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Hynek UFO ReportUFO Books Online
Collection of UFO books which may be read online.

Saturday Evening Post December 1966UFO Magazine Articles
A collection of online articles from national magazines on the UFO phenomeon, 1942 through 1969.

Flying Saucers October 1959UFO Specialty Publications
A collection of magazines, journals and articles from specialty publications.

X-15General Reference Works Online
A collection of books, research papers and other reference materials relating to aviation history and technology.

Life Magazine February 27, 1950General Interest Magazine Articles:
A collection of articles on science, aviation, sociology and other topics of interest giving context to the times, 1940 through 1952.

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General Interest Articles: 1940-1941

General Interest Articles: 1942-1944

General Interest Articles: 1945

General Interest Articles: 1946

General Interest Articles: 1947

General Interest Articles: 1948

General Interest Articles: 1949

General Interest Articles: 1950

General Interest Articles: 1951

General Interest Articles: 1952

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Fate Magazine

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They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers

Frank Scully's Behind the Flying Saucers

The Flying Saucers are Real

UFO Seen by Ray Stanford at Padre Island Texas

This UFO, Resembling an Electric Light Bulb

The Sighting of This Striking UFO by Military Personnel

UFO Sighting in New Berlin, NY

The Flying Saucer Conspiracy

The Real UFO Invasion

Amazing Stories 1932

Amazing Stories 1944

Amazing Stories 1935

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

Astounding Science Fiction

Astounding Science Fiction

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