said the object was above clouds which he estimated to be 30,000 feet high and it moved parallel to the earth.

"It suddenly broke in two. Each part zipped about a mile apart and then went straight up and disappeared," he said.

Arnold Dolmatz, who said he was an engineer, supported Golin's account of the spectacle.

Casablanca, Morocco La Vigie Morocain - 31 Jul 52

Cites Several Appearances Of Flying Saucers In Algeria

On the evening of 29 July 1952, two new flying saucers were sighted. The first, appearing at 2050 hours over Mostaganem, was visible only a few seconds. The second one appeared at 2300 hours at Ain Teledes. It flew above the city for about a minute, emitting a whitish trail of smoke. The manner in which it attained various altitudes revealed a surprising maneuverability. When it appeared, it was headed south.

This is the fifth time in a matter of weeks that this phenomenon has been noted in the Department of Oran. A saucer appearing to be about the size of a teacup was observed by two policemen over Frenda (at the east end of Oran Department). It consisted of a dark nucleus within a luminous mass. Near Tlemcen, motorists noted a strange cigar-shaped object at a height of 600 meters. There was a luminous cloud in its wake. And finally, at Lamoriciere, about 40 kilometers from the Abdellys area, motorists saw a phosphorescent disk for a brief period of time.

Oran, Algeria Echo d 'Oran - 31 Jul 52

Saucers Observed In Two Areas Of Oran

After it had received and published a series of flying saucer reports, the newspaper L'Echo d'Oran carried a review of the occurrences, as well as several late reports. The following is a summary of the article.

Our correspondents have sent us word of saucers appearing everywhere in Oran Department during the past few days. This seems to be the saucers' favorite area, one which is no doubt salutary for their development. They have appeared here with greater frequency than in France or the US. It is impossible, moreover, to doubt the veracity of the observers, since they include policemen, colons [sic], a priest, and a cadi [sic].

At 0400 hours today, Raymond Botella, a Public Works Department employee in Tlemcen, saw a flying object moving rapidly north and trailing a whitish smoke cloud. A half hour before, the mysterious saucer had been seen in Oued Taria, traveling at the same speed and, like the saucer observed yesterday, making abrupt turns and changes of direction.

On the night of 30 July, in Sainte Barbe du Tlelat, a police adjutant, two policemen, and a cadi observed a luminous flying object for about 30 seconds. The daily police reports will henceforth include all such observations by the police. In the morning of 30 July, a resident of Algiers saw, for several seconds, a shining black disk on the horizon. It made a rapid vertical descent, then suddenly moved in a horizontal direction.

Two observations were made in Lodi. On 25 July, at about 2130 hours, a yellowish object flew at a dizzy speed in the sky, and on 28 July, at 2150 hours, a much larger object appeared for several seconds; it had the shape of an inverted cone.

Madison, Wisconsin Capital Times - 1 Aug 52

Shell Alpert Clip

This photo, released by the Coast Guard, was made by one of their photographers at the Salem, Mass. Air Station on July 16 through a window screen after he sighted four "unknown objects." Notice the bars of light that seem to extend in front of and behind the round "objects" which appear in V formation. (United Press-Capital Times Telephoto)

Coast Guard Photo Shows Four White Lights Over Salem Station

WASHINGTON -- The Coast Guard today released a photograph of four brilliant white lights snapped over its Salem, Mass., air station several weeks ago.

The picture, taken by a 21-year old Coast Guard photographer, was the latest episode in the nationwide outburst of "flying saucer" mysteries.

It clearly shows four ragged edged round objects in V-formation. Each appears to have two identical shafts of light extending across its center and protruding fore and aft like a ghostly wing.

A spokesman said the negative has been examined by Coast Guard photography experts who are satisfied "there is no retouching or fakery involved."

"We don't know what the objects are," a Coast Guard officer said, "but that boy's camera caught something."

A United Press reporter was allowed to see the negative which was flown later today to Dayton, O., where it will be examined by Air Forces investigators.

The negative shows no sign of retouching, even under an enlarger which presumably would show up any faking.

The photographer was Shell Alpert, a Coast Guard enlisted photographer. He said he made the picture at 9:35 a.m., July 16, through a screened open window of the air station's photo laboratory.

Alpert said he was preparing to clean a camera when he looked outside and noticed several brilliant lights in the sky. He called another coast guardsman, Hospitalman 1-c Thomas E. Flaherty, who also said he saw the lights.

Alpert said the lights dimmed somewhat, then brightened. He grabbed a camera, held the shutter wide open and snapped a picture.

Coast Guard officials who released the picture for publication, said Alpert was questioned for hours by naval intelligence officers but held to his story that he had not superimposed the lights or otherwise faked the picture.

Alpert told investigators that July 16 was a "very hot day" and that the lights may have been some sort of refraction of ground reflections.

That has been the official Air Force explanation for many so-called "saucer reports."

Only Thursday Air Force chief of staff Hoyt S. Vandenberg scoffed at the saucer reports and voiced hope "mass hysteria" over them would soon pass.

- - - - - - -

[Note: Another version of this national newswire story, as published in the Benton Harbor, Michigan News Palladium the same day stated...]

Flaherty told authorities, "I actually could not say it was anything. It could have been reflections from passing cars or from the ocean."

Alpert said he was unable to determine the size of the lights, their number, altitude, speed, direction or shape. He said he heard no sound. He added that because it was an extremely hot day "perhaps some sort of refraction or ground reflections could possibly have accounted for the lights, but in my estimation this is an improbable explanation."

Alpert said his 4x5 camera was set at infinity, 1/50 of a second at F4.7.

Experts in photography said the negative shown to newsmen here showed no evidence of touching up. The negative was clear and unscratched.

Dunkirk, New York Evening Observer - 1 Aug 52

Ex-war Flier Now Believer

BUFFALO -- Richard R. Bevan of Kenmore, a World War Air Force veteran, doubted the existence of "flying saucers" until yesterday. Then, he said, he saw one.

"My skepticism no longer exists," he said.

Bevan said he was driving near Buffalo when he spotted the "saucer" and watched it for about five minutes until it suddenly disappeared.

Four Buffalo residents said they watched "a big, round, bright yellow glow" about the size of "a street light" in the sky last night as they sat on the steps of their home.

A roving crew from a local radio station, however, failed to spot any strange objects. It was the crew's second successive, night of watching.

Paterson, New Jersey Morning Call - 1 Aug 52

Morning Call

Flying saucer? That's what is is [sic], according to John H. Riley, a professional photographer, of 571 Main St. He said he snapped these two pictures near 221 Brook Ave., Passaic, about 10:15 a.m. yesterday, as the disc "hovered 200 feet above the ground." Photo at left, Riley said, shows disc tilted "as though observing the ground." At right, he said the disc is shown shortly before it gathered speed and disappeared.

Is This Object, Seen In Passaic, A 'Saucer'?

John H. Riley, 28, of 571 Main St., is a photographer who believes a picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.

So into The Call office he came last night, as the phones rang with reports of flying saucers in this area, to produce photographic evidence according to him, that there are such aerial objects.

He thumbed through a dozen or so pictures of a mysterious thing he said he and friend, George J. Stock, spotted yesterday morning near Stock's home at 221 Brooks Ave., Passaic.

According to Riley, the saucer was traveling southeast at a leisurely speed when it was sighted by Stock. As it drew nearer, Riley said, it came almost to a complete stop and hovered overhead, about 200 feet from the ground for several moments.

"It was so near," Riley said, "it could have been hit with a rifle."

He described the disc as being 30 feet in diameter and grayish in color with a large dome jutting from its center. Riley said the saucer made no sound, either when it was hovering or moving.

Before taking off again in a southwest direction, Riley said, "It tilted as though to observe the ground." The saucer picked up speed as it gradually disappeared, he said.

Riley said he snapped several pictures of the disc as it hovered almost motionless 200 feet above him. The developed photos showed some type of dome shaped disc at a low altitude above a row of trees.

We looked the prints over for a while, agreed that it wasn't a kite and decided that the pictures had at least one value.

Many of our readers haven't seen any crockery flying overhead, either because they don't stay up late or because television is more dependable to the expectant viewer.

The pictures may not exactly fit the descriptions of flying saucers you've heard about, but identifications of the objects do vary widely.

It's your guess as well as ours.

Monessen, Pennsylvania Daily Independent - 1 Aug 52

Flying Saucer Craze Reaches District Skies

The flying saucer craze may have worn off in other parts of the country, but it's just working up a full head of steam in Monessen.

At 11:10 a.m. today, three of the things were seen by Eleanor Fontanelli, 19, of 376 Schoonmaker avenue.

She was the second local person to report seeing the things that the Air Force has labeled optical illusions and temperature inversions. The other was Mrs. George Cook, of 1528 Meadow avenue, who was with several members of her family when the discs were spotted.

Miss Fontanelli was hanging clothes in the backyard of her home when she glanced skyward and saw three silvery, slow-moving flying saucers.

Frightened, she ran to the house to notify her mother. When the two women returned, the saucers had disappeared.

"They looked as big as airplanes," Miss Fontanelli said, "and I sure was scared. I ran in the house as soon as I saw them"

Unsourced Newspaper Clipping From Project Blue Book files - 1 Aug 52

2 Jet Pilots See Object

DAYTON, Ohio. Aug. 1 -- Jet interceptor pilots reported to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base officials today they saw an object in the sky which they didn't think was a light reflection.

It was the first time pilots checking on flying saucer reports here had made such a positive statement.

The two interceptors were sent up about 1:45 a.m. after the base had received five or six reports of "flying saucers."

They told officers they went up about 17,000 feet and for about 10 seconds watched a bright object which hovered above them. It then disappeared at "a high rate of speed."

"We deliberately maneuvered around to make sure it wasn't a light reflection. At first it appeared red and white and then white only," they said.

The pilots, attached to the 97th Fighter Wing, were Maj. James B. Smith, and 1st Lt. Donald J. Hemer, recently transferred from O'Hare Air Force Base, Park Ridge, Ill.

The Air Technical Intelligence Center, in charge of "flying-saucer" investigations, immediately ordered the two pilots to stop commenting further on their experiences and ordered a ban on pictures of the two.

In the report to Capt. E.J. Ruppelt, in charge of "flying-saucer" studies, the two pilots said they were unable to estimate the object's location because "it was dark and there was nothing to compare it with."

Although the official report said the pilots observed the object for about ten seconds, that probably referred to the brief time they got a good look at it.

One of the pilots reported: "I don't think the light was a reflection. I deliberately maneuvered around it at several angles to make sure it wasn't a light reflection. If it had been, there would have been a change."

Madison, Wisconsin State Journal - 1 Aug 52

Flying Saucer Business Here Is Looking Up

The "flying saucers" reported in Thursday's State Journal were confirmed by two other persons Thursday, and five other Madison residents reported seeing unusual objects in the sky.

Three Madison women and two policemen, by early today, had reported an assortment of "flying saucers" ranging from white lines to green, white, and silver spheres and ovals.

City Patrolman James Behn, a World War II Navy Air force veteran, said he saw two "saucers," or the same one within a matter of minutes about 10:30 Thursday night.

He said he was at the corner of E. Main and S. Ingersoll sts. when he saw the silver object fly from the southwest to the southeast in an arc curving up and away from him. In both instances they were "gone in a flash," he said.

Dane County Jailer Robert O'Neil, a Marine air corps veteran said he saw an object "like nothing I've ever seen before" Monday night while standing in his back yard at 122 Harding st. He said it was white and looked like artists' drawings of the "saucers."

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Metcalf 111 N. Third st., reported seeing the same "strange round objects" flying southwest about 9 a.m. Wednesday that were reported Thursday.

Mrs. Doral Zamastil, 1706 Northfield pl., had earlier reported seeing them Wednesday morning.

Three others reported seeing "flying saucers" Thursday night. Mrs Mazy Meeteer, 517 E. Main st. said she was sitting on her front porch with Mrs. Helen Smith when they saw a long white streak in the sky north east of the city about 8 p.m. "It was just like someone took a piece of chalk and drew a line," Mrs. Meeter said.

Mrs. William Wollin, 5738 Cedar pl., said she was driving toward Madison on University ave. when she saw a "greenish looking eggshaped object coming straight down at tremendous speed."

She said she thought it was coming to crash, but when she stopped the car beside the road, it had noiselessly disappeared.

Madison, Wisconsin Capital Times - 1 Aug 52

'Cotton Balls' Are Seen Over Medford

MEDFORD, Wis. -- Seven objects that looked like "big balls of cotton" were spotted flying swiftly over Medford Thursday.

Earl Hoffman, Medford businessman, said the objects moved silently in a northeasterly direction "faster than any airplane I ever saw."

Hoffman said the "things" looked more like "big balls of cotton than anything else." Some were circular and some shaped like crescents he said. They disappeared over the horizon, Hoffman said.

Similar objects, were reported over Green Bay, Madison and Watertown Wednesday.

Chicago, Illinois Daily Herald - 1 Aug 52

Report Flying Saucers Over Arlington Heights

The office of Paddock Publications, Arlington Heights, received its first report of flying saucers over Arlington Heights, from Henry Weidner, who lives on Arlington Heights rd., just north of Dundee rd.

Weidner said he was in his yard about 10:50 a.m. Sunday when he noticed 12 or 15 flat looking objects flying overhead, leaving a trail of white flame about 50 feet wide. He said he could see no wings and that they looked entirely different from jets that have flown over the area in the past.

He estimated the objects were approximately 1,000 feet up and were traveling between 150 to 200 miles per hour.

"At first I could hear a low rumbling noise," said Weidner, "but later I couldn't hear a thing."

The objects circled the area for approximately 25 minutes and then headed due south. Weidner's mother also saw them.

Mount Prospect, Illinois Herald - 1 Aug 52

Personal Notes

Have You Seen –

A flying saucer -- or its equivalent by any name? Mrs. Sibley McCaslin reports that Sunday morning at 10:35, shortly after 15 B36 bombers had passed overhead she saw in the sky a bright light, something like a metallic sphere, going at a fantastic speed, traveling from the northwest to the southwest until it went up and disappeared. She was not surprised to read in the next morning's newspaper that the lights had been seen by observers in 19 states, that jets had been sent out to pursue them, and that radar reported an unidentifiable object in the skies. What it was Mrs. McCaslin does not know, but she is positive it was no mirage.

Mt. Vernon, Illinois Register-News - 1 Aug 52

"Flying Saucer" Is Seen By Residents of Belle Rive

Folks in the Belle Rive neighborhood are talking about a "flying saucer," which was plainly visible late yesterday afternoon for at least ten minutes.

F.C. Wilbanks and his wife, Cora, who reside a half mile west of Belle Rive watched the shiny object through field glasses for several minutes.

Mr. Wilbanks said his wife saw the "flying saucer" first. He got his field glasses and he and his wife took turns training them on the object high in the sky.

"It was shaped like a long cylinder," said Mr. Wilbanks. "It was bright and shiny when it was standing still, then suddenly it would start whirling and change to a brownish and reddish color. Then it would stand still again and would change back to a bright and shiny object."

The "flying saucer" was flying high and apparently far away.

"Suddenly the object started moving with great speed to the southeast," said Mr. Wilbanks, "and in a matter of seconds it was out of sight."

The object appeared bigger than a gallon bucket, even from a great distance, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbanks reported.

It was the second "flying saucer" Mr. Wilbanks has seen. Two years ago he saw one, but it was traveling fast and was out of sight in a short time.

Harrisburg, Illinois Daily Register - 1 Aug 52

Bright Object Seen in Sky Here

A bright object in the sky seen by a number of people Wednesday night has been causing comment in the area.

Elton Rust first reported it to a Register reporter. He said he and his wife saw it from the Harrisburg drive-in theatre. The shape of an egg, it was blue inside with a red nose and sides and it swished across the sky. he said he believed it was some sort of a comet.

Mrs. Mary Lindsay said she saw an object from the swimming pool. To her it appeared to have a crescent shape and have a greenish color.

From Carrier Mills comes the report that on the same night Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cole and Mr. and Mrs. William Chavis saw an object which had a bluish white light. It zoomed across the sky from the east to the southwest, they declared.

Mrs. Lavern Fellers, Carbondale, also reported seeing a flying saucer that looked like a "big light bulb." She said the "saucer" changed from a white to a red dish color and sprouted a short tail before it disappeared.

In the St. Louis area, residents reported seeing a bluish green object in the northwestern sky about the same time it was seen in these parts.

The regional director of the American Meteor society at St. Louis said what was seen was very likely a meteor as this is the period for an annual meteor shower.

Massillon, Ohio Evening Independent - 1 Aug 52

Saw Greenish Light In Sky

ST. LOUIS -- An object with a greenish light was sighted in the sky south of St. Louis Wednesday night by at least three persons who described it as a "flying saucer."

They reported viewing the phenomenon about 30 minutes after a similar "saucer" was reported directly over Hot Springs, Ark.

Blytheville, Arkansas Courier News - 1 Aug 52

'Object' Seen Here Reported At Other Points

There was something up there, all right.

Numerous Blytheville residents who reported seeing "a light in the sky" night before last were backed up by reports from throughout this part of the country.

Many of the reports from other communities, in fact, went farther than the local descriptions. While all Blytheville people who observed the object referred to the "the light," many reports openly called the object "the flying saucer."

Practically all reports gave the time of the observance as between 8:15 and 8:45 p.m., and most listed the hour as approximately 8:30, the time the object was sighted here.

Reports specifically coinciding with the Blytheville "light" came from St. Louis, Paragould, Clarksdale, Miss., Hot Springs, Walnut Ridge, Little Rock, pilots in flight and several lesser communities.

There were indications that the object was visible throughout the Mississippi Valley. Press services and newspapers yesterday and today recounted at length "observations" made on the object by viewers throughout the area. No authoritative sources, as yet, have attempted to attribute the appearance of the "light" to a shooting star, or other natural phenomena.

Apparently, many Blytheville residents in addition to those reporting having seen the object viewed the luminar display, but had dismissed the incident as "nothing special."

Burlington, Iowa Hawk-Eye Gazette - 1 Aug 52

We've Seen Our First Flying Saucer

We've long held flying saucers largely in the same category with messages through spirit mediums or the works of magicians who saw luscious blondes in 2.

In a word, we haven't taken much stock in them but we've always kept our fingers crossed. After all, it must be admitted there are things every now and then that can't be explained except as supernatural.

Well, we've seen our first flying saucer . . . or something which we're going to catalog as such among our experiences. It came just a few nights after the dither that was kicked up over the mysterious objects in the heavens above the ordnance plant last Saturday night.

Our experience was the past Wednesday evening, about half past 8, when we were on our way home from a little jaunt to Mediapolis. We were cruising along at a modest rate, thoroughly enjoying the delightfully cool evening after so many days of excruciating heat.

It was out on US-61 and we had just about reached the point where you drop off into the wide valley formed by Flint creek . . . or should we refer to it as Flint river? Anyhow, there appeared in the southwestern sky something that resembled a tremendous teardrop moving very rapidly with the bulbous end of it ahead.

The thing was glowing with a pale blue light and vapor of a lighter color was thrown off all around it. Two of us saw it at the same time, and neither had had anything stronger to drink than a glass of iced tea. It lasted only a few seconds and appeared to plunge into the earth, off in the general direction of the ordnance plant area. It could have been that our vision was obscured by the rapidly encroaching horizon as we drove down into the valley and that the celestial stranger merely charged off into infinity.

Well, that's all there is to it. We don't know whether it was a flying saucer or not. But we do know we saw something very unusual and strange. Until somebody comes up with a better explanation, we'll line up with the "I've-seen-a-flying-saucer" club.

Billings, Montana Gazette - 1 Aug 52

'Flying Saucer' Resembles Spider

A "flying saucer" which flashed over Laurel looked like "a spider or a wagon wheel without a rim" to H.M. Phelps of Laurel.

Phelps, a fireman in the Laurel railroad yards, was working in the yards when he noticed what appeared to be a cloud. Observing there were no clouds in the sky Phelps said he took a closer look.

The "saucer," Phelps said, was traveling at terrific speed in a northwesterly direction. He estimated its altitude at one mile, and its color as white.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal - 1 Aug 52

Californians See An Odd Skyful

LOS ANGELES, July 31 -- Four California witnesses said today that they saw "flying ironing boards," cigar shaped objects, "fire discs" and "flying saucers" in the sky late last night.

The weird conglomeration appeared to be spotted mainly in Compton.

Harry T. Laughran, son of Compton's mayor, said that he and his wife observed "a bright ball in the skies" at about 10:40 p.m. "All of a sudden," he said, "it seemed to assume another angle and split into 9 or 10 pieces. Then the lights went out."

Judy Andry reported she saw something at about the same time but it looked like a flying ironing board.

Francis E. Bauer described what he saw as fire discs.

R.A. Lang said that cigar-shaped objects "darted in and out of the clouds above Los Angeles."

Redlands, California Daily Facts - 1 Aug 52

Saucers Seen Over Hollywood Bowl

HOLLYWOOD -- A "flying saucer," apparently unable to rouse an audience in the usual way, tried to steal the show from concert musicians staging a symphony at the Hollywood Bowl last night.

Several persons seated in the Bowl at last night's performance said they saw a "strange white object whiz directly overhead, moving from north to south.

Nancy Spaulding, 21, of Highland Park, her escort, and others sitting near them, all agreed that the light was not from a plane or searchlight. Miss Spaulding said they heard no sound from it and it was visible for approximately one minute.

Another "flying saucer" witness, Douglas Aircraft engineer Raymond D. Angier, wrote out a detailed description of a sighting he made at dusk Wednesday over Burbank.

Angier described how he and his sister-in-law, Mary Angier, first saw "an extremely bright, blue-white light flash on at about 10,000 feet altitude."

He said the arc-like light was "much brighter than 100 airplane landing lights."

Tangier, Morocco Espana - 1 Aug 52

Andujar Residents Report Saucer

The Cifra news agency reports that on the night of 30 July 1952, many residents of Andujar, Spain, saw what was presumed to be a so-called flying saucer. The object was red, round, and approximately the size of a desert dish. It flew noiselessly, at great speed, and left behind a long trail of very bright greenish light.

Oran, Algeria Echo d 'Oran - 1 Aug 52

Observe Unusual Flying Object For Over A Minute

At 1130 hours on 31 July 1952, an Oran resident and his wife, while driving on the road between Saint Denis Du Sig and Le Tlelat, saw something flying in the sky about 1,000 meters up. They stopped the car and watched its course for about 1-1/2 minutes. It was spindle shaped and tapered at both ends. It differed from ordinary aircraft in that it showed no exhaust smoke, made no noise, and bad a great speed.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin Daily Northwestern - 2 Aug 52

"Flying Saucers" Sighted in Korea and Japan, Report

SEOUL -- Those "flying saucers" have popped up in Korea And Japan.

A Canadian destroyer recently reported sighting two such objects and recorded them on its radar, it was learned here today.

A Navy report said 40 officers and crew members of the destroyer Crusader saw the "saucers" the night of July 10. All had the familiar qualities of the puzzling flying discs.

The report, addressed to the commanders of the Far East Naval Forces and the Fifth Air Force, said the ship's radar registered "fixes" on the objects. It placed them two miles high and seven miles away.

The report said the objects disappeared before dawn.

A second report a day or two later dismissed the radar find as the planet Jupiter. One officer commented, however: "Jupiter doesn't come in pairs and it is several million miles out of range of our radar."

The only previous report of "flying saucer" sightings in Korea cropped up last February. Crews of the two night-flying bombers said they saw saucer-like objects moving over North Korea.

Tokyo, too, had a saucer report. Kosuke Miyazaki, 27, of the Central Meteorological Observatory said he saw a greenish-white thing with a tail flying through the sky Friday night.

Oneonta, New York Star - 2 Aug 52

Flying Saucers, Or Reasonable Facsimile, Visit Oneonta Area

Well, we knew it would happen.

Flying saucers have arrived over Oneonta, also over Afton, Sidney and Otego.

First reports of the sky-riding-discs came to The Star from Otego shortly after noon yesterday. Walden Snelson of Lincoln Park, N.J., who is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Monroe Hotaling, that village, telephoned The Start that the skies over Otego had suddenly become the object of considerable curiosity.

Mr. Snelson said that a crowd of considerable proportions had been gazing upwards for an hour or so, watching five or six "saucers" which appeared to be moving perpendicularly at an extremely high altitude. He described them as "very bright disks."

The saucers over Sidney were more numerous and they practically disrupted defense work at Scintilla. Hundreds of workers gathered outside Scintilla buildings, peering upwards at what was described as a whole flotilla of very bright, shiny balls, moving rapidly in a northerly direction.

Irving Parsons, 19 Draper St., who works at Scintilla, told The Star last night that he estimated there were 60 to 75 objects shaped like "ping pong" balls, moving very high, Mr. Parsons said they appeared to be traveling in no apparent formation.

His son, Lyon, 12, said that he spotted three of the discs from his Draper Street home about 6 last night and added that they were proceeding easterly.

And over Afton, residents reported seeing groups of mysterious high-flying objects for more than four hours yesterday.

Griffiss Air Force Base at Rome sent jet planes to check the area and an Air Force spokesman said the base had received reports of "unidentified objects" over the Chenango County area.

Capt. Lawrence Browne, public information officer at Griffiss Air Force Base, said that "a number" of jet planes were diverted to the south-central part of the state to investigate, but could not find anything. He said the pilots "thoroughly canvassed" the area twice.

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald - 2 Aug 52

Disk Whirls Over Titusville

Add local flying object reports. One was spotted hovering high in the sky over Titusville about, two o'clock yesterday afternoon by a couple who prefer to remain anonymous. The man said it looked like a rather small, whirling disk. As they watched it rotated rapidly like a top but seemed to remain stationary in the sky.

They watched for several minutes during which it did not seem to move. It was still in sight when the man lost interest, he said. He added that he had been skeptical about saucers but wasn't anymore.

Another resident said that he saw a white light in the sky which seemed to jerk from place to place about 3 p.m. He watched the light for a while and then decided his eyes were playing him tricks. So he remains a skeptic -- but a not-so-sure one.

A woman who did not identify herself called The Herald to say the uranium story on yesterday's Page One was the clue to what the objects are.

Toledo, Ohio Blade - 2 Aug 52

2 Airmen Report Strange Object Over Toledo Airport

Two Toledoans who have been in aviation many years reported serving a strange object move across the sky about 11 a.m. yesterday.

George Skistimas, general manager of Toledo Air Associates said he and Lloyd Fuller, Electric Auto-Lite pilot, were standing near the TAA hangar at municipal Airport when they sighted the round, dull-white object nearly directly overhead.

The object moved in a westerly direction, Mr. Skistimas said. It disappeared in about 5 or 10 seconds, he added, although it had not gone below the horizon. The object did not give off any light or leave a smoke trail, he said.

The TAA manager said neither he nor Mr. Fuller had previously seen a similar object.

Toledo, Ohio Blade - 2 Aug 52

Woman Reports Seeing Flying Aerial Object

Mrs. B.H. Eisenmann, 6206 South Ave., reported she saw a silvery object moving at a high speed over Toledo about 2:10 p.m. yesterday. The object also was spotted by several other persons with her, she said. She reported the object as being about twice the size of a golf ball.

Lima, Ohio News - 2 Aug 52

Objects Appear in Lima Skies

"Flying saucers" were back over the Lima area again Friday afternoon.

W.M. Stevenson, living about 5½ miles east of Lima on Route 81, told highway patrolmen he spotted what he described as two saucer- shaped objects in the sky above his farm about 2:30 p.m. Friday.

"One was high overhead, going west," Stevenson told patrolman Dwight Carey. "A plane approached and the object changed direction and headed northwest. About that time another object came into view behind the first one. Then they both flew out of sight."

Carey said he relayed the report to District A headquarters, Findlay.

Kokomo, Indiana Tribune - 2 Aug 52

Another Whatsit Is Reported Here

Another "flying saucer'' was reported to The Tribune Friday night by Helen Duke who said she saw one of the weird-looking objects shortly after 8 o'clock as she was coming into Kokomo from Alto in a car with her family.

She described the "saucer" as appearing to be the size of a washtub, about the color of a star, and said it was in the eastern sky and traveling in a north and south direction, going first south and then north before disappearing, leaving a trail of vapor in the sky.

Madison, Wisconsin State Journal - 2 Aug 52

Odd Objects Appear to Three More in City

Three more Madison residents reported seeing strange objects in the sky Friday night.

Earl Zansla and Terry Monson, Westmoreland blvd., said they were standing in a back yard in the 4100 block of Mineral Point rd. when they saw a bright, blue-green streak in the sky.

It appeared to be traveling in a soundless, very fast line from east to west, they said, and it was low in the sky. They saw it between 8:50 and 9 p.m.

Harold Gesme, 3746 Hammersley ave., said he was driving toward Madison on the Mineral Point road when the "saucer" went across the road in front of him, flying only "about 300 feet" high.

He said the object was about 8 feet by 5 feet, was white as a sheet" and streaming white fire.

Gesme said he saw the soundless "saucer" about 10:30.

I've never seen anything like that before in my life," he said.

Madison, Wisconsin State Journal - 2 Aug 52

8 See 'Silver Object' Cross Merrimac Sky

Eight adults reported watching a "long silver object" for 15 minutes Thursday night as it flew across 50 miles of sky near Merrimac.

Walter Imhoff, who lives on the east side of the Wisconsin river near Merrimac, told The State Journal that he and the seven others estimated that the object was several hundred feet long and was about 50,000 feet high.

When they first spotted it, they thought the object was a long white cloud but then it moved toward the southwestern horizon. After a complete circuit of the sky, it ascended rapidly, and headed toward Madison before it disappeared, Imhoff said.

Truax Field officials told him it could not have been a jet plane since it made no noise, Imhoff reported. The object was too high to be seen clearly, but Imhoff said that it was long and narrow, and not like a "conventional saucer."

Among residents of the area who saw the object were Mr. and Mrs. Imhoff, and Mr. And Mrs. Job Collins. The other four were Illinois residents.

El Paso, Texas Herald-Post - 2 Aug 52

Carlsbad Builder Sees Big Saucer

ALBUQUERQUE, Aug 2. – Now it's a saucer 12 feet high and 7 feet across that goes faster than any jet plane, turns sharply without slowing down, and is make of frosted stainless steel.

This report was received today by Dr. Lincoln La Paz, director of the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico. It came from T.L. Cox [sic, other times referred to as "Fox"], Carlsbad contractor.

Fox related this story:

"One morning last week, about 6:30 a.m. I was standing in my back yard when I noticed an object gliding from the north. I thought it was a balloon and a I figured it would land in the cemetery, so I started for my car to go after it."

Levels Off

Before he could get to his car "the thing had grown many times its size and had leveled off.

"It then, to my astonishment, maneuvered and shot forward with a burst of speed toward the Carlsbad airport."

Fox, who has worked on air bases as a contractor and observed maneuvering jet planes, declared:

"This burst of speed has never been equaled by any jet I know of and no plane with wings attached could have made that sharp a turn." He estimated its speed at more than 1000 miles an hour.

"When it got to the airport it made another sharp turn without diminishing speed and headed south.

"It was the color of stainless steel that seemed to be slightly frosted over, giving it a bluish tint. When it caught the sun on the flat bottom side it gave off an orange glow for a second."

La Paz's comment: "It's another unknown object. However, the report is one of the most detailed we've had.

Redlands, California Daily Facts - 2 Aug 52

Flying Saucers Seen In Lancaster

LANCASTER -- Deputy sheriffs said today they saw two "flying saucers," one of which hovered over the earth for 15 minutes emitting "reddish-while light and swinging like a pendulum.".

Deputy Sheriff Tom Morriesy said the two objects drifted from high in the sky to an altitude of about 1,000 feet late last night. Then, he said, one of them leisurely moved off in a southeasterly direction but the other one "just hovered there swinging like a pendulum."

Officers said the interceptor command at George Air Force Base near Victorville was notified as well as the Civil Aeronautics Administration at Palmdale.

They said at least three interceptor planes were sent up to investigate.

The strange objects first were spotted by state Fish and Game Warden Jack Roof who notified the sheriff's office.

Unconfirmed reports said three more of the objects were spotted at about 1 a.m. today and deputies were dispatched to investigate.

Bakersfield, California Californian - 2 Aug 52

Mysterious Objects Streak in Night Across Desert Area

Scores of persons in the Mojave desert and Los Angeles county reported today that weird mystery objects resembling brilliantly lighted "flying saucers" hovered and streaked over the area during the night.

Reports that the air force sent up three of its fastest jet planes to chase the objects drew a crisp "no comment" from both George Air Force Base near Victorville and Norton Air Force Base at San Bernardino.

The eyewitnesses to the eerie sky goings-on included two deputy sheriffs, two experienced civil aeronautics observers, a game warden, a minister and numerous ranchers and residents.

The sheriffs substation at Lancaster said that the interceptor command at George Air Force Base had been immediately alerted to the phenomenon.

Air force officials at Victorville flatly refused to comment on any activity in connection with the saucer reports. They referred all inquiries to Norton A. F. Base near San Bernardino.

From San Bernardino officials, however, came the comment:

"There is no information we can give. There is no story."

Observers reported that the objects were bright yellow, red or copper colored.

The "formation of weird things" was first reported over Los Angeles shortly before midnight when the Reverend Louis Gardner of Highland Park said he observed a circular object "about the color of the moon, appearing very plainly just at the right side of the moon."

He said that the object faded out of sight after a brief time. The minister declared:

"I had just been saying I wished I could see one of those flying saucers when my companion and I looked up and there was the beautifully brilliant ball. It passed south of the moon and faded out".

Desert observers said that at midnight objects appeared in the sky and gleamed brightly .in the moonlight. One sky watcher said that one of the objects remained stationary for a full 10 minutes before disappearing.

Deputy Sheriffs Tom Morrissey and William D. Mallette said they observed the phenomenon while, cruising in a patrol car near Lancaster.

The law officials said that they stopped a passing car whose passengers -- Mr. and Mrs. Dale Taylor of Newhall -- observed the objects also. Said Mallette:

"We could not believe our eyes and we wanted witnesses to back us up."

The last report came from the C.A.A. office at Palmdale airport when Don Benson and Ray Hollingsworth declared that at 12:14 a.m. (P.D.T.) they saw what appeared to be a "saucer" west-northwest of the airport over the desert. Benson reported:

"It hovered over the mountains in one spot for about three minutes. It was bright and shining."

Galveston, Texas Daily News - 3 Aug 52

Pilot Sights Flying Saucer Like 'Big Star'

AUBURN, N.Y., Aug. 2 -- A pilot and former airport operator said he watched a "flying saucer" through powerful binoculars Saturday and it looked like "a great big star."

"I think the Army has something it isn't telling us about," concluded Carl L. Smith now an engineer for General Electric Co.

Smith, who holds a private pilot license and formerly owned an airport at Waterloo, N.Y., said that from his personal knowledge of flying, the object "did not maneuver like a plane."

His 12-power binoculars, through which he can see craters on the moon, did not bring the object any closer, he said.

"It was round and of a bluish white color and hovered in the sky for about 10 minutes," he said, before it "took off for the east, stayed there for another 10 or 15 minutes and then came back."

"It looked like a great big star. When it went to the east it changed from a bluish white to an amberlike color or greyish white," he added.

Syracuse, New York Post-Standard - 3 Aug 52

Disturbances in Heavens Reported Over Syracuse

Be it celestial phenomena, or domestic or enemy aerial weapon experimentation, there were heavenly disturbances over Syracuse last night.

Between 8:30 and 9 p.m. one or three fiery objects were reported. They were of varying sizes, both near and far away, and their viewers gave different descriptions of them.

Mr. And Mrs. Albert Adkins, 208 Green st., viewing the skies from the back porch of their home, sighted a large, brightly colored disc. They described it as appearing to be half as large as the moon.

They said the brilliant mass of light appeared to come out of the northeast and was very high in the sky. Its hue was a little brighter than orange.


It appeared to circle rapidly and then climb toward the moon. They lost sight of it behind a tree, after viewing its course for only a few seconds. The time of the sighting was set at approximately 9 p.m.

At the Syracuse Filter Center,  it was reported an unidentified civilian called there and reported seeing a lighted object in the sky about 8:45 p.m. This viewer's vantage point was a street corner. This object appeared to be moving from east to west and there was no report it appeared to be climbing toward the moon.

Another report of a moving lighted object in the sky was telephoned to the filter center last night, but it was later established to be of local derivation, probably fireworks.


The third report came from the Woodchuck Hill section. The object sighted there differed sharply from the others.

Four persons sighted what they referred to as a "tear-shaped" flying saucer. They sighted the object about 8:30 p.m., when it was not quite dark.

The fiery object was low in the sky, and its small body streamed a short tail of fire. It was coursing southward across the sky, swooped down once and then rose again and disappeared from view.

The combined observations of the four who sighted it was that this object was only a few hundred yards above ground.

St. Petersburg, Florida Times - 3 Aug 52

Now It's Wash Pans and Birdmen, Reports Have It

An orange colored object "about as big as a good-size wash pan" whisked out of the western clouds yesterday morning, hovered over the northwest section of the city and shyly retreated back into the clouds.

That's how Mrs. Hannth M. Detwiler, 4226 24th Street North, told of "what might have been one of those flying saucers."

Mrs. Detwiler called police seeking to find if anyone had reported a similar object. She checked with the neighbors, but the object had pierced the clouds at an inopportune time for the busy housewives in the area. None of them were looking skyward at the time.

Mrs. Detwiler said the object had no clear outline, just looked like a ball of light. It wasn't in the direction of the sun, she averred, although it might have been a reflection made in some manner.

The "thing" shot through the clouds, and that wasn't very high, Mrs. Detwiler said. Overcast was about 1,500 feet, local observers reported, at the time.

Coast Guard and airport officials said no sighting of the object had been reported to them. No other calls came into Police Headquarters.

Said Mrs. Detwiler: "If anyone else saw this thing I wish they'd let me know. I know I saw something."

Fantastic Tale

MRS. DETWILER's report followed on the heels of a fantastic tale told Friday night at Police Headquarters. Name of the tale-bearers were not recorded.

This was the story:

A string of 10 or 15 "flying saucers" in formation flew out of the western sky over Indian Rocks and headed toward Tampa. The group of "bluish balls" of light turned back and came toward Indian Rocks.

A strange creature fell from one of the objects. The creature was described as looking like a bird, but with hair instead of feathers, and a light atop the little head.

The wild rumor had it that newspaper photographers had gotten pictures of the creature. A check of area papers revealed no such picture was taken.

The Times also received two telephone calls the same night. An unidentified woman, the caller both times, reported seeing the formation of "saucers." Unfortunately Times personnel were unable to see the objects.

Mansfield, Ohio News Journal - 3 Aug 52

Mansfield Personalities During Past Week



As reports of flying saucers continued to pour in from all sections of the nation, as well as from Japan and Korea last week, William V. "Val" Isham continued to hold the distinction of being the only Mansfielder to report seeing the flying discs. . . He made his report several months ago after he observed one while using his astronomy equipment near the city. . . A chemist at Tappan Stove Co. for the past eight years, he came to Mansfield from Cleveland in 1923 and was in the service prior to that attack at Pearl Harbor. . . Lives at 466 Davey Ave.

Hutchinson, Kansas News Herald - 3 Aug 52

Like A Christmas Tree

Washington can't lay claim to seeing all the flying saucers.

Four Hutchinson men, Leo M. Schell, his father, Leo Schell, John Swanson and Vern Martens, saw what they "think is the same thing the air force has been seeing" around 9 p.m. Friday. The men were standing near the YMCA-church softball diamond on the Fairgrounds.

"It looked like a Christmas tree," young Schell declared Saturday. "The lights were bright green with a larger one on the tip of the V. It was straight north and fell in an arc to the east. It was five seconds."

Santa Fe, New Mexico New Mexican - 3 Aug 52

Oklahomans See Lights 3rd Week

ADA, Okla. -- A group of strange, saucer-shaped objects, glowing with white and amber lights, streaked through the night sky over this East-Central Oklahoma City Saturday night, giving hundreds of residents an aerial display.

Charley Rhoads, veteran reporter with the Ada Evening News, said it was the third consecutive Saturday night that the "flying saucers" have been seen over Ada.

"The first one came over at about 9:20 p.m.," Rhoads said. "I got a good look at it for several seconds as it passed north of town in a northwesterly direction."

"The center was a sort of amber, with a bright white ring around it and an amber ring on the outside but even the darkest parts were lighter than the night sky.

"It was traveling tilted up on one side and some persons saw it for as much as a minute before it disappeared," Rhoads said.

He said he could not estimate its size or speed because he had no way of judging its altitude.

"About 10 minutes after the first one disappeared, a group of 10 came over. They were of exactly the same description and traveling in the same direction and at the same speed."

Lubbock, Texas Avalanche-Journal - 3 Aug 52

Two Different Groups Report Sightings Of Strange Objects In Lubbock Area Saturday

Two groups of Lubbock residents have seen some of "those things," they said Saturday.

A saucer-shaped flying metal object was seen over Lubbock County Club golf course by at least six Lubbock men about 9 a.m. Saturday, they said.

Another group saw something that challenged their credulity about 11 p.m. Friday at Buffalo Lakes.

Jim Gibbs, 2013 36th St., and David Hobbs, 110 Ave. W, reported sighting a "flying saucer" when they were on Country Club's No. 8 tee, about 400 yards off the Plainview highway.

Disappeared Quickly

They said it seemed to be about 10 miles east of them and was traveling east.

"It was bigger than a man's hat, disc shape and real bright," Hobbs explained.

Gibbs said it looked about 24 or 36 inches in diameter, and was about 2,000 feet high. "We watched it about six minutes and it didn't seem to be moving at all," he said. "Then we started walking toward it -- over to the highway to stop somebody else to look at it so people wouldn't say we were crazy -- and it started off. In less than 20 seconds that thing was completely out of sight," he explained.

"It didn't change altitudes in any way," Hobbs said.

"I never believed any of this stuff," Gibbs admitted, "but I'd take an oath that it wasn't an airplane or light reflecting off the ground."

"The edge would drop down and you could see the surface, and then it would shift so that you saw only a thin edge. It didn't seem to be thick at all," Gibbs said.

After the two men got back to the club house, three other golfers said they had seen the object too, from No. 4 tee.

Dewey Heath, 4002 45th St., reporting on the Buffalo Lakes phenomena, put it this way:

"I never believed much in the reports -- but seeing is believing."

Lights Behaved Strangely

He and a group at Buffalo Lakes said they saw two fantastic lights -- fantastic from the standpoint of how the lights behaved.

Mrs. Heath and Miss Louise Johnson, also of Lubbock, saw what Heath described.

"I judge whatever they were flew as close as 30 feet apart," he said. "They would move slowly, then flash half-way across the sky. It seemed they would come directly over the lake, then sharply curve and flash away into the west so far the lights appeared dimmed, then come back.

"The lights seemed more like a reflection than an emanation and would flare blue-like occasionally. They were more red than stars. They seemed like solid lights moving, and we could not detect any form to them. They were very high. We saw a plane at one time and it did not seem more than half as high as the other objects."

Heath said the lights did not change altitude much except once, when they seemed to dip down 1,000 feet or so.

Galveston, Texas Daily News - 3 Aug 52

Flying Saucer Reported Seen Saturday South of Hitchcock

A strange, gleaming object moving across the night-time sky early Saturday brought in the latest flying saucer report to the News.

Harry O. Stanley, who lives three miles south of Hitchcock on highway 6, said he saw what appeared to be a flying saucer between 1:30 and 1:45 a.m.

He said he first noticed something unusual when dogs began baking and chickens were cackling and crowing like it was dawn. He went outside and found it bright enough "to read a newspaper."

Looking up, he said he saw a round, gold-yellow object with a tail streaming behind it at an altitude of about 12,000 feet.

The object was moving faster than an airplane. It was traveling northeast and disappeared after about 30 seconds.

He estimated the diameter of the object from 12 to 15 feet and the tail strung out for about 6 to 8 feet. The tail, he said, sparked like a fuse. The whole object was shaped somewhat like a stingaree.

Stanley said he didn't see any clouds in the sky. The moon was pretty far down in the west. It was the first time, he said, that he had ever seen such an object.

Santa Fe, New Mexico New Mexican - 3 Aug 52

Air Forcers Confirm Hill Saucer Story

WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 -- The Air Force said today an "unidentified object" has been reported flying over Los Alamos, N.M., site of major atomic energy installations.

An Air Force spokesman said the sightings were reported last Tuesday, about noon.

Observers on the ground reported watching, through binoculars, something shiny and apparently metallic in the sky for 30 minutes. They said the object was traveling at high but erratic speed.

Three jet fighters were asked to investigate. While the planes were in the air, the same object or a similar one was observed from the ground for about two minutes, but was not seen by the fighter pilots.

A ground observer said the object made a 360 degree turn to get in the rear of the fighters.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal - 3 Aug 52

Los Alamos Woman Reports Seeing Flying Pie Plates

LOS ALAMOS, Aug. 2 -- A Los Alamos housewife says she saw two objects over Los Alamos "just as round and shiny as brand new pie plates" shortly before noon last Tuesday.

The Air Force said in Washington today an "unidentified object" was observed from the ground at Los Alamos at about noon that day but that three jet fighters sent to investigate could not find them.

"People would say I am crazy or looking for publicity if I let you use my name," the housewife said.

She said she saw three jets and saw the objects ahead of one of the planes.

"There were two of them, just as round and shiny as brand new pie plates," she said. "I guess they were six to eight miles ahead of the jets, moving along together with a little space between them. There was no smoke nor vapor behind them, so they seemed to hover or float compared with the jet, which I could see was moving rapidly because of the vapor trail behind it.

"The only way I can describe them is to say they were perfectly round disks. They looked just as a pie plate would look if you held it in front of you above your eye level and moved it across.

"They were edge-on but so high I could see the round shape as well as the side edge. The disks were thicker in the middle than around the outside and were much bigger than the jet plane.

"The saucers moved clear across the sky towards the southeast with the jet after them in about three minutes. Then in the bat of an eye they seemed to get smaller and all of a sudden went up and disappeared. The jet went up, too, when it got to the same place and looked around for quite a while before it gave up and went toward Albuquerque."

Santa Fe, New Mexico New Mexican - 3 Aug 52

They're 12 Feet High, Seven Across

ALBUQUERQUE -- Now it's a saucer 12 feet across that goes faster than any jet plane, turns sharply without slowing down and is made of frosted stainless steel.

This report was received Saturday by Dr. Lincoln La Paz, director of the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico. It came from T.L. Fox, Carlsbad contractor.

Fox related this story:

"One morning last week, about 6:30 a.m., I was standing in my back yard when I noticed an object gliding from the north. I thought it was a balloon and I figured it would land in the cemetery, so I started for my car to go after it."

Before he could get to his car, the thing had grown many times in size and had leveled off.

"It then, to my astonishment, maneuvered and shot forward with a burst of speed toward the Carlsbad airport."

Fox, who has worked on air bases as a contractor and observed maneuvering jet planes, declared:

"This burst of speed has never been equaled by any jet I know of and no plane with wings attached could have made that sharp a turn." He estimated its speed at more than 1,000 miles per hour.

"When it got to the airport it made another sharp turn without diminishing speed and headed south.

"It was the color of stainless steel that that seemed to be slightly frosted over, giving it a bluish tint. When it caught the sun on the flat bottom side it gave off an orange glow for a second."

La Paz' comment: "It's another unknown object. However, the report is one of the most detailed we've had."

Salt Lake City, Utah Deseret News - 3 Aug 52

Amateur Astronomer Sees Bingham Saucers

A Salt Lake amateur astronomer said Saturday that he saw "flying saucers" over Bingham Canyon.

Rex L. Christensen, 239 East South Temple St., former professor at Carbon College Price, told how he and his mother witnessed the phenomena at 12:13 a.m. Saturday while they sat on the porch of her apartment.

"We were mutual witnesses to the most extraordinary display of aerial phenomena we have ever seen. It lasted about a minute," Mr. Christensen.

Mr. Christensen, who reported he and his mother had been discussing "flying saucers" at the time, said 20 or 30 objects "like white auto lights only much dimmer," appeared about 20 degrees above the horizon and flew westward at intense velocity.

"They disappeared for a moment and then reappeared, traveling in the direction of the city," he said. "As they approached, eight of them assumed a 'V' formation, turning so that we could see the transverse side. As they approached, they seemed to grow larger."

According to Mr. Christensen, the objects were very similar to four saucers shown in a Coast Guard photo published Friday in the News. He said the edges were rough and there was a streak of amber light blended with the white. He said the altitude must have been around 20,000 feet, and the speed in excess of any known human machine.

U.S. Weather Bureau officials said storm clouds (cumulus and cirrus) were in the sky at the time and under such conditions reflecting temperature inversions or skyline mirages are almost impossible.

Bingham police said no one in the Bingham area reported seeing objects in the sky at that time.

Meanwhile Hill Air Force Base reported an unidentified aerial object was reported sighted at noon Saturday. According to the control tower, the object was reported about 20 miles south of Burley, Ida., and a plane was sent to investigate.

The pilot reported to the base that the object was sighted at about 40,000 feet, but when he tried to get a closer look, the object disappeared.

Salt Lake City, Utah Tribune - 3 Aug 52

Squadrons of Saucers Sighted Over Utah, Southern Idaho

A rash of flying saucer reports broke out Saturday in Salt Lake City and southern Idaho.

Three persons in Salt Lake City described strange lights in the sky early Saturday morning.

Police officers in American Falls, Burley and Pocatello said they saw a flying saucer dipping and weaving over southeastern Idaho.

Rex L. Christensen and his mother, Mrs. June Erickson, reported they were sitting on a third floor veranda at 239 E South Temple Saturday at 12:13 a.m. and observed a cluster of about 30 white lights moving like a flock of birds about 20 degrees above the horizon over Bingham.

Mr. Christensen, a veteran of Korea whose hobby is astronomy, said the objects disappeared to the southwest and in about two seconds, nine of them reappeared in V-formation, heading toward the city before they veered off and disappeared to the west less than a minute later.

He described them as being soft white lights with amber tints, elliptical in shape and moving at tremendous speed at about 20,000 feet. Mrs. Edna Saunders, 755 E. 1910 South, said she saw two flying saucers about 2:30 p.m. and watched them for 15 minutes as they moved at high speeds or hovered over the city before they disappeared into the north over City Creek Canyon.

At American Falls, Ida., Power County Sheriff Bill Hoehnen radioed the Cassia County Sheriff's office at Burley to ask if personnel there could see a flying saucer west of Rockland.

The Burley officers stepped outside and saw the saucer.

Twin Falls, Idaho Times News - 3 Aug 52

Pot Shots


Flying saucers make a swishing sound. 'Sfact. But only when they fly real low. Naturally, you can expect some sort of sound when they swoop down out of the sky because air will make a noise against a rock if you can throw it hard enough.

But Mrs. E.F. Wodtke, route 2 Jerome, isn't claiming what her family heard a flying saucer. She merely says they heard a swishing sound about 4:30 or 5 p.m. Tuesday. When the family dashed outside to see what was going on, they spotted a silverish object going south toward Twin Falls.

Mrs. Wodtke says the sound wasn't a motor sound such as would be made by a jet plane. Just a swishing and quite brief. Mrs. Wodtke and two daughters heard it. They couldn't describe the object other than to say it was a silverish object.

So Pot Shots turned the information over to the Pot Shots Flying Saucer Research department. The PSFSRD came up with the information that there must be some sort of noise attached to flying saucers and the best one to expect, because of speed, is SWISSSHHH!

Blytheville, Arkansas Courier News - 4 Aug 52

Japanese Say Saucers Are Only 'Meteors'

TOKYO -- The newspaper Yomiuri said Monday it had received more than 150 letters from persons reporting they saw flying saucers over Japan Friday night.

Japanese astrologers, however unanimously agreed the objects were meteors.

In Taipeh, Formosa, newspapers quoted a Chinese man and wife as saying they saw two shiny circles Saturday morning streak eastward across the city at 10 minute intervals. The couple described them as going faster than a jet but slower than a meteor.

New London, Connecticut Day - 4 Aug 52

Sky 'Whatzits' Seen Here; Woman Gives Vivid Account

Flying saucers were seen Friday night by persons in Waterford and Groton.

The first local report of the phenomenon which has stirred nationwide interest results from careful observation by the wife of a master mariner, checked and affirmed by two members of the family.

They are the more certain they saw what they saw because Saturday, the very next afternoon, The Day printed a coast guard photograph taken July 16 at Salem, Mass. The cloud-like objects shown in formation in the photograph were identical to those in the sky over Waterford.

Mrs. Daniel O.M. Hanscom of Butlertown road, Waterford, today at request of The Day, related the experience which she had so carefully noted and timed. She was greatly interested but not alarmed by the spectacle.

In her conversation today she appeared to have been without preconception of the nature of strange objects previously reported by others and to have brought an open but eager mind to bear on what she so unexpectedly witnessed. Since science as yet has given no final explanation, she was willing to weigh all possibilities unemotionally. This includes the suggestion of inter-planetary communication several times made elsewhere. Mrs. Hanscom did not call hers spaceships; she did say they moved on a regular course at a seeming governed speed rather than drifting and changing aspect as do natural cloud formations.

Mrs. Hanscom's Story

Here is her account:

Her son, Edward Melville Mahoney of 12 Wild Rose place, Waterford, left his work at the First National store in Niantic at its closing at 9 p.m. Friday. He drove to his mother's home, about five miles from his own, to bring her a television set which had been repaired.

Mrs. Hanscom gave him supper and both went to the porch as he was leaving.

Mahoney exclaimed: "Mother, look at that funny cloud!"

It was a very clear night, Mrs. Hanscom said today. The moon and stars were bright. Through this clear sky rode a cloud-like object, standing out plainly in every detail. They brought a large but old German telescope from the house. They had no trouble in focusing it on the moon and stars but were unable to catch the saucer-cloud in it.

They were still on the porch when the telephone rang. It was Mrs. Mahoney. "My sister's husband (Sidney Perkins, also of 12 Wild Rose place) just telephoned that men at the Electric Boat wet dock said flying saucers were going over; I wish Melville would come right home."

Mahoney suggested to his wife that she step out and look at the sky, but she was fearful. Feeling that her daughter-in-law was upset, Mrs. Hanscom urged her son to hurry home.

Mrs. Hanscom then helped her nine year old daughter prepare for bed and tended to a few other household duties.

Her husband, Captain Hanscom, was aboard the motor vessel Orient of the New London Freight Lines and would not complete the ferry runs to Orient Point until early morning.

Gets Second Look

Finally at about 11 p.m. Mrs. Hanscom was free to step out on the porch again. She was rewarded at once with a still more impressive sight.

Out of the western sky came riding an unusual formation. It passed directly over the Hanscom house and disappeared in the east, she said. It was visible for nearly 20 minutes, Mrs. Hanscom estimated, she had time to observe closely and to fix her impression. She even had time to call her daughter down from her bedroom, and the child saw the same thing.

Both regarded it as a possibly important occasion with its value, apart from the personal thrill of seeing something for the first time, depending on the care with which they watched and later described what they saw. From such individual records, Mrs. Hanscom feels, scientists may be able to piece out a final sound explanation.

In the lead was the largest object. It was round, with scalloped edges. It gave an impression of thickness, which Mrs. Hanscom could only describe by comparison with the effect of a common doodle when a pencil draws with a circular concentric motion until it comes to a center point. From that point, of apparent maximum thickness, there protruded a tail. It was thick at the stub and tapered to nothing. It was not long, shorter than the diameter of the saucer.

"How large was this object, Mrs. Hanscom?"

"You know how hard it is to tell the size of something in the sky when you do not know the distance. My kitchen is about 30 feet by 15 feet. It appeared that the object could just about fit in my kitchen."

Behind this lead saucer came six or seven somewhat smaller ones. These seemed to be tailless.

On Orderly Course

Mrs. Hanscom noted particularly that they seemed to follow on a precise course. They did not, she said, spread or waiver in outline as do the clouds making a mackerel sky as they approach an observer.

When her husband arrived home that night, Mrs. Hanscom in describing her experience stressed to him her impression that this group moving on an ordered course with regulated speed greater than normal for clouds. And there were no other clouds in sight.

"I said to him: 'If it is habitants of another planet, this is their means of transportation."

Captain Hanscom had not used the Orients radar that night, for it was so clear navigation was easy. Intent on the management of the vessel and watch of the Long Island sound waters, he had made no sky observations.

Syracuse, New York Post-Standard - 4 Aug 52

Bold Saucers 'Survey' City in Daylight Flight

Flying saucers are getting braver. Three were sighted in daylight "sorties" across Syracuse skies yesterday afternoon.

Altho most saucer reports here were made by night observers George Gravatt, of the Onondage Chimney Co, Barker Hill rd., Jamesville, reported seeing three disc-like objects scooting around the skies over the Pioneer Housing Project about 4:20 p.m.

Watching thru eight-power binoculars, Mr. Gravatt said the fast flying object suddenly materialized out of the center of the sky, then veered west and south.

It appeared to be spinning: there was no motor noise and no exhaust or "glow." They were about the size of a full moon, he said.

The second disc appeared a minute or so after the first flying in a northerly direction. Two or three minutes later the third appeared, this time moving from west to east, Mr. Gravatt said.

They were flying "quite fast" and high, he commented.

Mr. Gravatt happened to spot the objects while examining chimneys at the housing project prepatory to entering bids on chimney construction tomorrow.

Standing in the shadow he spotted the saucers while scanning up and down one of the 50-foot chimneys.

While the first two objects flew out of range, the third seemed to disappear in a wisp of cloud, he reported.

Annapolis, Maryland Evening Capital - 4 Aug 52

This Flying Saucer Is An Orange One With Spot Of Red

Mrs. Rudolph Quade isn't sure just what it was that flashed across the sky at 9:15 last night, but as far as she's concerned she'd be just as happy if she'd never seen it in the first place.

And one thing she is sure of is that she doesn't want to see it again. Somehow, it "didn't make her feel good."

It all began when she and her husband were returning from a late-afternoon fishing trip and were motor-boating up Lake Elevation at Bay Ridge, and Mrs. Quade suddenly saw an "orange thing, the size of a beachball" crossing overhead.

"Sure a lot of people have been talking about 'flying saucers,' but I didn't particularly believe it and I don't go around looking for them. I was running our outboard motor last night when I happened to look up at the stars and saw a bright orange light that came from the right, streaked across the sky and then vanished beyond a wooded area on the left hand side," Mrs. Quade said.

"I hollered to my husband to look at it, but he couldn't hear me for the noise of the motor and by the time he looked up, it was gone," she continued.

Mrs. Quade estimated that the orange light crossed the sky and disappeared in "about four seconds."

"It didn't go up or down, but went across the creek in a perfectly straight line, about four feet higher than the trees. It was bright orange, much brighter than a star, and had one spot of red in the back. You could see the spot as the rear end of the thing came into view and crossed the sky," Mrs. Quade related.

Mrs. Quade, who lives at 1122 Munroe street, Eastport, said she's seen falling stars before, but that she'd never seen anything like this before in her life and "didn't feel too good."

"I could see it plainly enough all right because it was dark and all of a sudden it was there. I'll tell you one thing, though, I don't want to see any more of them," she declared firmly.

Hagerstown, Maryland Daily Mail - 4 Aug 52

Objects Seen Here

The flying saucers finally reached Hagerstown yesterday afternoon.

Joe Ocker, a Devonshire youth, claims he saw one shaped like an umbrella and at that time it was over the Fountain Head Country Club.

Charles Ake, manager of the Airport, reported be saw a kite in the air and added that he talked with two pilots who reported seeing an object, not a kite, that disappeared toward South Mountain. One said the object was round and light in color.

It could well have been a weather balloon.

Greensburg, Pennsylvania Daily Tribune - 4 Aug 52

Hunkers Man Claims Saw "Flying Saucer"

The flying saucers have been in the Greensburg district lately, and we have the testimony of James W. Storey, of Hunkers, who works in a Latrobe factory to back that up.

This is the way Mr. Storey told his flying saucer tale this morning:

"At 6:15 o'clock Friday evening, August 1, I sighted a flying saucer proceeding south over Hunkers. The sun was bright and the sky was clear.

"The disc appeared to be travelling at about twice the speed of a passenger airplane, which had just passed going west. The saucer was going straight and seemed to have a destination. It appeared to be round and didn't seem very high, although it could have been because it looked so small. The disc continued on until it was out of sight.

"I feel certain this disc was a tangible object and not an optical illusion, or a light ray caused by the elements.

"Whether or not it was a body from another planet, I feel that some of us are selfish to think we are the only fish in the sea and that our planet is the only one inhabited among the millions of stars and planets in the universe.

"History books tell us that most people would not believe Columbus, when he insisted the earth was round. But why some of the members of our own government and Air Force refuse to believe that flying saucers exist, when so many people have seen them, is to me a greater mystery than the saucer itself. Will someone please tell me who must see one of these discs to make it official? I think it is high time we accept the fact, and begin to find out what they are."

Lebanon, Pennsylvania Daily News - 4 Aug 52

Report flying Saucers Over Merion, Penna.

PHILADELPHIA -- Two persons here and two in nearby Merion reported today they saw two "flying saucers" at about the same time last night.

Richard Wang said he spoiled the first one as he sat on the balcony of his apartment house here. It was an "orange ball" crossing the sky at terrific speed. he said.

A second noiseless ball came by five minutes later, leaving an s-shaped vapor trail, Wang said. His sister, Mrs. Dorothy Jourdan, also said she saw the "saucers."

Alan J. Smith, a Merion Attorney, said he and his wife were, sitting on the terrace of their home when they saw a "golden ball" traveling west at apparently a low altitude. They said they spotted another a few moments later.

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania Express - 4 Aug 52

Bloomsburg Men See Odd Discs Whirling in Sky

BLOOMSBURG -- Mysterious objects in the sky were reported today by two employes of the Bloomsburg Mills In Bloomsburg, Pa.

Winton Emery and Morris Moser both of Bloomsburg, working on the early morning shift at the plant claim they saw two red balls in the skies nearby. They say that as the objects slowly moved in toward Bloomsburg they took on the appearance of large discs then whirled on toward Berwick and disappeared.

Emery said he had gone to the window of the plant and looked in the direction of Rupert Mountain. He said he noticed the glaring red spots in the sky and called to Moser.

The two men, according to Emery, went to a roof over a one-story portion of the plant where they were able to have a good view of the approaching balls.

Emery said that as the objects moved slowly over Bloomsburg, they took on the appearance of pinkish discs. He estimated their height at 2,000 to 3,000 feet. When asked about their size, Emery said "they appeared to be about the size of a volley ball at a distance of 50 feet." He added, "They made no smoke and were trailed by no flame."

Anniston, Alabama Star - 4 Aug 52

Capital Reports Saucer

MONTGOMERY -- W.B. Stewart said he watched a flying saucer flash over Montgomery early this morning.

He said he was sitting on his porch when a whirling disc, light blue in color, whizzing overhead. The object was 10 or 12 feet In diameter, Stewart said.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Gazette - 4 Aug 52

Fishing Trio Saw "Flying Saucer"

A Cedar Rapids man was fishing Saturday night, but it was no fish story he brought home with him.

It was a "flying saucer" story, and Dean Stull, 1516 E. avenue NE, has his step-father, Charles Ryan of Clinton, and his brother-in-law, Clarence Thorn of New Hampton to verify it.

The three were fishing on the Mississippi river on a dam and lock near Fulton, Ill., when they saw a "luminous white object" sweeping through the sky over Clinton.

Stull said the object appeared a few minutes before midnight. It whirled clockwise seven times, he said, started to make a right turn and came to a dead stop. It traveled in a straight line, making the circles parallel to the ground.

It hovered there for about five minutes, Stull said, then made another circle and disappeared into the distance.

He described it as being "platter shaped, flat on the bottom with a rounded-off top, something like a cockpit extending the full length of the object."

"It was a very bright white," Stull said, "something like the glow of phosphorous in water."

Chillicothe, Missouri Constitution-Tribune - 4 Aug 52

Describes Flight Of Six? '?Flying Saucers?'

Laverne Glasbrook, Indianola, Ia., an employee of the A.T.&T., has reported sighting six flying saucers last Friday south of Des Moines, Ia.

Glasbrook told his story to John Baker, Chillicothe, also of the A.T.&T. Glasbrook told Baker that the six saucers were flying north, suddenly stopped, and "hung low enough so that we got a good look at them." He described them as in a "saucer" shape.

Glasbrook described the objects as "definitely of metal."

"They just seemed to hang there," he said and then they darted to the east and were gone in "a split second." Glasbrook was working in Trenton with Baker last week.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune - 4 Aug 52

[No Headline]

Two men stationed at White Sands Proving Grounds reported seeing a "flying saucer" while traveling through Albuquerque yesterday.

Stanley W. Smith and Charles E. Poling told Deputy Sheriff W.L. Brown they were traveling south on Second-st. SE when they noticed an object above the "horizon to the south.

It was yellow in color and moved back and forth for about 15 minutes, then, disappeared below the horizon in front of them.

Idaho Falls, Idaho Post-Register - 4 Aug 52

'Flying Saucer' Watched In Utah

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah, Aug. 4. -- Two air traffic control tower operators at this northern Utah air force base reported Monday they had watched a "flying saucer" hover over the Wasatch mountains.

S. Sgt. Ralph E. Gillespie, senior air traffic control tower operator, said the object was shaped like "a lop sided baseball."

Gillespie said he and Pfc. John D. Roth, junior operator, watched the sky object for more than 30 minutes.

"When I turned the glasses -- binoculars -- on it," Gillespie said, "I saw four green lights on it, three on the bottom and one on the top."

He said the object appeared as if it were in Weber canyon, flying close to the canyon wall, about 10 to 15 miles east of Hill air force base. He said he discussed the phenomenon with operators of the Salt Lake airport control tower who dispatched a search plane. But the disc was gone before the plane arrived.

Salt Lake City, Utah Tribune - 4 Aug 52

Disks, Blasts, Crackups -- All in 'Mysterious S.L.'

Mysterious flying saucers, unexplained explosions, disappearing "plane crashes" and vaporous odors in the Salt Lake City area are winning the city the title of a western "land of mystery."

What by now are "old friends" to Salt Lakers -- the flying saucer mysteries -- appeared again Saturday night. Several calls were received at The Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake Telegram of "saucer sightings" in and near the city.

Up Over Horizon

One unidentified caller said he saw one over the Wasatch Mountains -- in fact "it" went down over the eastern horizon and then came back up.

Francis E. Ashby, 145 N. 5th West, called to report that not only he saw a flying saucer, but his entire family did. He was at a drive-in theater on Redwood Road when one "that looked like a spinning ball of fire" flew south. At first he thought it was a reflection of light, but a few moments later he, his family and the occupants of the next car saw two flying north.

"They suddenly vanished into thin air," he reported.

Still a Mystery

And in spite of so many sightings, the flying saucers over Utah -- as elsewhere -- are still a mystery...

Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard - 4 Aug 52

Flying Disc Stunts Over Cedar Flats

T.J. Williams, who lives at Cedar Flats up the McKenzie, saw a flying saucer Saturday night. Saw it 46 times, as a matter of fact.

The thing came flying over his place at about 10:45 p.m., round like a canvas ball and white with a glow as though light were shining through cloth. Then, just as the object started to clear a hill nearby, it broke into two sections, Williams said. The other turned left and started circling.

It made 46 complete circles, covering about 5 miles each time, in the next 8 minutes. Williams counted the object every time it went around. That would put its speed at around 1700 miles per hour, although it just seemed to float, "light and easy."

Although it looked round at first, Williams said it occasionally dipped and turned on edge, and then its shape was more like buzzard wings. He estimated it was 15 or 20 feet long.

"I've heard a lot about flying saucers but I never believed they existed," Williams said Monday. "Now I don't know what to think."

Reno, Nevada Evening Gazette - 4 Aug 52

West Coast Donates To Latest Saucer Scare

HAMILTON AIR FORCE BASE -- Two fast Sabrejet fighter planes went aloft but found nothing yesterday in a hunt for "flying saucer" type objects reported over the California coast.

Maj. John C. O'Hara, public information officer, said the F-86s were dispatched about 6 p.m. PDT, in response to ground observer filter center reports of unidentified objects. They returned shortly afterward.

Lieut. B.A. Swinley, a pilot at Hamilton, said he was off duty at his nearby home about 4:30 p.m., when he spotted eight round, silver "definitely physical" objects west of the coast.

Swinley estimated their altitude at between 15,000 and 20,000 feet and their speed at more than 400 miles an hour. They flew first in an irregular diamond formation, then shifted until they were strung out one behind the other, he said.

The San Francisco Chronicle said coastal radar installations had detected unidentified objects in the same area.

The weather bureau at San Francisco said meteorological conditions were particularly favorable for "flying saucer" illusions yesterday.

Air force meteorologists suggested weather balloons might be the explanation for a mysterious round object reported at 4:27 p.m. by Observers at Willits and Fort Bragg, 100 miles north of here.

Two other unexplained reports were turned in by ground observers in northern California yesterday:

At 1:30 p.m., a "large, red-colored object that looked like a flare" was spotted at an estimated 3500 feet over Sacramento.

Twenty minutes later a "large round object that emitted a white glow but no noise" was reported over Chico, 80 miles to the north.

Lebanon, Pennsylvania Daily News - 4 Aug 52

Technicolored 'Saucers' Spotted Over Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, Today -- If the accounts of witnesses are to be believed, colored flying saucers are now skimming through the skies over Los Angeles.

Three reports of discs of various hues were in the records today.

Grant C. Hinton, sheriff, told deputies he and his family neighbors [sic] saw two discs that changed color.

He said they changed from red to white and green to blue during a 15-minute period before they finally disappeared.

Some miles to the North, in Burbank, a man who said he was a World War II bomber pilot informed police he observed two large blue discs with lights that blinked off and on. He said the saucers were travelling too fast for airplanes.

James Bunn, who lives in the southwest part of Los Angeles, said he saw a reddish-orange saucer-like object which trailed reddish exhaust vapor behind it. It disappeared in a westerly direction, toward the ocean.

New London, Connecticut Day - 5 Aug 52

Sighting 'Flying Saucer' Wipes Grin from Electric Boat Worker

"It will stop me from laughing," today said Harold Pollock of 24 York court, Poquonoc Bridge, in reporting a flying saucer a few hours before had passed directly over his head as he worked at the wet dock of the Electric Boat.

As he had previously done himself toward those reporting such sights, Pollock took a ribbing from other early shift workers at the bustling submarine plant. "I told them to go ahead: I saw it."

He was quite sure three fellow employees also would not scoff at future reports. He named one as Warren Schultz of Niantic, a driller at Electric Boat who was a little nearer the river than Pollock's tool crib. Two other men at another point in the yard shared the sight, he said, but he did not learn their names.

Pollock had begun work a short time before he spotted the saucer at 12:40 a.m. At that moment it was rising "like a rocket" in the northern sky. Then he saw it was coming rapidly south. It passed right overhead and vanished, "all in a split second."

The object glowed with a steady white light against the darkly clouded sky, he said. Only to the east did the full moon lighten the clouds at the time, although ten minutes later Pollock said the sky had largely cleared.

At the time he estimated the object was not much bigger than a breakfast plate but after others at considerable distance from him also said it passed directly over their heads he concluded the saucer must have been a lot bigger and flying much lower than he had guessed. It went so fast that it was gone before he could call a companion's attention to it, he related.

He described the shape as oblong with the edges feathered somewhat as side rays show when looking directly at a light. There was a streak stretching behind it, about four or five times as long as the main diameter of the oblong.

This saucer report came close on the heels of the first made in the area when Mrs. Daniel O.M. Hanscom yesterday described what she saw pass over her home on Butlertown road, Waterford, on Friday night.

Connellsville, Pennsylvania Daily Courier - 5 Aug 52

Flying Saucer Reports Heard At Uniontown

Flying saucers have been reported in the Uniontown area.

One unidentified Connellsville resident notified Harold "Bud" Stevens at Connellsville Airport that he had seen an "object in the sky."

Four Uniontown people reported seeing "two brilliant lights high in the sky and going fast," a "bright red light traveling as fast as a jet" and unusual light formations.

In Washington, Major General Roger M. Ramey of the U.S. Air Force said yesterday that six years of flying saucer reports had "reasonably well" convinced him there is no such thing.

Madison, Wisconsin State Journal - 5 Aug 52

Boys' 'Flying Saucer' Believed to Be Meteor

Two Madison boys Monday night said they saw a "wide streak of light" in the sky which they thought was a flying saucer, but the Truax Field weatherman guessed they might have seen a meteor.

The boys, Bill Schweers, 15, of 621 Chapman st., and Charles Crampton, 14, of 417 Franklin st., both said they saw the light while they were standing in their respective back yards.

Crampton said two friends with him also saw the streak which moved from east to west at high speed.

The weather forecaster said a greenish streak of light in the sky could possibly be a meteor.

"I saw one myself two nights ago," he said.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Gazette - 5 Aug 52

Motorist Sees Flying Saucer

An Amana man, Harry Leonhardt, told The Gazette Tuesday that he saw a flying saucer Saturday night while he and his wife were returning to Amana from Cedar Rapids.

Leonhardt said he saw the saucer three different times between 10:30 and 10:45 while driving between Fairfax and Walford. He estimated it was flying in the approximate vicinity of Norway.

He said it was turning counter-clockwise and flying in an arc. He estimated it to be about 25 feet in diameter. Leonhardt said it did not make a clear outline but was more on the fuzzy order and gave off a phosphorous glow.

Mount Pleasant, Iowa News - 5 Aug 52

Observe What Appears To Be "Flying Saucer"

Mrs. Marguerite Mertens, Mary Jo and Danny, have returned from a vacation trip to Gull Lake and Beaver Dam, Minn. They found the weather quite chilly and rainy while there. En route home they stopped to visit Saturday night with friends in Clinton, Ia. The Mertens family, their friends, and others in Clinton saw what they thought to be a "flying saucer" about midnight Saturday.

The scary object was round in shape and glowed with a "big light" (not a bright one though). It kept going round and round in the sky. They kept seeing it for nearly an half hour's time.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune - 5 Aug 52

Springer Editor Reports Seeing 'Saucer' 100 Feet in Diameter

At least three more persons who have witnessed the "flight" of unidentified objects in the sky today had joined the ranks of flying-saucer "believers."

Two-reports came from northern New Mexico and the third from a Wyandotte, Mich., man who reported what he saw to The Tribune.

The longest and most-carefully detailed account was made by Ed Guthmann, Springer Tribune editor and publisher and Republican candidate for Congress.

The second report was that of a Raton man who asked that his name be kept secret because "previous reports of what I had seen only made people laugh at me."

Sees Object In Missouri

The Michigan resident told of seeing an object pass from horizon to horizon while he was parked at a-drive-in movie at Rolla, Mo.

Mr. Guthmann, who will publish a full account of his sighting in this week's issue of his newspaper, wrote:

"From a cynical skeptic, this writer has changed into a confirmed believer of the actual existence of the phenomena which are commonly referred to as "flying saucers."

He said he was on his way to Santa Fe last Friday at 11:30 a.m. to attend a meeting, accompanied by Mrs. Guthmann when he sighted a disc and was able to observe it about eight minutes.

His observation was casual, he said. Eyes "pinned" on a torn-up stretch of highway, he was startled by the sudden appearance of an object "floating in the sky just ahead."

"Its sudden appearance and its unusual shape caused me to exclaim, 'Look at that!' to my wife," Guthmann wrote. "She replied, 'Yes, I see it. I have been watching it for some time.' "

Began Studying It

" 'But it has no wings,' I said with surprise. 'I think I see small ones,' she replied. 'Well, it doesn't have any tail,' I stated firmly. And then we began to study it."

Guthmann explains his method of calculation and his reasons for reaching these conclusions:

"It was about a mile away. It was around 100 feet in diameter . . . about four or five times as long as its thickness . . . the saucer approached from the rear at about an angle of 35 degrees from us and, seemed to be loitering along, the weather was clear and there was no haze . . . object was limned against a blue cloudless sky . . . it gave off a dazzling flash as would come off polished aluminum . . . then in a second the flash faded away and it resumed its soft but bright aluminum appearance . . . in outline it had an appearance which would be best described as like a short, stubby sausage.

"The ends were rounded . . . the top line made a slight, graceful sweeping-upward curve, while the bottom, after curving under a short distance, formed practically a straight line . . . I could make out the outline which my wife said was a small wing . . . outstanding fact which pins 'flying saucer' on this object is that it faded away in the distance, even though it was disappearing at an angle of approximately 145 degrees, it did not change shape."

Hear No Noise

Guthmann said they heard no noise. "It had none of the devices which we have come to think are necessary to keep aloft and to steer. Like the bumblebee, scientific, theory would say that it could not stay up. But it did," he wrote.

The Raton man, as quoted by James B. Barber, Raton Daily Range editor, said he saw a bright orange object May 17 near Thatcher, Colo.

"It was almost light enough to read a newspaper from the orange fireball directly above Thatcher," the man is reported as saying. "There was a low 'humming noise, not very loud. It gave me the chills."

A truck stopped near the Raton man's car and the driver asked, "What in the hell is that?" The sky was overcast, he reported, and the orange light seemed to be close to the base of the clouds, "maybe 2000 feet high."

"It was perfectly motionless but seemed to give off emanations . . . as if you were squinting at a street light," the account quotes the man as saying. The object disappeared through the clouds in a moment and "shot upward at what seemed a terrific speed and dimmed as it went higher."

Going 10,000 MPH

The Michigan man, Robert Williams, 36, a commercial pilot who was ferrying a car to Pomona, Calif., said he saw a "fireball" cross the sky just at dusk.

He said he had been a "confirmed skeptic" about the saucers until he saw "a green flash out of the corner of my eye. It must have been going 10,000 miles an hour, in absolutely level flight." He reported --

"It was the size of a grapefruit, travelling from northeast to southwest under the constellation Orion. When I saw it first it was 20 to 25 degrees above the azimuth. It passed from my view 190 degrees away from the point where I first sighted it.

"The striking thing about it was that it seemed to defy the pull of gravity. It seemed to glow until it passed out of the earth's atmosphere. The green was a copper green."

To Report to AF

Mr. Williams said he planned to make a detailed statement to officials at Wright-Patterson AF Base near Dayton, Ohio, upon his return from California.

The base is headquarters for Air Force efforts to learn the nature and source of the phenomena...

Salt Lake City, Utah Tribune - 5 Aug 52

2 Hill Tower Aids Report Seeing 'Flying Saucer'

HILL AIR FORCE BASE (Special) -- An object described as a "flying saucer" was spotted early Monday by two air traffic control tower operators just over the Wasatch Mountains east of this Air Force base.

S. Sgt. Ralph E. Gillespie, senior air traffic control tower operator, said he and Pfc. John D. Roth, junior tower operator, spotted an object "bright white like hot iron" circling about Weber Canyon and over the mountains early Monday.

They reported the object about 1:25 a.m., stating that they had been watching it for "34 minutes." Shortly afterwards it disappeared.

Sgt. Gillespie said he discussed the phenomenon with operators at the Salt Lake Airport air traffic control tower, who dispatched a search plane. Before the plane could approach Weber Canyon, the disk was gone.

Ogden, Utah Standard Examiner - 5 Aug 52

Latest 'Saucers' Are Round-topped And Varicolored

SALT LAKE CITY -- Add "flying saucer" reports:

Charles Malmborg: Five smoke-colored, round - topped, flat-bottom objects over the state capitol.

Samuel H. Burton: Varicolored mysterious object over the Oquirrh mountains.

Joan Cooper: "Ball of fire" sailing straight across the sky.

Reno, Nevada Evening Gazette - 5 Aug 52

Flying Disc Reported Seen By Sparks People

With flying discs being reported almost every day somewhere in the country, it had to come. A speeding flight of mysterious objects was sighted flying fast over Sparks at 3:53 p.m. Monday.

Merrill I. Stewart, 737 Stanford way, Sparks, saw light colored objects flying in formation from north to south over the rail city, and performing maneuvers as they went.

Stewart's son and his wife also saw the objects.

Stead air force base was notified immediately. Stead's officer of the day had only to pick up a special direct phone to inform Hamilton air force base, California. Hamilton is the headquarters for Fourth air force and the western air defense command.

Reporting of any unidentified aerial objects is standard procedure throughout the air force.

At the time, Hamilton was having its own troubles. People throughout California, including an air force pilot, saw objects in the sky over Sacramento, Chico, San Francisco, and other points.

Weather bureau men in San Francisco said the weather was ideal for seeing flying saucers, the Associated Press reported, but did not define what ideal weather was.

F-86 Sabre-Jets rocketed into the air from Hamilton at 6 p.m. Sunday in search of "saucers" in response to one call, but found nothing.

Even if Stead men want to chase saucers they just don't have the equipment. Most reports of the unidentified mysteries give their speed at about 400 m.p.h. and nothing at the local base can come close to moving that rapidly.

Stewart reported that the "things" his family saw in Sparks "looked smaller than basketballs" and maneuvered constantly, although they maintained a steady course to the south. They disappeared from view after about 30 seconds.

Butte, Montana Standard - 5 Aug 52

Californians Sight 'Gyrating Objects'

EL CENTRO, Calif. Aug. 4 -- Imperial valley residents reported Monday the sighting of six to eight gyrating objects which seemed to burst into flame as they moved across the sky.

Charles Hoffman, fire chief at the nearby naval air base, said the disc-like objects appeared over Mount Signal, in the area west of here, Sunday night.

A burst of flame followed by a long luminous streak seemed to come from the gyrating bodies, according to Hoffman.

The same night, Mr. And Mrs. Terence P. Nelson, El Centro, reported sighting eight moving objects in the sky, "throwing out orange-red and blue-yellow lights."

The couple, joined by Mr. And Mrs. Raul Caro, El Centro, followed the phenomena with binoculars and said at one time they flew in "an almost perfect square."

Later they reported eight discs in a circle, "came up and went down twice."

They also told of seeing Navy jets in the air. Navy officials confirmed that there were jets on routine flight at that time.

Tokyo, Japan Pacific Stars and Stripes - 5 Aug 52

S&S Korea Chief Spots Flying Discs Northwest Of Seoul
By M/Sgt. Bill FitzGerald [sic]

SEOUL (Pac. S&S) -- Flying saucers are a reality over Korea. I didn't believe it before Monday evening, but now I'm on the sinners' bench, as I swear it's the truth.

So does Yun Jung Kyoo, the Korean driver for Stars and Stripes at Seoul, who was with me at the time some five miles out in the mountain country northwest of Seoul.

IT WAS A CLEAR day, for a change, and a glorious sunset was beginning to form over the mountains. It was about 7 o'clock. We lurched our jeep over a rocky road.

Then I looked up at the western sky, and there it was -- a blazing bright flying saucer, spinning eerily through space like a fleet crane. It moved lazily, gracefully, and then it swooped upward out of view.

ALMOST AN hour later I still marveled at the sight, but I wasn't prepared for the second act when the zooming drone of jets caused us to look skyward.

Two jets, probably flying at an altitude of 10,000 to 14,000 feet, raced across the pattern of evening clouds slashed with streaks of red and gold. But -- what was more amazing -- a cluster of four or five flying saucers spinned weirdly in their wake.

Both of us watched this amazing sight until the saucers detached themselves from the wake of the jets and floated upward out of sight.

Rabat, Morocco L'Echo du Maroc - 5 Aug 52

Luminous Disk Or Ball Seen Over Moulay Bousselham

On 2 August 1952, at about 2045 hours, a group of five trustworthy persons saw a luminous disk or ball in the sky over Moulay Bousselham, French Morocco. The object, red in the center and bluish around the edge, flew very rapidly from southeast to northwest, remaining visible for at least 20 seconds before it disappeared over the horizon.

Charleroi, Pennsylvania Mail - 6 Aug 52

Uniontown Receives Flying Saucer Reports

UNIONTOWN, Pa. -- It had to happen!

First reports of "flying saucers" in the Uniontown district.

Robert Boyle, S. Gallatin Ave., and Harry Mulligan, Ben Lomond St., reported shortly after 9 o'clock they saw two brilliant lights high in the sky and going "fast." The youths were sitting in Boyle's convertible near his home and said there was no sound to attract their attention.

Other Reports

A few minutes later Halbert Hickle, Uniontown, R.D. 4, called to report seeing a "bright red light traveling as fast as a jet." Harold B. Stevens, of Stevens Flying School, also received a call from a Connellsville resident who said he had seen "an object in the sky."

Mrs. J.T. Shepler, Morgantown Rd., called at 11:20 last night to report she saw unusual light formations in the sky over the Dutch Hill area near the Uniontown Country Club.

Meanwhile, in Washington yesterday, Maj. Gen. Roger M. Ramey, the Air Force "saucer man," said six years of flying saucer reports had "reasonably well" convinced him there is no such thing.

Bradford, Pennsylvania New Era - 6 Aug 52

Round The Square

BRADFORD, TOO: With flying saucer stories on the wires of the Associated Press practically every day, we thought you might like to know that Bradfordians, too, are getting into the act.

Several residents of Euclid Ave. between Penn and Fisher Aves. called the Era editorial offices Friday night to say that they saw what looked like flying saucers in the sky.

The informants said that they were standing in the shade at the time and could see the objects when they looked into the sun. The Air Force has received numerous reports of "sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena" in the past few weeks.

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Agitator - 6 Aug 52

[No Headline]

Billy Woodin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Woodin, saw some Flying Saucers over the Y Drive-In last week Thursday.

Connellsville, Pennsylvania Daily Courier - 6 Aug 52

Hunker Man Says He Observed 'Flying Saucer'

GREENSBURG, Aug. 6. -- Continuing their travels across the country, flying saucers have been visiting the Greensburg district lately. At least that's what James W. Storey of Hunker reports.

"At 6:15 o'clock Friday evening," Storey related, "I sighted a flying saucer proceeding south over Hunker. The sun was bright and the sky clear."

The disc appeared to be traveling at about twice the speed of a passenger airplane which had just flown overhead, Storey said. He said the saucer was going straight and seemed to have a destination.

"It appeared to be round and didn't seem very high, although it could have been because it looked so small. The disc continued on until it was out of sight," he said.

Storey said he felt certain the disc was tangible and not an optical illusion or a ray of light caused by weather conditions.

The Air Force has previously discounted the theory that flying saucers create a menace to the United States.

Lubbock, Texas Morning Avalanche 6 Aug 52

Carolinian Reports Seeing 'Pilot' In Hovering Saucer

RALEIGH, N.C., Aug. 5 -- North Carolina's civil defense director, E.Z. Jones, plans to interview a 49-year-old retired mechanic Wednesday concerning a letter he wrote in which he saw a low-flying "flying saucer" with a pilot.

In a letter addressed to Jones and dated Aug. 1, Sam Coley said he and his daughter saw a "saucer" come across a 15-acre field near their Red Springs, N.C., home last September.

Flew At Slow Speed

Coley wrote:

"We saw this thing coming at a slow speed. It was getting closer all the time. It came about 100 yards from where we were standing. It came to a complete standstill, not more than seven feet from the ground and we were amazed at it."

Coley described the "saucer" as having "something inside it that looked like a bright electric light." He said it "seemed about six feet from top to bottom and it seemed to be bulged out." He continued:

"It also had something in it which seemed to be a man and not a dummy. It stood in one position for about 10 minutes and we took a real good look at it."

Jones said the report was one of nearly a score of "saucer" stories his office has received within the past two weeks. He added:

"Coley said he had not reported the object earlier because he was afraid he might be ridiculed."

Jones said reports are pouring in from persons who have seen strange objects in the sky.

One report came from a Guilford County woman who said she saw a red, glowing object last Saturday. She described it as "making a sound like a cat's purring."

Jones is checking all "saucers" reported to his office. In fact, he is encouraging people to report "flying saucers." He explained:

"People shouldn't be ashamed to report whatever they see no matter how fantastic it may seem because we are simply after as much information as we can get."

Panama City, Florida News-Herald 6 Aug 52

St. Pete Driver Has Flying Saucer Story

ST. PETERSBURG -- A newspaper delivery truck driver reported that an object, so brilliant that it momentarily blinded him, swooped down on his vehicle Monday morning.

He said it hovered less than 300 feet above him for almost five minutes before shooting straight upward and disappearing.

The driver, John McGorrisk, said he jammed his truck to a halt when the light blinded him. After recovering his wits, and his sight had become adjusted to the brilliance, McGorrisk said he got an excellent view of the object which he described as being 50 feet in diameter, flat on the bottom and dome-shaped on top.

McGorrisk said the object appeared out of the north, moved toward him slowly, hovered, and then disappeared completely in three seconds after it started to move upward.

Other reports of flaming objects speeding through the night skies in the St. Petersburg area were reported today, but none as vivid as McGorrisk's.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin Daily Telegram - 6 Aug 52

Don't Want To Be Quoted
Women Sight Saucers

The flying saucers have found Eau Claire.

Or at least so it would appear from a flurry of reported sightings of the mystery objects over the city this week.

The first rumor that the saucers were paying nocturnal visits to the city was reported Tuesday morning. Three members of one family, the rumor went, had observed the saucers on three successive nights as they soared over Shawtown.

One woman named as a saucer spotter in the rumor was contacted and admitted seeing the objects, but said "The less said about it the better."

Then, Tuesday afternoon, a breathless feminine voice phoned in another report.

"Flying saucer in the northeast sky," she said. "We're out on East Side Hill and my daughter saw it first. There are a lot of people looking at it now."

She too declined to give her name and a hurried search of the sky from the Press Co. roof and a trip to the hill by a reporter and photographer failed to disclose any sign of the reported object.

With the Air Force again denying that there is any substance to the saucers perhaps the flights over the city will stop.

However Ken Esslinger, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, repeated his prediction today that there would be saucers over the city in force August 14.

Huron, North Dakota Huronite 6 Aug 52

Oil Boom Area In N.D. Is Latest Center Of Flying Saucer Activity

WILLISTON, N.D. -- The possibility of "flying saucer" activity of northwestern North Dakota's oil boom area is getting consideration here.

At least seven persons in the Williston area recently have seen unusual lights or alleged objects in the sky at night.

Maj. Robert I. Jones, commandant of an air force installation at Fortuna, N.D., about 60 miles north of here, disclosed Monday. that "a private pilot" two weeks ago reported seeing a dish-shaped object flying "at 3,000 miles an hour."

The pilot described a disc, "bright orange around the fringes," which he said approached Williston from the northeast to a distance of 15 miles and then suddenly turned and went back the way it had come.

Maj. Jones wouldn't disclose the pilot's name, but said his report had been filed with air force authorities.

The air force officer said he knew of no jets or any other military planes in the area at the time the strange lights have been seen, and that nothing unusual has been picked up by radar.

Farmer Carl Pergande said that last Saturday evening at Springbrook, N.D., 10 miles northeast of here, he saw a light shoot across the sky and then return five minutes later.

The light was "10 or 12 feet long," declared Pergande, who heard no noise, such as a jet plane might have made. It was a quiet night.

Last Friday evening, an adult and three children driving past Pergande's farm saw a bright light "like a star" ahead of them above the road.

"Drive fast, mother," said 11-year-old Karen Korsmo to Mrs. Earl Korsmo. But when their car reached the summit of a hill the light was shooting over the prairie horizon. It faded from view.

Jack Daniels, Williston airport manager, reported Dexter Lilly, an official of a Sidney, Mont., beet sugar firm, said he saw a flash of light streak toward Williston from the north and then suddenly veer off to the east.

One Springbrook resident commented: "If I saw five or six flying objects, I still wouldn't admit it. People, would laugh."

"Sure, some people laughed at me," Pergande said, "but I saw the streaks of light."

Another farmer noted the alleged objects have been mostly spotted over Washington, D.C., and defense areas.

"Maybe the" saucers are investigating North Dakota's oil boom," he said.

Williston is 35 air miles from drilling activity at Tioga, N.D., and serves as headquarters for several firms operating in the Williston Basin.

Mitchell, South Dakota Daily Republic - 6 Aug 52

Flying Saucers Are Reported In Carthage Vicinity

CARTHAGE -- Mrs. Ida Nylund, who lived [sic] in the south part of town, and her three grandsons, Larry, Glen and Raelyn Sutton, reported seeing flying saucers m the sky July 30.

The boys were the first to see the strange object and called to their grandmother to witness the spectacle. She went outside in time to see a large, round object flying through space toward the ground. While she was watching, another came in sight much like the first, and when she looked for the first one it had disappeared.

The boys claimed there had been four or five before that.

The incident was reported to J.B. Harmon, civil defense director of Carthage.

Rapid City, South Dakota Journal - 6 Aug 52

'Saucers' Also Lurk In Skies Over Oil Areas
Springs Woman Saw Saucers

By Leonard Inskip

About 10 mysterious objects came down, stayed for some time and one by one took to the air in formation, a Hot Springs woman reports. "They disappeared at terrific speed," she adds.

The landing was near the Black Hills Ordinance Depot, Igloo, "before the general excitement in 1947," according to this source. Many employes at the depot witnessed the event, she said, but the crafts landed too far away to approach.

The Hot Springs woman mentioned the event in a letter reporting a more recent sighting the evening of July 28 when three employes of the depot saw one of the saucer-shaped disks.

Corsicana, Texas Daily Sun - 6 Aug 52

Texan Describes Sighted Saucer

GAINESVILLE, Aug. 6 – A former Gainesville mayor who is a member of the board of education has joined the ranks of the "I Saw a Flying Saucer" society.

H.A. Latham said he spotted the "thing" in the sky last night while fishing at a lake 10 miles south of here. His son, Jimmy Latham, and his brother, Jack Latham, of Valley View, also said they saw the object.

"It was between 8:30 and 8:46 last night," the former mayor said. "I'd been skeptical up to then of all these flying saucer stories, but all three of us saw it at the same time."

He described the object as cylindrical in shape but comparable in size to the fuselage of a large airplane, although not to [sic] long.

Lubbock, Texas Morning Avalanche - 6 Aug 52

Lubbock Man Sees Sky Objects While Driving To Idalou

Latest flying saucer report here comes from Dan Johnston, insurance man, of 3105 Ave. L. He saw three of them Monday as he was en route to Idalou, he says.

"When I was six or seven miles out of town," he relates, "I noticed three traveling north, one above the other two. I drove a mile to a mile and a half while I was watching."

Johnston estimated that the objects were 20 miles away, flying at from 2,500 to 3,000 feet.

"They definitely had no wings," he explains. "As I watched, they veered slightly from their course without change of altitude and seemed to put out a vapor trail behind them. Then they blended into the clouds and disappeared. In 10 seconds, they were gone."

The insurance man says that he continued to watch but never saw the three aerial objects again. He has a private pilot's license, and he is familiar with current types of aircraft.

"I'd guess that the objects were larger than any airplane, but I can't be too sure," he continues. "They were too far away. I'm sure they were larger than any medium plane. They seemed to be traveling at no more than 100 miles per hour." He watched the objects for about two minutes.

Woman Sights Object

Another mystery object was reported over the city last night.

A small, round, shiny aluminum colored object which she took to be a flying saucer was spotted by Mrs. J.W. Collins at 3203 Itasca at 9:15 p.m.

Mrs. Collins was sitting in the back yard when she saw the object, which came out of the northwest and moved toward the southeast. "It frightened me at first," she said.

Mrs. Collins reported that the disc appeared to be very high in the air and was moving very rapidly. "It was past me in the space of two seconds," she added. She called to her daughter, Miss Bettye Collins, who was with her, but the saucer was gone before she could see it.

Mrs. Collins and her daughter are from Gainesville and have been visiting her son, Joe Bill Collins, of the Itasca address, for the past week.

Lubbock, Texas Evening Journal - 6 Aug 52

More Saucers Are Spotted In Lubbock Area Early Today

Three more flying saucers were spotted in the Lubbock area early today.

C.E. Goen of Anton reported he saw three bright lights in the sky between 12:10 a.m. and 1:10 a.m. today while he was watering his cotton. One appeared to be over Plainview, one over Lubbock and one to the east of Anton.

"These lights," he said, "were much bigger and brighter than stars and moved in from the northwest. They turned on and off but remained stationary for about an hour so they couldn't have been airplanes."

Left "String Of Fire"

He said the first light to disappear, the one near Anton, went out in the direction of northeast, leaving a "string of fire" behind it. The lights moved up and down, and one moved horizontally, he said.

Other flying saucer reports this week have come from Dan Johnston, insurance man of 3105 Ave. L, and from Mrs. J.W. Collins at 3203 Itasca.

Saw Three Of Them

Johnston reported seeing three of them about six or seven miles out of town as he was en route to Idalou Monday. He said they were larger than any medium airplane and seemed to be traveling at no more than 100 miles per hour. He estimated the objects were 20 miles away, flying at from 2,500 to 3,000 feet.

Mrs. Collins, who is visiting here from Gainesville, says she saw a small round, shiny aluminum colored object from the back yard at 9:15 p.m. Tuesday. "It was past me in the space of two seconds," she explained.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Pharr. 2702 30th St., also reported seeing three objects in the sky at 8:06 p.m. Tuesday as they were driving along the Slaton highway a few miles out of town.

"They were about 15 or 20 miles away," Mrs. Pharr said, "and flying close together in a row. They looked almost like they were connected." She said they were so bright they looked almost like a part of the moon, but they had such a definite shape, they couldn't have been a mere reflection. One disappeared after about 30 seconds and the other two were gone in another 30 seconds.

Twin Falls, Idaho Times-News - 6 Aug 52


BOISE, Aug. 6 -- Another Boisean, who formerly had been of the opinion "flying saucers" were so much hogwash, admitted today he saw one.

Clifford Higby, 60, said he was driving near King Hill Saturday, July 26, when he saw a pale green light, half the size of a full moon.

Higby said the object fell almost perpendicularly toward the earth and then seemed to turn sharply to follow a course parallel with the ground before it disappeared behind a hill.

At first Higby said he thought his eyes were playing tricks, but his wife told him she had seen the same thing.

If his wife saw it, too, that was enough for him, he said, so he decided to own up and admit he'd seen the "blamed thing."

Biloxi, Mississippi Daily Herald - 6 Aug 52

Clips In Formosa

...the official Chinese Nationalist newspaper Chung Hua Jih Pao reported that Yung Hung-Hai of the Hauualien water conservancy bureau saw a "flying saucer" -- a disc-shaped object -- rising from the southwest part of Huhualien, east coast city, Sunday night. There were no details.

Lewiston, Maine Daily Sun - 7 Aug 52

Belfast Man Thinks He Saw 2 "Saucers"

BELFAST, Aug. 6 -- A Belfast man said he saw two "flying saucers" streaking through the sky today.

"They looked like giant flapjacks right out of the frying pan," said William C. Stover, who told a Bangor radio station he saw them flying about half a mile apart and heading west.

Stover said he was standing on a hill near his home when the disc-shaped objects appeared and then disappeared from view in a few moments.

"I couldn't tell how high they were flying," he said, "but they were flying much faster than any airplane I ever saw."

North Adams, Massachusetts Transcript - 7 Aug 52

'Little Things' In Sky Provoke Saucer Thoughts

Numerous area persons thought they might be seeing flying saucers early this afternoon but at least one witness thinks not.

About 1:15, one local man said he heard what he described as heavy sound, something like an airplane but more like a flight of planes. Going outside, he saw a group of at least 15 vapor trails high in the sky to the east of the city, and moving south. The long white vapor trails were distinctly seen, he said, but the planes which made them were took [sic] high to be visible.

From Williamstown Mrs. Francis A. Coleman telephoned to say most of the residents of Summer street were out of their houses there watching "12 little things" in the sky. She said she first became aware of something unusual when her house began to vibrate as she was working in the kitchen. She said she went outside and saw fine vapor lines from 12 objects headed toward Sand Springs. As she watched she said, she noticed two traveling in the opposite direction toward Clarksburg.

Whether or not the planes were jets, the North Adams man said he couldn't be sure. Such vapor trails usually are associated with high-flying jets, but the sound he said, was a sort of heavy vibrating hum, not unlike that of many propellor-driven planes flying together.

This witness thinks the objects bore too much resemblance to products of the 20th century American machine age to be any thing from a distant planet.

Annapolis, Maryland Capital - 7 Aug 52

Fires Out Of Date; People Now Report Saucers They See

It's almost getting to the point that people don't call up to report fires anymore. When the telephone jangles, like as not it's someone on the other end saying "I want to report a flying saucer."

There's what Fred Morgan, 17-year-old Arnold boy said yesterday in reference to the round orange-red object he spotted flying over the Old Annapolis road the night before.

"It was about the size of a baseball and flying faster than a cub plane," he said in describing the sight. The front part of the "thing" was light orange with the color changing to a dark red about half-way through its body. It also had a small tail, according to Morgan.

The latest "what-is-it" came from the north and headed off toward a southwesterly direction. One unique feature of the latest so-called "saucer" is that after it faded away into the night a tiny blue-white light "like the light of a flashlight after it goes out" remained in the sy [sic] "for a minute or so," the Arnold man observer said.

Lumberton, North Carolina Robesonian - 7 Aug 52

J. Allen

The chimney on his house, which James J. Allen said was struck by a flying saucer last night is pictured at top here. In the lower picture is Mr. Allen standing near his West Lumberton home. The arrow points to a spot in the grass near the house where the thing landed and "it" got out; he says he saw what appeared to be a 30-inch man near the glowing object after its light went out. The grass was depressed at the spot Mr. Allen pointed to this morning as if some heavy object had lain on in (norment photos)

West Lumberton Event Added To Growing "Saucer" Reports

The small man (30 inches high) who alighted from a flying saucer last night in the backyard of the home of James J. Allen, House 51, West Lumberton, "went off in a whiff" when Mr. Allen asked if he were hurt -- his orange saucer having hit Mr. Allen's chimney.

The event, said Mr. Allen, occurred about nine o'clock last night.

[Note: The following extremely disjointed and incomplete four paragraphs reproduced verbatim from original article]

Hurried research into the very

"It looked perfectly round in the occasional phenomenon of St. Elmo's Fire as a possible explanation, led to immediate speculation as to whether the little visitor could have been St. Elmo.

Mr. Allen, American Houses employee, said he was out of doors when he saw the saucer coming from the northeast, but from his description it was more of a ball air."

He said it hit his chimney and knocked part of it in. Then it fell in the back yard and he saw it on the ground.

"It was six feet high and eight feet long and was lighted on the inside. It was orange in color like it was in the air. The lights went out when I walked toward it and got within about ten feet of it."


Allen continued: "There appeared to be a small man about 30 inches high standing beside the object. When I asked if it was hurt, it went away in a whiff; then it made a loud noise, like air whistling, and was gone."

Mr. Allen said he sat in his back door for about two hours waiting to see if it would come back.

He didn't specify whether he hoped it would or hoped it wouldn't.

Scientists all over the land have offered hundreds of explanations for flying saucers and local reference works being limited to Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, reference is made to that volume. It classified lightning as chain (or forked) lightning, sheet (or heat) lightning and ball lightning.

The dictionary says that St. Elmo's Fire is "a flame-like appearance sometimes seen in stormy weather at prominent points on a ship . . . and also on land . . . at the tops of trees or steeples . . . It is of the nature of a brush discharge of electricity, reddish when positive, bluish when negative."

Added to this, the local weather station observed ideal conditions for electrical discharges last night; humidity was as high as it can go (100 per cent at both 8:30 and 9:30) and scattered storms occurred.


The report by Mr. Allen coincides with the investigation of a similar appearance in Red Springs in December. State Defense Director E.Z. Jones went to Red Springs yesterday to interview Sam Coley, 49, a mechanic and jack of all trades, who revealed his vision of a "flying saucer" some months ago.

Jones said this is what Coley told him before other witnesses in a tape-recorded interview:

At dusk one day last December, Coley's 12-year old son came running into the Coley house and called his father and 17-year-old sister to observe a strange object coming out of the sky.

The object stopped about six feet above the ground about 300 yards from the house. It was shaped like two saucers put together with a cabin-like bulge in the center. It gave off no light except from windows in the cabin. Coley said he saw a man inside.

It was almost silent, giving off a slight purr. The only part of the object, which was about the size of an airplane, which seemed to be moving was a disk on the outer shell.

After hovering over the spot for about 10 minutes, it took off "like a bolt of lightning and faster than the naked eye could follow." It left almost silently.

Jones said Coley did not report the object because he was afraid he would have been ridiculed. He told Jones his daughter convinced him he should report what they had seen.

Jones said that he and the Red Springs police chief helped him question Coley, the daughter, and the son closely and their stories did not vary.

He said that the police chief apparently lost his skepticism after the interview. Jones declined to comment on the interview.

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa News - 7 Aug 52

Officers Watch Mystery Lights Over S.E. Iowa

City and county authorities and highway patrolmen went "flying saucer" hunting Wednesday night when a report was received over their short wave radio sets that a strange object had been spotted in the Ft. Madison-Keokuk area and was traveling in a northwesterly direction.

Local police at the station watched the sky for about an hour after the report was received but didn't see anything strange. The report said the object was reddish-yellow in color and had moved over Montrose and was headed northwest. Another report said the object was white with a pinkish glow.

Sheriff John Duggins drove south to the Salem stub and said he saw a reddish object in the sky about 10 p.m. and that it was traveling slowly northwest across the sky. He said several other persons in the area saw it.

Officer Robert Nicholson said he was out on East Monroe about 9:30 p.m. and spotted a white object moving north. He said it went down and then up and continued north for a distance before it reversed its course and headed south at a fast rate of speed.

Both of the patrolmen in this area reported seeing an object in the sky also.

Keokuk and Ft. Madison police and patrolmen in those areas saw mysterious lights in the sky about 10 p.m. also.

Hawarden, Iowa Independent - 7 Aug 52

Unusual Sights Near Hawarden Cause Comment

By Jack Pereboom

It seems that nowadays Hawardenites are doing some excessive sky gazing. During the last three weeks, rumor has it, at least half a dozen Hawarden citizens have seen mysterious inhabitants of the sky.

The oldest of these rumors stems from Elwood Iverson, agriculture instructor at Hawarden high school.

So the story goes, Mr. Iverson and Wayne Venard and their wives were out for a drive about three weeks ago. They were in the Venard automobile and near the Paul Robertson farm when out of the wild blue yonder appeared two shining objects flying in formation and moving at a tremendous speed.

The first reaction by the group was that the objects were stars or reflections on the clouds, but their breath taking speed and darting movements soon convinced the occupants of the car that they were of another nature.

After watching them for approximately ten minutes they started to fade away. Before they were gone, however, two more lights made their debut.

According to Mr. Iverson and Barton Tone, who had also stopped in the meantime, these looked like searchlights from Sioux Falls. The whole show lasted about 15 minutes and Mr. Iverson, who spent three years flying during World War II and has seen many sky oddities, said that never before had he seen anything like it.

Another story comes from Miss Laura Pixley, who stated that she saw the same kind of objects at about the same time. Her tale includes a few more mysterious objects and an extra searchlight.

According to Miss Pixley there were at least four bright objects which were darting back and forth across the sky at great speeds.

All of the persons involved, however, were careful not to identify the objects they saw as "flying saucers." They preferred to call what they saw "an unusual sight."

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Gazette - 7 Aug 52

"Flying Saucer" Seen By Couple at Elkport

ELKADER -- Mr. and Mrs. Howard Krieg of Elkport, 13 miles south of Elkader, said they saw a "flying saucer" Tuesday night while walking along a highway toward their house.

They described the object as a large red ball, which was moving slowly in the sky from the west toward the north. Other residents of West Haven, an addition to Elkport, also said they saw the object.

Sky watchers at the Elkader airport reported they had not sighted anything unusual.

Tucson, Arizona Daily Citizen - 7 Aug 52

Disks Criss-Cross Tucson Heavens

It was a great night for those "unidentified objects" in the sky. Davis-Monthan and CAA control towers began receiving reports of "flying saucers" at 8 p.m. yesterday and they continued until around 3 a.m. today.

Davis-Monthan public information officials this morning confirmed that a base power operator observed an unidentified flying object southwest of the field and traveling at about 5,000 feet. The Davis-Monthan air force base tower sent out a message asking any military aircraft in the vicinity to investigate in an attempt to identify the object.

At 8:30 p.m. a Williams air force base pilot in a C-47 radioed Davis-Monthan that he had sighted the object "very bright, about the size of a B-47." While alerted control tower operators at the airbase here and in Phoenix stood by, the pilot attempted to overtake the object but was soon outdistanced.

According to Davis-Monthan officials, the pilot reported getting another glimpse of the object at 8:45 p.m. when it appeared to be near Phoenix.

Harold E. Tusha, on duty at the CAA tower, said today that he saw a "strange light" momentarily. "But it could have been any of several things," he said. "I'd have to get a pretty close look before I called it a flying saucer." He described the light as yellowish.

He said that he began monitoring the frequency just in time to hear the Davis-Monthan operator ask the pilot if he could still see the object. The pilot answered that he had lost it.

R.C. Cutchall went on duty at the CAA control tower at midnight and was on duty until 8 a.m. today. He said that he had several calls from worried Tucsonians at around 3 a.m. though he himself did not see anything unusual. Because of poor visibility, planes turned on the their landing lights 15 miles away from the base, he said. One of the planes which landed between 3:10 and 3:20 a.m. did not have tail lights on. Cutchall speculated that it may have been the object which caused so much excitement.

It was "within one minute of 3 a.m." that Paul Ehlers, public relations director at McConnell Aero Tech. saw "an odd looking jigger."

Ehlers said today that he had not been able to sleep and had got up to check the windows when he noticed the light going almost directly over his house and a little to the west. He described it as definitely oval shaped, amazing bright and yellowish, larger than the B-29's and B-50's which constantly fly over his home at 1644 E. 12th st.

"I've seen too many bombers and landing lights to mistake this thing for one of them," he said. "It was going considerably faster than the planes, too." He said that he stood at the window and watched until it went out of sight in the direction of Davis-Monthan air base, and even when he lost sight of it, the object looked much larger than a B-50.

It was about the same time that Cutchall, at the CAA tower, was busy answering the telephone and listening to other reports of a similar light.

Hayward, California Daily Review - 7 Aug 52

Sorry, No Saucers

SAN FRANCISCO -- A large moisture filled cloud through which the sun's rays were refracted was responsible for scores of phone calls to police and sheriff's offices in San Mateo, yesterday, according to the Weather bureau.

The cloud, thought by some to be a flying saucer, was described generally as an orange, balloon shaped object with a vapor trail.

Newswire Report Agence France Presse - 7 Aug 52

[No Headline]

Madrid, Aug. 7 -- Three flying saucers were reported over Madrid the afternoon of August 7. Several of the city's inhabitants, from different sections, said that three round, luminous machines, which left a whitish wake, crossed the sky approximately from NE to SW. However, official observation centers did not record any such phenomenon, and the saucers were not seen by either the astronomical observatory at the Retiro or the one at Barajas Airport.

Newswire Report Hilversum - 7 Aug 52

[No Headline]

AMSTERDAM, August 7, 1952 -- Dutch papers this morning are full of flying-saucer reports. Telephones at the editorial offices and at the meteorological Institute of de Bilt are constantly ringing with new reports or with requests for information. Conversations on street-cars and buses deal with little else.

In short, our peaceful Holland, like the United States, is now also under the spell of the flying-saucers. They have been observed from various places in the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, and a student from Delft even managed to snap a picture of one, which appears in this morning's edition of the "Telegraff."

Dutch papers are beginning to write feature editorials on the subject, much in the same way as they once dealt with the mythological sea snake. "De Telegraff" blames all manifestations on a general state of worry and fear, which can easily cause hallucinations. The more people are afraid, the more saucers they will see.

Charleston, West Virginia Daily Mail - 8 Aug 52

Vigil Of West Side Resident Successful

Another flying saucer has been reported here, this time by a West Side hills woman who says she has been "scanning the heavens" nightly for weeks in the hope of seeing one.

Further, now that she has seen one, the observer declares that this saucer, at least, was something never touched by the hand of man but a "spiritual" thing.

The woman, who asked that her name not be used, reported that she observed "a beautiful blue-green object rolling like a wheel at tremendous speed southwest through the sky."

Its passage, she said, was accompanied by no sound. Further, the object left no trail, she continued, nor did it give off fragments of light as have many of the saucers in previous reports around the country.

She does not believe that whatever she saw was man-made or operated.

"The impression borne upon my mind is this -- whatever it was was never made by human hand but something spiritual, or perhaps, something created in the atmosphere by things we don't understand."

The object, whatever it was, meteor, fireball or flying saucer, appeared to be southwest of her West side home, about in the area occupied by Carbide, she said.

The observer says that she frequently lies in her backyard hammock and "scans the heavens" in the hope of seeing a saucer.

She had about given up last night, she said, and was "gathering my pillows together getting ready to go into the house," when the object flashed across the horizon.

She estimated the time at between 9 and 9:30 o'clock. The saucer was moving much faster than any airplane she had ever seen, she concluded.

Charleston, West Virginia Daily Mail - 8 Aug 52


'Fixing' A Flying Saucer

Getting a "fix" on flying saucers is a tricky business, especially when the mysterious aerial objects don't stay in sight very long. Alfred Shepard (left) and Elbert Williams, who spotted a blazing ball of fire slipping through the heavens Sunday night, are going to be ready for the next one. They are shown here practicing with a triangulating instrument. Shepard, a salesman for McRoberts Supply, and Williams, an ambulance driver for Wilson Funeral Home, spied the flying saucer Sunday night while sitting on the porch of the funeral home on Charleston's west side. They both described it as round like a basketball with a Saturn-like ring around it, and white like a light bulb". The men said the object left a trail and quickly disappeared from sight.

Lima, Ohio News - 8 Aug 52

Looking At Lima

THE GROWING list of those who have reported seeing flying saucers was augmented Thursday night by the addition of four Lima women.

The women reported they saw "two red balls of fire" in the northwestern section of the sky at 9 p.m., directly after they had left work at the Ex-Cell-O Corp. plant.

Those reporting: were Mrs. Ruth Reed, 1164 Hughes-av; Mrs. Lucille Brown, 723 E. Elm-st; Miss Marguerite Farish, 105 E. Ninth-st, and Miss Lila Britsch, 1034 Summit-st.

Anderson, Indiana Herald Bulletin - 8 Aug 52

Carry On

This sounds like the first flying saucer report for Anderson... and it involves a bright blue object flying through the nocturnal heavens... none of the yellow or red saucers that reportedly grace the skies of other parts of the country... The reporter is Dolph Stephenson, a watchman at the Barber Manufacturing Company... and he maintains he saw the object tearing across the sky the other night at quite a clip...

Chicago, Illinois Daily Herald - 8 Aug 52

Report Flying Saucers Over Arlington Heights

The office of Paddock Publications, Arlington Heights, received its first report of flying saucers over Arlington heights, from Henry Weidner, who lives on Arlington Heights rd., just north of Dundee rd.

Weidner said he was in his yard about 10:50 a.m. Sunday when he noticed 12 or 15 flat looking objects flying overhead, leaving a trail of white flame about 50 feet wide. He said he could see no wings and that they looked entirely different from jets that have flown over the area in the past.

He estimated the objects were approximately 1,000 feet up and were traveling between 150 to 200 miles per hour.

"At first I could hear a low rumbling noise," said Weidner, "but later I couldn't hear a thing."

The objects circled the area for approximately 25 minutes and then headed due south. Weidner's mother also saw them.

Bensenville, Illinois DuPage County Register - 8 Aug 52

Sees Flying Saucer

A Glen Ellyn man, George Peska, reported to police in the village that he spotted what appeared to be a flying saucer last Friday. He said that he was on the back porch of his home when he saw a glowing blue object with an orange tail streak across the sky.

Hearne, Texas Democrat - 8 Aug 52

Youths Report Flying Disks In Robertson County Skies

Flying saucers?

Sure, Robertson county has them!

Not just the common, ordinary, garden variety of nocturnal visitors that have been reported as visiting the skies throughout the country. Robertson county's flying disks are bold and venturesome -- they appear during the daylight hours!

Two Hearne High School youths, Bob Jones and James Starkey, who are employed by a seismograph crew this summer, reported seeing one of the heavenly disks while they were working in the vicinity of Bremond Wednesday afternoon.

According to Jones who reported the incident, the "saucer" was plainly visible near some cloud formations about 3:30 that afternoon.

As he and Starkey watched, the flat, saucer-shaped object hovered in one position for a considerable length of time. Jones said the object "wobbled about for awhile, then took off at terrific speed in a northeasterly direction."

Because the object was at great height, Jones said he was unable to describe it except that it was saucer-shaped and silver colored, glistening in the sunshine.

(Saucers have been reported in the night sky over Bryan in recent weeks. They were also reported over Franklin this week.)

Lubbock, Texas Morning Avalanche - 8 Aug 52

Five Spur Residents See Strange Object

SPUR, Aug. 7 (Special) -- Five Spur residents today reported sighting an object Monday which made flying saucer believers out of them.

Mrs. Alva Earl Smith told the story for the group, relating that the five were in a cotton field about 12 p.m. when a plane flew overhead. The three women and two men looked up as the plane passed and sighted another shiny object far in the east.

Mrs. Smith said they would have accepted it as another plane, except that it did not move, and appeared to be spinning from one position. They watched the object for more than 10 minutes, she said, then it began to move slowly to the southeast. She said one side of the object appeared dark, the other glittering.

Others in the party were Mr. and Mrs. Granville Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Faubus.

Hayward, California Daily Review - 8 Aug 52

If Those Weren't Saucers, What Were They?

Harry Carr, of the men's furnishing store by the same name, is known as a level-headed, thoughtful man. So, too, is son Jerry. So when the pair came up with stories of having seen flying saucers, no one scoffed. Seems they were driving over San Mateo bridge early this week when Harry saw what appeared to be a light streaking across the sky. He slowed down. "You see what I saw, son?" he asked. "That's just what I was going to say," Jerry answered. They then parked the car, as did scores of others crossing the bridge at that time, and watched the "saucers" dance about the sky for awhile. "And they weren't searchlight reflections, either," Harry insisted.

Newswire Story Agence France Press - 8 Aug 52

Madrid, Aug. 7 -- Three flying saucers were reported over Madrid the afternoon of August 7. Several of the city's inhabitants, from different sections said that three round, luminous machines, which left a whitish wake, crossed the sky approximately from NE to SW. However, official observation centers did not record any such phenomenon, and the saucers were not seen by either the astronomical observatory at the Retiro or the one at Barajas Airport.

Pottstown, Pennsylvania Mercury - 9 Aug 52

All Around The Town

He Saw flying Saucers…
Believes They're Ours...

By Bob Moyer

SAUCERS NO MIRAGE -- When Staff Sgt. John R. Brynan, Pottstown lad, saw an unidentified target on his radarscope at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., he investigated and discovered a red light traveling across the dark sky. His first experience with the strange light convinced him flying saucers are no hoax. Brynan, son of Charles and Gertrude Brynan, 616 Chestnut street, saw the red light several weeks ago when sauceritis struck the Washington, D.C. area. Other radar men saw the targets and checked the results. All are convinced flying saucers are no mirage.

Dunkirk, New York Evening Observer - 9 Aug 52

Brilliant Lights Seen At Niagara

NIAGARA FALLS -- A mass of brilliant, colored lights resembling recent descriptions of flying saucers has been reported by residents of nearby Youngstown and Coast Guard and Air Force personnel.

The strange lights were seen sweeping over Lake Ontario Thursday night.

Officers of the 763rd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron and the 166th Fighter Interceptor squadron said they were preparing reports of the eyewitness accounts.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Star And Sentinel - 9 Aug 52

See Strange Light In Sky Over County

There may be no such thing as a flying saucer -- but a number of Adams Countians Tuesday night of last week saw' something they claim resembled one.

At Bonneauville a group of neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hahn and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sanders witnessed the antics of a "strange light" in the sky at 10:30 o'clock.

At exactly the same time Ira Lobaugh and his family and other residents of East Berlin sighted a "similar object" in the sky. And at the same time residents of North York reported sighting a "flying saucer."

The Bonneauville group reported the orange-red light as being to the north of Bonneauville. Mrs. Miller said she estimated it as being about three feet in size, and said there seemed to be a tiny white light above the orange disc. The disc, she added, travelled very fast in one direction, stopped, and traveled just as fast in the opposite direction. Then, she said, it repeated the back and forth travel a number of times.

Reports from North York residents said the light appeared in the north and "seemed to move 50 to 60 feet from east to west about a half dozen times before disappearing." Twelve residents of North York, living in different sections of the town, were reported by York papers as having seen the light "moving back and forth in the sky."

At East Berlin Lobaugh first saw the strange light and called a number of neighbors to witness the aerial manifestation.

Biloxi, Mississippi Daily Herald - 9 Aug 52

Nine Persons In Louisiana Town Sight "Saucers"

FARMERVILE La. -- Nine persons reported what they said "would have had to be flying saucers" last night over Truxno, a small community near here.

The objects were described as about 10 feet in diameter and as having a sparkling appearance.

One couple reported they spotted three circular objects and later called two visitors who varified [sic] the report.

Mr. and Mrs. Alden Auger of Truxno said they saw the disc at an altitude of about one-half mile. The visitors, Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Yarborough of El Dorado, Ark., said they looked like firey [sic] balls and were making 100-yard spurts back and forth.

Yarborough said he timed the objects and they stayed aloft for about 30 minutes and were joined by a fourth. The four, he said, remained over the area about 15 minutes before they all disappeared.

Others See Discs

Five other persons reported they saw the discs and confirmed that they were traveling fast. Yarborough said he thought because of their rapid maneuvering they must be radio controlled.

He added. "I've been calling them bosh and a big fake, but seeing is believing."

The aircraft control tower at the new Shreveport, La. airport discounted that they could have been jet planes. They said one jet left Shreveport last night and that it would not have been in the area. The Shreveport weather bureau said it had no reports of meteors in the area and that weather balloons usually were released one at a time.

Portsmouth, Ohio Times - 9 Aug 52

Quartet Here Sees 'Flying Saucer'

Joseph Cooper of Frant St., Sciotoville, is among local persons seeing strange sights in the sky, and he reported today it was probably a "flying saucer."

Mr. Cooper and two of his children and Mrs. Mabel Clark of Dogwood Ridge were in the front seat of the Cooper car on Sand Hill, southeast of Pine Creek Bridge east of Wheelersburg, about midnight, when the strange object was observed.

According to Mr. Cooper it was of varied colors and left a trail of a light color. He said the object, which was below heavy clouds, was moving slowly toward the southeast.

Greeley, Colorado Daily Tribune - 9 Aug 52

Air Line Pilot Claims He Saw Flying Saucers

Durango, Colo., Aug. 9. -- A dozen observers at the Durango airport last night, including a Denver airline pilot, said they saw four disc-shaped objects darting thru the sky.

Homer Gedney of Durango, U.S. messenger, said he first sighted the objects and notified Capt. Ben Stewart of Denver, a pilot for Frontier Air Lines, his co-pilot and passengers on a Frontier plane who were waiting take-off.

Stewart said the discs appeared to be about 12,000 feet above this southwestern Colorado airport. He estimated their speed at between 300 and 400 miles an hour.

Gedney said the saucers looked to him "sort of like flattened out clear balloons."

The observers told reporters the objects appeared to keep a perfect angled line formation and were in sight for two and one-half to three minutes.

Lodi, California News-Sentinel - 9 Aug 52

'Flying Saucer' Report Denied

SACRAMENTO, Aug. 8 -- A brilliant object moved through the sky over Sacramento with an airplane apparently in pursuit early today, law enforcement officers reported.

But Air Force authorities at McClellan Field said no Air Force planes were in the area, the sheriff's office said.

The first report of the object came from Mrs. Beatrice Wilbur, of Sacramento. While sheriff's deputies were investigating, Sacramento police reported seeing the object with an airplane in pursuit.

The Sacramento Filter Center said nothing was seen on radar screens.

Hutchinson, Kansas News-Herald - 10 Aug 52

Service Man's News-Herald

...Flying Saucer seen near Meade by Harry Reach, manager of Meade airport...

Phoenix, Arizona Republic - 10 Aug 52

The People Speak

Was It A Saucer?

Editor, The Arizona Republic: I have often wondered what these so-called flying saucers look like. So I am wondering if I saw one about 10 or 15 minutes after 4 p.m., Aug. 1.

I was coming home down Garfield Street, going west when I happened to look up and saw something as big as a hub cap from a car shining aluminum in the sky. Thought at first it was a plane with the sun shining on it. But then as it disappeared it looked like a long object. So I was wondering if it was a plane or a so-called flying saucer.


Idaho Falls, Idaho Post Register - 11 Aug 52

Another 'Saucer'

POCATELLO, Aug. 11 -- A Pocatello couple reported sighting what appeared to them to be a "flying saucer" Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hill said they watched objects zig zagging across the sky at about 10 p.m.

Big Spring, Texas Daily Herald - 11 Aug 52

Japanese Dentist Sees Flying Saucers

TOKYO -- A dentist in Beppu, Kyushu, reported last night he saw two bright circular objects sail through the sky from northeast to southwest and from east to west.

The dentist said the objects moved much faster than an airplane but that he felt they were not shooting stars.

Several other persons reported seeing aerial lights.

Statesville, North Carolina Daily Record - 12 Aug 52

Flying Saucers

Kenneth Adams, who lives at 1200 Ninth street, reported this morning he had seen flying saucers over Statesville about 9:30 last right.

Kenneth had been visiting his cousin, Melvin Adams, on Salisbury road, and both of them reported seeing the saucers. According to Kenneth they came like streaks of light out of the east, flashed off and on, and disappeared toward the north.

His story would seem to tally with that of two sky watchers, who reported independently today that they saw bright "orange-red" objects -- not meteors -- streaking through the sky near here last night.

The Civil Aeronautics Administration at Raleigh-Durham airport quoted James Adams of nearby Fuquay as saying he saw the objects last night for the second successive night.

A professor of North Carolina State college who asked that his name not be used, meanwhile told the United Press he saw "seven or eight" objects at about the same time last night.

Both observers gave similar descriptions of the locations, speed and general appearance of the objects and both said they were sure the objects were not meteors.

I.O. Harmon, CAA official, said Adams "was sure that they did not follow the traditional arc meteorites appear to take." He said he also was convinced from Adams' description that the objects were traveling much too fast to have been any type of airplane.

Beckley, West Virginia Raleigh Register 12 Aug 52

Hunger? Saucers?

So-called flying saucers look like various things to different persons, but probably the most realistic -- at least to him -- description was given by Russell Cook of Midway.

"It looked like a white saucer with ice cream on it" he volunteered in telling of the light he said flashed across the sky over his home toward Sophia, Sunday night.

Hamilton, Ohio Daily News Journal - 12 Aug 52

See Flying Saucer

Two members of the Hamilton Ground Observer Corps, while on duty at the GOC post at Hamilton Airport, recently observed what answered to the description of a "flying saucer," Jack Goldrick, post supervisor, reported.

The observers, Charles Emrick, 1820 Shirley Ave., and Leigh Emrick, 246 N. Second St., immediately reported the unidentified object to the Columbus Filter Center and were advised by officials of the Continental Air Command that three other observation posts had also reported this "flying saucer," and that jet interceptor planes were in the air on their way to investigate.

Mr. Goldrick reported this was the fourth time an unidentified object, resembling a flying saucer, had been sighted by members of the post since Operation Skywatch started, four weeks ago.

No report has been received from the Air Command as to the results of the investigating jet fighter planes.

Lubbock, Texas Morning Avalanche 12 Aug 52

Family Gets Into Flying Saucer Act

ROCKFORD, Ill., Aug. 11 -- Flying saucers made news today in Rockford.

Fourteen persons -- members of two families -- reported observing saucers late Sunday, and said the group totaled more than 50.

Roy E. Munson, a private pilot with 20 years' experience said:

"The entire sighting almost defies description."

The family of Eugene Leander, living across the street from the Munson home, reported the same thing.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Gazette - 12 Aug 52

Manchester Residents Observe Flying Saucer

MANCHESTER -- A flying saucer was observed by Manchester residents Monday night.

Francis Gosling observed an unusual aerial object in the west while walking the dog about 11:30 p.m. He called his neighbor, Don Dorman, and Policemen Basil Confare and Louis Chrystal. The quartet took a vantage point near the west city limits, and for more than half an hour an object brighter than a star flashed red and green intermittently and gradually lowered and faded from view westward.

Manchester, Iowa Radio-Democrat - 12 Aug 52

"Flying Saucer" Is Sighted Here!

Something -- which for the purpose of conversation we will call a flying saucer -- was sighted in the sky northwest of town on Monday evening by Francis Gosling, who alerted Don Dorman of the CAP, Walmart. Gilkey, civil defense, and the night-police, all of whom will testify to the fact that an object of unknown identity was flying around flashing vari-colored lights for about an hour before it disappeared.

Shortly after 11 o'clock last evening, Gozzie saw the strange lights and called Don. Then they decided to get the others in on it and all drove out to the hill near Memorial hospital for a clearer view. What they saw they are not prepared to say -- but there was no doubt that some object in the sky was flashing yellow or white lights, with an occasional red, green or blue flash added, and that it pursued an erratic course to the northwest and finally disappeared.

Idaho Falls, Idaho Post Register - 12 Aug 52

'Saucer' Seen Here

The flying saucers are back again!

Beth Owen, 15 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gale Hall, 183 Second street, reported that she and a teen aged friend, Bobby Bright, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Bright, 250 first street, saw one of the 'objects' over Idaho Falls at about 9:55 p.m. Monday.

She described the object as appearing to be a white circle cut half in two. She said the glowing object was going in a southwesternly direction and that it was in view for about 16 seconds.

More saucers were expected to be sighted in this area this week, since the annual "meteor shower" is due to appear through Thursday.

Espana, Tangier, Morocco 12 Aug 52

Saucer-like Craft Seen In Spain

According to the Cifra news agency, on the evening of 10 August 1952, a resident of Cuenca, Spain, while walking along the Cuenca-Madrid road, saw an object similar to the so-called flying saucers. It crossed the sky at high speed in a matter of seconds. The object was round and gave off two luminous trails.

Butte, Montana Standard - 12 Aug 52

Italy Gets Into Act

ROME, Aug. 11. -- Italy got into the flying saucer act Monday night. Leghorn airport employes said they saw an object flash out of the stratosphere, stop for about 20 seconds and then disappear.

Tokyo, Japan Pacific Stars and Stripes - 12 Aug 52

Flying Saucers Seen

Tokyo -- Flying saucers were reported over southern Japan Monday.

Kyodo News agency said a number of residents reported seeing a bright circular object racing across the sky over Kyushu about 9:20 p.m. Five minutes later, a similar object skimmed by in another direction.

Observers said the objects moved much faster than an airplane and made no noise.

Statesville, North Carolina Daily Record - 13 Aug 52

Down In Iredell...

MORE SAUCERS -- Two more Iredell county residents have reported seeing flying saucers Monday night.

Ralph Spencer of Barium says he saw several rapidly-moving objects streaking across the sky and Staff Sgt. Clyde Reavis also saw them. Spencer was in Barium at the time and Reavis was in Statesville.

A group in Mooresville last night sat out looking for saucers but the mysterious visitors failed to oblige them.

Hamilton, Ohio Daily News Journal - 13 Aug 52

Another Saucer Seen

"Flying saucers" or meteors?

Four New Miami youths claim to have spotted their second "flying saucer." The youths, Barbara Ashcraft, 13, Gloria Eubanks, 14; Arnold Ashcraft, 15, and Joe Blanton, 12, said they saw a large yellow, saucer-shaped object in the skies above Hamilton as they were walking east on Augspurger Ave., New Miami, Sunday night.

Barbara said the "saucer" was larger than a star and was proceeding south when it vanished from sight. She explained that the object left a trail of gray smoke and light orange flame.

The group saw its first saucer about two months ago, Barbara said, but thought it was their imagination. "This time we were sure," she said.

Billings, Montana Gazette - 13 Aug 52

Square Flying Saucer Is Latest Object Sighted in Oklahoma

Holdenville, Okla., Aug. 12. -- They're seeing square flying saucers now.

C.A. Holland, assistant Hughes county attorney, reported Tuesday he saw an unidentified object "moving at tremendous speed" through the sky over his home near Wetunka. He said the object was square.

Big Spring, Texas Daily Herald - 13 Aug 52

Saucer Platoon Is Spotted Here

A platoon of "flying saucers" visited Big Spring Tuesday night, but they apparently didn't tarry long.

Mrs. J.F. Hendrix, 911 E. 12th, saw the discs from her back yard at 9:20 p.m. She said they were about as large as ordinary dinner plates, all strung out in a straight line, and silvery colored. The saucers seemed pretty low and they went over in a hurry.

The flying things sailed over just east of the baseball park, from north to south, Mrs. Hendrix said. By the time she called her husband, the craft had travelled out of sight.

Blytheville, Arkansas Courier News - 13 Aug 52

Israel Reports Flying Saucer

JERUSALEM -- Israel got into the flying saucer act today. The Jerusalem Post reported that a resident of Haifa had spotted a bright green elliptical object with a broad, rapidly revolving belt around its middle flying through the sky.

Ludington, Michigan Daily News 14 Aug 52

Report Seeing Flying Saucers

Don Miller of 210 North Gaylord avenue, his son Douglas and Gary Hansen, who were swimming Wednesday afternoon in Lake Michigan at the first bend of the road on M-116 north of Ludington, saw what they believe were three "flying saucers."

Mr. Miller explained that they were swimming about 3 p.m. and during the time heard whirring, roaring and hissing sounds like motors for some time, but could not locate the origin. After they came into shore and were sunning on the beach they saw one object, "like an aluminum speck," descend in a vertical position.

"A short time later two more came down and maneuvered under and over the original object we saw, which appeared to be hovering in an almost stationary position," Mr. Miller said. "The children said, 'It's a flying saucer.' Others on the beach also heard the roaring of motors, which seemed to be about a quarter of a mile off shore, and saw the objects."

Mr. Miller said they appeared to be round, flat disks and when flashing in the sunlight were nearly blinding. He said the procedure lasted from 10 to 12 minutes and, when they disappeared, they went straight up in a V shape. "I have seen many jet planes, and these moved much faster than jets," Mr. Miller said.

Burlington, Iowa Hawk Eye Gazette - 14 Aug 52

By Lloyd Maffitt

Two phenomena have been reported to this scrivener. The Hawk-Eye Gazette's distinguished sports editor, J. Ballard Lundgren, reports he saw a flying saucer at Naperville, Ill., while enroute to Chicago on his recent vacation, and Mrs. Rose Trienens, 1429 Thul street, reports a giant peach, 11 inches in circumference, was picked from a Hale Alberta tree in her yard.

Winona, Minnesota Republican-Herald 14 Aug 52

4 Grand Rapids Fishermen Spot 'Flying Saucer'

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. -- A party of four fishermen told Civil Defense officials here Wednesday that they watched a strange, brilliant object shoot up and down in the sky last night -- "just like a drunken driver."

Attorney J.D. Murphy, local Civil Defense director, said two of the men were visibly nervous as they described the incident. Murphy said he would make an official report.

Stephen Brubaker of Middletown, 0., said he first noticed the object as it switched from a pale yellow to a bright red color. He said it plunged down towards the horizon for about three seconds, stopped suddenly and shot upwards again.

"It circled and went to and fro," Brubaker said, "just like a drunken driver. Sometimes it went slow, other times it went fast. It sure scared me."

"Elmer Woodrey of Middletown also was in the boat on Pokogama Lake and he said he would have "gone swimming" had the object come any closer.

Woodrey said the thing appeared to have a streamer behind it and was much bigger than a shooting star.

"My impression was that it was something not man-made," said Robert Kale of Des Moines, Ia. Kale said the speed was "terrific."

The only member of the party who said he was not scared was Kale's father, L.G. Kale of Grand Rapids, who was "too busy catching fish."

Murphy said Civil Defense observers in the tower here, about seven miles from the lake, reported seeing nothing unusual in the sky at the time of the reported incident.

Lubbock, Texas Evening Journal 14 Aug 52

Airlines Pilot Chases Mysterious Orange Light
Others Sight Sky "Object"

DALLAS, Aug. 14 -- Capt. Max M. Jacoby, chief pilot for Pioneer Airlines, reported Thursday that he saw and chased a mysterious orange light within 15 to 25 miles of Love Field Wednesday night.

He refused to call the light a "flying saucer" or to try to explain its origin. But he said he had never seen anything like it in 16 years of flying.

Jacoby, Capt. J.W. McNaulty and a maintenance man took a two-engine Pacemaster up for a routine test flight. Jacoby saw the light first and called the attention of the others to it.

Saw Large Light

"I looked out the left window of the cockpit (at 3,000 feet altitude) and saw a large light," he said. "Then it suddenly started moving northwest. So I turned the plane on a course that would intercept it at about 40 degrees.

"It went across and completely out of sight. It dived down. But the body of the thing did not change when it tuned. It was bright, then it began to die down.

"I was still flying on this heading (about 240 miles an hour) when the light reappeared. It was dim at first, then it got bright. And Captain McNaulty timed it. It was at the brightest point about 10 seconds. Meanwhile, I turned again to line up with this light and it went out of sight in a southeasterly direction. We were unable to find it again."

Orange In Color

"The body of the light was fairly constant," he said. "It was orange in color and at the periphery was fuzzy. It was differential in speed . . . it just went off and left us."

Jacoby said he thought they might be seeing an optical illusion. But he brought the nose of the plane up and lined it up with a star. The star remained constant, he said, so he knew it wasn't an illusion.

He couldn't tell whether it was just a light or whether it was a light coming from an object. Since he could not tell how far we was from it, he refused to guess exactly how big it was.

Farmington, New Mexico Daily Times - 14 Aug 52

Strange Objects

SAUCER SAILING SERENELY through space was taken by Professor George Adamski. Adamski says the sun is in the background making this silhouette of a saucer. The professor claims none of his pictures are retouched. (Copyrighted by George Adamski)

Oh! You're the Spoon In Our Saucer for Two

At the turn of the century Daisy and her beau looked sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two. Within the next few years a happy couple bowled along in their merry Oldsmobile. Not so very long after that it was "come Josephine in my flying machine."

And if Prof. George Adamski of Palomar, Calif., is right the next tune for the spooners to croon will be, "You're the spoon in my saucer, my saucer built for two".

Adamski says flying saucers are real -- and he means it. He even has photographs to prove his point. The photographs first showed up in Farmington July 29 carried by a man named Joe Halloran. Halloran, to say the least, was a flying saucer aficionado -- that's Spanish for "fan" as in "fan mail".

Halloran was very generous with his time. He showed us 14 pictures which he said were saucers in various attitudes and at various distances from earth. He also told us that the photographs were taken by Professor Adamski. So we went right to the horse's -- or astronomer's -- mouth and wrote to the professor. Post haste he sent a letter giving permission to print his pictures and including three pages of explanations of the mysterious objects.

Watches the Skies

Adamski says that for the past three years he has "watched the skies almost constantly, day and night, and taken over 700 shots through my six-inch telescope in an effort to photograph and thereby prove the reality of spacecraft visitors from another world.

In reference to his pictures Adamski claims he has all his developing and printing done by a commercial photographer and that he has an affidavit from the photographer that no re-touch work has been done.

But the professor doesn't stop with the pictures -- he even interprets them for those of us who are either unbelievers or slightly skeptical. He explains at length that the saucers sailing about the earth come from "mother ships" or cruisers far out in space. He is sure they come from some other planet and that in the absence of hostile action on the part of saucer pilots we must assume they are friendly.

The professor said in his letter:

"They (the saucers) have been coming a long time, but now they are coming in ever greater numbers and it is my opinion that they are coming for a very definite purpose . . . They will continue to come until their mission is completed and we of earth would do well to show friendliness toward them that we may learn their purpose . . .

But no matter what anyone may think about the saucers it must be admitted that the couple who may someday spoon and zoom as they croon in a saucer have come a long way from Daisy, her beau, and the two-seater.

All that remains to be seen is if the moon is as romantic from a saucer as from a haystack.

(See other pictures on Page 5).

[The following are the pictures and captions found on Page 5...]

Strange Objects

PROFESSOR GEORGE ADAMSKI claims this photograph proves space craft travel in large numbers and in formation. The professor says this picture was taken May 18, 1951 and that he had his telescope focused on Venus. "Venus was almost obliterated from view," Adamski says, "by the large numbers of space craft moving between here and our earth. I did not see these ships in my telescope or in my finder at the time I took the picture." (Copyrighted by George Adamski)

Strange Objects

THE CIGAR SHAPED dark thing in the center of this picture, Professor George Adamski says, (and the Daily Times has no way of checking) is a "mother ship". Hovering around it, according to Adamski, are six flying saucers either leaving or approaching the "cruiser". Adamski says he watched the cruiser for four minutes and took four pictures of it. (Copyrighted by George Adamski)


THE WHITE TEAR DROP against "the face of the moon" is, according to George Adamski, a flying saucer or space ship. He says the whole white object is not the photo of the ship -- "It contains the radiation around the ship and the trail behind the ship". Adamski also claims the ship is so close to the moon that a shadow is thrown on the moon's surface. The shadow is the dark square beneath the wide part of the white thing and was caused by the sun's light and the reflection of light from the earth, says the professor. (Copyrighted by George Adamski)

Titusville, Pennsylvania Times Herald - 14 Aug 52

Unidentified Sky Objects Cause Alert

BALTIMORE, Aug. 13 -- The Baltimore filter center tonight confirmed reports of an alert in the Maryland-Pennsylvania area for unidentified flying objects.

At Hagerstown, Md., Edgar King, local civil defense director, said spotters were alerted by the filter center in Baltimore at 2:10 p.m. (EDT).

King said spotters were told a group of unidentified flying objects had been reported 20 miles northeast of Harrisburg, Pa., and were believed to be heading toward Hagerstown.

The Hagerstown civil defense crew reported several hours later that nothing had been seen.

Officers at the Baltimore filter center first denied they had alerted Hagerstown, but later admitted putting out the call at the request of the civil defense organization at Harrisburg.

Their admission came after they were asked if the alert call to Hagerstown may have been a hoax.

The Eastern Air Defense Command at Newburgh, N.Y. said no general alert had been issued, and opined that if anything was spotted in the area under question, it may have been some Navy planes on a "simulated aggressor attack."

The Harrisburg center admitted it had received a report from another town, but refused to disclose any further information.

Statesville, North Carolina Daily Record - 14 Aug 52

Down In Iredell...

MORE VIEWERS -- Two more persons reported today they had seen the flying saucers. This time it was Patricia Setzer and Charles Dagenhart who live near Lookout dam. Patricia said the saucers appeared from the east and disappeared toward the north. She said they left an orange streamer of light behind them, about two yards long and a foot wide.

Statesville, North Carolina Landmark - 14 Aug 52

Three Boys See Flying Saucers Or Something

The Flying Saucers flew over Statesville Monday night and they came, "not single spies but in battalions."

A group of boys and girls were having a wiener roast at the home of Tommy Kerr on Caldwell street, and the report of the saucer comes from three members of the group, Jim Lippard, Tom Kerr, and John Roueche. The boys aren't identifying what they saw but they know, beyond doubt, that they saw things the like of which they had never seen before. At 8:05 there first one of the objects appeared, at 9:05 there was another, or else the same one gave a return showing, and then at 9:20 came a third one, or a third running of the same.

The boys described the objects as bigger than a softball, very bright, the first two looking flat in the sky, the third one at an angle. All were moving north to south. They estimated the objects as 75 to 100 feet in diameter. Pushed as to the chance of it being lighted airplane, the boys said the objects were light, but not lighted, and as they moved a trail of light seemed to follow.

Bakersfield, California Californian - 14 Aug 52

Theatergoers Witness Flying Saucer Antics

Officials at Edwards Air Force Base today were studying eyewitness reports that a mysterious crescent-shaped object swooped down over the Terrace Theater Tuesday night.

The official Air Force investigation was touched off yesterday after more than 22 persons had called the Sheriffs Office reporting the "flying saucer."

Descriptions of the mysterious visitor varied. According to Desk Sergeant Leroy Hatfield some persons described the object as oval shaped with dim lights shining through the center of the crescent. Others said the "saucer" moved silently through the night like a ghost, not more than 200 to 300 feet above the ground. The object, according to spectators, was seen twice, once at 11:30 p.m., and again at about midnight.

Officials even had a picture of the visitor today. Walter Hauptman, 2520 Park Way, who was attending the outdoor movie, rushed home and drew a likeness of the crescent. He said the "saucer" moved slowly across the sky above the outdoor theater from the southeast to the northwest.

Another observer reported the object was illuminated by six or seven lights. Still others said it was triangular in shape.

From Edwards Air Force Base, J.A. Murphy, an air controlman, said his department has received similar reports of mysterious objects in the night. The Air Force has not commented officially on, the most recent report of "flying saucers" roaming Bakersfield skies.

Bakersfield, California Californian - 14 Aug 52

By Jim Day

"Last evening (Tuesday) at approximately 9:30 o'clock I stepped outside my home to turn off the sprinkler." P.L. Jayson, 401 First St., reported to me. "I happened to glance toward the eastern heavens and for a period of one or two seconds I saw a very bright, seemingly round light streak from north to south, then disappear."

Wartime Pilot

"With all the flying saucer talk," he continued, "I would like to qualify myself and then make these observations. I served for three years as a pilot (1942-1945) with the Army Air Force and hold, at the present time, the grade of captain in the Reserve. I have more than 2,000 hours of logged pilot time and have never been known to suffer hallucinations."

What It Was Not

"What I saw last evening was not a searchlight beam. It was not a phosphorescent weather or observation balloon. It was not exhaust from any aircraft known to me, nor was it a falling star. Nor do I believe it was a phenomenon of the elements known or unknown.

Very Fast

"The object moved extremely fast and made no sound. As to what it could have been I have no idea. This is the only time that I have witnessed anything of this nature. I offer these observations as personal and as I saw them and they represent no official opinion.

"If it was a known object I'd have said it was from three to five thousand feet elevation and east of my vision and roughly 30 degrees above the horizon. It was not a falling star because of the path of flight"

Saw Other Lights

Captain Jayson said that he saw two similar lights while at an outdoor motion picture theater, the one at Terrace Way. The time was between 9 and 10 p.m.

Reno Zanotto

Shortly after I talked to Captain Jayson, I talked to Reno Zanotto, veteran of the Second World War with service as an officer in the CBI.

Reno told me he saw the odd object Tuesday night while he was at the drive-in theater. He and 25 or 30 others viewed it at the same time and these persons were interviewed by the sheriffs office, he told me.

The object, according to Mr. Zanotto, was crescent or wedge-shaped. He thought it was brown in color but it was reflecting lights, possibly from the theater as it passed overhead. After it passed on it faded out of sight in a comparatively short space of time. It moved from the southwest to the northeast and was going about 40 to 60 miles an hour, he believes. The object was described by him as being as large as an airliner.

No Illusion

"It was not a light patch nor an optical illusion," Mr. Zanotto reported to me. It was a very weird experience, he declared. Among the other persons seeing it at the same time he observed the phenomenon were Mrs. Mabel Stone, of Taft, and Judy Rucker, of this city, Reno told me.

Corroborate Story

He said the sheriffs office after the spectral object was reported investigated and interviewed a number of persons, all of whom are said to have corroborated the story.

"We have had lots of reports," Mr. Zanotto said, of "one or two persons seeing flying saucers, but this is the first time that I know of where more than 25 or 30 persons saw the thing and at the same time."

Well, there are the stories just as they were reported to me.

Hobart, Australia The Mercury - 14 Aug 52

'Flying Saucer' Over Tamar

A "FLYING SAUCER" was seen over the River Tamar in the vicinity of Rosevears yesterday afternoon by a number of people.

Mr. J. Tehan, assistant Public Works Department engineer in Northern Tasmania, saw one about 2 p.m. just after he crossed the Cataract Bridge over the Gorge before driving down the West Tamar Rd.

It was a round, bright metallic-looking object and appeared to be about 5.000 ft. up and over the direction of Rosevears, he said.

He kept the object in view as he drove slowly down the road, and stopped his car near Riverside to observe it from the side of the road for about four minutes.

It appeared to hover for several minutes, then make off in a northerly direction.

Hobart, Australia The Mercury - 15 Aug 52

Another "Flying Saucer"

THREE persons saw what they described as a flying saucer over Hobart on Tuesday evening.

They are Mr. V.W. Taylor, Bayswater Rd., Moonah, and his daughters. Myra and Fay.

Mr. Taylor and Myra called at "The Mercury" office yesterday, and both said they saw an oblong object high in the sky.

It was of a gold or orange colour, and moved rapidly from the southeast in a northerly direction.

Billings, Montana Gazette - 15 Aug 52

Combat Marines Report Flying Saucers Seen In Northern Korea

With United States First Marine Division, Korea, Aug. 15. -- Combat marines are now seeing those round things in the sky.

The marine division's public information office Thursday related this frontline "flying saucer" story:

Lieutenant Paul C. Mahoney of Brooklyn was leading a night patrol into Chinese territory Thursday.

One marine and then another noticed a strange looking object east of the moon at about 10,000 feet. It was round and very thin, the marines said. It was a light color but not shiny.

The object remained stationary for a few moments, then moved sharply and was still again. The second time it moved, the patrol lost sight of it.

Syracuse, New York Post Standard - 15 Aug 52

Flying Saucers Reported by Many In N. Lowell Ave.

The elusive flying saucer was back in the heavens last night and several persons at the home of Mrs. Gloria Carter, 705 N. Lowell ave., spotted the mysterious missile about midnight.

Mrs. Carter said the flame-colored sphere moved about the sky and changed directions several times while remaining visible for a long period.

Weather observers at Hancock Field reported "nothing unusual in the heavens."

Anniston, Alabama Star - 15 Aug 52

Science Fiction Writer Spots 'Flying Saucers'

SUFFOLK, Va., -- Harold Annas, 45-year-old "science fiction" writer reports he saw three "orange-colored" discs zooming overhead in formation while on duty as a volunteer sky watcher here.

He said each object was a "circular mass of orange" and flew at "very fast rate of speed" without any visible means of propulsion.

Annas added that as a writer of science fiction he had never written any "flying saucer stories."

Galveston, Texas Daily News - 15 Aug 52

Transport Pilot Declines to Identify 'Big, Orange Light' as Flying Saucer

DALLAS, Aug. 14 – Capt. Max M. Jacoby, who has been flying for 16 years, disclosed Thursday that he chased a big, orange light, apparently not of earthly origin, Wednesday night in a transport plane.

The light was of the type generally put in the "flying saucer" category, but Jacoby declined to call it more than a "light" for fear he would be laughed at. He never did catch it.

Jacoby, who is chief pilot of Pioneer Airlines, Capt. J.W. McNaulty, a pilot, and a maintenance man saw the light about 11:30 p.m. at 3,000 feet altitude, 15 to 25 miles from Love Field.

They were making a routine test flight. Jacoby said he was the first to see it. It seemed to be standing still and was not a "focused" light, such as the landing light of a plane.

"Then it suddenly started moving northwest," Jacoby said. "So I turned the plane on a course (at a speed of 240 miles an hour) that would intercept it at about 20 degrees. It went across and completely out of sight.

"It dived down. But the body of the thing did not change when it turned. It was bright, then it began to die down (dim). I couldn't tell whether it was just a light or a light coming from some object.

"I was still flying on this heading when the light reappeared. It was dim at first then got bright and Capt. McNaulty timed it. And it was at its brightest point about 10 seconds. I turned to line up with the light and it went out of sight in a southeasterly direction. We were unable to find it again."

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal - 15 Aug 52

Saucers Return After 'Refueling' In Secret Place

After an absence of more than a week, what-ever-they-are have returned -- possibly from refueling on some other planet or at some forbidden place.

Albuquerque residents phoned The Journal Thursday night to report "flying saucers" in the New Mexico sky.

Two housewives said they saw a mysterious "saucer" light hover over the Sandia mountains for about 10 minutes, then fly westward and disappear. Mrs. Leslie Kyle, 304 64th St. NW, described the object, sighted about 7:30 p.m. as appearing like a "real bright star" flying above the clouds.

Watches Sky in Vain

Meanwhile, Charles Kowall, 71 Lead Ave. SW, who has seen "flying objects" here recently and who has developed a few theories about them, watched the sky fruitlessly for an hour Thursday night for the return of a formation of "saucers" sighted three times before.

Formerly an observer for the British Air Force, Kowall first reported seeing a formation of lights on July 21 at 9:24 p.m. He described them at about 7000 to 9000 feet up, traveling from south to north, then turning off to the northwest. When first seen, from his back porch, they were 65 to 70 degrees up from the horizon. They remained in view for about eight seconds, during which they covered a quarter of the sky.

The amazing thing to Kowall, who said the July 21 "saucer" was his first, is that on Tuesday night of this week -- at 9:12 o'clock -- he saw a V formation of about a dozen of the objects cover the same course in the sky. This time, he phoned the Weather Bureau and learned that the ceiling -- the altitude of the clouds -- was 25,000 feet.

Discs Above Ceiling

The discs, Kowall said, were above the ceiling -- how far, he doesn't know. Again they were in sight from eight to 10 seconds.

Then, more amazing still, and enough to convince Kowall that "flying saucers" are real, was his view of them again on Wednesday night, this week -- at 9:27 o'clock.

This time the Weather Bureau told him the ceiling was 15,000 feet; the objects (10 or 11 of them) covered the same course and were in view six to eight seconds because of the overcast.

Thursday night, with a ceiling of 30,000 feet, Kowall saw nothing in the sky at the apparent favorite time for the appearance of "saucers."

Theories Not Shaken

But the fickleness of the discs has not shaken Kowall's faith in them or his theories about them.

He still believes they are not a phenomenon -- that they are material things from another planet or built by earthlings. He said the same course taken on the three occasions, and the appearance of the objects at about the same time of the night all three times indicates that they could be circling the globe -- covering the 25,000 miles in 24 hours at about 1000 miles an hour.

With this as a basis for his theory, Kowall figures the objects which appear about 12 inches in diameter, must be flying at an altitude of some 14 miles.

Too Bright for Reflections

"Their lights are too bright to be reflections from the city," he explained; so, assuming the light for reflection comes from the sun and with the objects appearing about two hours after sundown, Kowall estimated the height from the angle of the sun's rays in relation to the earth's surface.

Kowall feels that with help from observers in other parts of the country, he may be able to determine the speed of the objects and perhaps partly solve the mystery.

"There's something up there," he declared. "Nowadays nothing is ridiculous. When you can turn a knob in your living room and see a man dance in New York City, nothing is ridiculous," he added.

Phoenix, Arizona Republic - 15 Aug 52

Airman Convinced
V-Formation 'Saucers' Sighted Over Tucson

TUCSON, Aug. 14 -- Lights flew in formation over Tucson Wednesday night, an Air Force Reserve captain reported Thursday.

The captain, Stanley W. Thompson, 32, said he and his wife and two boys saw the lights going at high speed in a V-formation from north to south while they were at a drive-in motion picture theater.

"They bore no relation to anything I have ever seen before," Captain Thompson said.

"From my point of observation the appearance was as though the lights were picking up speed. As they became more distinct, I could see definite symmetry and make out individual lights.

"MY IMPRESSION is that there were three elements of three lights each in a perfect V-formation.

"They were in view 3 to 4 seconds only. The individual lights were of an order of magnitude approximately one-quarter to one-third the size of the full moon.

"I had read about these things but I was always more interested in the visible objects seen in the daytime than in the lights reported at night. The light business left me cold. It doesn't any more.

"THE LIGHTS gave the impression, from their speed and apparent non-lineal velocity, of intelli- MlwoW [sic].

"I definitely observed what I saw, and it bore no relation to anything I've ever seen in the air before."

Captain Thompson said they could not have been temperature inversions, the explanation the air force recently has given for mysterious lights sighted at night in other parts of the country.

"The perfect formation," he said, "movement, and rapid rate of speed such as I observed Wednesday night can't be reduced to such a feeble explanation as the one now in vogue."

Ellensburg, Washington Daily Record - 15 Aug 52

Skywatcher At Airport Here Sees 'Saucer'

Mrs. Wayne Hertz of Ellensburg, who has read and heard about "flying saucers" these many months with the normal half-believing skepticism, now is numbered in the ranks of those who have seen them.

Standing a skywatcher shift of the Ellensburg Ground Observer Corps unit at Bowers Field Thursday morning about 10 o'clock, Mrs. Hertz saw a high-flying Air Force B-36 make a wide circle around the airport. As the plane circled back over the field heading east, she saw a circular object appear to swirl away from and below the plane, make a couple of dips to the south and disappear. As the plane went over the hangar at the field, she saw the bright object swirl again.

Frankly flabbergasted, Mrs. Hertz said she kept reminding herself that she wasn't dreaming and that she must remember what she had seen. Her impressions of the object are very similar to those who have seen the "saucers."

Portsmouth, Ohio Times 16 Aug 52

Greenup Patrolman Sees 'Flying Saucer'

GREENUP -- Leroy Blankenship, night patrolman, didn't take any chances on anyone doubting his story of seeing a flying saucer.

The patrolman was at the top of the Ohio River bank between 2 and 3 a.m. when he noticed a red streak in the sky. He hastened to the telephone exchange and had the operator, Mrs. Marie Bruce, view the sight from a window to back up his saucer story.

The object was traveling northwest at rapid speed, according to Patrolman Blankenship.

Mattoon, Illinois Daily Journal Gazette - 16 Aug 52

Flying Saucers? Yep! Green One Seen Here

A green flying saucer, in the shape of an electric light bulb and traveling "faster than a jet plane" sailed across the sky north of Mattoon about 8:30 p.m. Friday.

That was the report being phoned to The Journal-Gazette this morning. Hundreds of persons reported seeing the object at the Mattoon baseball park.

It was described as traveling from west to east and was seen "three or four" seconds.

An Associated Press story earlier in the week predicted flying saucer reports would perk up. Astronomers said the northern skies would be filled with meteors.

Mitchell, South Dakota Daily Republic - 16 Aug 52

Dial 516
by Jim Watson

A flying saucer may have been seen in Mitchell recently, but the fellow who spotted it isn't making any predictions.

Last Saturday about 4 p.m. Lewis Erickson said he and his wife were standing in their back yard at 305 So. Wise. St. when they saw something that looked almost like a star in the distance.

It was moving north fast, but not as fast as a shooting star and it didn't leave a trail like a shooting star does, "It had a kind of halo around it," Erickson said.

Erickson didn't claim it was flying saucer -- he said it was too far away to tell just what it was.

Well, all we have to say is, if everyone else in the country can have flying saucers, there's no darned reason why Mitchell can't have them too.

Lubbock, Texas Morning Avalanche 16 Aug 52

Shades Of Mars! They're Still Here After A Whole Year

This is an anniversary story.

Shortly after Aug. 15, 1951 -- five days to be exact -- four Texas Tech professors, and a host of other Lubbock residents, began to get stiff necks from tilting their heads skyward to observe what later became known as the famous "Lubbock Lights."

And last night -- Aug. 15, 1952 -- the "whatsits" again winged -- or is it blasted -- their way at "terrific speed" across area skies and right into the line of vision of at least three groups of Lubbockites.

The saucer reports which tumbled in last night were amazingly like the same scanty information which first trickled in last year.

Were In "V" Formation

First to report last night was Mrs. R.T. Yates, 1906 Nashville. She and her husband and their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Tate Lockhart, caught glimpse of "a group of lights flying in a "V" formation with the open end leading and giving off a bluish glow." That was at 9:22 p.m.

Next, Dale Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. B.T. Smith, called in to tell an almost identical story. Smith's lights had one thing others have lacked, however -- sound. He said he and his parents with several friends saw the "dull grey or green" colored objects shoot swiftly from north to south over the Smith residence at 2604 Second. The noise they heard sounded like "somebody was rattling paper," Smith said.

Tech Instructor Sees Object

The third group to report seeing the lights last night was two couples at the Westerner Drive-In theatre west of the city. Berwyn Tisdell, Bill Breedlove, Carolyn Newman and Janice Dardin, all reported seeing a "string of bluish lights traveling from north to south." That was at 10:30 p.m.

Tisdell said they were flying in a "V" formation, just as the others reported. The elder Smith, who is an instructor at Tech, said at "least 20 or 25" were in the group that was observed from his front yard.

Mrs. Yates was lying in a hammock in her front yard and got a "good view of the formation all the way across the sky." She heard nothing, but like the rest said the lights were flying at a terrific speed.

Each of the three stories told last night closely follow what Prof. W.L. Ducker and his associates of Texas Tech observed on several occasions during the last days of August, 1951 and on through the fall.

Carl Hart, a young Lubbock photographer snapped a picture of the formations last Aug. 7 -- and that picture became the center of a nationwide controversy.

It still is.

So after one year of "saucer" sightings on the South Plains -- which have been attributed to just about everything under the sun from birds to little green men three feet tall -- they are apparently still with us.

Long Beach, California Independent - 16 Aug 52

It's Saucers Flying Again In Long Beach

It was too bright and going too straight to be a comet or a falling star . . . so it must have been a flying saucer. At least that's what W.H. Martin, 757 Belmont Ave., reported last night. The "saucer" was headed from east to west at 11:50, Martin said. There was no sound, as with airplanes, and the flash lasted for about a minute, he said.

Oran Republicain, Oran, Algeria 16 Aug 52

Luminous Disk Or Ball Seen Over Moulay Bousselham

In Ain Sefra, on the night of 12 August 1952, a railroad agent observed a ball of fire suddenly appearing against a background of clouds, racing across the sky from east to west and leaving behind a luminous pink trail. Apparently increasing in volume, the object stopped suddenly, became bright red, and seemed to explode, but the observer did not hear any noise.

Iola, Kansas Register - 18 Aug 52

Reports Sighting Flying Saucer Over Humboldt

A brilliant flying saucer was watched for nearly 10 minutes early Sunday morning as it maneuvered over Humboldt, according to a report received by Emerson Lynn Jr., editor of The Union, Lynn said that the observer, an employee of the Monarch Cement Plant, requested that he not be identified.

The man was stationed on the top of a 100 foot high silo when he saw an object, a dark red or orange in color, approaching Humboldt from the east. It appeared to reduce speed as it neared the town and paused briefly when directly over the water tower which is about a mile north of the silo upon which the observer was working.

Seconds later it made a loop in the air and then encircled the town twice. Its speed was estimated at from 80 to 85 miles per hour; its altitude at from 800 to 1,000 feet.

After its second trip about the Humboldt business district the object appeared to move due south, gaining altitude rapidly and disappeared into the heavens.

The man, Lynn reports, estimates that the saucer was 30 or 40 feet in diameter. He said it was uniformly bright in color from edge to edge but changed in hue from a deep red to orange to gold. He said that it appeared to pulsate while hovering over Humboldt.

Pampa, Texas Daily News - 18 Aug 52

'Saucers' Are Sighted By Pampans

Those flying saucers have been reported over Pampa again.

Five people were sitting on the front porch at 9:50 p.m. Sunday when they saw two clusters of saucer-like objects. The 'saucers' were flying in two formations with six to eight objects in each formation.

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gray, 211 N. Nelson; A.B. Cunningham, Mrs. Nelson's father; and Mrs. O.M. Briggs and Sue Riggs, 9, neighbors, watched them, as they flew overhead in perfect formation, going in a south-southeast direction.

"They were flying swiftly," Mrs. Gray said, "but they were gone before we had chance to count them."

Mrs. Gray described them as round, flat and bright. She admitted that all five people who saw them were "most excited" -- and, indeed, somewhat frightened.

"It was really a weird feeling to see them," she commented.

Lubbock, Texas Morning Avalanche - 18 Aug 52

Sky Objects Are Sighted By Groups At Drive-In Theater

"Saucers" or somewhat were active east of Lubbock Sunday night, with at least three sightings reported from a drive-in theater on the Idalou highway.

Jerry McKee. 3106½ 21st St.; J.M. Green, 1912 63rd St.; Ronald Anderson, Lorenzo, called in to report the "flying whatsits." Several other persons in each party also saw the objects.

McKee said his party spotted an oscillating V-formation of 12 or 14 greenish-white objects traveling approximately north to south about 9:30 p.m. About 40 minutes later a similar flight, dimmer and to the east, passed heading southwest to northeast. Two of the objects were lagging, McKee said, one on either side of the formation.

Most of the reports agreed, but Anderson said he spotted a similar formation flying from east to west about 9:25 p.m. The objects were visible for about three seconds.

Lubbock, Texas Evening Journal - 18 Aug 52

Nicky Hilton, Son Of Hotel Magnate, Sees "Flying Saucer" Near Houston

HOUSTON, Aug. 18 – Conrad (Nicky) Hilton Jr., an adopted Texan, son of the hotel magnate and former husband of screen star Elizabeth Taylor, has seen a "flying saucer."

Hilton reported Monday he and band leader Nat Brandwynne, now playing an engagement at the Shamrock Hotel, saw a big, yellow-white "ball of fire" soaring through the skies near Houston municipal airport Saturday morning.

Returning From Houston

Hilton and Brandwynne said they were returning from Galveston and had just turned off the Gulf Freeway near the airport. They estimated the time at about 2:13 a.m.

"I looked out the window and there it was," said Hilton, "a yellow-white ball of light about the size of a basketball.

"I asked Nat, 'did you see that?' But he couldn't see too well, so I stopped the car and we got out."

The band leader said the strange, flowing object seemed to hover from side to side. And personally, Brandwynne said, it gave him "goose pimples."

Yuma, Arizona Daily Sun - 18 Aug 52

Yuma Sun

FLYING SOMETHING -- The Daily Sun photographer, intent on getting a picture of the lightning last Friday night, came up with this shot. The picture was taken from Prison Hill at 1:20 a.m. And was pointed west. Lightning can be seen lighting up the sky in the background while street lights and passing cars light up the Wilson House in the foreground. A bright object (arrow) appears in the sky although the photographer saw nothing there while taking the time exposure. Just as a coincidence, D.D. Ellis of Yuma reported seeing six flying saucers earlier that evening.

Now Flying Saucers Reported Flying Low Over Yuma Valley

The question before the house is:

Did anybody see any flying saucers last Friday night?

A report to The Daily Sun from D.D. Ellis of 311 8th Avenue says that Mr. Ellis and his wife saw a formation of six of them last Friday night at around 9 p.m. Ellis would like to know if he was just seeing things or if somebody else noticed the strange flying objects.

Ellis and his wife were lying out in the back yard of their home when they noticed the round objects in a V-formation heading south over 5th avenue. The objects were described as being a dull white as though they had a light shining on them or as though they were translucent and with lights on the inside.

Like a covey of geese, the objects were headed south but Ellis said that there was no movement to the objects other than they were sailing smoothly and quite fast. He said that the objects were a mile or two high and were flying too fast to be jets. His wife thought at first that they were jets but when the couple heard no noise at all they had to drop that theory.

So Ellis, who said he hadn't had a thing to drink, would like to know if anyone else saw the flying saucers. The Daily Sun is curious too.

Tucson, Arizona Daily Citizen - 18 Aug 52

'Saucer' Flight Is Confirmed

Another witness today reported seeing flying saucers witnessed by moviegoers at a drive-in theater last Wednesday night.

Ben H. Anderson, 3962 E. North st., wrote that he had seen the same lights at the same time, flying in the same direction and disappearing in the same brief interval.

The "saucers" first were reported by Stanley W. Thompson, 725 Calle de Casa Lindas. Thompson, a reserve air force captain, said he saw a V-formation of large elliptical lights streak from north to south over Tucson at tremendous speed. He said they definitely were not conventional aircraft or meteorites.

ANDERSON wrote him to say he also saw nine lights in a V-formation. He said they were flying in precision formation and disappeared in four or five seconds "at tremendous speed."

The lights were observed by Thompson and his family at about 11:10 p.m. Anderson confirmed the time.

Only discrepancy in the reports concerned the formation. Thompson said he got the impression of a V-formation consisting of three smaller V's of three units each.

ANDERSON drew a picture to show what he thought he saw. It was a simple V-group.

An air force intelligence officer already has interviewed Thompson about his report. He said the report was one of the best yet received at Davis-Monthan air force base. Results of the investigation were to be sent to air force headquarters in Washington.

San Mateo, California Times - 18 Aug 52

Three More See Sky Saucers

REDWOOD CITY, Aug. 18. -- Three persons in San Mateo county reported seeing strange objects in the sky again last night.

One report came from Earl Sloan of Pacific Manor who said he sighted two strange objects traveling side by side and at a high rate of speed flying over that coastside community about 10 o'clock last night.

"They were a bright, creamy pink color, flying in a straight line and extremely fast," he said. He added that they disappeared over the mountain toward the bay.

The second report came a few minutes later from William Farnsworth and Darlene Stice, both of Redwood City, who said they saw two "bright, bluish-white lights come over the hills from the west, traveling very fast and turning slightly to the southeast."

They said they watched the two strange objects until they disappeared over the hills east of the bay.

Jailer Jack McCann who received the reports made two brief entries on his activity report. "10:00 p.m., Earl Sloan reported flying saucers over Pacific Manor; 10:15 p.m. Bill Farnsworth reported flying saucers over Redwood City."

Hagerstown, Maryland Morning Herald - 18 Aug 52

More Saucers

Caracas, Venezuela, Aug. 17 -- "Flying saucers" were being sighted by hundreds of persons in Venezuela last week. Some of the saucers even got their pictures in the papers.

Newswire Report International News Service - 18 Aug 52

PARIS, Aug. 18 -- A Trans-World Airlines Captain said tonight that he saw an "extra-terrestrial object" flying directly head-on in front of his New York to Paris Airliner early today.

The pilot, Capt. Walter W. Hawkins, of Coatesville, Pa., said the swiftly-moving object was "too bright to be a star" and was nothing like any of the thousands of meteors he had seen. The object was sighted at 2:32 a.m. (10:52 p.m. Sunday EDT) 115 miles east of Gander, Newfoundland.

Capt. Hawkins said it also was spotted by both the pilot and co-pilot of a TWA Airliner enroute from Frankfurt to Gander on their radar screen.

The object, which he estimated to be traveling at an estimated speed of 700 mph, was described by Capt. Hawkins as "white with a faint reddish tint."

Capt. Hawkins said he was flying above the clouds at 15,000 feet when he noticed the light right in front of him at actually the same altitude.

Continuing, he said:

"It was too bright to be a star. Barlett (Leland Barlett, of Bethpage, N.Y.), my relief pilot, noticed it at the same time.

"We flashed our nose light but there was no answering signal.

"It kept growing. Then, without appearing to accelerate, it veered to the left and travelled in a horizontal arc of about 45°. It remained constant in brilliance and then just quit."

The pilot said the object did not fade out but was "just like an electric light being turned off."

Capt. Hawkins said: "I am convinced the object was not a plane. And it was not like any of the thousands of meteors I have seen.

"It had no tail and travelled horizontally -- making two reasons why it wasn't a meteor, unless there is some new type."

Naugatuck, Connecticut Daily News - 19 Aug 52

Flying Saucers Crop Up In State Skies

Flying Saucer reports are cropping up in Connecticut. Six New Britain residents -- including four airplane spotters and a college professor and his wife -- report they saw unusual objects in the sky.

Dr. R. Heber Richards -- educational philosophy professor at Teachers College of Connecticut -- says he and his wife spotted a flying saucer in Westfleld, between East Berlin and Middletown. The Richards described the saucer as "exceedingly brilliant" and a "magnificent reddish green color."

Four airplane spotters on duty at New Britain saw an object at about the same time. They say it appeared to be a Roman candle or flare. Then -- some 90 minutes later -- the spotters reported they saw another light in the sky.

Pottsdown, Pennsylvania Mercury - 19 Aug 52

Area Woman Sees 'Green Light' Flying Toward Limerick

Mrs. Joseph L. Taggert, Pleasantview road, Sanatoga, reported last night that she and an 11-year old neighbor, Virginia Shultz, saw a "flying saucer" streaking across the sky toward Limerick at about 8:15 o'clock.

"I was just about to go into the house from the porch," Mrs. Taggert said, "when I saw this green and yellow thing heading toward Limerick at a tremendous rate of speed. It looked like a saucer and it looked as if it was landing down by Limerick."

Though she could not estimate the altitude or size of the object, Mrs. Taggert described it as being "pretty big" and emitting a "whirring noise."

"I know what shooting stars are like," she continued, "and it wasn't one of those."

Charleston, South Carolina Daily Mail - 20 Aug 52

Saucer Stories Laid To Light On Guard Plane

Scores of Charlestonians and those in the nearby valley area last night were convinced they had seen a flying saucer -- and most of them called a harried employee in the office of the Civil Aeronautics Administration in the Kanawha airport terminal building.

The CAA said there was no flying saucer cavorting about in the skies above the city and identified the somewhat eerie appearing sight as the light on the underside of a comparatively slow moving National Guard aircraft.

Tyrone, Pennsylvania Daily Herald - 20 Aug 52

'Saucer' Takes Erratic Path As It Travels Over Tyrone Area

A "saucer", or at least an eerie light with an erratic path in the heavens, took over last night from the flying milk bottle at Tyrone.

In contrast to Monday night's taproom performance in which a patron was cut by a hurled bottle, last night's show was outdoors and the object, its source and ultimate objective were not definitely determined.

Depending upon the location of observers, the sky visitor appeared to be riding high above the Reservoir Park area or in the general direction of Philipsburg. To some it appeared to disappear toward Clearfield. Others reported that it took off to the northwest in the direction of Bellefonte.

But it did result in an alert being sent through the borough's air warning service to the U.S. Air Force filter center in Pittsburgh.

Herbert Henderson, 1709 Columbia avenue, an employe at Black Brothers Garage, said he notified Donald Gates, assistant chief air observer in Tyrone of seeing the object.

"I happened to go out the back door of the house and notice a light moving through the tree. It was over in the general direction of Philipsburg. I watched it for about 45 minutes, from about 10:45 until 11:30. Then it disappeared after moving toward Clearfield," Henderson told a Herald reporter.

He said it looked like a "star which jumped around in sky." At one tine, he said, "it dropped down below the horizon, then came up and made a circle." He said it was changing colors" and they were shades of "yellow, red and green."

Mrs. John F. Molnar said she and her husband saw the light from their home at the Triangle between 12:30 and 2 a.m.

It appeared to be brighter than a star and had varied colors, she said. It was mostly reddish-orange, she continued, but the top seemed to be blue and green. At one time it "dimmed out", she added.

The Molnars called Dr.[Illegible] who took a look through his field glasses. He was out of town today and reaction could not be obtained.

Also there was no report of any action at the filter center.

Odessa, Texas American - 20 Aug 52

Shaggy Saucer Story From Odessa Girl

"Say, whatcha 'sposed to do when you see a flying saucer," 11 year old Charlcia Smith asked the editor about noon today.

"Well, I don't know, but what did it look like," he answered.

"Oh, it was just an ole round silvery thing, and I saw it about an hour ago in the northeast," the sixth grader answered.

"How fast was it travelling," the editor queried.

"Not very fast . . . in a few minutes it just went out of the sky," Charlcia said.

The saucer reporter is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Smith, 1410 N. Muskingum.

Odessa, Texas American - 20 Aug 52

Permian Roundup

KELLUS TURNER, 210 Santa Rita, reported he saw a flying saucer last Saturday night while sitting in his backyard...

Yuma, Arizona Daily Sun - 20 Aug 52

New Report on Saucer Display

Judging from the reports coming in to the Daily Sun, Yuma was being raided last Friday night by a flock of saucy saucers.

The latest communique to the Sun saucer editor is from Mrs. Goldie Thornburg, 961 6th Avenue. Mrs. Thornburg reports that she saw two flying saucers at 8:57 p.m. on the now-famous Friday night.

Describing the flying objects as "about as big as wash tubs," Mrs. Thornburg said that they were flying towards the northwest and that they were "copper color and glowing."

Apparently not believing her eyes, Mrs. Thornburg told a few neighbors but didn't report them until the stories and picture came out in the Sun. Then her neighbors insisted that she call.

A total of six persons have now seen the flying objects on the night in question.

Newswire Report Agence France Presse - 20 Aug 52

Dublin, August 20 -- "Flying saucers" have been seen three times in the last few days.

The "News Record" reports today that "a green object emitting a fluorescent light" was seen last Saturday (Aug. 16) evening by two electrical engineers over the West Meath [sic, should be Westmeath] town of Kinnegad. The next day, in full daylight this time, a farmer and a fisherman observed for about 15 seconds over Baltimore, in Cork County, an "object of circular form apparently emitting a certain amount of light, and traveling towards the sea."

Finally, last Tuesday (Aug. 19), near Shannon Airport, another farmer, Mr. John Bourne, notified the police after observing 'a green thing resembling a flatfish, traveling at a terrific speed above the airport."

Syracuse, New York Post Standard - 21 Aug 52

'Saucer' Takes Early Morning Jaunt Over Park

The flying saucers are at it again.

This time an object described as a "white dot" was skimming over Green Lakes Park early yesterday morning.

It was "really moving" according to Tom Burke, night worker there, who said it was smaller than the moon and traveling in a northeast direction.

He said he observed it for about 15 minutes, then "all of a sudden" it disappeared.

Four observers from East Syracuse also called The Post-Standard with reports of white flashes in the sky about the same time.

Palm Beach, Florida Post - 21 Aug 52

Scoutmaster Tells Of 'Flying Saucer' Attack

"I heard hinges open, and then they shot at me," Scoutmaster D.S."Sonny" DesVergers said Wednesday afternoon in telling of the "flying saucer" which hovered over his head late Tuesday night in a clearing off Military Tr.

DesVergers of 333 Conniston Rd., said he was "still shaky" and had never been so nervous, as he unfolded only a partial story of what happened to him.

He talked in "snatches" between customers where he works at a hardware store on S. Dixie Hwy. near Belvedere Rd. and made it plain from the start he has been requested by military authorities at Palm Beach International Airport to withhold certain information he had given them.

The 30-year-old scoutmaster of Troop 33 said he was driving south on Military Tr. with three scouts at about 11 pm when he noticed a mysterious light in a clearing at a point about one-fourth mile south of Lantana Rd.

He left the scouts in the car, told them to summon help if he did not return in 10 minutes, and entered the woods armed with a machete.

In the clearing, several hundred feet from the road, a dirty-gray colored disc about 30 feet in diameter and about three feet thick hovered in the air, spewing a rapid exhaust, said DesVergers.

He said he stood under it and could almost touch it, when he heard hinges open and was shot in the face with a fiery weapon he declined to describe further.

Asked whether there was anything or anybody in the "saucer," DesVergers replied: "There's something about that but I can't tell you about it because the military officers asked me not to."

He did go on, though, to say the thing definitely was "metal of some type, but had no seams or rivets."

The fuming exhaust, DesVergers said, knocked him unconscious after the shot fired at him burned his face, arms and the cap on his head. The cap, he added, has been sent to Washington. It had three bad burn holes in it, he said.

DesVergers showed singe marks from the "Flare-action" of the shot that he said was fired at him and he had a salve on his arms and face.

Asked if he could compare the smell of the exhaust to Diesel fuel or anything else, DesVergers said, "No, I can't describe it."

He did not know how long he had been unconscious but said he managed to get up and start back toward the Trail before sheriff's deputies arrived. They reported they found the scoutmaster wandering around in the woods.

Four different men from the sheriff's office were named as having gone to the scene Wednesday morning with military authorities to investigate, but three of the four said they didn't go but thought the other went. One could not be contacted.

A military officer at the airport, who asked his name be withheld, said when asked about the investigation: "I can't tell you anything, we're under strict military regulations."

Charles Stevens, 807 Ridgeland Dr., one of the scouts in the car, said he saw a "big glowing white light" in the wooded area and DesVergers turned the car around and went back to investigate.

"It seemed to come down out of the sky, then dim out," young Stevens related Wednesday afternoon. He said he "still feels scared" from the incident.

"After it landed," young Stevens said, "there were about six reddish lights in a circle around it. They dimmed in about eight minutes after Sonny had gone into the woods.

"We waited a few more minutes and when he didn't return we left the car and ran to a nearby house where we called the Highway patrol. They probably called the sheriff's office."

Deputy Sheriff Mott N. Partin and Lake Worth Constable Louis Carroll reported they answered the call, joined the boys and found DesVergers in the woods.

David Rowan, 1001 Paseo Andorra, a scout in the car, said he was looking forward in the car and didn't see the first bright light the others reported, but saw the smaller lights on the thing as it hovered over the woods.

He said the bright flare effect which DesVergers described as the shot taken at him, went off about seven minutes after his scoutmaster entered the woods. He said it showered sparks all over the area like a roman candle.

Bobby Ruffing, Boynton Beach, third Scout in the car, could not be contacted for comment.

DesVergers, who said he was driving the scouts home, and at the time was en route to Boynton Beach, discounted early reports of the incident that the "saucer" exploded. He said "it apparently left" while he was unconscious.

Janesville, Wisconsin Daily Gazette - 21 Aug 52

Firemen Report Flying Saucers

Flying saucers? The fire department is beginning to wonder.

At 10 a.m. Thursday one of the men, Curtis Avery, was looking at the southern-sky where he saw four round shiny objects traveling fast.

He called the other 15 men who rushed outside and watched the objects fly overhead before disappearing north. As they got overhead two of the objects disappeared, according to Chief Alex Andreski, who added that they were very high and looked to be about a foot and a half in diameter from the ground.

Of the 15 men all but one agreed that they were not jets, Andreski said. The next question is -- what were they?

Emporia, Kansas Weekly Gazette - 21 Aug 52


Still Pursue Him

The flying saucer talk has finally got one of Emporia's traveling salesmen. Every time he comes in off the road he has another story to tell about the things. It seems these weird phenomena often chase his car, sometimes almost crowding him off the road. They sometimes meet him on bridges and hover there on the road, causing him to slow and come to a stop to keep from colliding with them. His friends always "believe" him, but they are beginning to advocate that he see a psychiatrist.

Fort Pierce, Texas News Tribune - 21 Aug 52

Hurray! Flying Saucers Are Sighted At Fort Pierce!

Having overlooked Fort Pierce for some time, it appears that "flying saucers" have finally made an appearance in this area.

Or at least that is the story of Russell Rogers, a local city fireman. And he claims several witnesses to back him up.

Rogers, his wife, his mother-in-law and her sister and son Ronnie Childress, saw the two "saucers" zoom across the sky around 8 o'clock Wednesday night going from south to north.

The fireman said they all were sitting on the porch of his mother-in-law's home, Mrs. Clyde Childress on Ave. C, when young Ronnie first noticed the two bright balls of light.

Rogers said that a small "saucer" led the way and was followed closely by a much larger one but that both seemed to be traveling in the same path. He said that both appeared to be "very high" in the sky and going at a terrific rate of speed. The witnesses followed the objects from horizon to horizon and it took them only a few moments to make the trip.

The fireman said the "saucers" made no noise at all. "I'm certain they weren't airplanes because airplane lights blink off and on and wouldn't be that big or fast," he commented.

He said they appeared like round lights and were bright like a star, but he was positive they weren't like any shooting star he'd ever seen.

Lubbock, Texas Morning Avalanche - 21 Aug 52

Speeding 'Lights' Are Sighted Again

History does repeat itself, according to Mrs. R.F. Underwood, 2220 Broadway. She and Dr. E.D. Thompson, who lives in the same apartment house, saw a group of flying saucers last night, almost a full year from the time they spotted a group in the early days of last September.

Last night's group was traveling in a "very rigid V formation, clustered and yet not wavering, with the light rather twinkling." They were much further away than the ones last year, Mrs. Underwood said. The two families had been sitting in their backyard looking for flying saucers about 9:20 p.m.

Mrs. Underwood tried to count the saucers on one side of the V and had designated six on one side before the formation passed over. It was moving very rapidly in a northernly direction, she said.

The group last September was in a semi-circle formation, Mrs. Underwood recalled, and was much closer and brighter than last night's. This was one of several such formations which was written up in Life Magazine shortly after it was seen by numerous persons in the area.

Mrs. Underwood, who could now be classed as somewhat of an authority on flying saucers, says that they are not as fast or as bright as meteors and they seem to glow of themselves.

She mentioned that last night's group seemed to have a "nebulous glow about them each one twinkling" and yet, the saucers were

[Note: article unexpectedly ends here in the original.]

Lowell, Massachusetts Sun - 22 Aug 52

"Flying Saucer" at Worcester

WORCESTER, Aug. 22 -- The "flying saucer" many Worcester residents reported seeing last night wasn't flying and it wasn't a saucer.

Scores of persons telephoned police and newspapers to report the "flying saucer."

Police and newspapermen found, on investigation, that a new filling station had hired a huge searchlight to attract attention.

Its beam sent a bright disc to low-hanging clouds.

Gallup, New Mexico Independent - 21 Aug 52

Mysterious Light Seen In Gallup

By Al Cross

A mysterious bright light shone in the heavens over Gallup about midnight last night and was observed by at least four persons, including this reporter and his wife.

The light looked something like a star or planet, except that it was much more brilliant than the ordinary celestial body, and it was of a different color. Where a star or planet has a greenish tint, this light was exceptionally white.

It also faded out of sight and then returned while stars in the sky remained constant. It was located due east of Gallup at an angle of about 30 to 10 degrees above the eastern horizon.

My attention was called to the phenomenon by Joe Rivera, of 153 East Sullivan. Rivera said he had seen the same thing the night before and had studied it through a pair of binoculars. He said he saw a small red light nearby and saw the main object move.

I saw no red light and I saw no movement, but I was observing with the naked eye. My wife also saw the light, and Joe McQuade, 206 East Terrace observed it after Rivera called his attention to it. Rivera said the light moved out of sight about 12:15 a.m., but I had quit watching it before then.

Dr. Lincoln La Paz, meteorites expert at the University of new Mexico, questioned me by telephone this morning regarding the object. After hearing a description, La Paz said he did not believe it could have been either a star or a planet. He did not suggest what it might be.

Pacific Stars and Stripes, Tokyo, Japan 22 Aug 52

Two Jets Reported In Saucer Pursuit Over Los Alamos

LOS ALAMOS, N.M. -- A Los Alamos housewife said Thursday she saw two jet planes chasing an unidentified "object" over this atomic city Wednesday morning.

The housewife, who said she did not wish to be identified, said the object came out from behind a cloud between 9:30 and 10 a.m. (MST). The jets apparently spotted it and gave chase, she said.

TWO NEIGHBORS also saw the object, which was "bright and shiny and dome-shaped," the housewife said.

About three weeks ago, another Los Alamos housewife claimed she saw "two objects as round and shiny as brand new pie-plates" soaring over Los Alamos, with three jets in pursuit.

Idaho Falls, Idaho Post Register - 22 Aug 52

They're With Us Again -- Saucers Fly At Twin Falls

TWIN FALLS, Aug. 22. -- A former navy airplane spotter reported seeing nine mysterious objects flying over Twin Falls Wednesday night.

Lt. Ree Montgomery, local Salvation Army commander, said the illuminated objects were travelling at a high rate of speed in two V formations.

"I have always thought these reports were the result of one's imagination," he said. "I got a cold chill looking at whatever I saw."

Walla Walla, Washington Union Bulletin - 22 Aug 52

Two Flying Saucers Seen Here on Friday

Two flying saucers were sighted from the Whitman college campus at 6:05 a.m. Friday morning by Clyde Budd, 648 Locust.

They were flat looking objects and crossed in the wake of a B-36 airplane which was flying over the city at about the same altitude.

"They came out of the north, one banking toward the east, the other toward the west," Budd declared.

"The one toward the east disappeared completely but that which went west reappeared shortly ahead of the B-36.

"The sun shone on the bottom of this object giving an opportunity to see that it was silver colored but a brighter color than the B-36's aluminum exterior. With the sun behind it you could see that it had a definite shape.

"In size it appeared to be about half that of one of the wings of the big plane," Budd declared.

Tangier, Morocco Espana - 22 Aug 52

Observe Two Strange Flying Objects In Spain

Several inhabitants of Puerto Real, 6 kilometers from San Fernando, recently saw two elongated oval objects in the sky approaching each other from opposite directions. When it seemed that they were about to collide, each object made a right turn, picked up speed, and then disappeared. The objects flew at a great height, seemed lead-gray in color, and appeared to be piloted.

Altoona, Pennsylvania Mirror 23 Aug 52

"Flying Saucer" Is Sighted at Hollidaysburg

It was only a matter of time, but a "flying saucer" finally has arrived in Blair county and it was spotted from no less a location than the Blair county courthouse annex civilian defense observation post.

Alfred Rhett, Hollidaysburg ground observer post supervisor who was standing a "substitute watch" alone last evening, sighted an unidentified silver object which he says was located almost over Blue Knob at about 8:20 o'clock.

Mr. Rhett contacted the Bedford county air force station regarding the object but the airmen were unable to "track" it with the use of radar equipment.

He estimated the object to be moving at 35,000 feet and he clocked its movement for 13 minutes. The object was flying north and against the wind thus leading him to believe it was not a balloon. At 8:33 o'clock it veered westward and disappeared.

The regular post observers were attending a meeting at the courthouse where plans were being made for an appreciation dinner for observers at the Hollidaysburg Y.W.-Y.M.C.A. on Aug 28.

When contacted this morning Mr. Rhett said that he had written an official report to the Pittsburgh filter center of the observers corps which was as follows: "Sighted unknown object, silver in color, about 8:20 p.m. Friday evening, approximately 100 feet long, 12 miles from observation post. Approximate location when sighted was over Bedford county radar station moving north until it went out of sight behind Cresson mountain. Last seen at 8:33 p.m. Distances approximated by landmarks. Ground winds at location of observation post were about 10 knots per hour and due west to east."

Hattiesburg, Mississippi American - 23 Aug 52

Mystery Light Eludes Jet Pilots

CHICAGO -- Two Air Force jet fighters, directed by ground observers, chased a yellowish light in the sky last night but reported that it blinked out when they started closing in on it.

Air Force officers in the Chicago filter center said the blink-out of the light over nearby Elgin, Ill., was reported simultaneously at 11:48 p.m. last night by the pilots and by D C. Scott, Elgin, supervisor of the center's ground observations in the Elgin area.

Elgin is some 40 miles northwest of Chicago.

Ground observers said that when the planes gave up the chase the light reappeared and ascended rapidly in the night sky.

A few minutes later, another observation post 20 miles north and west of Elgin reported spotting a brightly glowing object. Observers said it hovered for a short time and then disappeared.

The jet fighters were sent out from O'Hare Field, northwest of Chicago.

The filter center coordinates reports of ground observers.

El Paso, Texas Herald Post - 23 Aug 52

Flying Saucer Swoops Over

A "flying saucer" that "came from the west and disappeared in the east" passed over El Paso at 9:20 a.m. today, according to Frank Gonzales of 174 Swain drive, and William Doemper of 3020 Hamilton street.

Mr. Gonzales said it was "round, had a white hue, and traveled at a great speed, then slowed down." He watched it for 15 minutes.

"It looked like a hen's egg," said Mr. Doemper. "It was way up in the sky, but I could tell that it was traveling at a terrific speed.

Lubbock, Texas Morning Avalanche 23 Aug 52

Three 'Mystery' Jets Fail To Answer Summons Over City

Possibly tired of all the flying saucer publicity going on lately, three unidentified jet planes decided to create a little of their own last night.

The planes were seen flying in formation several times east to west and then north to south over the city about 8:30 p.m., but it was anybody's guess where they came from. Contact with them was attempted by Reese Air Force Base, the Communications Station at the Municipal Air Port, and Lubbock Radio, but the little men weren't talking.

Chicago, Illinois Herald American 24 Aug 52

Saucer Outflies Jet Over Elgin

A jet pilot from O'Hare Field made four passes at a "flying saucer" over Elgin Thursday night, but lost it when it blinked out. Ground observers who directed the pursuit, in which another jet pilot took part, described the "saucer" as "five times as bright as a star" until it vanished in the dark. The pursuit lasted from 11:18 to 11:48 p.m.

Capt. Everett A. Turner, operations officer of the Chicago Filter Center, said the blink-out was reported at the same time by both pilots and D.C. Scott, the center's supervisor at Elgin. Saying the "thing" was not a stranger, Scott added: "We have seen this thing five or six times the last two months, but never in the same place. Everybody thought we were seeing things until Lt. Col. Donald Armstrong came out and saw it."

Scott said the Thursday appearance was "typical" with the light first showing in the sky northeast of Elgin at 10:10 p.m. He added: "It appeared first at about 2,000 feet, flying straight. At times it rose with a great burst of speed, then it would appear to hover." Scott said the mysterious object was a "yellowish white light five times brighter than a star and about the size of an orange.

Several times, he said, it appeared to rise 5,000 feet within three minutes. Scott added: "It's like nothing I've ever seen before. It looks like a light but casts no beam. We could not pick out a silhouette on it, even with powerful binoculars."

"Turner had alerted the O'Hare jets and they came at once. So far as I know, only one gave chase. At my direction, relayed by Turner, the pilot made four passes. The first was at 10,000 feet. This seemed much too high, so I asked him to repeat at 5,000 feet. This still seemed too high, so he came over again at 3,000. He repeated again at 2,000, this time turning off his running lights. Just as he got over the mark, the thing blinked out.

The object never showed on the filter center's radar, Turner said, but added: "Radar doesn't always show all that is there. You can know, for instance, that a certain plane is in a certain spot and still the scope won't show it. Furthermore, radar never shows anything at the 2,000 foot level. It begins to pick up at about 5,000 feet."

Newport, Rhode Island Daily News - 25 Aug 52

Flying Saucers Observed Over Aquidneck Park

Flying saucers made a reported appearance over Newport Sunday night, as a barrage of telephone calls to the police station attested.

Several persons said they saw the weird objects over Aquidneck Park. According to one witness, Mrs. Doris Karcher of Golden Hill Street, the aerial display included two bright orange discs, about the size of dinner plates.

Mrs. Karcher said she and her family had returned from an outing at Lincoln Park about 8:20 p.m., when children called her attention to the discs. The Karchers watched them from an upstairs bedroom and reported they were still in view an hour later.

The "saucers" passed back and forth and at times dipped out of sight, she said.

Miss Elsa Hallberg of 8 Carey St. reported seeing a similar sight from a point near Aquidneck Park, where she watched for about an hour. She said she saw two objects, small, at first then increasing in size, varying in color from orange to red, becoming dimmer, then brighter again.

She said several residents in the area were also observing the strange lights in the sky.

Miss Alice Whitman of 90 Kay St. recalls watching for about two hours one evening late in June two objects that "looked like big silver plates," moving high and fast in the sky over Kay Street.

New London, Connecticut Evening Day - 25 Aug 52

Flying Saucers Still in Season; 'Wing' Over 2 Area Communities

The week end apparently was convention time for flying saucers in the southeastern Connecticut vicinity. Two reports of saucers were received by The Day -- one report of four or five objects early Sunday morning and the other report of two on Sunday afternoon. One of the reports came from a lieutenant colonel of the Delaware air national guard, who is making a written report of the observation to the air force.

The national guard officer is Lieut. Col. William W. Spruance, on vacation and visiting at the home of State Rep. David M. Johnstone of Barnes road, Stonington. Spruance is chief of staff of the Delaware air national guard, and has had more than 3,000 hours of flying, some of it in modern jet planes.

The colonel, member of a picnic party with his host, was on Sandy Point Sunday afternoon in Little Narragansett bay, off Sotonington-- an island formerly part of Napatree point, extending out into the bay from Watch Hill. Colonel Spruance left the party briefly and walked along the island. When some distance away from the other members of the party, he observed "two spherical or disk shaped objects" flashing across the sky at "fantastic speed" and going in an easterly direction.

Altitude and speed are difficult to judge, the colonel pointed out today, but if these objects were approximately the size of a modern plane, their altitude would be about 15,000 feet. It appeared, he said, that they were "going twice as fast as jets," which would mean 800 to 1,000 miles an hour, or more. The colonel noted the time exactly. It was 3:36 p.m.

A group of flying saucers -- probably "four or five" but moving so fast and shuffling in and out of formation so rapidly that it was difficult to be sure of the exact number -- was reported by Cassius O. Taylor, retired, of Uncas avenue, Thames View. They came out of the sky from the north, Taylor said, in the very early morning Sunday and they headed south. They traveled at "terrific speed."

Taylor awoke in the middle of the night, about 2 a.m., and looked out a window facing east from his bedroom. There, streaking across the sky, were the saucers. They were "about the size of a dinner plate" as he saw them, and very bright. The objects remained "bunched" pretty well, he said, and disappeared in a short time.

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald - 25 Aug 52

Editor Sees 'Saucer,' Feels Auto Quiver

The following account of an aerial phenomenon was written by a trained newspaperman who is a careful observer and accurate recorder of events. To the best of our knowledge it is the first to report a reaction on the surface of the earth -- the shaking of his sedan -- simultaneously with the display of lights in the sky. The author is careful to draw no conclusion as to what caused this motion. There was no wind. It may have been sound waves at too high a frequency for a human ear to hear, or it may have been an electrical force such as magnetism, or it might have been a slight earth tremor. But that is for the scientists to say. -- The Publishers.

By FRANK S. HOLOWACH Managing Editor, The Herald

I joined the fraternity early yesterday morning of those who have seen strange lights in the sky. I'm not definitely sure what I saw but I'm not up to joking about the matter yet because at the of the observation period I was a jittery fellow.

I felt as though I were brushing the supernatural.

There may be an explanation for what I saw.

There's also probably an explanation for the way I felt, but I know this: I don't want to go through the experience again.

You can laugh if you want to and I'd like to join you, but I felt as though an invisible magnetic force rocked my car and tried to pull me out of it.

That's a pretty tall order for anyone to swallow, but let's just go through this thing once over lightly for the record. I'm not asking anyone to believe anything. I almost don't believe it myself.

Event Starts at 4:30 a.m.

To begin with, it happened at half past four yesterday morning. There's a logical explanation for my being out that late. First, I work nights and usually don't get to bed before three, so that time of day is not too unusual with me (except on Saturday night). Second, I played a late round of golf at Cambridge Springs which ended at 8. Then followed a late dinner at a friend's home in Edinboro, and a bull session with old classmates which didn't break up till after two. Then, as my friend was acting as babysitter because his wife was in the hospital where she gave birth to a boy last Wednesday, I stayed another hour with him while he rocked one of his charges back to sleep.

O.K., so here I go home alone at 4 o'clock.

About 4:20 or a little before I was on Route 408, five miles southeast of Cambridge Springs in Rockdale township. I saw a light turn on in the sky low over the horizon to my left. It was a bright hard light but not much bigger than a star. In fact, it looked just like a star and twinkled or turned.

Before I was sure I had seen anything, the light went out. Then seconds later it reappeared almost directly ahead at the far east extreme of the horizon.

I stopped the car and turned out my lights. Nothing happened. Probably a shooting star, I thought. So I started up and went around the next curve.

Moving Light Reappears

The light reappeared riding low in the sky. I stopped again and said to myself:

"This is what you've been wanting to see, one of those reported lights at night. Let's try to find an explanation for this."

Embarking upon the matter in somewhat of the manner of a scientist, which I'm not, I began taking notes of just what was going on and also set down possible explanations. It was a cold night but clear where I was, although foggy in the lowlands. I was enjoying myself and glad I had finally seen "something."

I got out of the car and stood in the roadway while my eyes got adjusted somewhat to the night. The light flickered on and off like a firefly. Could it be a firefly? No, doubt that. It is whiter light. It covers too much space. It doesn't go away. There is only one light. And it seems to cover a regular route.

The light skated around the horizon. I was on rather an elevation, looking to the northeast across a low valley. The light appeared to be just above the next ridge (Brown hill, north of Little Cooley).

The light flickered like a car headlight going past trees. Then it went out. Then it reappeared, further north. And then south again. Always just above the horizon, but sometimes going up a little and coming down a little at a slant.

Light Skates Around

Now hold everything, I said to myself. What you're probably seeing is auto traffic on a road on top of that ridge. Is there a road there? Well, I don't know. I listen. There is a faraway motor sound of an auto or truck on a road. The light skates around some more.

But it seems to be detached. There is no beam or shaft like a searchlight or auto headlights in the air.

Can it be a light on a plane? As if in answer to my unspoken query, I saw a white light flashing on and off about halfway up from the horizon. A sound of a plane motor trailed the light by some distance. Well, there's a plane. It's flying from northwest to southeast. The white light looks a whole lot like the light which flickered low on the horizon and disappeared. The plane goes out of sight. Strange it had no red and green lights but maybe planes come equipped with a white flashing light now.

How about shooting stars, meteors? It's odd, but as I thought that there was one streaking down in the north. A little later another briefly blazed almost, overhead and went out.

But there's that light, on and off and moving about to the northeast. It goes out. But it's not a shooting star. They don't come back as this does.

Reddish Light in Valley

Then I become aware of something else. There's a reddish-white light in the valley, down by the trees, quite some distance away and unmoving. Was it there all the time? I don't know how I missed it before.

Well, there's an easy explanation for that reddish light. It's a farm house in the valley, with light coming from a window. Roosters are crowing and it must be time for the farmer to get up and do the chores. Also time for me to get going home, so forget the lights and --

Did that light in the valley move?

No, you were looking at it too long and your eyes are playing you tricks. You line the light up with two stars overhead, glance away and suddenly sneak a look back. Well! Something's moved -- either the light, the stars, or you.

By now my curiosity is really aroused. I'll stay here if it takes till morning. I glance at my watch and am amazed to see it is 5:30. I didn't know I had been standing there that long. The sky is getting lighter in the east.

Walk for Warmth

I walk about to get warm, and stare at that light in the valley. If I knew the country I'd go through fields and pasture down there. But the grass is wet. Here comes that white light. It hovers over the reddish one, twinkles for a while and goes out. I stare some more at the reddish light and am almost sure it is a farmhouse light -- although an intense one -- some distance away.

O.K., you darn light. You're robbing me of some sleep and you might as well take some more. I'm sticking here until it's real daylight and I can see the house you're attached to. You can't fool me.

Dogs are barking but there's no traffic. No car has passed me since I've been here.

I return to my auto while I wait for daylight. I can see the light in the valley from there, and note that once in a while the white ridge light comes to life and moves about the sky. Well, that white light could be car headlights on a far-away road, and even though I can't hear a car and the night is very quiet, except for the dogs and roosters. I'll just forget you. I have my doubts about you, light, and until you do something more spectacular than just twinkle like a star and move about I won't catalog you. After all, it's night and I can't see how high that distant ridge is. You could even be a headlight reflection on a road beyond the ridge which I can't make out in the darkness. By the way, it isn't too dark. I can see trees and fields and the stars overhead shine very brightly.

Wait for Daylight

But you light in the valley, there's an explanation for you, and by gosh, I'll have it when it gets light. Till then I'm right here, sitting in my car.

Now, imagination is a powerful thing. As I look back, I don't think one stray thought entered my head about anything eerie or supernatural. I was just matter-of-factly doing a reporting job, or I thought I was.

There must be an explanation for the lights and my job is to try and find it.

Has the valley light moved? I stare at it. Well, it seems to be moving up and down, and around a little, but heck, that's an optical illusion. You look at a light long enough and you're bound to think it moves.

I look to see how the eastern sky is getting lighter . . . and I feel the car vibrate.

Ah. Shivering because your feet are cold, huh?

The car moved again. This time I was watching myself, and I don't think I moved to make the car shift like that.

I look at the valley light. It seems to be increased in intensity and beamed right at me.

I Get Jittery

For some reason my skin begins to crawl.

I told you imagination is a powerful thing.

The car vibrates and I vibrate.

Cut this out. You're thinking things. Nothing's going to hurt you. Watch the car radio aerial against the top of that tree and the sky, and it'll show you nothing is shaking the car.

But the aerial's shaking.

I looked at the light in the valley. It stared at me. It seemed some force was pulling at me through the open window.

It felt like a giant magnet was drawing my flesh.

Well, I'll be frank with you. My imagination went to work right then, if it hadn't before (and I don't think it did before). My hair seemed to stand on end (try it -- it's a funny feeling) and somehow I felt as if I was going to disintegrate, disappear.

Doesn't that light want anyone to watch it?

Right then I switched on the car key, started up and went away as if something was chasing me. Wait for the daylight to see where that light comes from? Not me! I'll come back in the daylight, good strong daylight, but I won't wait.

I'll be doggoned if the elements weren't against me then. The white light came out and moved ahead of me. The sky in the east was crimson-edged at the horizon. White fog lay in the low places. The countryside was a thing of beauty in that first half morning light but by that time I was seeing infernal machines behind every bush and the beginning day seemed eerie.

Well, you second-guessers step right up. You may rib me all you want to, but all I say is: "May it never happen to you." I haven't had such a crawly feeling since the night a big dog sneaked up on me when I was eight years old and was walking past a neighbor's home.

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Daily News - 25 Aug 52

Walker Township Resident Sees Flying Saucer

L.G. Smith of Walker Township, Huntingdon R.D. 1, reported to The Daily News on Saturday noon, fifteen minutes after he saw a "flying saucer." That's the closest we've come so far, in point or time as well as space, to the mysterious objects, with the exception, of course, of the saucy gag that flapped its wings on the front page of The Daily News a week or so ago.

Mr. Smith's story was no joke. He described what he saw as being a globular object, silver in color, which appeared to be about two miles away and moving, as closely as Mr. Smith could estimate the speed, at about fifty miles an hour. It was traveling east and was about over Huntingdon when it disappeared. About fifteen minutes later the observer noticed a plane flying in what appeared to be the same "path" as that taken by the mystery globe.

Asked if what he saw seemed at all like the object which was sighted along Stone Creek Road a few weeks ago, Mr. Smith said that the description would fit exactly.

Pittsburg, Kansas Daily Headlight - 25 Aug 52

Flying Saucer Seen Hovering Near Ground Northeast of Frontenac, Radio Man Tells Police; Disappears In Sky

Pittsburg had its own flying saucer story today. It was reported by Bill Squyres, KOAM radio entertainer who said he saw one of the mystery objects as he was coming into town to work early this morning.

The incident occurred, he said, on the Yale road about 200 yards north of highway US160 northeast of Frontenac. Squyres lives about a mile and a half north of the highway on the Yale road.

Squyres was driving along the road about dawn when he noticed the saucer hovering near the ground about 100 feet west of the road. As Squyres stopped his car in wonderment at the vision, the saucer rose straight up to disappear in the sky. The backwash of the object whipped the grass and weeds on the ground, according to the report.

Later in the morning officers visited the scene but could find no area where grass was beaten down, but all traces of the saucer's backwash may have been erased by the "rain" during the morning, they decided.

Squyres described the saucer as being as long as Broadway is wide downtown and about two thirds as wide as it was long. It had the shape of two platters placed together, he said.

He said he noticed considerable activity aboard the saucer through windows. There was a blue light inside, changing from a dark to a lighter hue, Squyres said. The saucer was ringed with propellors according to the report. It was suspended in air five or ten feet above the ground.

When questioned as to the distance the object was to the road, Squyres said he was "pretty excited" by the sight and as a result it was difficult to determine distances but that he judged that distance as being about 100 feet.

Upon arriving in Pittsburg Squyres reported the incident to police. The report came in at 06:43 o'clock, records show.

El Paso, Texas Herald Post - 25 Aug 52

Two More Flying Saucers Swoop Over El Paso

More flying saucers were seen over El Paso today.

Airman 2/c Ephraim Lopez of the 810th Air Patrol Squadron at Biggs Air Force Base, was guarding a detail of prisoners at 10:10 a.m., when he spotted one of the discs.

"I glanced up," he said. "Just as I raised my eyes, I saw one come at fantastic speed from the north, and in a few seconds it was out of sight in the south. It looked like a dull white pebble, and was soundless. I know I wasn't seeing things because one of the prisoners saw it, too.

"And just after 12, when I was standing in the mess line, another one came from the north. This one made a graceful, sweeping turn to the east and shot out of sight almost immediately. It was a glistening, metallic color, almost soundless, and was easily traveling at 3000 miles an hour."

San Antonio, Texas Express - 25 Aug 52

'Bright Object' Seen Over City

A "big light" that crossed the entire sky in three or four seconds and "looked just like a flying saucer" was reported to San Antonio Express Sunday night by Byron Rise, 12, 260 E. Edgewood, St. Alamo Heights.

Byron reported he saw the strange object at 8:20 p.m. while out in the yard at the home of a friend, Sonny Witherspoon, 152 E. Edgewood St. Sonny saw it too, Byron reported. It was a round object and "about as bright as a street light," the boy said. It moved rapidly from southwest to northwest, but he was unable to estimate its size or altitude.

Yuma, Arizona Daily Sun - 25 Aug 52

Yuma Observers Report Seeing Objects Sunday

New reports of flying saucers shooting through Yuma's skied bombarded the editorial offices of The Yuma Daily Sun this morning as the flying saucer editor was beginning to look for a job in the cotton fields.

With new life and energy, the editor poured over the reports and found them to have certain striking similarities.

For instance, each observer agreed that the objects flew over after dark last night in a general southerly direction. They also agreed that the objects assumed a "V" formation with about 10 to 12 in each group. Most said they were brightly glowing and white.

First report came from Mrs. J.D. Stickney of Avenue B, Mrs. Strickland said she and her husband were watching the drive-in movie at 10:15 and both saw a group of 12 or 15 objects flying in "V" formation over the top of the screen, glowing red, and moving slowly south. She said they appeared for about five seconds, then disappeared to the south.

Another group came over just a half hour later, she reported. These were silver and appeared farther to the southeast about in a line with the airbase. They were going much faster, Mrs. Stickney said.

After returning from the movie, Mrs. Stickney related, she called her sister who told that she and her husband, Mr. Johnny Cornelius, 1351 Third Avenue, had been sitting in their front yard and spotted several groups of objects during the same period of time.

Mrs. Cornelius reported they saw the first object at about 9 o'clock. It was followed quickly by a group of 12 more objects, all headed south. At 10 p.m. they saw two "bunches" of objects, about 10 in each, headed south. Mrs. Cornelius said the objects all looked alike, round and whiter than a sheet. She said they were about two miles high and traveled at a terrific rate of speed.

Mr. Paul C. Shepard, 1256 Sixth Avenue, reported that he and his wife spotted a rough "V" formation of about 12 objects, traveling north to south just east of Yuma at about 8:45 p.m. They made no noise, he said, and must have been going at a speed of about six miles per second. One dim light led the larger group by about five seconds, he said. They appeared white at first, then changed to a light gold color.

San Mateo, California Times - 25 Aug 52

Flying Saucer Motif

Ex-Air Man Says He Saw Flying Cones

Two erratically flying objects traveling at terrific speeds were reported yesterday afternoon over Mills field by a San Francisco former air force test mechanic and scientific lecturer as he and his wife stopped to view the panorama from Skyline boulevard behind Hillsborough.

Robert G. Gardner, 1890 Washington street, San Francisco, reported to the Fourth air force filter center at Oakland.

Like Clipped Cones

Gardner, who served with the air force in the Pacific during World War II, said the objects looked like "cross sections of a cone clipped off at both ends."

"They were silver grey in color and appeared to have a diameter of 150 to 200 feet each," he said.

"Both of them flew at an altitude of about 12,000 feet," Gardner said, "and I'd estimate they were going at least 1800 miles per hour."

Admired View

Gardner said he and his wife, Mary, had stopped on Summit drive in Hillsborough near Skyline boulevard at about 5 o'clock. The air was clear, he said, and we were admiring the view of Mills field and other Peninsula areas when we both saw these objects about three miles west of the south end of Mills field. They looked like "skipping saucers on water," he said.

The objects he said seem to change direction with rapidity. One of the objects, he said, "zoomed crazily off in a southeasterly direction.

Not Of Earth

"The other hovered overhead for at least 60 seconds like a helicopter and then it took off in the same general direction," he added. These objects did not fly in formation. They would travel a short distance in one direction then making small arcs by traveling in a circular manner, would slow down for a second before zooming off again.

Gardner who is a professional lecturer on scientific subjects, said that it is "my private opinion that these things definitely are not of the earth."

Newport, Rhode Island Daily News - 26 Aug 52

'Flying Saucers' In Return Newport Engagement

Those things are back again.

Last night at about 9:45 p.m., Samuel Bateman Jr. of 27 East Bowery St and his children, Beatrice, 12, and Samuel, 14, saw a "big round, orange disc with a yellow halo."

The Bateman children, with two or three young friends, saw the object and called their father's attention to it. "It made about two or three circles," Bateman said this morning, describing its actions. "Then it shot off towards Narragansett Bay."

Beatrice and Sammy were in the yard of their house when they spotted it. Bateman came out in time to see the circling and the object's disappearance over the horizon.

"I ran down to Cliff Walk to see if I could see it again," Bateman said, "but it disappeared by the time I got there."

His description included no estimation of size, but the Newport-employed mason did say that it seemed to be far above a night flying plane whose altitude he estimated at 4,000-5,000 feet.

Two more discs of a similar nature were spotted by his children and their friends Sunday night, Bateman said.

Dunkirk, New York Evening Observer - 26 Aug 52

Flying Saucers on Lake Bottom?

WATKINS GLEN -- If three local carpenters really saw what they think they did, then there's a "flying saucer" at the bottom of Seneca Lake today.

The carpenters said they were working atop a building at Elridge Point on Seneca Lake yesterday a few miles from here when the "saucer" flashed "like a bright sheet of silver" over the horizon. They reported the craft suddenly nose dived into the lake, kicking up a ten-foot splash, then disappeared beneath the water.

The trio notified state police at Horsehead, N.Y.

"We'll have to look into the matter," a trooper spokesman said. "But we can't say just how far this thing will go. If this thing did land in the lake, it would be pretty hard to find as there are parts of the lake in which we have no idea how deep the water is.

"It would be foolish to begin grappling operations until such time as we can pinpoint the locale better."

The carpenters were identified as Ray Andrew, Alfred Sullivan and Clayton Croat, all of Watkins Glen.

[Note: A similar story in Pacific Stars and Stripes carried the following additional information...]

Housewife Mrs. Marion Graston shared a similar vision -- only she reported sighting two of the things. Mrs. Graston said several neighborhood children also saw them and were fascinated. She said, "they were very plain and were like big silver balls gliding through the air."

Canandaigua, New York Daily Messenger - 26 Aug 52

Hopewell Man Sights Two "Saucers" Low In Sky Near Clifton Springs

Two flying saucers invaded Ontario County last week, took a look around, and swiftly disappeared into space. Reportedly seen by Raymond Robbins, who lives on the Orleans Rd. in the Town of Hopewell, the objects were viewed in the Clifton Springs area, matching similar stories from Wolcott and Trumansburg in the past few days.

Victor H. Reddington, Mr. Robbins' father-in-law, brought the report to the Daily Messenger office. He said that his son-in-law, who works for the State Highway Department, was going to work Friday when he caught sight of two round airborne objects, standing perfectly still, low in the sky north of Five Points.

As he watched, the objects tipped up on edge and sped away, one after the other, the Hopewell man said. The "saucers" were not luminous, but were dark gray, said Mr. Reddington, who doesn't take much stock in stories about flying machines from other planets. However he proved his interest in celestial phenomena by pulling from his pocket a small stone he believes to be a bit of meteorite. The stone is one of two he found recently on his Orleans Rd. farm which appear to be meteorite fragments, consisting partly of jagged metal so hard it will cut razor blades, and partly of a vitreous green substance.

At the same time that the two saucers were reported near Clifton Springs, a story from Wolcott tells of a peculiar flaming object in the sky which disappeared in a puff of smoke, and a formation of six "flying saucers" moving slowly through the night. Trumansburg folk, not to be outdone, this week told of seeing five jet planes chasing an object they thought was a saucer.

And Monday morning, two flying silvery balls were seen to zoom over Watkins Glen and a similar globe reportedly plopped into Seneca Lake near that village.

What do you think?

Reading, Pennsylvania Eagle - 26 Aug 52

Kutztown Man Reports 'Saucer' Close to Earth at Maxatawny

Herbert Long, 29-year-old Kutztown insurance salesman, last night drove his car, he says, within 30 feet of a "flying saucer," which came close to earth but he was just "too darned scared to approach it any closer."

Long had just turned off of the Allentown Pike, near the village of Maxatawny, when he suddenly came upon the saucer, hovering about 15 feet above the earth. He stopped his car and just sat there, saying he was too terrified to move.

Long, an army medical corps veteran of World War II, told a reporter this morning that "I'll approach anything when I know what it is. But I was just too darned scared to approach this thing any closer. I just sat there and watched until it took off, a matter of more than five minutes."

The saucer -- which Long estimated was about 25 feet in diameter -- resembled a large serving tray with a cover such as he has already seen in some restaurants. There were windows, or port holes, in the crown of the saucer, he said.

Long said he observed light inside and signs of activity within the saucer. There was an antenna-like object extending from the top of the dome or crown, he asserted.

Long could not see any evidence of landing gear or wheels, he said, but the saucer hovered almost motionless above the earth. Then, suddenly, Long said, the saucer started to take off. At first it moved slowly but a sudden burst of power sent it skyward in a hurry, he added.

"There was a terrific whooshing noise and the saucer left a trail of dark smoke," Long said. "It was out of sight quickly."

Long said "the short time I sat there seemed like an hour. I was sure hoping someone else would come along and see this thing just as I did."

Long said the spot where he saw the saucer was about three-quarters of a mile off the Allentown Pike on a macadam road leading to Route 22. After the saucer took off, Long said he went into the field over which it hovered but he could find nothing to indicate it had been there.

The insurance man was too excited to continue on his business calls last night. He went home and said he was "afraid to talk about it because people might think I was seeing things. I certainly did."

In his office on Elm Street this morning his fellow workers noticed that Long was uneasy and nervous. Finally, he broke down and told his story. It was then that a suggestion was made that he get hold of a reporter.

Long said he saw the saucer between 7:30 and 7:45.

"I could have hit the saucer with a rock, but I didn't move.

"I do photography as a hobby, and I would have given my right arm for a camera last night. Never again will I go without a camera. I have learned a lesson."

Although he is not able to present a picture of the strange craft, Long said he is able to draw an exact likeness because he had plenty of time to observe it. He did not see any markings on the saucer.

Long said the dome of the saucer was of a silvery material.

New Castle, Pennsylvania News - 26 Aug 52

Pa Newc Observes

Two young lads of the Adams-Rose avenue area, accompanied by an adult, reported to Pa Newc that during a Sunday afternoon hike, they saw clearly in the sky several objects which were disc shaped. The boys, James Woodard, Rose avenue, and Norman Emery, Adams street, watched the objects for some time and wonder if others about the area observed them.

Brownsville, Texas Herald - 26 Aug 52

Flying Saucers Reported Here

A mystery object resembling a "flying saucer" was seen here last night.

Two women said they saw the object shortly after 9 p.m. last night over Brownsville heading towards the local airport. They said the object was moving at a fast rate of speed.

Tucson, Arizona Daily Citizen - 26 Aug 52

Strange Flying 'Plate' Reported By Woman

Another Tucsonian saw a strange object of the flying saucer variety last night.

Mrs. W.G. Paschal, 3907 Flower St., reported she was sitting on her front porch shortly after midnight because she couldn't sleep.

Suddenly she saw a brilliant object "about the size of a salad plate" flash through the sky toward the Catalina mountains.

According to Mrs. Paschal, it was going at such terrific speed it was out of sight in only a few seconds.

She said it was east of her house when she saw it.

Idaho Falls, Idaho Post Register - 26 Aug 52

Resident Tells Of Seeing 'Flying Saucers'

Jim Fisher, 2310 East Morningside drive, said Tuesday he is a firm believer in flying saucers after what he and his wife saw at 9:15 a.m.

Looking up at the skies at that time, he said both he and his wife saw possibly a dozen objects, flying in wedge-like formation, toward the southeast.

"We thought at first they might be geese, but they were traveling far too fast," he said. "They were a dark creamy color, almost like a heavy mist. I don't know what they were but I'm believing flying saucer stories from now on."

At the Idaho Falls CAA station, officials reported they detected no strange objects at that time, not even a formation of geese. One of the officials said he was scanning the skies at that time.

Redlands, California Daily Facts - 26 Aug 52

Flying Saucers Everywhere In County But In Redlands

They seem to see flying saucers everywhere in the county except in Redlands.

While saucer conscious Redlandsers were scanning the skies hoping to get their first glimpse of the whirling discs and coming up with the usual results -- nothing -- a whole fleet of the weird things were seen over Fontana, another flock spotted over sand Bernardino, and a lone disc was reported in the Bloomington area.

John Reinschmidt, 367 North Date street, Fontana and his father-in-law, J.B. Richardson, Glendale, told deputies they saw at least 12 objects in the skies at 8:56 last night.

"They were directly overhead when we first saw them and in about five seconds had disappeared out of sight," Reinschmidt reported.

Over in San Bernardino about 20 residents reported seeing strange objects in the twilight skies at about 7:30 last night.

A San Bernardino resident identifying himself only as living in the 200 block of Seventh street said that he and several others watched a long, skinny object hover above them for a while then zigzag away to the east and just disappear.

Keith Bennett of 846 East 26th street reported that he, his family and some neighbors watched an object that left a vapor trail high in the skies.

In Bloomington M.C. Canady of 1515 Sheridan road said he and about 10 other persons saw a huge saucer, round and with a dome in the middle, fly low over the Bloomington area.

However, the citizens of Redlands can be excused for not seeing the objects. The first group was headed south from Fontana, the second squadron was flying west from San Bernardino, and the third disc was traveling north from Fontana -- none of them coming toward Redlands.

Connellsville, Pennsylvania Daily Courier - 27 Aug 52

Kutztown Veteran, Two Girls Report "Hovering" Saucer

KUTZTOWN, Aug. 27 -- A Kutztown insurance salesman told today of seeing a "flying saucer" 25 feet in diameter and showing "some signs of activity or movement" inside before it swished skyward with a tremendous burst of speed.

Herbert Long, a 28-year-old veteran of the Army Medical Corps in World War II, said the object hovered motionless in front of his automobile for five minutes before it roared skyward. He said the crown of the saucer contained windows or portholes and had an "antenna-like" device extending from it.

"I was too darned scared to approach it any closer," said Long.

He described the object as "resembling a large serving tray with a cover." Long said he did not notice any wheels or landing gear.

Two teen-aged girls also reported seeing an object in the vicinity which hovered several hundred feet off the ground and then took off with a loud "whoosh." They said it was a flattened sphere and aluminum in color.

Reading, Pennsylvania Eagle - 27 Aug 52


Here is a sketch of a "flying saucer" drawn from a description provided by Herbert Long, 29, of 340 Main St., Kutztown, who said he sighted the strange craft hovering over a field near Maxatawny Monday evening. Below, Long leans over the drawing board as LeRoy Gensler, Eagle staff cartoonist, draws the mystery craft from long's description. (Eagle Staff Photo).

Fleetwood Couple Sees Yellow Ball of Light in Sky Today
Fred Snyder Says The 'Thing' Headed Toward Kutztown

It almost seems like "flying saucers" are based somewhere in northeastern Berks County.

Early today two more residents of that area saw a strange object in the sky.

Latest observers were Fred Snyder, Fleetwood furniture man, and his wife, Nora, who reside at 118 Walnut St., Fleetwood.

Snyder said he arose shortly after 2 a.m. And looked out of the bedroom window "to see what the weather was like."

"As I looked into the skies I saw something moving. At first I thought it was a plane. I kept watching it," Snyder said, "but it was like a yellow ball of light -- like the light of a coal oil light. Then I knew it wasn’t an airplane.

"When it started to make a turn to the right, I called my wife who was sleeping. She came to the window and we watched it together. It made a wide right turn and headed into Kutztown. Our bedroom faces west and I saw this thing almost directly in front of me," Snyder said.

Snyder could not estimate its altitude or size, but said it was traveling "at a good rate of speed." Because it made the wide sweeping turn, Snyder said the "thing" was in view of his wife from three to four minutes.

Snyder said he could detect no noise from the "thing" in the sky although the bedroom windows were open. There was no auto traffic at the time and the night was still.

Continuous Glow Reported

Snyder, who is 65 years of age, said he often has seen falling stars, but what he observed last night was not one. The glow was continuous and not faltering like that of a falling star, he said.

Mrs. Snyder recited a story similar to that of her husband.

Neither of them said they were frightened.

Snyder observed: "If there are such things as flying saucers, I guess that was one of them. I never saw anything like it."

After the observations of Herbert Long, 29, Kutztown insurance salesman came to light yesterday, several more "saucer" viewers were found. Carol Hauch, 15, and Mary Kerr, 17, employes of the Kutztown swimming pool, said they saw a strange object zoom through the air between 1 and 2 p.m. Monday, several hours before Long, a resident of 340 Main St., Kutztown, said he saw a "saucer" hovering 15 feet above the earth near Maxatawny.

Long visited The Eagle office this morning to bring in a sketch of the strange craft he observed. he explained that between the bottom platform, which was of a light-colored metal and the dome, was a revolving ring with some sort of exhaust pipes protruding around the entire ring. This ring, which included the exhausts, was black. The dome, or crown, of the "saucer" also was made of a light-colored metal, he said.

Trail of Smoke Claimed

Long watched the "saucer" for about five minutes from a distance of about 30 feet, but he reported he was too scared to approach it any closer. As the revolving ring turned faster, the "saucer" took off, trailing black smoke.

On July 9, John Mittl, of Kutztown R.D. 1, took four pictures of a strange object in the sky." The pictures reveal a disk-like object, which defies identification.

A reporter, who talked to Brig. Gen. Lance Call, commander of the 112th Fighter Wing, at General Spaatz Field this morning said that his unit was not ordered to conduct an investigation. He declined personal comment.

Maj. Gen. Milton A. Reckard, adjutant general of Maryland, who came here for Maryland Governor's Day at the airport, joined in the discussion while waiting for the governor and observed: "I don't think people are imaging [sic] all these things." But he did not elaborate on his remarks.

Albert H. Early, chief of the air observers of Berks County Civil Defense Council, said none of the observers on duty in Berks has sighted any "saucers" or unidentifiable aircraft.

Stilwell, Oklahoma Democrat Journal - 28 Aug 52

"Flying Saucer" Is Spotted by Westville Couple

An unusual object was seen in the sky by Westville residents Monday night.

Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Harrell of Westville were returning to their home a few minutes past midnight Monday and had just been talking of the stories they had been reading and hearing about flying saucers when they sighted a glowing red ball in the sky. It appeared to be quite high in the sky and seemed to be motionless at first, they said, and it seemed to suddenly drop or rise at will and move about very rapidly.

The Harrells stopped their car and turned the lights and motor off to see if they could hear any noise form the object. They could hear no noise, they said, but continued to watch the ball of fire or "flying saucer" some four or five minutes as it bounced and flew about the sky.

Until last night the Harrells reported they hadn't heard of anyone else in the vicinity who had seen the "flying saucer" Monday night.

Mrs. Harrell said that every time she steps out of the house after dark now she looks for "flying saucers," but hasn't sighted any new saucers since Monday night.

Mr. Harrell is employed by the Peoples Bank, and Mrs. Harrell is an employe of the Westville post office.

Rocky Mount, North Carolina Evening Telegram - 28 Aug 52

Tom Easterling Sees 'Saucer'

Tommy Easterling, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Easterling of Rocky Mount, has joined the ranks or "flying saucer" witnesses.

Easterling, operator of the control tower at the Greensboro-High Point airport, made "visual contact" with a strange object from the tower in which he was working about 1:30 Tuesday night.

His attention was called to the "vari-colored and bright" object by a Greensboro family who had seen it traveling slowly near the horizon to the northwest of Greensboro.

"It flickered as a flame and in succession turned orange, red blue, green and white." That was the report received by Easterling.

Using a telescope, he obtained a fix on the object, which he described as being about three degrees above the horizon.

He and other control tower personal watched the object for about an hour before it faded out of sight.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania Daily Intelligencer - 28 Aug 52

'Flying Saucers' Reported Hovering Over Kutztown

Kutztown. Aug. 28 -- Two residents of this area have reported unusual experiences with flying saucers. One witness declared that he saw a saucer-like object dropped from a large jet plane while another reported he saw a saucer in front of his car on the road.

Harry Feinauer, 43, of Birdsboro, a veteran of World War II, employed at the Reading airport, said he saw a four engine jet plane release a "saucer" over Birdsboro.

"At first I thought the wing had fallen off the plane." he said. "The small object was the shape of a clam and the color of aluminum. It must have dropped several hundred feet before it zig-zagged sharply and turned Northwest. The plane continued flying from East to West."

Close-up View

The incident occurred at 8 a.m. Monday, just twelve hours before Herbert Long, 29, of Kutztown, came upon a saucer hovering 15 feet off the ground along the Allentown pike near Maxatawny.

Long reported that the saucer-like object hovered motionless above the ground for about five minutes and by that time he was "too darned scared to approach it any closer."

He described the object as being 25 feet in diameter, resembling a "large serving tray with color."

Other Reports

The object contained windows and portholes in the crown of the saucer, he said. He also reported detecting "some signs of activity or movement" within the object. Before the object took off, the Army Medical Corps veteran of the Second World War said there appeared to be an "antenna-like object" extending from the top of the dome of the saucer.

So far six other witnesses have reported seeing flying saucers in the area on Monday.

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald - 28 Aug 52

Youth Reports Seeing Strange Object Hover

An 18-year-old youth who lives just beyond the Central Avenue Extension reported to The Herald that at 11:15 p.m. Tuesday he saw what appeared to be a flying saucer hover within three feet of the top of the billboards at Second Bridge.

Wallace Weatherby, son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Weatherby, said he saw the object, about 10 or 12 feet across with an airplane-like hood, swoop down and hover over the billboards. He added he could not see it very plainly. A few moments later some cars came along Route 27 and the object appeared to take off rapidly, with no noise or vapor or flame. His sister, Karen, also saw the object, he said.

Greenville, Pennsylvania Record Argus - 28 Aug 52

Report Saucers

First appearance of flying saucers over the Grove City-Mercer area were noted recently when an Amsterdam couple sighted the objects in the wake of an airplane.

Mrs. Martin Uber, Mercer R.D. 2, was watching the flight of the plane when she noticed two white, silvery objects circling oddly in the sky behind the aircraft. Calling her husband, Mrs. Uber showed him the location of the discs.

According to the couple, the "saucers" made eccentric circles with sharp turns and appeared to hover at times. They stated that the objects resembled "white chicken feathers" and seemed to gain altitude with one preceding the other.

Eventually the discs disappeared in the southern sky.

Lebanon, Pennsylvania Daily News - 27 Aug 52

Strange Light Spotted Over Fredericksburg

A strange oblong object was spotted, circling the sky, above Fredericksburg last night by Peter Baal, local jeweler, who maintains a store at 31 North Eighth Street.

Baal, a resident on a farm north of Fredericksburg, said he spotted the light at about 11 p.m. while he was driving his cows out of the orchard and into the lane on his farm.

He said he watched the light for a short time and then went into the house to call his daughter. When they returned, he said, the light was gone.

"At first," he declared, "I thought it was a searchlight, but when I did not see a beam I became curious as to what it was." The sky, he said, was very clear and a beam would have been visible.

He pointed out that he is not dreaming up a flying saucer, and docs not think they exist, but he thinks whatever he saw last night was extremely peculiar. The light he said did travel in a circle but not always at the same height.

No further clues have been found today as to what the apparition might have been.

Cambridge City, Indiana National Road Traveler - 28 Aug 52

Red And Green Saucer Hovers Over Cambridge City

(Richmond Pal-Item)

A "flying saucer" that hovered a low altitude over Cambridge City before climbing high in the sky was described Monday by Mrs. John McGuire, who watched the object for 45 minutes with her husband Sunday night.

"I never thought I would see such a thing, but I can say I have seen what other folks are reporting they have seen," Mrs. McGuire said.

She said the "light" first looked like a roof fire. The egg-shaped object appeared to be red and green. She and her husband watched it from 10 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.

As the object climbed higher and higher, it traveled on a straight northeasterly course, "veering only slightly from side to side."

Mrs. McGuire's attention to the strange object was attracted first when she went to the kitchen of her breezeway addition home to get a glass of milk. Looking out the kitchen window she said she "saw a flame near Riverside Cemetery."

"It seemed to be standing still and I first thought it was a house on fire. It moved west across the cemetery just above the treetops, it seemed.

"I called my husband from the living room. He went outside to listen for a noise. Everything was quiet. It wasn't an airplane.

"Every so often there would be a flash of light between the green at the bottom and the red at the top. The red part looked like a parachute.

"We watched it through field glasses until it climbed so high it looked like an ordinary star.

"Without a doubt, we saw whatever other folks are seeing."

North Bay, Canada Daily Nugget - 28 Aug 52

Saw Glowing "Saucer" In Field Taking Off

WINDSOR, Ont. -- A Windsor man told today of seeing a luminous disc-shaped "object" 30 feet in diameter in a field south of this city.

Gabriel Durocher said he was walking home about 1:30 a.m. when he saw the object in the field. "It was sort of blue all over and glowed like phosphorus."

He ran to within 30 feet of the object and "started yelling at it," he said.

"Then I saw these sparks come out of one part of the sides. They were blue and yellow and red. The saucer started spinning and there was a sort of blue mist formed under it and it went straight up and away."

Four other persons said they saw "something" hovering over that area of the city where Gabriel said he saw his object.

Lowell, Massachusetts Sun - 29 Aug 52

Man About Town

We've heard quite a few reports about flying saucers lately but last night we heard about a "flying sun." We received a report from North Tewksbury that some residents out there had spotted a yellow globe surrounded by rays hovering over the Christian Hill section. After a short time the strange object started to diminish as if it were moving away until finally it was out of sight.

Lumberton, North Carolina Robesonian - 29 Aug 52

Maxton Now Has 'Flying Saucer' Story Also

A delayed "flying saucer" report dating back to August 12, six days after the supposed sighting in West Lumberton, has just been received from Maxton.

Mrs. J.C. McCaskill of Maxton was startled by the sight of four saucer like objects flashing across the sky as she sat on the front porch of her home about 8:30 on the night of August 12.

Mrs. McCaskill tried to show them to a friend but when she turned back to point them out they had disappeared. She described the objects as being round, white discs with one moving in the lead position, two following and one in the rear. The discs were proceeding on a horizontal course and from what she could judge at a very high rate of speed. According to seen through and were definitely of a solid nature [sic, entire sentence].

Well known and much respected, Mrs. McCaskill has made her home in Maxton for a number of years. She said she had mentioned the saucers to several friends but had not realized that a report of it was of interest to any authorities.

Mrs. McCaskill said that she knew her story lacked the color of the recent report from West Lumberton as no saucer landing had been attempted at the McCaskill homestead nor had she seen any thirty inch men with long white beards who were doubling for Moses.

Thomasville, Georgia Thomasville Times Enterprise - 29 Aug 52

Dom Center Members Report Seeing "Big Ball of Fire"
Great Balls of Fire! Or was it a flying saucer?

A group of 13 men at the VA Domiciliary have reported seeing a "big ball of fire" in the sky, and stated that they watched it for about ten minutes before it disappeared.

The phenomenon was sighted about 10 p.m. and appeared to be situated somewhere above the Metcalf road and moving due south. After several minutes it moved out of sight, reappeared for about one minute, then disappeared finally, the report stated.

Described as being "pinkish" in color, the object was said to have moved up and down slightly while travelling. Its speed, viewers said, was less than that of an airplane.

Elyria, Ohio Chronicle Telegram - 29 Aug 52

Saucers Still Fly, No One Knows Why

Flying saucers continue to fly, and still no one seems to know why.

The latest report here was made by Mrs. C.E. Parker, assistant clerk in the county commissioner's office, who saw one last night.

Mrs. Parker was driving home from Amherst on Leavitt road when, at the railroad crossing, she observed an unusual light in the western sky.

She said she stopped her car and watched the light for a while. It had the general shape of a saucer seen edgewise and seemed to remain stationary.

She then drove on, hoping that she could reach home in time to show it to her husband and children. It was gone, however, when she arrived home.

Salt Lake City, Utah Tribune - 29 Aug 52

Saucers in Triplicate

LONDON. Aug. 28 -- The British came up Thursday with something better than a flying saucer -- they had a report of a plane that gives birth to triplets.

Three friends reported to the Ministry of Civil Aviation that they saw a high-flying plane suddenly disgorge one small plane, then another and finally a third.

Each of the three ejected planes then shot off in different directions high in the skies over London, the three persons reported.

Logansport, Indiana Press - 30 Aug 52

[No Headline]

Carl Harrold, trustee of Wayne township, has turned in a report of a flying saucer over Grass Creek at 9:04 p.m. Saturday, August 23. Harrold was watching television when he first saw the lights start to cross his living room. The saucer appeared in the form of brilliant pale blue light traveling due south and then turning slightly to the east. No sound accompanied the light which was shaped in the form of a comet with a large head trailing off into a tail.

Newswire Report Agence France Presse - 30 Aug 52

Rome, Aug. 30 -- Last night, a flying saucer was seen in the sky of Rome by four persons, who gave perfectly concordant descriptions of the objects.

The disc was very luminous and of a bluish color. Coming from the NW, it passed over the Italian [sic] at a blinding speed and disappeared in the southeast. The round form of the disc was plainly observed by the four witnesses.

Ogden, Utah Standard Examiner - 1 Sep 52

Utahn Skeptical No More, 'Sees' Discs in Formation

SALT LAKE CITY -- One "flying saucer" skeptic says he's been convinced there are such things.

Russell H. Hendricks of Salt Lake City saw four of them yesterday -- flying in diamond formation. Says he:

"I'm convinced they were not optical illusions or hallucinations. They moved silently, as fast as a fast airplane, were about the size of a fighter plane, moved in a diamond formation and were about 2000 feet above the Oquirrh mountains."

Hendricks and his wife saw them from Lakepoint, Tooele county, where they had driven to watch the new television tower being constructed on a mountain peak.

"I have always been skeptical of the existence of flying saucers, but seeing is believing," he said.

Kalispell, Montana Daily Inter Lake - 1 Sep 52

Saucer Seen Over Japan

KYOTO, Japan -- Firemen on lookout duty at four different places in this southern Honshu city reported sighting, a "tennis, ball" type of flying saucer early Monday, Kyodo news agency reported.

Kyoto is 326 air miles south of Tokyo.

The firemen said they saw the object "flying southeast at tremendous speed." All four said the object was round "like a tennis ball" and gave off a bluish-white glow.

They were certain it was not a shooting star or fireworks.

Chester, Pennsylvania Times - 2 Sep 52

'Saucers' Reported In Two Communities Several Miles Distant

Flying saucers, or something, chose Labor Day to make their second appearance in the county in less than a month.

This one -- or maybe these two -- were reported from locations in Collingdale and Woodlyn. The first saucer reported was spotted two weeks ago from a backyard on Concord road, just outside of Chester.

Calls to the Chester Times were made simultaneously Monday night by Peter Fowlery, 717 Andres av., Collingdale, and Nick Tulcinella, 165 Washington av., Woodlyn. Fowley said that he and a group of men saw a "bright object circling around a jet plane."


Mrs. Tulcinella, who was among the seven or eight persons spotting the aerial phenomenon at Woodlyn, this morning said the group was watching a jet plane headed southwest over their homes.

"We often watch airplanes over the house," she said, "and that's what we were doing last night.

"All of a sudden we saw this saucer come out from behind a cloud and make several circles clear around the airplane, then both of them disappeared behind another cloud."

Mrs. Tulcinella said the airplane and saucer were in sight for about two minutes, and she set the time of the spotting at 7:10 p.m.

Once again Operation Skywatch failed to verify the saucer spottings. Al O'Donnell, deputy chief of the county's ground observation corps, which keeps an eye peeled for strange objects in the air, said this morning that no saucers or other unusual aircraft had been reported by any of the county's observers Monday night.

A telephone call to the headquarters of the 53rd AAA Brigade at Swarthmore also failed to turn up verification of the saucer. An officer there said that the anti-aircraft brigade's own spotting system had shown "nothing" for the time and place reported.

Then the reporting officer said, "Still, I wonder?"

Salisbury, Maryland Times - 3 Sep 52

Seven flying Saucers Reported Seen Over Wicomico County

Flying saucers -- seven of them in a "V" formation -- were sighted over Wicomico County at 1:30 a.m. yesterday.

But the man who sighted them wasn't "fool enough" to tell anybody about them.

John A. Vickers, Salisbury contractor, let the word slip out at a baseball dinner yesterday afternoon. He had sighted the saucers on his way home to Sharptown.

He had decided to say nothing about them because he didn't think much of flying saucer stories. Operator of a plane charter service, he was talking about flying when he said he saw the saucers at least 20,000 feet high.

They were traveling faster than the fastest jet plane he has ever seen, he added reluctantly. They were yellow round disks, he said, with white tails. The tail was not like the short and more yellow afterglow of a jet plane, he added.

They soon disappeared from view at a high rate of speed. Although Mr. Vickers is a frequent flier, he said that he had never seen anything like the saucers before. He had time to stop his car and watch them momentarily.

Altoona, Pennsylvania Mirror - 3 Sep 52

Hollidaysburg Watchers Sight Strange Object

Whether they were flying saucers or not, watchers of the ground observation corps at Hollidaysburg have spotted two unknown objects in the sky, which they lost no time in reporting to the Pittsburgh filter center.

Because of limited visibility at the temporary post on top of the courthouse annex, they missed seeing a strange object which floated above Northfield Tuesday evening, before sunset.

Citizens of that area, alert to the potential danger of any unusual appearance in the sky these ominous times, phoned to the ground observer supervisor, Alfred L. Rhett, immediately. The thing which zigzagged across Northfield was reported to be like an orange ball. One man said he saw it plainly until it was obscured by a cloud. When the cloud moved away it had disappeared.

Hutchinson, Kansas News Herald - 3 Sep 52

Ness City Woman Reports Saucer

NESS CITY -- Mrs. John Kindsvater has won the title of initial flying saucer spotter of Ness county, according to a belated announcement.

Mrs. Kindsvater saw her saucer -- first and only one reported in this county -- at 11 p.m. on Aug. 14.

She promptly reported her experience to the Ness County News. The News held up publication of the information in the hope someone else would report seeing the saucer, without first being tempted to hallucination by the news report.

But no further reports came in, so the News belatedly, but gratefully bestows the title on Mrs. Kindsvater.

Tucson, Arizona Daily Citizen - 3 Sep 52

[No Headline]

Don McCraven, 4237 Oracle rd, an instructor pilot at Marana air base, said he saw an object at 9 a.m., maneuvering wildly over Tucson -- "not an airplane, not a balloon, you name it."

He said the craft flew a circular course over Tucson and made at least two flat dives toward the earth. Its speed was described as phenomenal in that it moved 43 degrees along the horizon in three to four seconds. On the second dive, the object came from 50 degrees altitude to 20 degrees in about one second, McCraven said. It then disappeared.

"I have my own opinion as to what it was," he said. "But I'll not make a statement until there is something more definite to back it up."

Sault Ste. Marie, Canada Daily Star - 3 Sep 52

Red Light Mystery In Lake Simcoe

BARRIE -- Provincial Police and residents of the northeast end of Lake Simcoe played tag, last night and early today, with a red light.

The light, first reported late in the evening, was said to have appeared at many points around the lake. Police checked each report, but the cause of the light has not been determined.

Ludington, Michigan News - 4 Sep 52

Flying Saucer Comes to City?

Flying saucers have come to Ludington. At least Wanda Hayes, 13, of Ludington Route 1 and her uncle, William Leslie of Hart believe that they have.

While driving through the Fourth ward delivering fruit this morning, Mr. Leslie thought he saw an airplane. However, after taking a second look and calling the attention of his niece, they deducted that a flying saucer was hovering over Ludington, slowly revolving toward the direction of the lake.

Mr. Leslie estimated the saucer to be 500 or 600 feet in the air. He described it as disc shaped with aerial like aperture sprouting horizontally from the side, and slightly larger than an airplane.

According to Wanda, the disc appeared silvery and with the sun shining upon it, a halo effect seemed to revolve around the disc.

Reno, Nevada State Journal - 4 Sep 52

Forester Says He Saw Saucers

On August 26, 1952, at 11 a.m., Kelso Dellera, who resides in Sierraville and is a foreman for the Forest Service, says he saw four or five flying saucers. Dellera was removing logs from a road near Yuba Pass when he looked up into the sky and saw these four or five shiny, greenish-blue, swift-moving objects.

When he saw them they appeared to be very high over Antelope Valley on the south side of Sierra Valley. They were heading in a northeasterly direction at a tremendous speed, said Dellera. They disappeared out of sight in less than a minute.

They were travelling in an up and down, half circular pattern. They were not in formation. Some were going up while some were going down. When they started to go up they appeared to momentarily pause. Dellera tried to call the flying saucers to the attention of one of his fellow workers who was only a short distance away, but before he could do this the objects were beyond sight.

Newswire Report Agence France Presse - 4 Sep 52

Pousan [sic], Sept. 4 -- A "flying saucer" was supposedly seen today by several persons over Pusan, the temporary capital of South Korea. This is the second such report in two months.

According to the witnesses, the machine, of a whitish color, spun slowly above the city for 11 minutes, then disappeared at a "terrific" speed.

Tangier, Morocco Espana - 4 Sep 52

Luminous Object Seen Over Mallorca

On 3 September 1952, late at night, four professors of the Seraphic Seminary in Palma, Mallorca Island, noticed a luminous disk in the sky, traveling from west to east. They said that it could not have been a shooting star and that they were giving the report as objectively as possible in its barest details to provide another item for the study of the flying saucer phenomenon.

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald - 5 Sep 52

Echoes In Oil Creek Valley
By the Staff

...(Not to get off the kindergarten subject, but a red object was sighted in the sky over Plumer Wednesday night at 9:30 by five persons. They said it remained stationary for about ten minutes and hummed unlike an airplane. "It was a real bright red," one woman said, "but when it started for Titusville it turned white.")...

Bradford, Pennsylvania Era - 5 Sep 52

Round The Square

SAUCERS SEEN: From nearby Roulette comes reports of flying saucers. On separate evenings last week near midnight, a man and his wife and a group of boys traveling by car from Port Allegany to Roulette reported seeing a bright object moving slowly over the hills and crossing the road at a low altitude. The couple said the object seemed to follow them most of the way to Roulette. Both observers reported the sight as "eerie and frightening."

Beckley, West Virginia Raleigh Register - 5 Sep 52

Bug Dust -- By Thomas F. Stafford

Bill Grass, of Daniels, says he doesn't think he is ready for the boogey house yet. He hasn't started cutting out paper dolls and he has no delusions that he is Stonewall Jackson or Harry Truman.

Its a sure-fire fact in Bill's book that there's something to this business of flying saucers.

Last Tuesday morning -- about 3 a.m. -- he got up to feed his new offspring, and after doing so looked out the window.

Over Beckley, riding the crest of the airwaves, was a white-to-red object that first flew sideways, then up and down. It moved swiftly, but had no trouble hovering in midair whenever it wanted to.

Bill proved he wasn't seeing things by his wife. She saw it, too.

Lemars, Iowa Semi Weekly Sentinel - 5 Sep 52

Rev. Straube's Family Sees "Flying Saucer" West Of Pomeroy

Rev. M.L. Straube, pastor of St. John's Evangelical and Reformed church, and his family were returning from Fort Dodge Sunday afternoon, when They sighted what they thought was a FLYING SAUCER!

It was about 6:30 p.m. and the family was traveling in their car on Highway 5 west of Pomeroy. Sharon Straube was first to notice the blue-white glow traveling slowly west against a bank of low hanging clouds.

"It didn't look like an airplane, it was something different than we had ever seen before," Rev. Straube explained.

"It looked like a star, but the stars weren't out yet. It appeared to look a lot like the planet Venus."

The Straubes saw the glow several minutes before it disappeared.

"We all thought is was very pretty, and it didn't bother us too much," Rev. Straube added.

Deming, New Mexico Headlight - 5 Sep 52

Object In Sky Seen Here Again

A "big, white, round object" which appeared to be traveling faster than a jet airplane. A flying saucer?

Deming's Fire Chief Danny Simonds wouldn't hazard a guess at what it was, but that's what he saw Tuesday night.

Chief Simonds and Buster Williams were standing in front of the fire house at about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, when they both saw the object, the chief said. It was big, round, white in color, traveling like a jet plane but faster. They saw it in the southwest and it appeared to be heading on a level towards the southeast.

The fire chief said they watched it for about 10 seconds. "We thought at first it was a shooting star," Simonds said. "But it didn't leave any trail of lights. I don't know what it was we saw. I wouldn't guess."

Reno, Nevada State Journal - 5 Sep 52

More Flying Discs Are Being Sighted By Reno Residents

Flying saucers are popping over Nevada skies again.

Latest report was made to the Journal office by Jack Baldwin and Mr. and Mrs. Chet Cleary of Reno. The objects -- 22 of them by actual count -- were seen by Mr. Baldwin and Mr. and Mrs. Cleary as they were driving to Winnemucca. Furthermore, they were seen for a full ten minutes between 7:30 and 7:40.

They reported that the 22 saucers were like silver discs. The saucers hung motionless in the sky, making no untoward moves that were noticed by their observers.

No report was made as to what happened to the saucers.

Oakland, California Tribune - 5 Sep 52

Vallejo Pair See Fleet Of 24 Saucers

RENO, Sept. 5. -- A Vallejo, Calif., couple reported they saw 24 strange objects flying east of here today.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gracik, 271 Highway 40, Vallejo, insisted the objects were not airplanes, birds or anything else they could recognize.

The objects were silver-colored and shaped like eggs, said Gracik. They were reportedly seen about 30 miles east of here.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire Herald, 6 Sep 52

Local Salesman Sees Flying Disc at York

YORK BEACH -- A 21-year old Portsmouth newspaper salesman today reported seeing a flying saucer near the shore at Long Sands.

John A. Mullikin, 21, of 51 Islington St. said he was making his rounds with the Winebaum News Service delivery truck at 6:30 a.m. when he looked out over the ocean and saw a "bright red object on the horizon."

As told in his own words, this is what Mullikin saw:

"I had just delivered papers at the Decatur Cabins and was heading north on Route 1-A towards the Anchorage Hotel when I noticed a fiery glow on the horizon. As the object emerged from the clouds it began to take shape, resembling a cake tin. It was flat at its base and round on top. On the top of the object was a halo-like disc which completely covered the upper surface, and the whole thing was as large as a truck.

"As I drove down the road to the Anchorage Hotel, the object followed me. By the time I reached the hotel, the 'saucer' was directly over the low tide mark. The halo-like disc on top had disappeared, but the now solid bright red object was encircled by an orange glow.

"I looked down to Nubble Light to see if possibly the object could be the sun rising, but the sun was just coming up near the light.

"I was very scared and wanted someone else to witness the thing with me, but I couldn't find anyone up at the hotel, so I proceeded on my route.

"I made two more stops on the road, and the 'saucer' continued to follow me. When I reached Harry Winebaum's cottage, a car traveling north came around the corner, and the saucer headed towards Nubble Light."

Mullikin said the strange object wasn't transparent and the glow was what impressed him. He said he was "scared stiff" and "it will take two more times for me to see that and I'll go to the nut house or the Anchorage Hotel won't have a front porch", he said.

Edwardsville, Illinois Intelligencer 6 Sep 52

Baldwin Airport Workers Sight 'Flying Saucer'

QUINCY, Ill. -- Baldwin Airport personnel stuck to their story today of a "flying saucer" that flew against the wind and "bobbed up and down" as it passed high over the field.

Edward Schmidt, Civil Aeronautics Authority employee who spotted the object at 4:20 p.m.(CST) Friday, said it didn't resemble any known plane and was not a weather balloon.

"It looked like a saucer," Schmidt said.

Other airport employes, including Manager Frank Phillips, said they saw the object. The watchers said it was "brilliantly polished like a mirror" and "bobbed up and down" for 10 minutes before moving away into the wind.

Schmidt said he knew the object went against the wind because he had just launched a weather balloon at the same altitude.

Kingsport, Tennessee Times News - 7 Sep 52

Backlashes and Misfires

By Bob Harrell

Big news this week is about the two flying saucers that got away on Cherokee Lake.

Yep, two saucers were reported in the vicinity of David Green Bridge. That's right around the bend and one mile below Hamblen Dock.

Two fighter planes from Knoxville came up to try their luck and didn't do any good. Folks 'round Hamblen Dock aren't too worried about the saucers, though. Say the little green men were going too fast for trolling.

Seriously, there was such a report and an investigation was made. That's about as far as the saucer affair went.

This department feels slighted that the Army didn't inquire up this away about the saucers. Not saying for sure, but might be able to put some light on the subject.

Rumor goes that it was Phil (The Old Master) Weaver backlashing with a silver spoon.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal - 7 Sep 52

Couple Sights 'Flying Saucer'

An Albuquerque woman, who consulted her husband and decided not to give her name for publication, reported she and the mister saw a "flying saucer" Friday night.

She said it was red; he said it was orange; she said it was coming from the west and he said it was coming from the south. Both agreed it went east and disappeared.

They also agreed that the glowing object was flying straight across the sky near the horizon for a few minutes about 8:45 p.m.

The husband said it looked like the light of an airplane; the woman, by way of having the last word, said it traveled too fast to be an airplane, thus, "it must have been a flying saucer."

Greenville, Pennsylvania Record Argus - 8 Sep 52

Report "Saucers" in The Kittanning Area

KITTANNING, Pa. -- State Police received reports from several persons who said they saw flying saucers in nearby Rayburn Township over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wyant described the two objects as "large wagon wheel-like objects with a flaming center." They appeared in the northeast and disappeared in a southwestern direction. Other witnesses said the objects were so low they could be lit up with a spot light.

Oran, Algeria L'Echo d'Oran 8 Sep 52

Two Meteorologists See Saucers In Union Of South Africa

On the morning of 6 September 1952, a meteorologist was taking weather observations in Durban, Union of South Africa, when he saw a white object moving smoothly across his field of vision. After two more had appeared and passed in the same manner, he called a co-worker, with whom he observed three more saucers. He was able to follow one of them with a theodolite, which indicated that the object was at a high altitude. It had about the same shape as a weather balloon which was then at an altitude of only 3,500 meters. The spherical objects appeared to be at an altitude above 6,500 meters.

Both men have been meteorologists for some time (the second man is the director of the weather bureau at Natal). Their information was written into the records of the local meteorological office.

Penn Yan, Pennsylvania Chronicle Express - 11 Sep 52

Seen and Heard in Penn Yan and Vicinity

Flying saucers? Jets? Did anyone besides Richard Jayne of Indian Pines notice the two bright red discs, about five feet in diameter with a vapor trail behind them moving northeast, over that area about 9:30 p.m. Thursday?

El Paso, Texas Herald Post - 11 Sep 52


A Weather Bureau official said the "flying salami" reported seen over Miami, Fla., may have been the reflection of light on a small cloud. "It looked just like a small salami," Abe Friedman told the bureau. "I saw it through my binoculars."

Clearfield, Pennsylvania Progress - 12 Sep 52

Grassflat Man Says He Saw Flying Saucer

GRASSFLAT -- Adolph H. Olson of this place reports that he saw what he believes was a flying saucer Tuesday evening.

Mr. Olson, manager of the Grassflat Cooperative Association store, reports that he sighted the object in the sky while he was lying in a hammock in the back yard of his home about 7 p.m.

"I saw something silvery twirling around," he said. "It was very high and travelling in a northeasterly direction. The sun's rays hit it so that it was plainly visible."

Uniontown, Pennsylvania Evening Standard - 12 Sep 52

Flying Saucers Are Reported Over Hopwood

Flying saucers -- more eyes than two at 8:45 o'clock last night saw unusual lights in the Hopwood skies.

Mrs. Marie Cunningham, Brownfield, South Union township, reported seeing "unusual lights," and that other residents were also attracted by the display.

"The unusual white lights would go dim, then reappear in red and white hues and vanish again.

"We never saw anything like it before. I never saw a flying saucer, but it was a dazzling sight," she said.

Bismarck, North Dakota Tribune - 12 Sep 52

Beach Women See 'Saucer' Chase

BEACH -- Three Beach women are one up on the unusual [sic] flying saucer sighters.

The women were returning to Beach from Glendive, Mont., about 5 p.m., when they spotted a white, shiny long streak, going at terrific speed.

They also saw a dark colored airplane in pursuit.

Lubbock, Texas Avalanche-Journal - 14 Sep 52

Fort Worth Worker Watches Flying Saucer For 20 Minutes

FORT WORTH. Sept. 13 -- W.K. Melver, a Convair worker, said he sighted a flying saucer shortly after 11 a.m. today.

Melver and two other men saw the circular object, which Melver described as being "greenish white and luminous."

He said they watched the strange object for 20 minutes. Most of the time it remained stationary but at times it would travel at a "tremendous speed" and then "stop on a dime." Several times it would turn over and "flip like a pancake," Melver said.

The Convair worker said he was familiar with all types of airplanes and he was positive it was not a plane nor a weather balloon.

Washington, D.C. Daily News - 15 Sep 52

Around a Bend They Saw a Pair of Bulging Eyes

SUTTON, W.Va., Sept. 15. -- A short time after a meteorite -- or something -- blazed across this town last Friday and seemed to land nearby, an evil-smelling, green bodied monster 12 feet tall with bulging eyes and clawy hands sent seven young citizens running for their lives.

A. Lee Stewart, who with his father publishes the Braxton County Democrat, saw mysterious traces of whatever it was, and here's his story:

"It was about 7:15 p.m. when this meteorite, or something, was supposed to have been seen that I wandered down the street and the people told me about having seen it. Then, a little while later, this call comes in from Flatwoods, a town about five miles away.


"Mrs. Kathleen May and six boys had gone up the hill to where this thing was supposed to have landed, and they could see flashes of light -- flash, flash, flash, three or four times -- coming from the top of the hill.

"As they kind of eased around a little bend on the road, there in the shadows, they saw a pair of eyes. There was a peculiar odor -- a very sickening, hot, stuffy smelling odor.

"The oldest boy -- he's 17 -- threw a flashlight on it. All the rest of them saw it too. The boy fell over backwards and all the people took for their heels and came running back to town.

"They said it was about 11 or 12 feet high, and had a shiny, metallic kind of face and protruding eyes. Its body was green. It had outstretched hands -- sort of clawy looking hands.

"When they all got back to town, they gave the boy a dose or two of smelling salts, and called police.


"Of course", said Mr. Stewart, "the state police weren't in, but next morning the sheriff and some other people went up, and naturally I went along to investigate. I took my camera with me."

Atop the rugged, tangled hill, there was no trace of a meteorite, but there was an area "all trampled down", Mr. Stewart said. He said that he could still smell traces of the peculiar odor.

There were two tracks. They looked like skid marks, about a foot wide, a car length apart, and about ten yards long, Mr. Stewart said. He said you couldn't get an auto up that hill.

Mr. Stewart and the deputies took Gene Lemon, the 17-year-old, along with them.


"We had to coax him to go back," Mr. Stewart said. "I had to keep my hand on his shoulder. He just shook and shook like he was scared to death.

"I know all these people," Mr. Stewart said. "And I tried every way to tear this story down. But they all told the same story and they all stuck to it.

"I've never seen people in more fright.

"I don't know what they saw, but they sure saw something on that hill.

"Of course, at twilight, you can see lots of things. They could have seen an owl sitting up there in a tree, and put a body under it.

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald - 15 Sep 52

Reappearing Lights Glide About Area Night Skies

Objects in the night sky, absent from Crawford County's heavens for a couple of weeks, broke out again over the week-end with at least three sightings.

Six unidentified objects were reported near Titusville shortly after midnight Saturday, one was said to have landed in Centerville in the afternoon, and last evening "a big red object" was seen first in the Guys Mills area and a few minutes later over Cochranton in the latest manifestation of "flying saucers."

A Titusville man who prefers to remain anonymous said he watched six "lights" from a vantage point on the North Perry Street hill just after midnight Saturday, three of them in the valley and the others over the Brook Street hill.

The three in the valley seemed suspended, he said, and occasionally would blink out. The three over the Brook Street hill, however, moved in arcs, going up and then fluttering down, like skyrockets.

These three, he said, appeared to cast a "bluish-white, ethereal glow" which could sometimes be seen just over the trees when the lights themselves were below the skyline.

All six of them were quite small, he added. The man drove down into the valley, and could not see any of the lights there. He then went out on the Pleasantville Road, but they weren't visible from there either. When he returned to the Perry Street hill, there were the six eerie lights again, three of them cavorting at the top of Brook Street.

"The lights in the valley were definitely not street lights," the man said. "At first I thought all six might be the work of pranksters, but it would be a pretty expensive prank to create six lights, three of them moving."

Also on Saturday, but in the afternoon, a "flying saucer" was reported to have landed in or near Centerville. The Titusville News Company said it had a number of calls asking about it, and local police reported one caller who asked whether it was true.

Neither the news company nor the police were able to enlighten the callers, and no one seemed to know how the story started.

Last night about 7:30, Richard Schwab of Meadville, Star Route (Guys Mills area), said he saw a "big, red object" in the sky traveling toward Cochranton. There was no sound of a motor, Mr. Schwab said.

Some ten minutes later, Mrs. Ralph McEwen of Cochranton, Route 3, saw a red light, "flickering like a railroad flare," moving slowly towards Pittsburgh. Both sighters said the object seemed to be pretty high in the sky.

Mount Pleasant, Iowa News - 15 Sep 52

Another Flying Saucer Story Reported In Iowa

Maloy, Ia. -- More "flying saucer" stories have come to light today in Iowa.

A silver oval-shaped object was reported in the sky yesterday afternoon near Maloy. It was first spotted by 12-year-old Monica Parks and Rita and Jim Monahan, ages 13 and ten respectively.

They summoned Mr. And Mrs. Monahan, the parents of two of the children, who reported that the object traveled west, then turned south out of sight. In all, the object was seen for about one minute.

The witnesses said the object made no sound.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal - 15 Sep 52

Couple Reports Sighting 'Saucer' in Western Sky

A "flying saucer" was sighted in the western sky Sunday evening by Dr. and Mrs. Paul Shellenberger, 301 Tulane Dr. SE.

"It looked like a large star, but it moved," Dr. Shellenberger said. "Its movements were like a luminous kite," he added.

They saw the mysterious light while driving to Albuquerque from Los Lunas. The doctor said they stopped about five miles from Los Lunas and watched the light along with other motorists for more than 10 minutes.

Newswire Report Agence France Presse - 15 Sep 52

Taipeh, Sept 15 -- According to an expert radio-telegrapher and meteorology student, fifteen flying saucers appeared in the sky of Hong Kong during Fri. night (Sept. 12-13). They were flying in a triangular formation, each one three times as brilliant as a star of the first magnitude, and traversed the sky in a southeasterly direction. The witness did not wish to reveal his identity until he had consulted the Hong Kong Observatory.

The director of the observatory declared today that nothing of the sort was recorded by his instruments, and the Hong Kong press seemed to know nothing of the matter.

Frederick, Maryland News - 16 Sep 52

Saw Flying Saucers

While seated at dinner on the screened porch with guests on Friday night in the mountains near Myersville, Mrs. Sterling W. Edwards saw what appeared to be a flying saucer at about 8 p.m. daylight saving time.

This round, luminous object seemed to shed a distinct glow in the area through which it was passing at very high speed, over a wooded ridge to the south, and of itself was a huge, brilliantly lighted object. It appeared as huge as though it was the full moon itself laying on its flat side. One of the guests also caught a glimpse of this object, which did not appear to either observer as any type of "meteor" as described Saturday in the general press.

Mrs. Edwards said, "This was no optical illusion, you can be sure. This huge, brilliant object was in every sense a material object to me. And I was very glad to have it verified by one of my guests. Its path of flight was parallel to the earth as I observed it."

Raleigh, West Virginia Register - 16 Sep 52

Bucket-Sized Saucers Sighted Over East Gulf

King-sized flying saucers -- about the dimensions of a gallon bucket -- were reported sighted Saturday at East Gulf about 11 p.m.

Franklin Smedley, 16-year-old Killarney resident, said he and two other boys were standing in East Gulf when he spotted two of the orange-colored objects.

Since the youth had maintained he did not believe in flying saucers, he explained he did not mention his sightings. When four additional objects flew over later he called his companion's attention to them and they all got a good look, Smedley's father quoted his son.

The objects were described by the boys as traveling faster than any plane they had seen.

Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Deaner of East Gulf also reported seeing two objects answering the same description at about the same time.

Deaner said he and his wife had been looking for meteors and were getting ready for bed when his wife glanced out a window and saw the objects. He said they both rushed outside and saw the "saucers" flying over.

He explained that an airplane had flown over about half an hour earlier and that the objects were traveling at least twice as fast as the plane had gone.

Deaner said he had not mentioned the sightings at first for fear of ridicule and told of them only after he heard the report of the boys' sightings.

The Smedley youth's father told of his son's report while at Sunday School yesterday and then Deaner told what he had seen.

Austin, Texas Daily Herald - 16 Sep 52

Two Of Them In The Sky
Saucers Too Vivid for Disbelief

There were two of them -- disc-shaped lights -- spinning, and traveling at a terrific speed high in the sky, said Mrs. William J. Campbell, 204 W. Maple.

"Now I believe there is such a thing as a flying saucer," she added.

It happened at about 11:20 p.m. Monday. Mrs. Campbell was standing on the driveway while her husband, Rev. Campbell, pastor of the Methodist Church, was driving the car in the garage.

Mr. Campbell said he was in the garage when he heard his wife call, frantically, "Flying saucers!" He hurried to her but the lights, moving at great speed, were already out of sight.

The Austin pastor said he was especially impressed with Mrs. Campbell's experience because she earlier had been very skeptical about flying saucers and had told him, "I don't believe there is anything like that."

This, he said, was the description she gave of the lights immediately after she saw them:

The circle of lights was very high in the sky, and from the ground they appeared to be about two feet apart. They were traveling from south to north, much faster than any plane could travel. They made no noise. They were not comets, as there was no tail characteristic of comets, and it is improbable that comets would travel together. They were larger than stars of the first magnitude. The sky was clear so there were no clouds to create an illusion by reflection of light.

The pastor said Mrs. Campbell trembled with excitement.

Austin, Minnesota Daily Herald - 17 Sep 52

Others Viewed Flying Saucers

Mrs. William J Campbell, 204 W. Maple, wasn't the only person who saw "flying saucers" Monday night.

Mrs. Grace Morgan, Austin Rt. 3, says her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Clark, Austin Rt. 3, saw the "saucers" at the same time and described them in the same way.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark, with the help of three men from Lyle, were culling chickens at the time. At first, Mrs. Morgan said, Mr. Clark thought what they saw was an airplane but after a good look at the objects, decided it wasn't.

That Was Tame

Their experience, however, was tame compared to the one Mrs. Morgan had while driving through Nevada in 1950.

A "flying saucer" or something followed the car she was driving for a half an hour. Mrs. Morgan was doing the driving and her husband was asleep in the house trailer behind.

"It was about the size of a basketball," she said, and looked like a misty sort of light. It had three-foot tail and would disappear when it got to the radiator. It would come up beside the car on the driver's side."

Weird Situation

Mrs. Morgan wasn't alone in her experience either. Other people saw it, according to radio reports the next day.

"Believe me, it was weird," she said.

She told her husband about it the next day and he asked her why she let him sleep through it. "I told him I was afraid to stop the car to wake him up," she said.

Great Bend, Kansas Daily Tribune - 17 Sep 52

Great Bend Man, Wife Sight 'Flying Saucer' Over The City

The latest episode In the chapter on "flying saucers sighted in the Great Bend territory" has been supplied by H.T. Burgner, who lives at 1437-10th.

At precisely 8:30 p.m. Monday evening, Burgner walked out of his house into the yard and was startled, to say the least, by having his first glimpse of the phenomenon, usually called a flying saucer.

It was a ball of fire, whitish in color, like a mercury light, he said, that was moving across the sky in an easterly direction. It was about 30 degrees above the horizon, and because he could not tell how far away it was he couldn't guess it's size and speed.

"My wife also saw it," Burgner stated in verification of his report. "In fact, she let out a cry when she looked up and saw it. I looked up about the same time and there it was, moving across the sky."

The strange light was seen between two trees north of the Burgner house and because it became hidden by one of the trees as it moved across the sky. The Burgners were unable to watch it for more than a few seconds.

Friends visiting the Burgners that evening missed the spectacle because they were sitting with their backs to the brilliant light. Burgner would not swear that it was a flying saucer, but thinks it must have been because it tallied with the descriptions he has seen in newspapers by others who have seen the unexplained lights moving in irregular patterns across the sky.

Although the Tribune has had no other reports of flying saucers this week, it may be assumed that others who may have seen the light described by Burgner have kept the information to themselves.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal - 17 Sep 52

Flying Dining Table Reported

WICHITA, Kas., Sept. 16 -- Not just a flying saucer, but a whole "dining room table" was reported seen last night by two airmen at the Wichita Air Force base.

Sgt. Carlyle McLendon, 39, and Staff Sgt. William Muse, 25, saw the object at 8:15 p.m. (CST) as they were driving five miles south of Douglas, Kas.

They said it was oblong in shape, "resembling an old-fashioned dining room table," about 30 or 40 feet long and 20 feet wide. It was about 100 feet off the ground and about 200 feet from them, traveling parallel with their car at about 20 miles an hour.

The airmen could see portholes and lights shining through. Orange-colored flames and sparks were emitted from the rear of the wingless craft, but there was no noise.

When the airmen stopped their car, the object turned in front of them and was "out of sight in a split second."

Phoenix, Arizona Republic - 17 Sep 52

Saucer? Seen Near Russ Base

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Sept 16 -- Lt. Cmdr. Schmidt Jensen said Tuesday that he and crew members of the Danish destroyer Willemoes spotted a "flying body traveling at terrific speed" over the southern end of the Baltic Sea 50 miles from a Russian guided missile base.

The Willemoes, participating in Operation Mainbrace, was north of the island of Bornholm when the object was sighted. Jensen, second in command of the destroyer, said the object came out of the south and disappeared to the north.

Jensen said the body flew silently at a very high altitude and was followed by three glowing streams of red and white. The Danish officer said he was sure it was not a shooting star but added:

"I'm sorry I cannot give any acceptable explanation."

The area where the object was sighted is about 50 miles northeast of the German island of Ruegen where the Russians are reported to be using German wartime proving grounds for rockets and guided missiles.

Newswire Report Agence France Presse - 17 Sep 52

BLIDA, Italy, Sept. 17 -- About 1930, local time, Sept. 16, reputable citizens saw in the sky over a Blida a "squadron" of flying saucers, which first flew in an arc formation and later in Indian file. The "squadron" resumed its arc formation four times before it disappeared in a northerly direction.

Cumberland, Maryland Times - 18 Sep 52

'Saucer' Reported Flying Over City

Five residents of the Cumberland area last night said they saw a flying saucer over the city. The reports were received almost simultaneously at the Times and Alleganian switchboard as the object whirled over the city and disappeared in a northerly direction.

All of the observers generally agreed that the luminous object, ranged in size from a saucer to a dinner plate, flew across Wills Mountain.

The object seemed to spin very rapidly and at the same time whirled in circles in its northerly flight. Observers from Mann's Terrace Piedmont Avenue, Bedford Street, Winchester Road and Valley Road all gave similar descriptions of the phenomenon.

Cumberland, Maryland Times - 19 Sep 52

Report Refutes Explanation Of Flying Saucer

A Bowman's Addition resident today took issue with an explanation yesterday of alleged "flying saucers" seen in this area Wednesday night.

Gilbert Kerns claims that an object moving in circles was seen in the Bowman's Addition section at 9:30 p.m. going toward Bedford by a number of residents.

Kerns said the object could not have been a light from a Baltimore and Ohio train as reported yesterday by Aaron J. Ruppert, 312 Furnace Street. First report on the Wednesday "saucers" was that they were seen here about 8:50 p.m.

Portsmouth, Ohio Times - 19 Sep 52

Minego's Sport Gossip
By Pete Minego

If we hadn't known for years that Ed Bodmer of Careys Run is a gentleman of veracity we would have tossed his letter into our capacious wastebasket. But Ed always has stuck to the truth and is abstemious. He said he was sitting on his porch facing east and saw a flying saucer. He said it looked to be about 3 inches in circumference and was as bright as a shaft of lightning. He reported that in a couple of seconds it dipped behind the hills overlooking South Portsmouth. So flying saucers must step on it. Ed avers with all the solemnity that a Carey's Run resident can summon that it was one of them goldern flying saucers without its cup.

Traverse City, Michigan Record-Eagle - 19 Sep 52

The Observer

Well, here they are -- flying saucers over Traverse City.

City Clerk Clarence Anderson is one of the soundest, sanest gentlemen we know. He can't be stampeded and he doesn't drink. He considers everything carefully and studiously before giving an opinion. We would rely one hundred per cent on any statement he might make.

And it was Clarence who saw them.

Last Saturday night Clarence was fishing near his cottage on Silver lake. Suddenly he saw a pinpoint of red light in the east and then, a few seconds later, a series of blue horizontal lights passing over Traverse City to the northeast. They were going too fast even for jet planes, and there was no noise of planes audible at the time.

There you have it -- flying saucers. No less.

As soon as Clarence very reluctantly recounted what he saw, we immediately went over to his side.

We believe fully and implicitly in flying saucers, and it's going to be a very unhappy day for us, indeed, when somebody proves beyond doubt that there is no such thing.

We want bigger and better flying saucers.

Night after night we stand out in the yard watching the heavens, hoping we can see something that can be interpreted as a flying saucer. We haven't seen anything yet that we could positively identify as one, but we've had some near misses.

Our worst scare came one night when we were looking at the stars and caught a flash of light from the corner of our eye very close to the ground. The thing was flying right into the yard beneath the trellis. It turned out to be a lightning bug, but for an instant we expected to be captured by a lot of funny looking men, shoved inside a flying saucer and spirited away to Mars.

Unfortunately, we weren't looking at the stars Saturday night, when Clarence saw his saucers.

There must be other people around the region who have seen these gimmicks racing across the sky and, if there are, we'd like to hear about it.

If anybody else but Clarence Anderson had reported them we wouldn't have believed it, as much as we would like to. But when Clarence says anything, it's the gospel, as far as we're concerned.

We are fully convinced that he saw something and that the something was a flying saucer.

Alton, Illinois Evening Telegraph - 19 Sep 52

More Persons in Area See Odd Light in Sky

The East Alton woman who reported the strange "light" in the eastern sky which she has observed between 10:30 and 11:30 nightly for the last month has found out that others have seen it and have been equally baffled.

Mrs. Elbert Newell, 144 Illinois Ave, East Alton, informed the Telegraph today that, since publication of her observation in Wednesday's Telegraph, she has received 23 telephone calls, all from people who informed her they have seen the mysterious "thing" in the sky, too.

Mrs. Newell says she isn't one to believe it's a flying saucer or anything like that but since it has appeared and is so much unlike any known phenomena (such as an unchartered [sic] star) that her curiosity and interest has been greatly aroused.

Of all the people who called, none could offer a guess as to the nature of the "light" but all agreed it was no star. They gave Mrs. Newell their names and addresses. She listed her callers according to location and came up with two in Roxana, four Wood River, six East Alton, one Cottage Hills, three Hartford, one Bethalto, one Lincoln Addition, one Upper Alton, three North Alton, one Godfrey.

The mysterious luminous sky object put in its appearance again Wednesday night about 10:45, Mrs. Newell said. She said it came up above the horizon and was "weaving back and forth" and was "like a balloon".

(One theory that it might be an advertising dirigible over St. Louis has been counted out).

A letter to the editor of the Telegraph, signed "Webb Buckley, Box 121, Alton" asserts the mysterious light is a reflection of army searchlights. These searchlights, the letter relates, can be seen hundreds of miles. The light is reflected from the "heaviside" [sic] layer high above the earth, the letter continues, and the stem of the beam may not be seen at all. The "spot" of the light may be seen reflected on frozen vapor while the stem is not visible, the writer asserts.

Great Bend, Kansas Daily Tribune - 19 Sep 52

Town Talk

Two more eyewitnesses of the flying saucer, meteor or whatever it may have been that was seen coursing through the skies Monday night have now reported. They are Mrs. C.J. Tomnitz, 1615 Adams, and her son, Allen, who were driving two miles north of Dartmouth Monday at about 8:30 p.m. when they saw the object in the sky. It was traveling east and they thought at first it was an airplane, but it was going too fast for that, Mrs. Tomnitz said. It finally disappeared in the east.

Lawrence, Massachusetts Eagle - 20 Sep 52

"Flying Saucer" Seen Over City
Two Young Men Make Startling Discovering [sic] -- Notify Air Force

A "Flying Saucer," the aerial phenomena which has authorities baffled in their attempt to determine its identity and makeup, was observed by two youths in the Concord street area shortly before 1:30 a.m. today.

The young men, Raymond Sharkey, 20 Birchwood road, Methuen, and Robert Sullivan, 61 Arlington street, hurriedly advised authorities at the Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee of their observation.

Sullivan said that the "saucer," which he described as elliptical in shape, made no noise in its flight which appeared to be sideways. "In fact," he said, "it looked like a little white cloud and was flying at a terrific rate of speed.

"It was flying very high and we were able to observe it for about ten seconds before it disappeared from our view over one of the tall buildings. It was heading north.

"We just can't believe it. I was skeptical once, and thought it was a reflection people saw but I've changed my mind now," Sullivan declared.

Tucson, Arizona Daily Citizen - 20 Sep 52

Montana Sees 'White Object' Streak Sky

HELENA, Mont. -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation, highway patrol and police officers investigated today a strange white object which streaked across Montana's sky for about 100 miles.

The strange object appeared late last night, and the law enforcement officials traced it from Bozeman to this city; it was also sighted over two other Montana cities, Boulder and Butte.

Highway patrol officer Jess Fryett reported seeing it about 10 p.m. over Bozeman and it was sighted an hour and a half later over Helena.

Officials of the Civil Aeronautics Administration said there was no plane in the sky that could have been mistaken for the white object.

CAA officials said an FBI man from Bozeman followed the object after it was first sighted. They did not say what it looked like, except that it was described us a white light.

Officers of the Helena police said it did not look like their conception of a "flying saucer."

Only recently orange lights were sighted in Montana skies and many people thought they were a recurrence of aerial phenomena that appeared in the southwest last year.

Harstad, Norway Harstad Tidende - 20 Sep 52

Unidentified Object Over Norwegian Town

On 18 September, at 1400 hours, three forestry workers who were working right outside Kirkenes noticed a flat, round object hovering motionless at about 500 meters altitude. The object appeared to have a diameter of 15-20 meters. After the workers had observed the object for a while, it suddenly flew away at great speed in a northwesterly direction.

It appears that only these three workers saw the object; they swear, however, that their report is true.

Sydney, Australia Sunday Herald - 21 Sep 52

Ten R.A.F. Men See "Flying Saucer" In NATO Exercise

LONDON, Sept. 20 -- Ten R.A.F. men saw a "flying-saucer" enter part of the NATO manoeuvres in Yorkshire to-day.

The Royal Air Force station at Topcliffe, Yorkshire, reported to Exercise Headquarters to-day that at least 10 officers and crew of a Shackleton aircraft saw a silver object, circular in shape, appear five miles behind a Meteor fighter flying at 15,000 feet. The object maintained a slow forward speed before descending with a swinging pendulum motion.

When the Meteor turned back towards base the object appealed to follow.

It then began a rotary motion about its own axis, suddenly accelerated at incredible speed in a westerly direction, but later turned to a south-easterly course.

R.A.F. officers and men who saw it said its movements were not identifiable with anything they had seen in the air.

The acceleration was greater than that of a shooting star, they said. The incident lasted from 15 to 20 seconds.


An R.A.F. spokesman would not say whether the report is being regarded seriously or not. "Reports are being investigated," he said.

Some observers of the incident believe the object might have been a parachute or cowling from the Meteor aircraft, but none is reported to have landed in the vicinity.

Brownwood, Texas Bulletin - 21 Sep 52

Formation Of 8 Glowing Objects Sighted By Couple At Drive-In

Flying saucer fever hit Brownwood again Saturday night as Mr. and Mrs. John Hopper, 408 West Anderson, reported seeing a formation of about eight glowing objects while they were attending the movie at Camp Bowie Drive-In.

Mrs. Hopper who spotted the objects first called her husband's attention to the phenomenon.

Mrs. Hopper said she first saw the objects about 10 p.m. and observed them three times between 10 and 10:15. She described them as having a yellow glow.

Mrs. Hopper said she hoped other people at the drive-in theater saw them too and would phone the Bulletin so people wouldn't think she and her husband were "crazy."

"If I hadn't really seen them, I sure wouldn't be calling you," Mrs. Hopper said.

Clovis, New Mexico News Journal - 21 Sep 52

Flying Dishes Lack Mustard

HOBBS -- If flying saucers are real, W.W. Hamilton of Hobbs reports he's seen something to serve on them.

Overhead Friday night, Hamilton says, he saw what "looked like a revolving wiener."

It was a hundred or more feet long and rotated on a central axis, moving across the sky rapidly, he reported.

But no mustard.

Arlington, Virginia Daily - 22 Sep 52

'Bright Objects' Are Reported Over Fairfax

Mysterious objects in Fairfax skies were observed for three hours last night by Fairfax police officers and a woman near Centreville.

"It beats anything I ever saw," said Pvt. Julian Burke. "l don't know what they were. It wasn't my imagination because other officers saw them and we were all dead sober."

The "flying saucers" were reported by Mrs. F.L. Hazelwood, who lives on Route 645, about one mile South of Centreville. Pvt. Burke, investigating the report, said he watched the objects from Mrs. Hazelwood's house for an hour.

He said he saw four at one time. He described them as round, orange-colored objects, about as big as a three-gallon bucket. He said it was very foggy and the objects appeared to be darting in and out of clouds.

He said when he first arrived at the Centreville home the objects were closest and appeared to be about 2,000 feet away. In his description, the officer said the balls would appear first as a small light and then get big as they seemed to get closer. They disappeared in the same way, he said.

When the objects would disappear from sight, he said, they still made a white light for a while like a car light shining through the fog, except that they were "very bright."

He said Sgt. John Wahl also came out to investigate after he radioed back his observations. Burke said he and Wahl watched the objects together for about 20 minutes.

They returned to the police station about 2 a.m. There, he said, they saw another similar object. This time it also was watched by Pvt. Marvin Harrel, desk officer on duty at the time, and two other officers on the night shift, Pvts. Dunn and Lloyd.

Meanwhile, police had notified the control tower at National Airport of the objects shortly after 1 a.m. The tower reported that they could not pick up anything on the radar scopes, nor could they see anything. A Civil Aeronautics spokesman said an American Airline flight passed over Springfield in Fairfax County about the time the "saucers" were reported but the plane couldn't make the type light described.

The Naval Observatory in Washington this morning said it had no reports of any unusual lights in the sky last night. A spokesman said a meteor would probably be an orange color but that meteors can be seen only for a few seconds and wouldn't act like those described by police.

Burke said the object seen at the police station disappeared in the direction of Washington. After the last one had disappeared police reported the objects to the Department of Defense on instructions from the airport control tower.

Mrs. Hazelwood says the saucer had a strange smell that made her husband think something was cooking in the backyard.

West Palm Beach, Florida Times - 22 Sep 52

Scientists See Flying "Object" In Everglades

An object which became too animated to be the harvest moon it at first was believed to be became the focal point of several Everglades Experiment Station officials and their wives early today.

When sighted by one of the women about 4:20 am in the southeast sky, it was at first thought to be a "very bright harvest moon."

However, this person realized quickly that it was too bright, and also much out of place in the sky at that time of morning to be a "harvest moon."

It was about this time the viewer realized it was a round object, with blinking lights around its lower part.

Although there was a ground haze in the area, the person reported the lights flashed red, green and amber, blinking alternately.

The sphere moved up and down and from side to side, remaining in the southeast throughout, and being watched about 25 minutes before disappearing in the same direction. A few minutes after its disappearance, it reappeared again, but not as near, one observer saying it "looked four or five times larger than a star."

However, at the distance, the lights, still blinking alternately appeared red, green and white, the amber missing and the white an addition.

It moved from side to side, also up and down, staying in its southeast position about 15 minutes before finally disappearing for good. Five persons in all witnessed the "flying object," the others being called by the first to observe it, but none was informed of what was seen in the sky.

The group is well known at the Station, located on Six Mile Rd., three miles from Belle Glade. None wished use of his name.

Yuma, Arizona Daily Sun - 22 Sep 52

Reports Seeing Flying Saucers Over Yuma Today

Mrs. J.T. Crowe of Winterhaven reported sighting three "flying saucers" flying above Yuma early today, traveling from north to south at terrific speed.

Mrs. Crowe said she and her husband, together with Mrs. Martie Peterek and Rev. and Mrs. David were standing beside a car parked on Madison avenue at 12:10 a.m. when they saw the "saucers". She said the objects looked like oyster shells outlined in white and surrounded by flames. They were directly overhead and flying rather low. There was no sound, she said.

Casablanca, Morocco Maroc-Presse - 22 Sep 52

Thousands Witness Saucer Over Morocco And Tangier

On 21 September 1952, at about 1820 hours, an unusual object, possibly a saucer, flew at great speed over Casablanca. Shortly afterwards, about 15 telephone calls were received from local residents, and our Tangier correspondent called to say that he had seen the object going from east to west at 1815 hours (about 2-5 minutes before it flew over Casablanca!). Also, two observers in the Nefifik River valley were able to time the passage of the object with a chronometer; it was then 1817 hours, and the object was coming from the direction of Rabat, traveling from east to west.

Some of the reports gave the following details about the object: luminous, cigar-shaped, and giving off a silvery smoke trail; a luminous, whitish-green globe ending in a long cone and flying about 700 feet up, the same as a plane which flew by at the same time (outside of Casablanca); and a flaming, globe-shaped mass trailing white smoke in puffs, as though puff followed an explosion -- the object stopped short for a moment and revolved on itself, emitting a shower of sparks about its cone.

About 6,000 spectators at a boxing match in Casablanca saw the object pass over the arena. In Louis Gentil, numerous persons saw it at 1818 hours flying from east to west. In Marrakech, it made its appearance for 5 seconds at 1830 hours, when it was clearly seen by three persons who described it as a meteor, again traveling from east to west.

Yorkshire, England The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - 23 Sept 52

Smoke Ring
Flying Saucer went like this, says R.A.F. officer

The movements of the flying saucer reported in yesterday's Yorkshire Post to have been seen on Friday near Topcliffe Aerodrome are traced in this diagram, which is based on information of Flight-Lieut. John William Kilburn, of Thornhill, Cumberland, one of the R.A.F. officers who have reported the object. Last night, an R.A.F. officer at Topcliffe told The Yorkshire Post that a civilian living in Alne, near Easingwold, had written to the Adjutant reporting that he, too, had seen the flying saucer.

Sydney, Australia Morning Herald - 23 Sep 52

R.A.F. Sift "Saucer" Reports

LONDON, Sept. 22 -- R.A.F. experts are studying reports from 10 experienced officers and men who reported seeing a "flying saucer" over a Yorkshire airfield on Saturday...

A "flying saucer" was also reported to have flown over Gothenburg, west Sweden, on Friday night.

Two men said they saw a noiseless, brightly shining object with a phosphorescent tail moving at great speed across the sky at about 6,500 feet.

In central Sweden on September 13, a former Air Force flier, Mr. Ture Innala, reported that he had seen a "snowplough-shaped cloud with smoke bubbling from its tail" streak across the sky at colossal speed.

He said it dropped a "blue-green shimmering plate, which changed course and disappeared equally as fast in the opposite direction."

His wife also saw the object.

Casablanca, Morocco Maroc-Presse - 23 Sep 52

Pilot Gets Close View Of Saucer For Brief Interval

The pilot of a tourist plane reports that on 21 September 1952, he flew for 10 seconds and about 50 meters in the same direction as the flying saucer so widely observed that day. This former military pilot, whose name is Creze, answered specific questions put to him and gave the following information:

As he was preparing to land at an airfield in Casablanca, at 1825 hours, he noticed the strange object about 30 meters to the left of his plane (a ground mechanic later verified this, as he saw a luminous object fly between himself and the plane). It was flying horizontally from east to west, along the same line of flight as that maintained by Creze. The latter was doing 220 kilometers an hour at the time, at an altitude of 450 meters, and the object was going about twice as fast. He motioned to his passenger, who saw it too. It looked like a bright blue-green flame and had an oblong cigar-like shape. He heard no noise coming from it. After it passed the plane, it disappeared in the direction of the sea. The pilot did not attempt to pursue it, fearing the same fate as that of the US pilot Captain Mantell.

That same evening, in Azemmour, French Morocco, a French couple and their farm workers heard a loud explosion as the strange flying object passed by. This is the first report we have of any sound heard from such objects. Other reports were received from Fes, Meknes, and Safi, where in each case the sighting was said to have occurred at 1820 hours.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Journal - 24 Sep 52

College Dean Reports Seeing Flying Disk

GREENSBORO, N. C., Sept. 23 -- The associate dean of the University of North Carolina's women's college today reported that he and his wife saw a silvery disk.

Dr. Franklin McNutt, who resides 10 miles east of Greensboro, said he saw "something", and called his wife, who also saw the object. The silvery object hovered for a moment and then sped north, vanishing in seconds.

The local weather station reported that it could not have been a balloon as the wind was from the north.

Huron, South Dakota Huronite and The Daily Plainsmen - 26 Sep 52

Flying Saucers Seen By Eight At Mobridge

MOBRIDGE -- It took a long time for the flying saucers to get over Mobridge.

But one of them did Tuesday and it stuck around long enough for eight persons to get together and compare notes.

The "saucer" hovered for seven minutes high in the sky southeast of the Bridge City, the observers said.

And when it decided to move on, they reported, it did so "faster than a jet plane," disappearing to the southeast in four or five seconds.

The object's speed convinced the eight, all employes at the Milwaukee Railroad roundhouse, that it was no balloon, mirage, or anything like they had ever seen before.

It was estimated the "thing" was 5,000 to 10,000 feet high. The witnesses said it hung perfectly still directly under the sun, reflecting the sun's rays brightly at times and with little or no reflection a moment later.

They hesitated to estimate the size, but agreed that "it was bigger than an airplane."

Hope, Arkansas Star - 26 Sep 52

Many See Saucers -- Magnolia Sees Stars

MAGNOLIA -- Columbia county folks are looking skyward these nights -- but not for flying saucers. Flying saucers are for everybody -- but Columbia County has a "dancing star."

At least a dozen citizens of Magnolia and nearby Brister community reported seeing the oddly-acting star several times in the night sky just below and a little to the left of the big dipper.

Dean E.E. Graham of Southern State College said the star acted as though "it was trying to get settled in one spot in the sky, or else trying to get loose of something holding it." He said "it was like a kite wiggling on the end of a string."

Mrs. Graham and the couple's daughter, Dona, saw it, too. So did J.N. Williams, manager of the Ark-La Cotton Oil Co. Williams said the star "moved up and down and sidewise," He also said he didn't believe it was a so-called "flying saucer."

Graham said he had seen nothing like it in his 30 years as a weather observer. He said there was no chance of hallucination or imagination.

"I don't know if we are supposed to have a dancing star in the firmanent [sic]," Graham said. "But the situation was real and the star definitely moved."

Buffalo, New York Courier-Express - 27 Sep 52

Jet Plane Scares Off Flying Objects

Poughkeepsie, Sept 26 -- Civil Defense observers today reported seeing six colorful flying objects that disappeared when a jet plane arrived on the scene to investigate.

Mrs. Arthur D. Benson, supervisor of ground observers at Dover Plains, said ten ground observers saw the objects in the sky the night of September 11th near the Connecticut border.

She described the objects as "flashing on and off" -- a greenish color with red flash.

She said she called the civil defense information filter center at White Plains, which advised her to hold the line open to give a running report while a jet plane was sent to investigate.

Mrs. Benson said when the plane appeared the objects changed to a bluish color and disappeared.

The Herald, Gloversville, New York, 27 Sep 52

'Strange Object' In Skies Takes Half-Hour Peek At Camp Drum Installation

CAMP DRUM -- Who or what took an uninterrupted 30-minute peek at this Northern New York Military installation from the heavens?

Military authorities said yesterday an unidentified object zoomed through a half hour of weird aerial gyrations over this base last Monday.

The incident was classified as confidential military information until yesterday.

The object was described by camp officials as 20 feet in diameter with an exhaust tail of reddish orange sparks.

Eight soldiers who saw the object reported it sounded like the whine of a generator or rotating disks. Griffiss Air Base at Rome was notified of the incident immediately, officials stated.

The observers said the object hovered, circling rapidly, and occasionally stopped completely.

Noticed at Midnight

It was noticed by a soldier firing boilers about midnight. He notified the others who all claimed they saw it in a starless sky. A duty officer was among the witnesses.

Air Force officers from Griffiss Base questioned the men about characteristics of the object the next day.

The Air Force would not comment.

Middlesboro, Kentucky Daily News - 27 Sep 52

Flying Saucer Reported Sighted Near Barbourville

Mrs. [Illegible] Wagner of Middlesboro called the Daily News office excitedly yesterday afternoon to report she saw a "flying saucer" while driving toward Barbourville.

Mrs. Wagner said she and her daughter and son were driving to Barbourville yesterday when she saw this bright oval-like metal object in the sky and called to her daughter, Mrs. Madgeleen Carmony to look. They, together with her son, J.C. Wagner kept sight of the object for approximately two minutes when it disappeared "in the elements," she said.

"I'm sure it was no airplane because it was a round object bright and shiny," Mrs. Wagner said.

Tokyo, Japan Stars and Stripes - 27 Sep 52

Saucer 'Attack' Claimed
Italian Eludes Mystery Man's Ray Gun, Poisoned Cigaret

FLORENCE, Italy, Sept. 27 -- Perhaps the greatest flying saucer story of them all came out of central Italy today. It was told by a man who says he not only saw one for ten minutes from a distance of a few feet but that one of its "ray guns" took a shot at him and missed and that a mysterious man then tried to silence him with a poisoned cigaret [sic, throughout] because he had seen too much.

The cigaret didn't do the trick so the "full story" was published by the newspaper La Nazione of Florence -- a serious journal which said that, true or not, the story at least was interesting.

ON THE BASIS of the man's story, La Nazione printed an artist's reproduction of the disc -- a circular platform about 75 feet in diameter, five propellers along the rim of its bottom side and three others, helicopter fashion, sticking out of a glass blister on the top. Peering out of a porthole was a man of earthly variety.

La Nazione said it could not give the name of the man who had seen the disc on the night of July 24 "because of his justifiable fear of ridicule." But it said his first name was Carlo and gave other particulars to show Carlo was not an imaginary person. The paper said Carlo is known as a solid citizen by his parish priest.

Newswire Report Agence France Presse - 28 Sep 52

Stockholm, Sept 28. -- Luminous phenomenon seem to be multiplying nowadays in the Scandinavian skies. While Finland and Denmark each had their flying saucer last week, three people, including a policeman, saw a round, shining object very high over Goteborg last night. Twice the size of a star, it went to and fro in every direction, as if dancing to a jazz tune, according to the words of the main witness.

This went on for a good hour before the object disappeared, leaving behind it a trail of smoke and even some sparks. For a few minutes three small satellites were noted revolving around the main object.

Almost at the same time, a lady in Stockholm noticed a flying saucer.

A large evening newspaper of the Swedish capital published today on its front page the photograph (a trifle blurred, to be sure) of a phenomenon of the same sort, observed in the province of Dalecarlia on the night of Sept. 15/16. It will be agreed that the mysterious forces of the universe, at this moment when the report of the American experts dismisses the subject, have a sense of the apropos.

Logansport, Indiana Pharos Tribune - 29 Sep 52

Fiery Object Shoots Thru European Skies

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Reports poured in today that an object described variously as a fireball, a flying saucer or a flying cigar flew across Western Germany, Denmark and Southern Sweden Sunday night.

A high-ranking Swedish air force officer said the object was headed toward the Soviet Baltic coast when last sighted. He suggested it fired from a Baltic base.

First reports came from Germany, where dozens of citizens said they saw "a brightly shining round ball with a comet-like tail" over Hamburg and Kiel.

Then Copenhagen newspapers and the Danish State Radio reported hundreds of persons in Soenderboerg and Copenhagen had telephoned they saw a low-flying cigar-shaped object moving eastward without any engine noise being audible.

Finally, Col. Ingemar Nygren, commander of Sweden's Ljungbyhed air force base, said numerous persons reported seeing a "flying saucer" or "flying cigar" cross Scania, Sweden's southernmost province.

Newswire Report - 29 Sep 52

[The following is from a news clipping in the Project Blue Book files. Although the date is clearly noted the name of the newswire service is omitted.]

COPENHAGEN, Sept 30 -- Three Air Force officers from Karup Air Base in Jutland observed during the night of Sept. 26-27 a celestial phenomenon which they said was reminiscent of the well-known flying saucers. They observed a circular object with a tail, moving at high speed across the sky. They saw it for about 5 or 6 seconds.

While this phenomenon was seen by only a few witnesses, thousands of people on Sept. 28 all over the country saw a ball in the sky. It was observed not only in Denmark but on [sic] Sweden and Northern Germany as well. The eye-witnesses declared they had seen a luminous object which moved parallel to the earth at great speed, in an easterly direction. The phenomenon was observed for about 3 seconds.

Some are of the opinion that this was a flying saucer, others think it was in the shape of a cigar, and some said that it looked like two saucers on top of each other. Some state definitely that the phenomenon did not have a tail; however, most observers state that the object had a luminous tail.

Curiously enough, neither the military nor the astronomers have any knowledge of the phenomenon, but in view of the thousands of reports the astronomers do not doubt that the object in question was a meteor. However, those who saw the phenomenon are not satisfied with this explanation, stating that the object looked completely different than a meteor.

Burra, Australia Record - 30 Sep 52

Flying Saucer Seen By Two Local Residents

What is reported to have been a 'Flying Saucer' was seen on Saturday night at about 8.50 o'clock by Messrs P.J. Byrne and R.A. Bevan.

These two Burra residents were standing outside Mr Bevan's shop, when Mr Bevan drew Mr Byrne's young son's attention to an object which came in view from a North Easterly direction over the roof of the Fire Station. Mr Bevan stated he thought at first that the object was an aeroplane.

Mr Byrne stated that the object was moving much too fast for an aeroplane, al-though it appeared to have a white light at each end and was leaving a trail of vapor or smoke behind it. It travelled in a straight line at a tremendous speed and eventually disappeared from view over Brewery Hill.

The assumption that it might have been a meteor is out, because a meteor would have fallen towards the earth whereas the object seen by Messrs Bevan and Byrne kept at the one level.

Many people throughout the State report having seen a similar object in the sky at about the same time.

Columbus, Ohio Dispatch - Oct 52

[Note: The following is a clipping from the files of Project Blue Book. The clipping contained the notations "Oct 1952" and "Central Ohio", but gave no date or name of publication. The newspaper name given above was determined by the fact that it was the journalistic home of reporter Paul Gapp. The article's notation that the sighting occurred "Monday night" means that it was the 5th, 12th, 19th or 26th of October, 1952. The 12th was Columbus Day. Whether the fact that this was a holiday makes it more or less likely for a class to have been using the observatory's telescope is unknown.]

A Strange Object
Lighted Craft Sighted By Astronomy Class


A strange object bearing eight to 10 lights was observed soaring through the Central Ohio skies at Perkins Observatory Monday night.

Several astronomy students saw the phenomenon. They were members of a class led by Prof. Allen Hynek, assistant dean of the Ohio State University Graduate School and a member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Students at the observatory near Delaware gave this version of the sighting:

At 9:15 p.m., the craft was sighted in a south, south-westerly position. It moved rapidly at an "angular speed" of several degrees a minute.

Observers did not calculate the miles-per-hour speed, since the distance of the craft could not be estimated.

A five-inch telescope was trained on the object, which was then closely watched for several minutes.

It flew back and forth, alternating in a southeast to southwest course.

Some of the observers said the craft's movements were erratic. All agreed it traveled at high speed.

A trained astronomer told The Dispatch "it couldn't have been a balloon. It looked like some sort of aircraft with a lot of extra lights."

Most of the lights were yellow. All were steady.

OSU astronomers are interested in learning more about the sighting. They have asked the public to inform them of any known additional details.

Anyone having information on the sighting is requested to write, not telephone, the McMillin Observatory on the OSU campus.

Galveston, Texas Press Telegram - 1 Oct 52

Any Screwballs Call?

HOUSTON, Sept. 30 -- "Have any screwballs called you yet about seeing a flying saucer tonight," Don Guthrie asked the city desk of the Houston Post. "That's what I used to call 'em -- and neighbors saw one tonight. Only it looked more like a ball of fire than a saucer to us."

Abilene, Texas Reporter News - 1 Oct 52

Jet Pilots at Bryan See Flying Disks

BRYAN, Oct. 1 -- Two jet pilots on a training mission last Saturday reported a fast-moving unidentified flying object over Hempstead, Tex., Bryan Air Force Base Said yesterday.

The airmen were described by the base public information office as "unusually reliable" and that their report was turned over to Air Force Intelligence.

Lt. James Fahnauer, an instructor pilot, and Cadet Thomas Portunarvo, were flying at about 39,000 feet in a T-33 jet when they saw the object -- a "white disk" apparently flying about 6,700 miles an hour at an altitude they estimated at 55,000 feet. The report said the men made no attempt to investigate the object further.

Sydney, Australia Morning Herald - 1 Oct 52

"Cigar-like Flying Saucer" Seen in N.Z.

AUCKLAND, Tuesday (A.A.P.-Reuter) -- An Auckland couple claimed to-day that they had seen a "flying saucer" which was "an interplanetary conveyance of a type entirely unknown to us."

They said it was like a large cigar with six or eight greenish-blue lights along the side.

It flew south, disappearing in about six seconds.

The man said there was no sound other than a barely audible "whoosh."

The man would not give his name "because he might be ridiculed."

Alton, Illinois Evening Telegraph - 2 Oct 52

East Altonian Sees Silvery Object in Sky

EAST ALTON — After three days, Mrs. Pearl Sullivan of 200 Haller Ave., still is speculating whether anyone else observed the ing [sic] saucer which passed directly over her home, at tremendously high altitude, about 2:30 p.m. last Monday. She would like to hear whether anyone else observed the bright object.

Mrs. Sullivan said she had hung out some clothes in the yard when she chanced to glance upward and see a bright silvery object that apparently gave forth no sound.

"At first glance it looked like a shiny bit of ribbon," she said, "then, as it bobbed back and forth it appeared like the edge of a disc. I watched it float to what seemed a point straight above a yard a few doors away. Then I turned to call my son and daughter from the house. They failed to hear me, and when I looked again, I couldn't find the object."

Mrs. Sullivan said she was familiar with the sight of high flying planes, glistening in the sunlight as they passed over the Wood River area, but that the object observed Monday was entirely different.

Uniontown, Pennsylvania Evening Standard - 3 Oct 52

Flying Saucers Are Here Again

The flying saucers are here again, but this time they're on the day shift.

Merle Morgan, of 42 Derrick avenue, Uniontown, said he sighted unidentified objects moving across the sky above Smithfield at 7:30 this morning.

He said that he was at Collier when he saw the discs, moving, in a southerly direction.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," he said, "so I called lo the driver of the Collier bus. He saw them, too."

Morgan said that the larger round object was gray in color, seemingly a mile or two high and moving at a fairly fast rate of speed. He said it faded out at intervals, seeming to disappear behind clouds.

Following it was a smaller, black disc.

Galveston, Texas Daily News - 4 Oct 52

'Just Like Described'

GONZALES, Tex., Oct. 3 -- Five unidentified flying objects were reported seen Thursday night by some 50 persons in a ten-mile area.

James Leeah, an Abercrombie rancher, said he watched the objects through binoculars for five minutes along with wife and brother, Joe, and Joe's wife.

Leeah said they resembled "flying saucers" and looked "just like they'd been described."

Miami, Florida News - 5 Oct 52

High School Students Join 'Saucer Spotters'

Ocala, Oct. 4 -- Seven high school students were members of the "flying saucer" spotters club today after they reported seeing a bright saucer-shaped object in the sky.

The boys told yesterday of seeing the "bright, yellowish light -- bright as the light from a flashbulb." They said it was a saucer-like object and "you couldn't look at it long without closing your eyes."

Fred Blair, a high school senior, said he and six other youths watched the object Thursday night. They said it moved from side to side and back and forth almost continuously and turned a bright red in color. After several minutes, they said, the "saucer" speeded off to the southwest.

Long Beach, California Press Telegram - 5 Oct 52

Not Saucers, But Carrots

Flying saucers are passe. Now they're flying carrots.

D.L. Bellot of 3701 Vermont St. and his son, Lee, 14, reported that Saturday at 5:24 p.m. they spotted in the west-southwest portion of the sky a luminous object they described as carrot shaped.

The pair said they observed the object for two minutes and then saw it fade away in a matter of only five seconds.

Newswire Report Reuters - 7 Oct 52

NICE, Oct. 7 -- Airport worker Jacques Fonesca today reported he saw a "flying cigar" streaking over Nice from the Mediterranean yesterday. Pilots of an airliner also saw the object. It was traveling at "incredible speed" at about 20,000 feet.

Syracuse, New York Post-Standard - 7 Oct 52

Morning's Mail

More Saucers Flying Around

To the Editor of The Post-Standard:

Chamber of Commerce President of Chateaugay, Mr. Gerald Rushford, says he isn't kidding about the "flying saucer" he and several of his neighbors saw from their Churubusco homes last Friday night, Sept. 26. The report of object in the sky northwest from 'Busco' coincided with the report that a similar observation was made from Camp Drum earlier that week. Mr. Rushford stated that the "saucer" moved erratically, first up and down, clearly visible for several minutes. The Camp Drum report described the object as being 20 feet in diameter with an exhaust tail of reddish, orange sparks.

I shall check with residents on that street immediately and send in a complete report next week with names of people who watched the "saucer."


Newswire Report Reuters - 7 Oct 52

Nice, Oct. 7 -- Mrs. Charles Govern, 76, of (Orchard Farm) Greenwich, Connecticut was among several persons who today reported having seen a "flying cigar" over the south of France yesterday.

Air France pilot Francis Cavasse, who first reported sighting the cigar, described it s as "a luminous cigar-shaped object, bigger than any transport aircraft and quite different than a meteor, moving in a straight line at some 1,200 to 2,000 miles an hour."

Mrs. Govern, who is on vacation at the Riviera resort of Beaulieu-sur-merchant, phoned a Nice newspaper to say she saw the "cigar" while waiting at the Nice Airport for her son, Morton Govern, who was flying from Paris on the DC-4 piloted by Cavasse. Her description of the object tallied with that given by the airman and his company-pilot Michael Clement.

Unknown Publication, - Unknown Date

[The following translation was found in the same Blue Book files as the two newswire stories directly above. The original article was written in German, however there is no publication date or name included.]

Ghost Plane Experienced Pilots Say: No Meteor
Cigar Shape - Blueish-White Smoke Trail

Nice, 7 Oct. -- According to UP two experienced pilots of Air France report that they encountered over Draguignan, Department. Var at 7:28 PM central European Time, a cigar-shaped flying machine that could not have been anything else but a flying saucer. The pilots reported this Monday night upon landing at the airport of Nice.

The object was said to have crossed in front of the airliner, about one and a quarter miles distant and with a speed three times that of a jet plane. It was luminous and left a smoke-trail, blueish-white, twenty times its own length.

The pilots followed the path of the object for thirty seconds. Then it disappeared.

The witnesses expressed the opinion that they saw a controlled flying craft and not a meteor.

Fitchburg, Massachusetts Sentinel - 10 Oct 52

Report Flying Saucers Seen At Gardner

GARDNER, Oct. 10 -- Scores of Gardner residents will testify today that they saw flying saucers last night for nearly an hour between 7 and 8 elliptical circles of light raced over low hanging clouds on the eastern horizon as though they were motor cars racing around a huge track. About 7:30 the standard green and red lights of an airplane were seen plodding steadily along the same course at a speed osteoarthritis about 1/10th of the saucers, if saucers they were.

The appearance of the plane led many to believe that the craft was trying to track down the saucers as Air Force officials say their planes have tried in the past. If the plane were trying, it never caught up with the saucers. One Woodland avenue resident who saw the lights while enroute to the home of a neighbor was so upset that she ran back to her home, putting her call of until another evening.

Nashua, New Hampshire Telegraph - 11 Oct 52

Strange Objects Seen Over Nashua Picked Up by Radar

Radar and observers of the US Air Force Filter Center in Manchester have picked up unidentified objects in the sky to the southeast of Nashua according to Major Harold J. Hurlbert .

LAST NIGHT four more flying objects were seen in the southeast and in the west around 7 pm.

Reports from the US Air Force filter center in Manchester indicated that three unidentified objects were seen around 8 pm in this area; and between 8 and 9 pm radar picked up "blips" in the southeast quarter from Nashua. Major Harold J. Hurlbert of the filter center said he didn't know what the objects were. "They could have been planes, I guess", the major said, "but we don't know for sure."

A HUDSON observer, James Bradley and numerous neighbors around Central st, Hudson, also saw the flying lights. Bradley said he saw four objects flying in V-formation in an arc across the southeast sky at 7:15. When they flew back past his observation point there were three and the next time only two. Finally, on the last swing around one remained until a plane flew by.

Then the object left in a hurry. Bradley watched the object in the sky through an eight power telescope until 7:40 when the plane appeared.

A Pelham. man, Roger G. Field also reported seeing the circular lights in the air. He judged them to be 30 miles away and rather large. He saw them from his home a half mile from Mammoth rd, Pelham.

ONE MAN reported seeing the lights moving in a counterclockwise direction in the west shortly after 7 pm.

The local airports reported that they do not have searchlights but only red obstruction beacons and a flashing marker beacon.

THE LIGHTS were said to be between one and two miles up and moving considerably faster than a jet plane.

There seems to be no-question that something has been seen in the vicinity that has not been identified; but the question remains -- "what are these objects [sic, no close quote or punctuation]

Hartford, Connecticut Courant - October 14, 1952

Reports Of 'Saucers' Alert Air Force On East Coast

WESTFIELD, Mass., Oct. 14 -- Reports of flying saucers set the Air Force on the alert along the East Coast tonight. Two flying objects, believed to be saucers, were reported by ground and flying personnel of the 131st Fighter-Interceptor Sqdn. of the Mass. Air National Guard, in night flight training at Barnes Airport here.

According to pilots, the saucers, red in color, were at altitudes between 2,000 and 9,000 feet and traveling in a southwesterly direction at great speeds. Puffs of fiery smoke from what appeared to be their exhausts led to conjecture that they were jet-propelled. Ground personnel said the objects were bluish white.

Reports of the observations were made to the Military Flight Service at Olmsted AFB, Middletown, Pa.

At about the same time, similar flights were reported by Otis AFB pilots over Worcester, Mass., and subsequent reports placed saucers near the Coast Guard stations at Stratmouth, Gloucester, and Rays Point while Idlewild Airport on Long Island is said to have picked them up on its radar screen.

Air Force officials at the New Haven filter center declined to comment on the reports Tuesday night, and referred inquiries to AF Intelligence headquarters at Roslyn AFB, L.I. No authoritative official was on duty at the time.

The Ground Observer Corps post atop West Hartford Town Hall said no saucers were sighted in the Hartford vicinity.

Long Beach, California Press Telegram - 14 Oct 52

Beach Combing With Malcolm Epley

... Rose Kissinger, from the ship Pacific Queen anchored in the harbor, writes that on Oct. 4 she and others aboard the craft saw a "flying saucer" over the Palos Verdes Hills. It made a right angle turn and went west...

Long Beach, California Press-Telegram - 15 Oct 52

by Hy Gardner

Latest flying saucer reported seen whisking over the Mexican military air force base outside of Mexico City.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tribune - 16 Oct 52

Tribune's School Page
Tyler School News Hits Fall Market With New Format

The first fall issue of the Tyler School News is in circulation this week...

Clippings from the first big issue appear below...

Sees Flying Saucer -- Walter Bates saw a flying saucer over the Grain Company September 12, 1952 at about 9:50. He saw it while playing baseball on the Tyler field...

Fitchburg, Massachusetts Sentinel - 17 Oct 52

Those Saucers Again

Flying saucers were spotted in the Fitchburg area last night and many calls reporting them were received at The Sentinel office today.

A Sentinel newsman also saw the "discs" in the southeastern sky, two in particular moving rapidly in a back-and-forth motion. Although the "discs" appeared to be self-motivated a close watch indicated they were the reflection on low clouds of an aerial beacon. As the light rotated it was reflected on different cloud levels giving the illusion of movement.

Newport, Rhode Island Daily News - 17 Oct 52

The Grist Mill

O.K., so flying saucers are a figment of the imagination. But a Daily News composing room employe saw one east of the city the other night about 7:30. An hour and a half later, two Bristol men reported they saw a similar object.

The Newporter described it as a bright orange disc, which hovered motionless and then zoomed out of sight. He ventured the guess it was a gaseous body of some sort, rather than a mechanical gadget. He said there had been so much talk about saucers that he was not unduly alarmed -- "as long as it stayed up there and didn't land here!"

Anderson, Indiana Herald - 17 Oct 52

Flying Saucer Travels Over Chesterfield

An avalanche of telephone calls was received in The Herald editorial department last night shortly after 9 o'clock from residents of the Chesterfield vicinity who reported seeing a "flying saucer" traveling in a southerly direction over the city.

Three of the persons who reported seeing the object flying directly over Main Street, said it was traveling it a high rate of speed and just above the tree tops. They also described the "saucer" as bigger than the Chesterfield School building, bluish gold in color, spinning very fast and soundless.

One person who called the Herald said the object headed toward Indianapolis and later returned at a much higher altitude. Another person described the object as having light spots on the side similar to windows.

Town Marshal Robert Laird, when contacted by The Herald, said he saw an object at a distance and it appeared to be traveling in a circle and at a high rate of speed. He also reported that several reports of the object had been received by him before he was able to witness the sight.

Weimar, Texas Mercury - 17 Oct 52

Light Seen Over Goliad Cemetery

Goliad. -- A queer light was seen hovering over a cemetery on the outskirts of Goliad by M.A. Smart, who said he called his wife and his next door neighbor. They watched the light for about 20 minutes before it disappeared. It lighted up the sky for miles around. It couldn't have been a flying saucer for it seemed too low, Mr. Smart said.

Gallup, New Mexico Independent - 17 Oct 52

Grants Personals

...Mrs. Al Montieth, coming home from Albuquerque, Tuesday, about [Illegible] p.m., reported she saw a cluster of four flying saucers which quickly disappeared. As she neared the overpass cast of town she saw a saucer directly over Grants. It was aluminum color, going southwest and looked like an inverted soup bowl, disappearing in two or three seconds, she said...

Omaha, Nebraska World Herald - 18 Oct 52

Arctic Navy Pilot Reports Seeing Strange Phenomena

Washington -- A Navy pilot, chasing a cosmic ray research balloon last August over Greenland, saw some strange "phenomena," the Navy said Friday.

Cautiously refraining from using the words "flying saucers" and noting that it had little data on the "phenomena," the Navy released the following statement: "About 5 p.m. on 29 August, an 85-foot-diameter balloon carrying a neutron counter from New York University started floating at 90 thousand feet, and had settled to 74 thousand feet when the parachute carrying the instruments was released by a timing device.

"As the parachute floated away from the balloon on its way down, the pilot of the Navy tracking plane observed three phenomena, which appeared to come out of the balloon and moved toward the sun in the opposite direction to the parachute. The phenomena were observed for about 30 seconds.

"The pilot was Lieut. John Callahan, Patrol Squadron 23 of the Thule (Greenland) detachment. When the parachute was released, the balloon would have an excess free lift and should move vertically at an increased speed which would cause turbulence in the air.

"This may have resulted in the reflection of sunlight and caused the apparent phenomena."

The Air Force last August advanced the theory that some of the "flying saucers" being reported at the time were reflections of light rays, or other radiations, against layers of air of different temperatures.

The Navy report from Greenland suggested that the apparitions Lieutenant Callahan saw were caused by similar reflections of light against the turbulent air.

Newswire Report Agence France Presse - 18 Oct 52

Oloron, October 18 -- A mysterious elongated, cigar-shaped object, which maneuvered at high altitude this afternoon over the town of Oloron, in the southwest of France, dropped threads of an unknown substance which could be gathered up, and will be analyzed.

According to the numerous persons who saw it, the machine followed an east-to-west path, leaving behind it thousands of multicolored circles quickly dissipating in the atmosphere. After a moment, it could be seen that the flying cigar was dropping a great quantity of fibres in its wake.

Logansport, Indiana Press - 19 Oct 52

Man Who Believed Saucer Stuff Silly Reports One Himself

"I'm one of those people who always said anyone who saw a flying saucer was silly" said Louis Vitello Saturday, "but I've changed my mind. Today I saw one, too."

The War II veteran, who lives at 1830½ E. Broadway, was in the business district, parked between Fourth and Third on Broadway at 2 p.m. when he sighted the "saucer".

He said the silver disc-shaped object, when he first glimpsed it, was moving' slowly, and suddenly shot forward with a speed that he didn't think a jet plane could equal. Headed east, it was high above the city, he said.

Newswire Report Agence France Press - 20 Oct 52

Oloron, October 20 -- Pupils of the Oloron High School who were at recreation, and their general superintendent, observed a cigar-shaped machine moving from east to west in the sky last Friday afternoon, between 1 and 3 p.m.

The superintendent, M. Prigent, and his students gathered up filaments, which they believed to be asbestos, after the passage of the objects. Since the school's physics teacher was unable to pronounce the true identity of the material, a match was put to it, and the fibre burned as rapidly as celluloid. Elsewhere, at the municipal stadium, the physical education teacher collected a handful of the fibres and put them in his portfolio. Some hours later, when he wished to take them out again, they had melted.

Conjecture is rife on the nature and provenance of these filaments. At first it was thought that the phenomenon was attributable to the maneuvering of object aircraft from the nearby airfield of Air-surrender-Adour. But at that base it was stated that no jet plane had flown over Oloron on that day.

The "flying cigar" was observed by a number of persons of the town and the region, in particular by hunters and the mayor of Geronce.

Newswire Report - 21 Oct 52

[Note: The following is a translation of a newswire report found in the files of Project Blue Book. It is most likely a translation of a report from Agence France Presse, but there is no notation of its source in the file.]

Mysterious aircraft made an appearance Tuesday (Oct. 21, 1952) in the sky of the Vosges. At about 7 p.m. local time a witness observed, above the village of Gremifontaine (Vosges), a luminous object shaped like a truncated cylinder, which was moving from west to east at a very high speed, leaving a trail of iridescent spangles.

At the same time, the residents of Frash-le-Chateau (Haute-Seone) saw a sort of luminous cigar crossing the sky from west to east at the speed of a meteor.

Newswire Report Agence France Press - 24 Oct 52

Innsbruck, Austria, October 23 -- Three "flying saucers" are said to have been seen in the lower Inn Valley by a peasant who observed three brilliant bodies moving slowly at a low altitude, remaining in sight about a dozen seconds.

This is the first time in three years that such objects have been reported in the sky of Austria.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Tribune - 25 Oct 52

'Sausages' Fly Over Farmington

FARMINGTON, Oct. 24 -- Flying "objects" are back in Farmington after being gone for more than two years.

This town was focal point of a "huge armada" of saucers that reportedly soared over in March, 1950. The latest objects, however, are not saucers but sausages. The first report was received today from three boys who said they saw a shiny cigar-shaped thing hovering in the sky over the town.

The boys were Larry, Jack and Alvin Vandongen. They said the tiling was in sight for about five minutes and that it headed south. A similar blimp shaped silvery object was reported by Mrs. Marvin Ellsbury and her adult son, Robert.

In 1950 one of several observers declared the objects watched by townspeople were really tiny bits of cotton floating in the air, but other observers did not agree with him.

Canberra, Australia Times - 25 Oct 52

One Little Man In A Flying Saucer

MILAN, Friday. A claim to have photographed a flying saucer and its pilot was made here by Gian Pietro Monguzzi, 29-year-old draughtsman.

He said that the saucer landed in a glacier of the Bernina group in the Italian Alps two months ago when he was climbing there with his wife.

He claimed that the "Flying saucer touched down for a few minutes and a figure of human shape wearing a sort of diving suit got out, walked round the saucer as if inspecting it. He then, re-entered the saucer and it took off without sound at breathtaking speed and disappeared in the direction of Switzerland.

Sydney, Australia Morning Herald - 27 Oct 52

Three S.A. Reports of 'Saucers'

ADELAIDE, Sunday. -- "Flying saucers" were reported last night in three places in South Australia.

The Government astronomer, Mr. Dodwell, said that the object was probably a large meteor.

Three persons travelling in a car near Freeling saw an object abut the size of a dinner plate travelling from south to north at terrific speed about 11 p.m.

The object changed colour from red to green and appeared to be spinning. It was visible for several seconds.


A Gilberton woman, Mrs. E.C. Rix, of Edwin Terrace, reported that she saw a ball of light above the St. Peters or Norwood district about 11.15 p.m. It was electric blue in colour and seemed to be travelling very slowly and at a low altitude.

A Camden man reported that a pale blue round object flew directly over him from south to north.

Winnipeg, Canada Free Press - 28 Oct 52

-- And I've Got A Sister In The Camel Corps

MONTREAL -- A man telephoned a Montreal newspaper today to report seeing five flying saucers at 7.45 a.m.

They were flat, shiny and travelling like jet planes but without sound.

They were up about 10,000 feet.

"Have you ever flown?" asked the reporter on the other end of the telephone.

"No, but I can judge height," came the reply. "I had a brother-in-law in the air force."

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Daily News - 29 Oct 52

4 Report Seeing "Flying Saucers"

S. Harold Fisher, Huntingdon County civil defense director, said today he had four phone calls last night from area persons who saw "flying saucers."

Only one of the callers identified himself, Fisher stated.

The strange object was described to Fisher as having "pretty bright lights" and travelling "fast." One person said half of the "saucer" was light, while the other half was dark.

Due to the cloudy sky, the "saucer" was visible for only a short period of time.

Fisher added that the air observation post at Juniata College did not report sighting any "flying saucers" during the night.

Wellington, New Zealand Evening Post - 29 Oct 52

This One Made A Noise

DUNEDIN, Today (PA) -- A "flying saucer" was seen over the suburbs of Dunedin yesterday morning, flying at a height of approximately 5000 to 6000 feet, according to a man who stated this morning that he and his wife watched it for 20 minutes.

The observer was Mr. J.P. Burke, an experienced pilot with eight years' flying to his credit, and a former club captain of the Otago Aero Club. He said he was awakened at 2.45am by a ringing metallic noise, very similar to that made by a jet engine with the throttle back. The next minute, as he was wakening his wife, he saw the "flying saucer" through his bedroom window. For fully two or three minutes it flew a straight and level course under 6000 feet, then it began a gradual climb, disappearing out of sight when it reached the cloud base, which he estimated to be at 10,000 feet.

The "flying saucer," he said, looked exactly like an inverted cymbol used by a dance-band drummer. It had a raised portion on the upper centre portion, and directly underneath was an oblong part. The whole machine, making a ringing noise, was covered with a greenish blue phosphorescent light, and was about the size of a Douglas Dakota aircraft.

Marseille, France Le Meridional - 29 Oct 52

"Flying Cylinder" surrounded by saucers above Gaillac

Albi. -- Big amazement in Gaillac, in the Tarn. The inhabitants of this city knowned for its vines, saw Monday aat 5 p.m., evolving in a blue sky without cloud, the strange objects absolutely comparable to those noticed last week in Oloron.

Alarm was given by Mrs. Dore, aged 64, residing road of Toulouse, in Gaillac. She was intrigued when she heard her hens quack in a strange way in the hen house. Thinking that some buzzard was circling above her farmyard and caused this fright, she looked up instinctively and discovered the phenomenon.

Her son tried to distinguish the objects, while Mr. Corbières and his wife ran by, and later, Mr. Corbières father, aged 63, neighbors of the Dore family. These people claim that they were probably flying saucers which passed on Gaillac in the direction from south to east. They whirled slowly, grouped by two, and scintillated in the sun. There were first of four of them, then a dozen.

In the middle of the saucers a kind of long flying cylinder appeared, whitish, which let escape a white plume of smoke. At the end of some twenty minutes, the phenomenon disappeared, while white wires resembling glass wool fell on the ground. Two hours after, many filaments of this matter were still hanging on electric wire and the branches of trees, but they became gelatinous and melted.

Again a flying saucer

Auckland -- A "flying saucer" has been seen, yesterday morning, above Nedin, in the suburb of Auckland in New Zealand, by Mr. J.P. Burke, aviator pilot for eight years.

Mr. Burke states to be awaked by a metallic noise rather similar to that which a jet plane does. Going to the window at once, he saw within approximately 1.800 meters an object which resembled a gigantic cymbal, about the size of a Dakota, which was surrounded by a blue gray gleam.

Mr. Burke estimates that the speed of this "saucer" was between 400 and 450 kilometers per hour.

Syracuse, New York Herald American - 2 Nov 52

Eerie Object Seen in Sky At Endicott

WEST ENDICOTT -- If you live the West Endicott area and haven't seen a strange object in the sky, you're in the minority.

People aren't calling the object they see a flying saucer, unless you count the ones who say it might be the edge of a saucer.

Most describe it as a silvery pencil-like object. It is reported to be in the sky at about dusk each day and more and more people are noticing it.

All give about the same description: It's a very thin, while wire-shaped object. The object is tilted at an angle of about 45 degrees.

It remained stationary then turned horizontal and scooted off. Although some say it leaves in a vapor trail, most agree that it just seems to fade away into the northeast.

For more than a week reports of the object, and most agree on its size, shape and disappearance, have come in.

Lowell, Massachusetts Sun - 4 Nov 52

Return Appearance

BOSTON, Nov. 4 -- They're back again -- those flying saucers. Residents of Revere, Mattapan and the Back Bay reported last night they saw two bright, circular objects in the sky, one circling the other. "I don't think they were merely searchlights on the clouds because you couldn't see the beams," one woman said. Another woman, Mrs. Maxine Clampi of Revere, said they resembled objects her children reported to her two weeks ago.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi American - 4 Nov 52

Stone Countians Tell Of Seeing Flying Saucer

WIGGINS, Miss. -- A mysterious illuminated flying object which traveled at twice the speed of a jet airplane and then hovered in one spot for several minutes before climbing up out of sight was observed here late last Wednesday afternoon by a number of Stone County residents.

One of the persons who witnessed the phenomenon was Forrest "Sonny" Holleman, a fire patrol pilot for Dantzer Lumber Co. who was returning from a patrol flight at dusk.

Holleman has been flying since 1939 and was a liaison pilot in World War II. However, the strange object was like nothing he has ever seen, he said when interviewed today.

"I didn't want to talk about it -- I thought perhaps I would mention it to some of the Civil Aeronautics officials," Holleman related.

He said he spotted the swiftly moving oblong object flying high and fast as he was heading back to the airport at Wiggins from the Nugent area, "There was no vapor trail but there was a bluish flame like the tail of a comet. It was going about twice the speed of a jet when I first saw it.

"It went toward Hattiesburg, then hovered in one spot for a long time. I clocked it and I saw it for a total of 18 minutes. After it hovered for several minutes it started climbing swiftly at about a 60-degree angle and went up out of sight," he said.

Holleman said he didn't believe what he was seeing and radioed the fire tower observer at the Dunlap tower. He said she replied that she could see the object, too, and that it appeared to be a big ball of fire.

"It was big and radiant," Holleman said. He talked to many people at Wiggins after he landed and found that the object had been observed by a number of people.

One housewife, he said, told him that at first she thought it was the moon and had remarked to her husband that the moon looked very strange.

There were a number of persons at the Cameron and Ward Sawmill who also observed the strange object, Holleman said.

Freeport, Illinois Journal Standard - 5 Nov 52

Flying Saucer (?) Seen Over Freeport

Mrs. John Stevens, 812 S. Liberty Ave., reported seeing a circular, silver object flying high above Freeport at 1:10 today.

Mrs. Stevens said she wouldn't go so far as to say that it was a flying saucer but she "has never seen anything like it before." It was round and silver and had a long trail of smoke behind it, she reports, and it was mlying [sic] in a southeasterly direction.

The object was also seen by her father, Frank Meier, and a neighbor, Mrs. George Carroll, 219 E. Pleasant, St.

Florence, South Carolina Morning News - 6 Nov 52

Flying Saucers Again; Report One Seen Here

A bright orange-red "flying saucer" was reported seen flying over Florence at 7:30 last night.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Hutchinson, 1120 Sherwood Drive, said an egg shaped object about six inches long fly over their home twice and was last seen heading south west.

"It looked like a huge star," Hutchinson said. "I first noticed it when I went out to my car. It was heading due west. I watched it until it went out of sight, then I went back in the house to get my briefcase.

"I stepped outside a few seconds later and I looked up to see it coming from a northerly direction. Later it turned toward the south west and disappeared."

Hutchinson estimated its speed to be about 100 mph at a height of half a mile. He said it made no noise and emitted no rays. A check by the Civil Aeronautics Administration indicated that the light probably came from a low flying jet returning to Shaw Air Force Base.

Akron, Ohio Register Tribune - 6 Nov

Might Possibly Have Been One Of Those Ike "Specials"

The first instance of a "flying saucer" in this immediate area came when Mrs. Emil Johnson and son, Roger, driving to their home, west of town one evening a couple of weeks ago, were very much startled to see a bright object flash across the road ahead of them just after they had reached the top of a hill and started south toward their home. The "thing" appeared as a flat object with a revolving motion, traveling rapidly from west to east and seemingly at not too great height. It passed out of sight so quickly they had no time to get a very good view of the eerie object. Roger has always been very skeptical of such phenomena -- but now he is not so sure the "flying saucer" is just a myth or a figure of someone's imagination. No other reports have been heard of whatever it may have been.

Lumberton, North Carolina Robesonian - 17 Nov 52

Reported Elsewhere
Luminous Object Is Spotted In Sky South Of Lumberton

A luminous object was spotted in the sky south of Lumberton yesterday afternoon at about 5:10 and almost immediately the Civil Aeronautics Administration reported that the CAA station in Florence was observing the same object through binoculars.

Dozens of persons saw the object and reported it without much excitement to both the CAA and The Robesonian. Most called it a "flying saucer" but described it as a tremendous glowing streak.

Jack Coffee compared its proportions to that of a fluorescent light tube. He said he had no estimate of its size or distance, but said that a plane appeared in what he and others thought to be the vicinity of the object as just a speck.

He said the plane came on northward without appearing to pay attention to the glow. Mr. Coffee and other observers watched the object for 10 minutes or more. Consensus is that it was travelling very slowly south and west, and that it disappeared all at once.

More than a dozen persons gathered at Bateman's Esso to watch; it was observed from near Allenton and from St. Pauls, Nichols, S.C., reported it overhead. Florence reported it to the west. A Sumter, S.C. newspaperman travelling toward Florence reported it appearing toward Dillon and Mullins.

John N. Ellis, aircraft communicator for the CAA for 11 years and a licensed pilot, said the object was "unlike anything I have ever seen."

Ellis said that, when he first saw the object, it was in the west at about 10,000 feet and that it slowly moved to the southwest before disappearing. He added that he watched it for six minutes which dispelled an early thought that it was a jet aircraft but lasted too long and moved too slowly, he said.

The CAA official described the object as glowing extremely brightly and likened its shape to a saucer tilted at an angle of about 30 degrees with a thin edge down and a heavier lip up. He said he heard no sound and saw no smoke.

Charleston, South Carolina News and Courier - 17 Nov 52

Unidentified Object Seen Near Nichols

NICHOLS, Nov. 16 -- Nichols Chief of Police H.E. Epps said that he had received between 25 and 30 phone calls late this afternoon and early tonight requesting information about an unidentified object which was seen in the sky west of Nichols between 4:30 and 5 p.m. today.

He said that, according to descriptions that he had been given of the object, it appeared to be silver in color or giving off a silver glow. It seemed to be whirling, and was described as being about twice as big as a house. It also seemed to be rising at an angle.

Florence, South Carolina Morning News - 17 Nov 52

Flying Saucer Seen by Dozens of Florence Residents
Veteran EAL Captain Verities Weird Sight

By Jack O'Dowd

An Eastern Air Lines flight Captain, one of the first two men to see Flying Saucers in 1947, saw one over Florence yesterday afternoon, as did dozens of other people.

The captain, his name withheld at his request, was with some 25 persons at the Florence Airport at 5:13 p.m. yesterday when "it" was sighted northwest of Florence. The captain said the craft was silver and one side had a hexagonal shape.

In giving his description, he said when the object was first sighted it appeared as a bright light; it passed the airfield tilted at a 30 degree angle and had the shape of sphere.

The side, he said, that could be seen by the group, looked like a saucer, but had six sides, or edges. Because of the 30-degree tilt, he assumed the visible side to be the top of the craft.

He said the object reflected a silver light and left a "stream" or "trail" that was unlike the "stream" left by jets flying at high altitudes.

The "stream" he described, and the one described by many of the 25 or more in the crowd, was more like a "heavy fantailed blast, some two miles long -- or would be two miles long at the height the object was flying. It was visible until it was 30 degrees above the horizon, which would have been 50 to 60 miles from here.

In answer to a direct question, the pilot said, "Yes, I do think there are flying saucers, and this was similar to the last one I saw. If many of our top pilots told you all they saw when they are flying, you couldn't believe them."

He said, "They call some of these things 'sun-spots' and 'reflections' but what I saw this afternoon was the most improbable 'sun spot' or 'reflection' I have ever seen."

The captain asked that his name be withheld because, "After the deal in 1947 everyone called the captain and the other EAL captain sighting the saucers the same day Buck Rogers, and I am always being called by magazines to give my opinions and some quotes.

Shortly after 5 p.m. the shiny object was reported in the skies just to the west of Florence. It slowly circled to the southwest and then disappeared. Telephones at The Morning News were flooded with calls. So were those at the U.S. Weather Bureau station and the CAA offices at the airport.

John N. Ellis, aircraft communicator for the CAA, a pilot and a veteran of 11 years service with the CAA, said the object was "unlike anything I have ever seen."

Ellis said when he first saw the object it was in the west at about 10,000 feet, then slowly moved to the southwest before disappearing. He added he watched it for six minutes which dispelled his first feeling it was a jet aircraft or even a magnesium flare such as the type used by aircraft in target practice. "It lasted too long and moved too slowly," he said.

The CAA official described the object as glowing extremely brightly. He likened its shape to a saucer tilted at an angle of about 30 degrees. He said he heard no sound and saw no smoke.

Ellis added a check with Shaw Field showed no jet aircraft aloft in the vicinity. He also said the CAA station at Lumberton had reported sighting the object. A Marion motorist reported he saw it and tried to follow it toward Florence but lost it over the Pec Dee River. A Sumter newsman stopped at the CAA office to say that he had seen the object in the sky toward Marion, and Mulling.

W.G. Nelson, an Eastern Air Lines pilot out of New York, was at the Florence Airport yesterday when the object was sighted and described it as a "jet vapor trail." He said it was the "tail-end" of a jet trail -- the jet flying at about 40,000 feet. He said he had seen many "flying saucers" and that each had a plausible explanation.

J. M. Bridgernan of Florence said he was over in Marlboro County yesterday afternoon when he and about eight other adults saw the object. Bridgeman said from where they were standing the object seemed to be from eight to 10 feet long and inches wide. Bridgeman said it was drifting -- slow -- and was as bright as a star.

He said it moved in a straight line in a south-southwest direction and was visible for some 15 minutes.

News Clip

Above: From the files of Project Blue Book.

Newswire Report Reuters - 17 Nov 52

QUETTA, Pakistan, Nov. 17 -- Tribesmen saw flying saucers trailing bluish flames roar across the evening skies of Baluchistan on two successive days last week, according to reports reaching here today.

The reports said the saucers were first seen darting across the sky at Dera Bugti, in the Sibi District, and brilliantly lighting an area of between 50 and 40 miles radium with a dazzling beam.

Baluchi tribesmen, who rushed out to see them, watched them disappear at a great speed.

The next night the saucers reappeared, accompanied by the same tremendous noise, the reports said.

Several months ago two pilots of the Pakistan Air Force reported seeing objects like flying saucers high above Karachi.

Baluohistan, the largest Province of Pakistan, has a boundary with Iran and Afghanistan and a coastline on the Arabian Sea.

Statesville, North Carolina Daily Record - 18 Nov 52

New 'Saucer' Seen In East

LUMBERTON, N.C. -- A strange, silvery object floated through the skies over the Carolinas Sunday afternoon, startling witnesses and setting off a fresh wave of "flying saucer' reports.

Observers at the Civil Aeronautics Administration stations here and at Florence, S.C., reported seeing the object. Some told police the object was "whirling" and "bobbing up and down."

Residents of the Fairmont, Tabor City, N.C. and Dillon and Mullins, S.C., areas also reported seeing the object. They said it was traveling southwest at about 10,000 feet.

John Ellis, CAA observer at Florence, reported the "glowing, saucer-shaped" object moved too slowly to have been an airplane.

Charleston, South Carolina News and Courier - 18 Nov 52

Sumter Residents Report Seeing 'Flying Saucer'

SUMTER, Nov. 17 -- Two Sumter families today reported being in on the visit of the "flying saucer" seen over Florence and at other places in the state late Sunday afternoon.

Shelton Hammond said they saw the strange object in the sky just before sunset, as they were on the road home from Marion. He said it appeared about 15 miles away and gradually faded out as it disappeared in the direction of Orangeburg.

Mr. And Mrs. Robert M. Hicks said they saw the object a few miles south of Alcolu as they were coming home, a few minutes before sunset. They stopped their auto and watched the object for about three minutes before it disappeared. It was about the color of the moon and appeared disc-shaped and slightly titled as it disappeared in the distance.

Charleston, South Carolina News and Courier - 18 Nov 52

Summerville Witnesses Testify to Seeing Shape

SUMMERVILLE, Nov. 17 -- Two carloads of Summerville folk gave testimony today to the "flying saucer" reported in the skies late Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. J.S. Melfi Jr. said she was driving toward Walterboro on Highway 17 Alternate about 5 p.m. when there appeared off to the right and westward what looked like a "glowing rod" in the sky. Mrs. Melfi said the object appeared on a downward course and after about 15 minutes disappeared below the trees in the distance.

Riding right behind Mrs. Melfi was Mrs. J.D. Allen. Her report was substantially the same.

Charleston, South Carolina News and Courier - 18 Nov 52

Charleston Woman Tells Of Seeing Object in Sky

A Charleston woman, Mrs. Thomas Guerry, said yesterday afternoon that she and her husband and A.A. Nettles were Walterboro-bound on Highway 17 Alternate just before 5:30 p.m.

The object they saw in the western sky "looked more like an arrow than a saucer," she said. The "heavy end" or point, she continued, seemed headed downward and disappeared after about 20 minutes as they watched from the stopped auto.

At the Civil Aeronautics Administration control tower at the Charleston Municipal Airport, it was suggested that a bright star low in the western sky at sunset (about 5:17 p.m.) could have been confused for the "saucer."

The CAA man also said reports were out of an unexplained object being sighted toward Florence last night.

Florence, South Carolina Morning News - 18 Nov 52

Saucer Flying 700 Miles Per Hour Reported

A streaking object -- making about 700 miles an hour, or the speed of a jet -- was reported over Florence last night.

Reports poured in again of "Flying Saucers" -- as they did Sunday when an airplane pilot positively said he saw a saucer -- and another airman just as positively didn't believe it.

Last night Mrs. W.J. Hutchinson who reported a similar object several weeks ago reported the one last night.

She called her neighbors and they also saw it.

But last night's object had some different aspects -- and the CAA here said it definitely wanted to go on record that the object sighted yesterday was not the same type as that sighted Sunday.

For one thing, said the CAA man, it was lower (toward the ground) than Sunday's but in the same general direction. And it did not change course nor hues so much.

CAA said also that a civilian airplane and an Air Force plane also reported sighting some object -- on being asked to "take a look around" at their approximate height of 10,000 feet.

The object was headed sort of southwest over Florence at 10,000 feet, various reports said.

The Atlantic Coast Line office here reported one its men sighting the "craft" and also that it had disrupted telegraphic communications.

This led to the belief that it could have been a meteorite because of the similar effect of meteorites.

A CAA man also said that it was possibly the influence of the planet Venus.

This time of year the planet Venus is visible, he said, and it could have been a reflection from that planet, he added, without pinning himself down on whether it was a saucer, flying or otherwise.

All he did know was that after Sunday's and yesterday's experiences he figured to go fishing if anyone saw any more of the things.

Charleston, South Carolina News and Courier - 22 Nov 52

Letters to the Editor

Greeleyville Saucer

To The News and Courier:

My little daughter, three grandchildren and I, saw the object Sunday afternoon in the sky as we returning from Columbia. We were between Foreston and Greeleyville, about 5 o'clock, when one of the children saw it.

It was rather pointed about the color of the moon: it was low in the west and slow in disappearing. The last we saw of it was just this side of Greeleyville and was about the size or looked the size of 36 inches long and 12 inches wide.

If it was a flying saucer it was my first time to see one.


New Castle, Pennsylvania News - 22 Nov 52

Railroad Inspectors See Flying Saucers

Two railroad inspectors and yard master of the new yards of the Pennsylvania railroad at Cherry street saw what they claimed were some flying saucers Friday morning at 1:45.

Seeing the flying discs were Louis DePorzio and Frank Vallelly, inspectors, and Claire Locke, yard master.

According to reports they lasted about 10 minutes.

Tours, France La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest - 23 Nov 52

[No Headline]

LA ROCHELLE. November 21, 1952. -- An inhabitant of Dompierre-en-Mer, Mr Rene Train, claims to have seen in the sky at 5.000 meters of altitude a white ball, 60 centimetres in diameter, surrounded of sparks. He estimates that the speed of the machine, visible during ten seconds, was that of a jet.

San Mateo, California Times - 25 Nov 52

Flying Saucer Season Early; One Seen Here

Flying saucers made their appearance in San Mateo yesterday just in time for Thanksgiving day.

William Wallace, 3956 Casanova drive, reported to police at 10:58 p.m. yesterday that he had seen a flying saucer in the sky as he was walking his dog.

He described the object as saucer-shaped, slightly larger than a star, with a tail leaving a trail of sparks. The object made no sound and was in sight for approximately 45 seconds. It came from the northeast and traveled south at the speed of a plane.

Police Officer John Chichizola advised Wallace, to call the department again if a similar event happens and Officer Walter Earth, a licensed pilot, will come to the scene and attempt identification.

Tours, France La Nouvelle Republique du Centre-Ouest, 25 Nov 52

[No Headline]

BELLE-ILE-EN-MER. November 24, 1952. In Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Friday evening, Mr. Pascal Gauci, sales representative, travelling on the road of Locmaria was puzzled, while arriving at the locality "La Butte", to see on his left, a luminous ball whose diameter seemed to him to be 3 to 4 times that of the moon. This ball was motionless in the sky. At the end of a few seconds, it moved slowly towards the left, keeping the same altitude. At times, this ball was flattened as if it swivelled on its transverse axis, losing its orange colour at this time to take a white colour. Then it went down slightly, was immobilized before coming back to the right and going up towards its starting point. It thus made three or four times this manoeuver before disappearing in direction from south-west.

Mr. Gauci, who observed this phenomenon during eight minutes is formal: it cannot be light signals. The next day morning, farmers of the village of Tinuhule in Belle-Ile, stated to have observed the phenomenon. Already, Monday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Rene Houan, at the village of Trionguen, had seen a luminous ball of reddish color, motionless in the sky above the coast of Goulphar. This ball had started to go up and go down very slowly while being oscillating from the right to the left. It had disappeared at low speed towards the south-west and above the sea.

The establishment of the co-ordinates of the observations of the various witnesses on a sea chart allowed to deduce that the two phenomena observed at a few days of interval occurred in approximately the same celestial locations.

Charleston, South Carolina News and Courier - 26 Nov 52

Did You Happen To See?

Mrs. English Josey saying she could confirm a report of a flying saucer over Greeleyville last week, saying she, her husband and two children watched it for about 15 minutes as they traveled toward Charleston, and adding, "I've never seen anything like it before" --

Bakersfield, California Californian - 27 Nov 52

The Reader's Viewpoint


Editor The Californian:

I am 35 years old; but in these days we're having now I have heard of everything. On Nov. 11 in the afternoon of this year 1952 I have heard of these so called "Flying Discs" and had my chance to see them. As near as I can calculate, there were around 16 of them flocked together like birds. They were flat and round like phonograph records and black. They did not shine and were flying edgeways headed north. They sounded like no motor but like something cutting throng the wind at about four times the speed of jet planes. They were traveling edgewise. The sound was heard by my sons George and Gene and my husband Frederick.

Callente, Calif.

Medicine Hat, Canada News - 29 Nov 52

Fairview Family Report Sighting "Flying Boot"

EDMONTON (CP) -- Now it's the flying boot.

A report of a strange airborne object -- which hovered motionless at 2,000 feet for about seven minutes before disappearing in seconds -- has captured the imagination of Residents at Fairview, Alta, 365 Miles northwest of Edmonton.

The report came Friday from Fred Clarke of Foothills Tank and Pipeline Co., who claims he and his wife and their grand-daughter saw the craft while out on an afternoon drive. He related the following to Don Boyce, editor of the Fairview Weekly Post:

"Believing it to be a helicopter we stopped to watch it, only to find that it was not a helicopter. The craft was shaped like a boot and shone very brightly in the sun. We were looking at it from a distance of possibly half a mile.

"Then we drove about one-quarter mile to where we could see the strange object from a different angle. From this point we could see circular-shaped disks protruding from the main point of the craft on an arm that appeared to be no more than a couple of feet long.

"The craft had no propeller or jets of any kind visible. The shiny body appeared to be a mass of contouring curves. It had remained perfectly stationary despite a strong west wind for six or seven minutes.

"It started off without a sound and disappeared over the horizon within the space of 15 seconds. It moved fast, if not faster, than any jet plane I have ever seen."

Toledo, Ohio Blade - 30 Nov 52

Honeymooners See Saucers Over Majorca

MADRID, Nov. 29 -- Proof that flying saucers aren't necessarily an American copyright comes from the honeymoon isle of Majorca, off Spain's Mediterranean coast.

Lazing in the Mediterranean sunshine, honemooners (among other people) claim to have seen "strange objects" in the sky during past weeks.

Many people living in Manacor (10 miles inland from Palma) report that recently they saw a "flat disk travelling from east to west at a tremendous speed and leaving behind it a trail of sparks."

One observer was lucky enough to have a camera with him at the time and took a photograph of the flying saucer. This photograph was reproduced in the island's most important daily newspaper, but showed nothing more than a white streak across the night sky.

The most incredible report of all, however comes from a farm laborer who maintains that he not only saw the flying saucer hovering above a main road, less than 20 feet up, but he also saw "quite clearly" figures in masks moving bout inside aircraft.

Which is better than even America can do!

Bakersfield, California Californian - 1 Dec 52

Flying Saucer Skims Across Kern Horizon

The flying saucers are back again, according to Mrs. Fannie Newman, 1107 King St. Mrs. Newman reports that sometime between 7 and 8 p.m. last night she went outside to get her dog when she noticed a bright light moving across the sky from the north.

She watched it until it disappeared behind a cloud.

What did It look like?

"Well it looked just like a flying saucer," Mrs. Newman reports.

Billings, Montana Gazette - 3 Dec 52

Fairview Farmer Reports Seeing 'Flying Saucer'

FAIRVIEW -- The third of the "flying saucers" to be seen in this area was reported by E.E. Martin, farmer living north of town. Martin reported seeing the object in the sky about 11 o'clock in the evening.

It appeared as a red light about 50 feet from the ground and was about 20 feet across. The object lit up the ground for several feet around it. It traveled rapidly southward.

No sound was heard from the object which swept across the sky and disappeared.

Baytown, Texas Sun - 5 Dec 52

Plane's Vapor Trails Create Flying Saucer Scare Here
Hundreds See 'Flaming Tail' High In Sky

By Rosalie Myers

Was it or was it not, a flying saucer which a couple of hundred Baytonians saw floating around in the sunset Thursday?

Some believe it was a B-36 or a P-38 with the sunlight reflecting on the vapor trail. Others are certain that he peculiar black object with a flaming tail was a flying saucer.

A few insist it could have been nothing but a fish-shaped creation from another planet.

And only a very few were willing to accept an Ellington Field officers word that it was only a training plane on a routine flight.

L.R. Bird of Denubina Acres was one of the two persons who was willing to have his name used in connection with the incident.

He said the object looked similar to a plane when viewed from the front. When he last saw it, it was going toward Ellington Field with a long string of fire behind it, he said.

Three women employes of the Baytown Sun said they saw a "flying saucer that looked like a big star in the sky. It was a bright ball."

T.W. Gunn of 912 Davis Road said he first saw it in the sky about 30 degrees south of due west and 30 degrees up from the earth. It looked about a foot long and two-inches wide. Gunn said he took a sight on it, and the object didn't seem to be moving, but was just suspended in the air. Then it pass on toward the north, continuing to keep the form of a long slender fish. The front fourth of the object was dark and the remainder was glowing.

Gunn said he called Ellington Field to report what he had seen and after considerable difficulty got in contact with someone at the field who said he had no authority to give out definite information on anything. The man said, however, that the objects people were seeing were high flying planes with the sun reflecting on them.

Yorkshire, England The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - 05 Dec 52

Vicar Tells of Flying Saucer

The vicar of Doddington, Northumberland, the Rev. C.W. Rawson, and his wife believe they saw a flying saucer over the Wooler area. "It was white and luminous and I estimate it to have been about 20 to 30ft. deep," he said yesterday. "It was travelling very fast."

Mr. Rawson was standing at the kitchen door of his vicarage when his attention was attracted to the object about a mile and a half away and 2,060 to 3,000ft. above the ground. It was travelling towards the north-west. The vicar called his wife and together they watched the object for about half a minute. They think it was very brilliantly lit by fluorescent lighting.

Troy, New York Times Record - 8 Dec 52

'Flying Saucer' Reported Seen Near Albany Airport

Ho-hum, we have another report of "flying saucers!"

Last night a Latham man claimed he saw "a burning ball of fire, with sparks shooting out of the tail like a Fourth of July sparkler."

The object reportedly was seen by Bernal Newton, Latham. He said the object was going at great speed toward the Albany Airport.

Three planes were reported over the airport at the time the saucer was observed.

Mexico, Missouri Evening Ledger - 10 Dec 52

Around Town

Several residents of in and near Mexico report watching something in the sky Monday night which they think may have been the sort of thing which is responsible for a lot of the flying saucer reports . . . But there's nobody who saw it who can be sure whether this was a star, a navigational balloon, or something else . . . One observer reported watching it for about a half-hour, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:00 Monday, in the eastern sky, just South of east, about 12 to 15 degrees above the horizon . . . It seemed to move, to change color, and to vary in intensity of light . . . Another who observed it declared that at times a sort of red tail was visible . . . One man thinks it was a star, and points out that the stars not only vary in position by seasons, but from day to day and hour to hour in some cases . . . But he said his star charts were not accurate enough to show just what star . . . If anyone can clear up the minor mystery the folks who saw it would be grateful . . .

The Ogden Standard-Examiner, Utah 10 Dec 52

Officer Reports Disc at Provo

PROVO, Utah -- A state police officer reports that he watched a "flying saucer" hover in the sky south of Provo last night. Newell Knight, radio dispatcher in the State Highway Patrol office here, said an unidentified man called him outside to watch a "strange round light."

Knight said the object hovered motionless for about 10 minutes, then started off. Later Knight said the object returned for another brief period.

Bradford, Pennsylvania Era - 11 Dec 52

Round The Square

FLYING SAUCER? Two Port Allegany men sighted an object in the sky over Keating Summit one day last week. They did not claim that it was a "saucer" and certainly believed it was not one of those elusive airborne objects which have made headlines lately. They described it as an object of circular design on the leading edge, swept-back trailing edges on each side, shiny, extremely fast and leaving no sound or vapor trail. The time they sighted it until it disappeared over the horizon took only a few seconds.

Winnipeg, Canada Free Press - 12 Dec 52


Four "flying saucers" were reported sailing in formation high over Karachi Thursday. Witnesses said they saw four translucent white disks trailing smoke. They suddenly shot up vertically and disappeared.

Kingsport, Tennessee News - 16 Dec 52

University Airport Manager Sights A 'Flying Saucer'

CHARLOTTESVTLLE -- An orange-colored "flying saucer," that first hovered and then sped away with a "terrific burst of speed" was sighted Sunday in the Charlottesville area, it was reported Monday.

Roy Franke, manager of the University of Virginia airport at Milton, his wife, and a 19-year old student pilot, Harry Pond Jr., sighted an object over the airport Sunday at about 11:45 a.m.

They told Frederick P. Morse, professor of mechanical engineering and director of aeronautical training at the university, who wired a report to military intelligence officials at the Pentagon in Washington.

Pranke said Pond sighted what he first believed to be "leaves floating around in the sky," but that on further examination they saw a disc with an orange glow hovering over the leaf-life objects.

Franke estimated the "saucer" as at an altitude of 10,000 feet "or better." It hovered for a few seconds, moved with "terrific" speed to the northeast, then turned directly east.

From the ground, Franke said the object appeared to be about 20 inches in diameter. He estimated the top speed of the disc when it disappeared to be about 1,000 miles per hour.

Cairns, Australia Post - 16 Dec 52

Flying Saucer Reported

-- Over Bendigo --

"Silver Disc Spinning"

MELBOURNE, Dec. 15. -- A flying saucer is reported to have been sighted over Bendigo at 6.30 a.m. to-day. Mr. Ken Torpy of Bendigo said he heard motors "like 10 jet planes" and looked up.

He saw a silver disc spinning slowly against a clear blue sky. It then rose and travelled in a northerly direction.

He rushed inside after observing the disc for about a minute, but when he returned with his wife it could no longer be seen, although both he and his wife could still hear the noise.

Winnipeg, Canada Free Press - 20 Dec 52

Hundreds See 'Saucers' Fly In Formation

PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. -- Hundreds of persons here gawked skyward Thursday and many claimed afterwards they had seen four to 10 "flying saucers" flying in formation.

The "things" were reported very high and moving in a north-easterly direction.

Similar reports came earlier this month when at least nine persons said they saw a shiny, spherical object streaking over the harbor.

Hugh Ferguson, a typewriter mechanic, said his attention was attracted to the sky by a plane landing on the harbor.

"Then I spotted these things high above and beyond the lane.," he said. "They were about the size of saucers and were moving forward very fast and seemed to be rotating. First I saw two, then a minute later I saw three more, close together. They were going parallel to the harbor. I didn't believe in flying saucers before but I sure do now. I saw them."

Titusville, Pennsylvania Herald - 20 Dec 52

You're Telling Me!
by William Ritt

RESIDENTS of the Isle of Wight report sighting a flying saucer, which was shaped like a huge tadpole with a flaming tail. A saucer, we'd say, in name only.

Long Beach, California Press Telegram - 1 Dec 52

Drew Pearson
Flying Discs Over Panama Canal?


It didn't get into the papers, but the Panama Canal Zone was completely mystified by two flying saucers which flew over the area for five hours and 36 minutes on November 25.

The Air Force actually sent up two B-25's, one B-17, and one Navy patrol bomber to try to intercept the flying objects, but failed.

An official cable to Washington from the Panama Canal Zone states that "two unidentified objects" were sighted over the canal zone November 25 from 6:06 p.m. to 11:42 p.m.

The sighting was made by radar attached to antiaircraft guns. The two flying .saucers, or whatever they were, remained over the canal zone for 5½ hours, traveling at an estimated speed of 275 miles per hour and maneuvering from 1000 feet to 28,000 feet in altitude.

Since no U.S. aircraft were supposed to be flying in the vicinity at that time, the air defense commander was sufficiently stirred up over the mysterious sighting to send three Air Force bombers and one Navy patrol bomber up to intercept the flying saucers. However, they were unable to catch the elusive objects, which made absolutely no sound.

Berwickshire, Scotland News and General Advertiser - 23 Dec 52

Glowing streak

(To Editor, "Bewickshire News,")

Sir -- I am one of the numerous spectators who saw the mysterious luminance moving swiftly above the horizon on Saturday afternoon.

It was then about 4 p.m. and quite light. I wondered what other shoppers were staring at, to due west of Kilburn high Road; and a woman remarked that it was a distant plane on fire.

Then I saw a glowing streak travelling horizontally from North to South at a level which seemed usual for aeroplanes. At first it seemed like bright sunset showing through a long narrow break in cloud or haze, but this was above the slight haze, common at this time of year. It was also moving quickly, maintaining an even height, except for one sudden rise to a level which it maintained until obscured by buildings. Someone said it had previously dipped several times, like a plane seeking a suitable landing place.

I said an inward prayer for the crew if still aboard a flaming plane which it certainly resembled, only it seemed far too long and showed no sign of exploding or disintegrating as one would expect to happen during the time we watched it. I wondered if it was a large airliner with all lights on, giving the impression of one long streak which might cause an optical illusion due to the distance and slight haze. However a liner at close quarters would have seemed no longer, and as this was several miles away, it must have been very long. By comparison, an aeroplane would have seemed no bigger than a speck at the same distance, if visible at all. Moreover it was not dark, therefore the light from this object or phenomenon must have been extremely powerful to glow as it did. The description of its shape being like a tadpole is fair accurate, thicker at the front and sloping away to a thin tail.

It was seen in other parts of London, and there has been no report of a burning plane or anything else to account for it since. I did jokingly remark that it might be a version of a "flying saucer" or similar phenomenon but most seemed convinced that it must be a plane on fire. I'm thankful that it wasn't but still conjecturing what it could be, as no normal explanation seems to fit it, up to date. -- R.M. Evans, 131, Iverson Road, W. Hampstead, London, N.W.6. 22/11/52.

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1. The following pages are the publicly-released declassified Project Blue Book listings of reported incidents for the year 1952 and give Blue Book's official final "evaluations" as of 1969. Only a very small percentage of reports found in newspapers can be found in the following pages...

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