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Above: Illustration for True Magazine article by Pan American World Airways pilots William Nash and William Fortenberry. Story below.

NINETEEN FIFTY-TWO might be remembered for many things, large and small. The election of Dwight Eisenhower as President of the United States. Fifty thousand American families afflicted by Polio. The British A-bomb. The first issue of Mad magazine. The theory of the Big Bang.

But for those of a certain bent, 1952 will also be remembered for the second great 'flying saucer flap' which climaxed with the reports of radar and visual sightings over the nation's capital in late July.

Part of the story of that event-filled year is now available in declassified government files. But for the public back then -- at a time when only one in three families in America had a television set -- the story was mostly found in the newspapers and magazines.

This then is a look back at those stories, as they first appeared in print...

SEPTEMBER 28, 1952:

Newswire Report Agence France Presse - 28 Sep 52

Stockholm, Sept 28. -- Luminous phenomenon seem to be multiplying nowadays in the Scandinavian skies. While Finland and Denmark each had their flying saucer last week, three people, including a policeman, saw a round, shining object very high over Goteborg last night. Twice the size of a star, it went to and fro in every direction, as if dancing to a jazz tune, according to the words of the main witness.

This went on for a good hour before the object disappeared, leaving behind it a trail of smoke and even some sparks. For a few minutes three small satellites were noted revolving around the main object.

Almost at the same time, a lady in Stockholm noticed a flying saucer.

A large evening newspaper of the Swedish capital published today on its front page the photograph (a trifle blurred, to be sure) of a phenomenon of the same sort, observed in the province of Dalecarlia on the night of Sept. 15/16. It will be agreed that the mysterious forces of the universe, at this moment when the report of the American experts dismisses the subject, have a sense of the apropos.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1952:

Newswire Report Reuters - 29 Sep 52

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 29 -- Astronomers today described the "flying cigar" seen moving with the speed of a jet plane across the Swedish skies last night as an exceptionally bright but slow-moving meteor.

The phenomenon was seen at a height of about 3,300 feet by a number of people in southwest and central Sweden.

Observers included three Air Force pilots, and meteorological assistant od [sic] Malmo Airfield.

Tipton, Indiana Tribune - 29 Sep 52

Swedish 'Saucer'

COPENHAGEN -- A "Flying Saucer" traveling at great speed from west to east was reported today to have been seen over Denmark and southern Sweden.

The mysterious object was described as cigar-shaped and sprouting fire. One Copenhagen newspaper said it was swamped with some 200 telephone calls from persons claiming they saw the object last night.

Logansport, Indiana Pharos Tribune - 29 Sep 52

Fiery Object Shoots Thru European Skies

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Reports poured in today that an object described variously as a fireball, a flying saucer or a flying cigar flew across Western Germany, Denmark and Southern Sweden Sunday night.

A high-ranking Swedish air force officer said the object was headed toward the Soviet Baltic coast when last sighted. He suggested it fired from a Baltic base.

First reports came from Germany, where dozens of citizens said they saw "a brightly shining round ball with a comet-like tail" over Hamburg and Kiel.

Then Copenhagen newspapers and the Danish State Radio reported hundreds of persons in Soenderboerg and Copenhagen had telephoned they saw a low-flying cigar-shaped object moving eastward without any engine noise being audible.

Finally, Col. Ingemar Nygren, commander of Sweden's Ljungbyhed air force base, said numerous persons reported seeing a "flying saucer" or "flying cigar" cross Scania, Sweden's southernmost province.

City and Publication Unknown - 29 Sep 52

[The following is from a translated news clipping in the Project Blue Book files. Although the date is clearly noted the name and city of the newspaper are illegible. Notes in parentheses are those of the translator.]

"Flying Cigar" -- To Be Taken Seriously This Time

Large parts of southern Denmark had an exciting Sunday evening as thousands of strollers watched a mysterious cigar-shaped object in the sky last night. Newspapers and radio stations were swamped with telephone calls.

In southern Sweden the same object was sighted which, in Denmark, was observable as far N as Copenhagen. Unanimous opinion among meteorologists and military authorities indicates that this time it was not an hallucination, but in all likelyhood [sic] a guided missile of unknown origin.

After compilation of all reports it was learned that the mysterious missile flew at rather low altitude and at tremendous speed in a generally eastern direction. It followed roughly a path along the Baltic Coast: from the German border to the northern end of the island of Seeland and toward southern Sweden. The commander of the Swedish airbase at Ljunby said the object, looking like an aircraft less wings, "flew back home." Theoretical continuation of the flight path of the object leads to a point west of Gdingen on the Baltic.

This leads to the guess that this object originated at a Russian base along the Baltic's coast. (there follow details of supposed Russian firing procedure and supposed island targets in the Baltic. - transl.) The assumption that Sunday night's sightings from Jagersborg, Nakshov, Copenhagen, Vordingborg and Frederiksund concerned a Russian guided missile was underlined by an official Danish report, stating that on 20 September officers of a Danish airbase had observed a disc-shaped object which all described most emphatically as having been a guided missile.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1952:

Newswire Report - 29 Sep 52

[The following is from a news clipping in the Project Blue Book files. Although the date is clearly noted the name of the newswire service is omitted.]

COPENHAGEN, Sept 30 -- Three Air Force officers from Karup Air Base in Jutland observed during the night of Sept. 26-27 a celestial phenomenon which they said was reminiscent of the well-known flying saucers. They observed a circular object with a tail, moving at high speed across the sky. They saw it for about 5 or 6 seconds.

While this phenomenon was seen by only a few witnesses, thousands of people on Sept. 28 all over the country saw a ball in the sky. It was observed not only in Denmark but on [sic] Sweden and Northern Germany as well. The eye-witnesses declared they had seen a luminous object which moved parallel to the earth at great speed, in an easterly direction. The phenomenon was observed for about 3 seconds.

Some are of the opinion that this was a flying saucer, others think it was in the shape of a cigar, and some said that it looked like two saucers on top of each other. Some state definitely that the phenomenon did not have a tail; however, most observers state that the object had a luminous tail.

Curiously enough, neither the military nor the astronomers have any knowledge of the phenomenon, but in view of the thousands of reports the astronomers do not doubt that the object in question was a meteor. However, those who saw the phenomenon are not satisfied with this explanation, stating that the object looked completely different than a meteor.

Burra, Australia Record - 30 Sep 52

Flying Saucer Seen By Two Local Residents

What is reported to have been a 'Flying Saucer' was seen on Saturday night at about 8.50 o'clock by Messrs P.J. Byrne and R.A. Bevan.

These two Burra residents were standing outside Mr Bevan's shop, when Mr Bevan drew Mr Byrne's young son's attention to an object which came in view from a North Easterly direction over the roof of the Fire Station. Mr Bevan stated he thought at first that the object was an aeroplane.

Mr Byrne stated that the object was moving much too fast for an aeroplane, although it appeared to have a white light at each end and was leaving a trail of vapor or smoke behind it. It travelled in a straight line at a tremendous speed and eventually disappeared from view over Brewery Hill.

The assumption that it might have been a meteor is out, because a meteor would have fallen towards the earth whereas the object seen by Messrs Bevan and Byrne kept at the one level.

Many people throughout the State report having seen a similar object in the sky at about the same time.

Cairns, Australia Post - 30 Sep 52

Kite With Red Light
Townsville's Flying Saucer

TOWNSVILLE. Sept. 29. Townsville's first "flying saucer" report was solved to-day when it was explained that several boys had been flying a kite, fitted with a light, on Sunday night. A number of people had seen the mysterious red light as it flew over a section of the town.

Inquiries made to the R.A.A.F. D.C.A., Townsville meteorological station and south-bound air-craft, which were alerted failed to solve the mystery.

OCTOBER 1, 1952:

Helena, Montana Independent Record - 1 Oct 52

Now Comes the Jet Jeep

How to tell a flying saucer from a flying bathtub may cease to be an academic question when the new XH-26 Jet Jeep gets into production. It is the one-man helicopter tested in California.

One writer describes it as resembling an "aluminum bathtub." As it pirouetted aloft, or hovered as if suspended on a wire -- or suddenly speeded up to 80 miles an hour horizontally -- the little machine seemed to fulfill man's age-old yen to fly like a bird. Who hasn't dreamed of being able to fly here and there without worrying about speed in take-off or landing?

But the armed services will have first call on the XH-26 Jet Jeep. It is billed as the "answer to the infantryman's prayer." For reconnaissance work primarily, no doubt, with perhaps occasional rescue missions. The midget windmill weighs only 300 pounds but can lift 600 pound [sic] of "payload."

The engine is simply two pulse-jets in the ends of the rotor blades. There's no transmission machinery at all -- in fact, there's only one-moving part in the power plant, a valve which admits air in spurts to mix with fuel which is ignited by compression. The craft can be packed into a jeep trailer or dropped by parachute from an airplane or big helicopter. It will burn kerosene, gasoline or diesel fuel.

This contraption is easily herd [sic]. It makes a racket resembling a motorcycle and an oversize outboard rolled into one. But it should not be considered strange if the thoughts of some already are turning to the day in 1956, perhaps, when the M-l models, made obsolete by the M-2s, will be on sale at army surplus stores.

Dixon, Illinois Evening Telegraph - 1 Oct 52

Flying Saucers on Oregon City Hall Bring Turmoil; Hypnotist Blamed for All

OREGON -- A 20-year old hospital worker who left the stage of the Oregon theater here while still under the influence of a hypnotist turned this town into a turmoil last night with his fantastic stories of "flying saucers on the city hall."

Robert Cross, Rochelle, who attended the theater to see the magician Zay Zee perform, had the Ogle county sheriff's office and the Oregon police on the verge of "locking up the lunatic" before the situation was finally explained.

No Saucers Today

Cross, who doesn't see saucers today, was told last night by the magician that he would "see saucers until 10 a.m. today." And that's exactly what he did.

After leaving the theater Cross first "saw" saucers on the theater roof. He told this to police, who took him directly to the sheriff's office, where he related his story of "little men and spaceships" to Night Deputy William Beamen. Beamen immediately called Sheriff James White.

White and Cross then started towards the theater. On the way, Cross told White to "look at them land on the courthouse roof" and, of course, the sheriff saw nothing.

Back at the sheriff's office white began talking to the youth and finally, when Cross mentioned the magician, Zay Zee was called in.

After an hour and a half of grilling the hypnotist, the sheriff closed the "Case of the Flying Saucers" and announced that "There'll be no more of that in Oregon."

As yet he hasn't decided if the show will go on again tonight or not.

Syracuse, New York Herald Journal - 1 Oct 52

San Francisco
SAN FRANCISCO -- NO CAUSE FOR ALARM. These streaks of light over San Francisco are not flying saucers, but magnesium flares dropped by Navy planes as part of kickoff to United Crusade, a drive to raise funds for local charitable organizations.

Abilene, Texas Reporter News - 1 Oct 52

Ad-Libbing, Song-Writing Slim Is in the Money Now

Abilene's favorite hillbilly has become a national figure.

Slim Willet, who has been playing, singing and writing hillbilly music for his Abilene fans for quite a few years, recently wrote and recorded a tune, "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" which is now eighth place among western records most played by disc jockeys all over the nation.

His other records and tunes are also coming into the spotlight as a result, and slim is receiving invitations from people all over the country who want hear him sing and play in personal appearances...

'Saucers' Makes Hit

Slim's recording, "Saucers In the Sky" has also had some notable attention. When the American Broadcasting Company was planning a program concerning flying saucers, it wrote KRBC for any local interest item that they might use. Slim, finding nothing very newsworthy, packaged up his recording of "Saucers in the Sky" and promptly dispatched it to ABC. It was played on the broadcast, and Commentator Walter Winchell termed it "the highlight of the program"...

Council Bluffs, Iowa Non Pareil - 1 Oct 52

The Whirligig
By Allen C. Brown

... If you saw a streak of light in the sky last Saturday night, it wasn't a flying saucer. It was a meteor.

And C.C. Wylie of the University of Iowa's department of astronomy at Iowa City would like to hear from you if you saw it.

The meteor, which was brilliant enough to be reported as far east as Illinois, fell someplace in Nebraska at 10:06 p.m. Saturday.

Wylie plans a trip next week to talk with persons here who report seeing the meteor...

Huron, South Dakota Huronite And The Daily Plainsman - 1 Oct 52

Midway ... in the week
By Bruce Campbell

...A METEOR WAS seen flashing across the southeastern South Dakota sky last Saturday night. It was recognized as such by most people, according to reports, but it does give rise again to the by now familiar "flying saucer" observation question.

C.C. Wylie, professor of astronomy at the University of Iowa, is trying to get people to become more accurate observers, especially of meteors, and he is collecting data on observation of them. He wants reports sent to him at the Department of Astronomy, University of Iowa, Iowa City, In. ...

Syracuse, New York Post Standard - 1 Oct 52

'Flying Saucers' Over Syracuse Are Airplanes

Here's the explanation for those "flying saucers" you may have thought you saw in the northeastern sky between 9 and 9.30 p.m. yesterday.

The "saucers" were two L-19 National Guard planes on a routine training flight.

The planes fly so high that only the glaring while flight lights are visible. Running lights cannot be seen and motors often can't be heard.

"Every time the planes go up at night we get flying saucer calls," commented an attendant at the CAA tower at Hancock Field.

Galveston, Texas Press Telegram - 1 Oct 52

Any Screwballs Call?

HOUSTON, Sept. 30 -- "Have any screwballs called you yet about seeing a flying saucer tonight," Don Guthrie asked the city desk of the Houston Post. "That's what I used to call 'em -- and neighbors saw one tonight. Only it looked more like a ball of fire than a saucer to us."

Abilene, Texas Reporter News - 1 Oct 52

Jet Pilots at Bryan See Flying Disks

BRYAN, Oct. 1 -- Two jet pilots on a training mission last Saturday reported a fast-moving unidentified flying object over Hempstead, Tex., Bryan Air Force Base Said yesterday.

The airmen were described by the base public information office as "unusually reliable" and that their report was turned over to Air Force Intelligence.

Lt. James Fahnauer, an instructor pilot, and Cadet Thomas Portunarvo, were flying at about 39,000 feet in a T-33 jet when they saw the object -- a "white disk" apparently flying about 6,700 miles an hour at an altitude they estimated at 55,000 feet. The report said the men made no attempt to investigate the object further.

Sydney, Australia Morning Herald - 1 Oct 52

"Cigar-like Flying Saucer" Seen in N.Z.

AUCKLAND, Tuesday (A.A.P.-Reuter) -- An Auckland couple claimed to-day that they had seen a "flying saucer" which was "an interplanetary conveyance of a type entirely unknown to us."

They said it was like a large cigar with six or eight greenish-blue lights along the side.

It flew south, disappearing in about six seconds.

The man said there was no sound other than a barely audible "whoosh."

The man would not give his name "because he might be ridiculed."

Cairns, Australia Post - 1 Oct 52

"Flying Saucer" Report By Auckland Residents

AUCKLAND. Sept 30 (A-A.P.-Reuter's). -- A claim that they saw a "flying saucer" was made to-day by a reputable Auckland resident and his wife.

Like a large aeroplane 10.000 feet up, it flew southward from horizon to horizon, disappearing in about six seconds. "It was an elongated form of cigar or tubular shape, showing on the visible side six or eight lights," he said. "There was no sound other than a barely audible "whoosh.'" The "saucer" was seen at [Illegible] p.m. on September 27.

True Magazine - Oct 52

We Flew Above Flying Saucers
by 1st Officer William R. Nash and 2nd Officer William H. Fortenberry

How does it feel to see flying saucers? Like most people, we had never consciously expected to face that question, but now we have an answer. When you see "saucers" from the angle and nearness that we did, and watch them go through the astonishing maneuver that we witnessed, you feel humbled.

Sitting in the complex cockpit of a fast four-engined airliner, we had the deflated feeling that we and our modern airplane were so far outclassed by somebody and something else that it wasn't at all funny.

On the night of July 14,1952, we were ferrying a Pan American World Airways DC-4 from New York to Miami. There was a crew of three -- Captain Fred Koepke and ourselves -- and ten passengers, company personnel and their families. The night was clear and visibility unlimited. The only clouds, practically invisible to us, were reported to be thin cirrus, three-tenths, at 20,000 feet.

Occupying the pilot and co-pilot seats, we flew at 8,000, cruising on the automatic pilot over Chesapeake Bay, as we approached Norfolk, Virginia, which lay about 20 miles in front of us on our compass course of 200 degrees magnetic -- a little west of south. We were due to overhead the V.R.F. radio range station at Norfolk in six minutes and make a position report then. The sun had set an hour before, and though we could still make out the coast line, the night was almost entirely dark. The distant lights of the cities stood out plainly, undimmed by any haze. One of us pointed out to the other the city of Newport News, which lay forward and to our right.

Suddenly a red brilliance appeared in the air beyond and somewhat eastward -- that is, to our side -- of Newport News.

We saw it together at practically the same moment. The remark of one of us was, "What the hell is that?" It hadn't grown gradually into view -- it seemed simply to have appeared, all of a sudden, in place.

Almost immediately we perceived that it consisted of six bright objects streaking toward us at tremendous speed, and obviously well below us. They had the fiery aspect of hot coals, but of much greater glow -- perhaps twenty times more brilliant than any of the scattered ground lights over which they passed or the city lights to the right. Their shape was clearly outlined and evidently circular; the edges were well defined, not phosphorescent or fuzzy in the least. The red-orange color was uniform over the upper surface of each craft.

Within the few seconds that it took the six objects to come half the distance from where we had first seen them, we could observe that they were holding a narrow echelon formation -- a stepped-up line tilted slightly to our right, with the leader at the lowest point and each following craft slightly higher. At about the halfway point, the leader appeared to attempt a sudden slowing. We received this impression because the second and third wavered slightly and seemed almost to overrun the leader, so that for a brief moment during the remainder of their approach the positions of these three varied. It looked very much as if an element of "human" or "intelligence" error had been introduced, in so far as the following two did not react soon enough when the leader began to slow down and so almost overran him.

We judged the objects' diameter to be a little larger than a DC-3 wingspread would appear to be -- about 100 feet -- at their altitude which we estimated at slightly more than a mile below us, or about 2,000 feet above ground level.

When the procession was almost directly under and slightly in front of us -- the pilot had to rise hurriedly from the left-hand seat and lean to see them -- the objects performed a change of direction which was completely amazing.

All together, they flipped on edge, the sides to the left of us going up and the glowing surface facing right. Though the bottom surfaces did not become clearly visible, we had the impression that they were unlighted. The exposed edges, also unlighted, appeared to be about 15 feet thick, and the top surface, at least, seemed flat. In shape and proportion, they were much like coins. While all were in the edgewise position, the last five slid over and past the leader so that the echelon was now tail-foremost, so to speak, the top or last craft now being nearest to our position. Then, without any arc or swerve at all, they all flipped back together to the flat altitude and darted off in a direction that formed a sharp angle with their first course, holding their new formation.

The change of direction was acute and abrupt. The only descriptive comparison we can offer is a ball ricocheting off a wall.

Immediately after these six lined away, two more objects just like them darted out from behind and under our airplane at the same altitude as the others. The two newcomers seemed to be joining the first group on a closing heading.

Then suddenly the lights of all of the objects blinked out, and a moment later blinked on again with all eight in line speeding westward, north of Newport News, and climbing in a far, graceful arc that carried them above our altitude. There they disappeared, while still in view, by blinking out one by one -- not in sequence, but in a scattered manner.

There had seemed to be some connection between the lights and the speed.

The original six had dimmed slightly before their angular turn and had brightened considerably after making it. Also the two others were even brighter, as though applying power to catch up.

We stared after them, dumbfounded and probably open-mouthed. We looked around at the sky, half expecting something else to appear, though nothing did. There were flying saucers, and we had seen them. What we had witnessed was so stunning and incredible that we could readily believe that if either of us had seen it alone, he would have hesitated to report it. But here we were, face to face. We couldn't both be mistaken about such a striking spectacle.

The time was 8:12 Eastern Standard Time. The whole thing had occurred very quickly; we agreed on an estimate of 12 seconds. Now for the question, not too hopeful: had anybody else aboard seen it?

The co-pilot went through the small forward passenger compartment, where the captain was intent on paper work. In the main cabin, some of the passengers were dozing. A cautious inquiry whether anyone had happened to see anything unusual brought no results.

Back in the cockpit, we discussed and formulated a quick report. We called the Norfolk radio as we passed over it, gave our position according to routine, and upon receiving confirmation of that message added a second which we requested be forwarded to the military:

"Two pilots of this flight observed eight unidentified objects vicinity Langley Field; estimate speed in excess of 1,000 mph; altitude estimated 2,000 feet." The captain came forward and was told of the incident and the message; he took over while we went to work figuring and writing notes on what we had seen.

With a Dalton Mark 7 computer, a kind of pivoting calculator, we swung the azimuth from the longitudinal axis of the airplane to the saucers' angle of approach toward the nose, as well as we could remember it, then did the same for their angle of departure. We found that the difference was only about 30 degrees; therefore they had made a 150-degree change of course almost instantaneously. The G force produced in such a turn we couldn't begin to figure, of course, even if we had known how, for it would depend on duration and speed -- and there was where we really ran into something.

By reference to the chart, we estimated that the saucers' track, from the locality where we had first seen them to the place where they had disappeared, covered about 50 miles, and they had traveled it in 12 seconds. If we were conservative and allowed 15 seconds, that would mean that the objects were flying at the rate of 200 miles in each minute, or 12,000 miles per hour! If we were to be even more conservative and cut our distance estimate right in half, the speed would still be around 6,000 miles per hour!

Awhile later, while we were still discussing the matter, the lights of a northbound four-engined airliner came into view on a course about 1,000 feet above us. If any normal happening could have increased the effect of our night's experience on us, it was that commonplace event. Ordinarily the head-on approach of two airliners -- their closing speed would be 500-550 m.p.h. -- seems pretty brisk. This night the oncoming plane seemed to be standing still, after the streaking speed of the saucers.

We landed at Miami International Airport shortly after midnight. On entering the operations office, we found filed, from our New York dispatcher, a copy of the saucer message we had transmitted through Norfolk, with an addition: "Advise crew five jets were in area at the time." That didn't exactly apply; the things we had seen were eight in number, and we were dead sure they were no jets. Then we phoned the officer on duty at the Air Force headquarters on the airport and told him we had a report to make concerning some strange unidentified objects. He took our names and addresses and said we would be contacted by the proper authorities.

We were. At 7 a.m. we were telephoned by Air Force investigators and appointments were set for an interview later that morning. For a considerable time both of us were earnestly and diligently interrogated, separately and together. We were surprised by being told at the end that our particular experience wasn't by any means unique.

We have both been flying for more than ten years, we have had plenty of service drill on aircraft recognition, and in thousands of hours of flight time neither of us has ever seen anything even remotely resembling the strange and unforgettable objects we saw near Newport News on July 14.

Maybe there is some sort of confirmation in the fact that, following our sighting, the Washington radar twice picked up unidentified objects, on July 19 and 26, and that on the second occasion a pursuing jet flier reported being outdistanced by four disappearing lights.

What were the saucers we saw doing there? We have no idea. One of us thought that their sudden lighting up suggested that they may previously have been hovering. In any case, whether they saw us and came to investigate, or happened to move toward our position and took alarm, or rendezvoused there with the last two, or had some entirely different purpose, are about equally undeterminable guesses.

Though we don't know what they were, what they were doing or where they came from, we are certain in our minds that they were intelligently operated craft from somewhere other than this planet.

We are sure that no pilot, able to view them as we did, could conceive of any earthly aircraft capable of the speed, abrupt change of direction, and acceleration that we witnessed, or imagine any airplane metal that could withstand the heat that ought to have been created by friction in their passage through the dense atmosphere at 2,000 feet. Whether they were controlled from within or remotely, we can't say, but it is impossible to think of human flesh and bone surviving the jolt of their course reversal.

We have the usual reasons, too, for not believing that they were secret guided missiles. It is not logical that our own armed services would experiment with such devices over large cities and across airways, and another nation would not risk them here. Nor could anybody's science have reached such a stage of development without some of the intermediate steps having become public knowledge.

One thing we know: mankind has a lot of lessons to learn . . . from somebody.

-- William B. Nash and William H. Fortenberry

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1. Musician Slim Willet of "Ad-Libbing, Song-Writing Slim Is in the Money Now " died in Texas in 1966 at the age of 46. His song "Saucers in the Sky" was one of just a few mentioned in his obituary.

2. Pictures of the XH-26 told of in "Now Comes the Jet Jeep"...





3. The news report "Jet Pilots at Bryan See Flying Disks" mis-states the speed as "about 6,700 miles an hour". The actual speed reported was 600 to 700 mph. The following documents appear in Project Blue files regarding the incident (click on images to open full-size version in a separate window):

Bryan Texas

Bryan Texas

Bryan Texas

Bryan Texas

4. Subsequent events to the story of the hypnotized young man told in "Flying Saucers on Oregon City Hall Bring Turmoil; Hypnotist Blamed for All" will appear in future posts in this series.

5. The complete story of William Nash and William Fortenberry can be read in The Pilot's Tale found in the Past Weeks portal of this site.


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