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The Battle Of Los Angeles Newscast 1942

: Complete :

Kenneth Arnold News Interview 1947

: Complete :

Roswell Newscast 1947

: Complete :

Walter Kiernan News Special The Search For The Flying Saucers 1947

: Complete :

Fibber McGee and Molly -- Fibber Sees A Flying Saucer, March 28, 1950

: Complete :

Edward R. Murrow - The Case Of The Flying Saucer, April 7, 1950

: Complete :

Ivan Sanderson Interview On Flatwoods Monster (Circa 1956)

: Direct Link To YouTube :

Project Magnet Director Wilbert Smith Speech 1958

: Direct Link To YouTube :

Journalist Frank Edwards Speech 1964

: Direct Link To YouTube :

Albert K. Bender 'Men In Black' message to 1967 UFO conference

: Complete :

Herbert Schirmer 1967 UFO Encounter

: Complete :

Report On Hypnosis Sessions Herbert Schirmer 1967 Encounter

: Complete :

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident - Charles Halt full audio tape

: Part 1 - Direct Link To YouTube : Part 2 - Direct Link To YouTube :

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UFO Secret The Roswell Crash

Image: Ancient Mysteries - UFOs: The First Encounters

Evidence The Case for NASA UFOs

Roswell Operation UFO

Dan Akroid Uplugged on UFOs

Image: History Channel - I Know What I Saw

Evidence The Case for NASA UFOs

Dan Akroid Unplugged on UFOs

UFO Hunters Season 1

UFO Hunters Season 2

History Channel Ancient Aliens

History Channel Alien Encounters

UFOs the Secret History

The Phoenix Lights We Are Not Alone

The Secret Evidence We Are Not Alone

UFOs in South America

UFOs It Has Begun/UFO Syndrome

UFOs The Footage Archives

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