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February 20, 2019

Space News:
Virgin Galactic prepares SpaceShipTwo to fly again

Space News:
NASA planning to purchase additional Soyuz seats

Stuff NZ:
Nasa cancels annual super pressure balloon launch in Wanaka

Universe Today:
British Satellite Tests its Space Junk Harpoon
How Realistic Are China's Plans to Build a Research Station on the Moon?

February 19, 2019

Daily Mail:
Israel's first private moon mission set to blast off this week with help from SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket

Spaceflight Now:
Experimental British satellite tests harpoon in orbit

Spaceflight Now:
NASA orbiter spots Chinese lander on the moon
China's Landing Site on the Far Side of the Moon Now Has a Name
What Will Happen to the Opportunity Rover's Dead Body on Mars?
Opportunity Rover Looks Back in Newly Released NASA Photo

Spaceflight Insider:
What did Opportunity's 'last words' actually mean?

February 15, 2019 through February 18, 2019

Daily Mail:
The plane that shrunk the world: It's the behemoth that turned air travel into a luxury holiday. So why, 50 years after its nerve-racking maiden flight, is the world falling out of love with the Jumbo Jet?

Popular Mechanics:
Boeing's 747 Turned 50 Years Old But Still Faces A Fight For Survival

Drive - The War Zone:
This Test Force Highlight Video Shows The B-2 Spirit As You've Never Seen It Before
See the Evolution of SpaceX's Rockets in Pictures

Popular Mechanics:
Watch General Chuck Yeager Break the Sound Barrier

Air & Space Magazine:
Look Around Chuck Yeager's Cockpit

Spaceflight History:
Purple Pigeon: Mars Multi-Rover Mission (1977)

Spaceflight History:
The First Voyager (1967)

Spaceflight History:
The First Voyager (1967)

Daily Mail:
Out of this world: Incredible images from the depths of the NASA archives bring the space agency's history to life as it celebrates its 60th anniversary

February 14, 2019

Daily Mail:
Opportunity is DEAD: NASA confirms its 15-year-old Mars rover failed to wake up during final attempt to make contact, months after dust storm ravaged the red planet and forced it to power down

Spaceflight Now:
NASA declares Opportunity rover dead after 15 years on Mars
Mars Rover Opportunity Is Dead After Record-Breaking 15 Years on Red Planet

Popular Mechanics:
11 of Opportunity's Most Impressive Scientific Triumphs
How NASA's Opportunity Mars Rover Lived So Long
How NASA's Opportunity and Spirit Rovers Changed Mars Exploration Forever
The Epic Driving Record of NASA's Opportunity Rover on Mars
Postcards from Mars: The Amazing Photos of Opportunity and Spirit Rovers

Popular Science:
RIP Opportunity: A eulogy for the beloved Mars rover

February 13, 2019

Universe Today:
New SpaceX Raptor Engine Beats the Chamber Pressure of Russia's RD-180 Engine, According to Elon Musk
SpaceX Dragon Crew Demo-1 Flight to Space Station: What to Expect

Spaceflight Now:
CubeSat deployed from space station to test sample return technology

Daily Mail:
NASA's Van Allen probes begin the final phase of their exploration of Earth's radiation belts as they prepare for their fiery death in our planet's atmosphere in 15 years' time
There's a 'Mole' on Mars Now, Thanks to NASA's InSight Lander

February 12, 2019

Spaceflight Now:
Second Iranian satellite launch attempt in a month fails

Spaceflight Insider:
Survey shows 'hundreds of impacts' on ESA's Columbus module

Space News:
Chang'e-4 powers down for second lunar night

Daily Mail:
Mars like we've NEVER seen it before! NASA's Curiosity rover takes a stunning 360° video of the red planet as it leaves the Vera Rubin Ridge and searches for proof of water on the barren landscape
ASA Spies InSight Mars Lander from Space as It Hunts Marsquakes (Photos)

Daily Mail:
Scientists redraw the models of New Horizons' faraway target AGAIN as new observations now reveal it's 'pretty pancake-like,' in first of its kind discovery

Spaceflight Insider:
Last Kepler images capture numerous planetary systems

February 11, 2019

Spaceflight Now:
Cygnus supply ship departs space station for extended mission
Cygnus Cargo Ship Takes Out the Trash at the International Space Station

Daily Mail:
Elon Musk reveals SpaceX's new Raptor engine has passed key test fire milestone proving it can carry Starship and Super Heavy booster to Mars
Israel's 1st Moon Lander: The SpaceIL Beresheet Lunar Mission in Pictures
Mars: What We Know About the Red Planet
Japan Will Land a Spacecraft on Asteroid Ryugu This Month to Snag a Sample

WEEKEND EDITION: February 8, 2019 through February 10, 2019

Air & Space Magazine:
Au Revoir, Concorde

Popular Mechanics:
The Concorde's Iconic 'Droop Nose' Is Being Fully Restored

Drive - The War Zone:
The Pocket-Sized Black Hornet Drone Is About To Change Army Operations Forever

Popular Mechanics:
Russia Resumes A Cold War Tradition: Flying Fighter Patrols Over The North Pole

Drive - The War Zone:
US Spy Plane Pilot's Account Indicates Soviet Russia Tested A 'Dome Of Light' Superweapon

Drive - The War Zone:
A-4 Skyhawks Had These Crazy Thermal Shields To Protect Pilots From Nuclear Blasts

Daily Mail:
Dropping anchor by the USA's northernmost airbase 950 miles from the North Pole, where the Inuit were forcibly moved from when it was built in 1953

Daily Mail:
Out of this world! NASA's iconic images from the Apollo landings and the Gemini expeditions are set to fetch up to $9,000 at auction

Popular Mechanics:
The Saturn V Story: From Nazi Roots to America's Moon Rocket

Popular Mechanics:
10 of the Most Important Space Missions in History

February 7, 2019

The 4 Factors Most UFO Sightings Have in Common

Spaceflight Now:
First unpiloted test flight of SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule reset for March 2
SpaceX, Boeing (and NASA) Push Back 1st Test Launches of Private Spaceships

Space News:
Commercial crew test flight schedule slips again

Popular Mechanics:
One Year On, The Falcon Heavy's Successful Launch Is Still Incredible
A Year After SpaceX's 1st Falcon Heavy Launch, Starman (and a Tesla) Sail On

Popular Mechanics:
ISS Suffers Toilet Malfunction, Leaks Water Everywhere
NASA Probe Spots China's Chang'e 4 Lander on Far Side of the Moon (Photo)

Spaceflight Insider:
Dome-shaped shield provides protection to InSight seismometer
The World's 1st Interplanetary Cubesats Go Silent Beyond Mars

Space News:
Mars cubesats fall silent
Deep Impact: The Deep-Space Comet Hunter

Universe Today:
Oumuamua Could be the Debris Cloud of a Disintegrated Interstellar Comet

February 6, 2019

NASA Spaceflight:
Iran improving its rockets ten years after its first satellite launch
Ariane 5 Rocket Launches Satellites Into Orbit for Saudi Arabia and India
Ariane 5: European Heavy-Lift Rocket

Spaceflight Now:
InSight lander completes seismometer deployment on Mars

Spaceflight Insider:
Curiosity measures gravity of Mount Sharp

February 5, 2019

Washington Post:
Harvard's top astronomer says an alien ship may be among us - and he doesn't care what his colleagues think

Daily Mail:
Meet the Raptor: Elon Musk unveils massive SpaceX rocket engine that will one day carry his Starship to Mars

Daily Mail:
So close! SpaceX reveals its latest failed attempt to catch its $6m rocket fairing in a giant net on a boat

Stuff NZ:
Check your compass: The magnetic north pole is fast on the move

February 4, 2019
Boeing's Starliner Spacecraft Will Be Ready for 1st Test Flight in March
Boeing CST-100 Starliner: Next-Generation Spaceship

Universe Today:
Crew Dragon Rolls Out to the Launch Pad. Demo-1 Flight Should Happen Shortly
Chinese Rover and Lander Survive 1st Frigid Night on Moon's Far Side
Chinese Probe Uncovers New Mystery on the Dark Side of the Moon
China's Chang'e Program: Missions to the Moon

WEEKEND EDITION: February 1, 2019 through February 3, 2019

Drive - The War Zone:
Detailed New Photos Of Russia's 'Hunter' Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle Emerge: Our Analysis

Drive - The War Zone:
CIA And Skunk Works Secretly Planned To Turn The A-12 Spy Plane Into A Space Launch Mothership

Drive - The War Zone:
Is This Concept Art Of A Mysterious Space Launch Mothership A Missing Link In Area 51's Past? Australia:
Yuri Gagarin: Why the Russians still won't say how the first man in space died

Auto Evoloution:
33 Years Ago, Space Shuttle Challenger Exploded on Live TV

Son of space shuttle Challenger commander remembers tragedy 33 years ago

People Maazine:
Challenger Commander's Wife Found His Valentine's Day Card for Her After He Died in Disaster

Florida Times-Union:
A Look Back: Space Shuttle Challenger explodes after liftoff

January 31, 2019

Space News:
China will attempt 30-plus launches in 2019, including crucial Long March 5 missions
So Close! SpaceX Just Misses Rocket Fairing Catch at Sea with Mr. Steven (Video)

Space News:
The long road to Vostochny: Inside Russia's newest launch facility

Daily Mail:
NASA's Curiosity rover sends back stunning selfie from the surface of Mars as it prepares to explore new regions of the red planet

NASA Science:
Earth's Oldest Rock Found on the Moon

January 30, 2019
US Military Space Plane Wings Past 500 Days on Latest Mystery Mission

Spaceflight Insider:
NASA trying to reestablish contact with Opportunity rover

Popular Science:
NASA's latest effort to revive Opportunity will likely be the lastp

Daily Mail:
Astronomers spot fresh crater on Mars caused by mysterious impact so powerful it smashed through the planet's ice cap
Once Around the Sun! NASA's Parker Solar Probe Aces 1st Trip Around Our Star

Daily Mail:
See asteroid Bennu in greater detail than ever before: Stunning new photos from OSIRIS-REx reveal our best look yet at the smallest object to be orbited by a spacecraft
Newfound Distant Space Rock May Be Missing Link of Planet Formation
Earth Swallowed Another Planet and (Maybe) That's Why Life Exists

January 29, 2019

Space News:
NASA making renewed efforts to contact Mars rover Opportunity
Curiosity Snaps Epic 'Selfie' on Mars as It Moves On to New Martian Sights
SpaceX Video Shows Off Crew Dragon Access Arm for Astronauts

Spaceflight Now:
Ultima Thule revealed in new detail with fresh flyby image
NASA Probe Snaps 1st Photos from Just a Mile Above Asteroid Bennu and the View's AMAZING!
The Hubble Telescope's Deep View of the Universe Is Now Even More Astounding!

January 28, 2019
Silent Mars Rover Opportunity Marks 15 Years on Red Planet in Bittersweet Anniversary
NASA Has a New Plan to Revive the Mars Rover Opportunity, as Time Runs Short
ICYMI: China Has Launched 2 Rockets So Far This Year, Placing 5 Satellites in Orbit
Chinese Companies OneSpace and iSpace are preparing for First Orbital Launches
Israel's 1st Moon Lander Arrives in Florida for Launch on a SpaceX Rocket
Saturn's Biggest Moon Titan May Bake Its Own Atmosphere

WEEKEND EDITION: January 25, 2019 through January 27, 2019

Orlando Sentinel:
Remembering Apollo 1 fire that killed 3 astronauts

Washington Post:
'We have a fire in the cockpit!' The Apollo 1 disaster 50 years later.

Discover Magazine:
How Luck Made Neil Armstrong the First Man on the Moon

The Daily Good:
The Apollo 11 mission was so risky, Nixon had a speech ready in case the astronauts were left to die on the moon.

Why Did NASA Cancel the Apollo Program?

January 24, 2019

Spaceflight Now:
New Shepard launches NASA experiments to space, aims for human flights this year

Spaceflight Insider:
SpaceX's Starship toppled, severely damaged during overnight storm
Why Elon Musk Turned to Stainless Steel for SpaceX's Starship Mars Rocket

Daily Mail:
Did YOU spot it? Astronomers reveal meteoroid hit the moon during this week's total lunar eclipse

Astrobiology Magazine:
NASA's Cassini Data Show Saturn's Rings Relatively New

January 23, 2019 Australia:
UFOs, warp drives, stargates: Freedom of Information query reveals secret list of Pentagon research projects

Spaceflight Insider:
Long March 11 orbits 4 satellites in China's 2nd orbital flight of 2019

Spaceflight Now:
China's Long March 11 rocket lofts Earth-imaging and tech demo satellites

NASA Spaceflight:
SpaceX readying Falcon 9 for static fire ahead of Crew Dragon debut
Blue Origin Video Shows Off Updated Design of Huge New Glenn Rocket
A Mirror Image of Our Universe May Have Existed Before the Big Bang

January 22, 2019
Launch Photos: Spy Satellite NROL-71 Soars on Secret Mission Atop Delta IV Heavy Rocket
Blue Origin to Launch Next New Shepard Test Flight Wednesday

Astrobiology Magazine:
NASA's Moon Data Sheds Light on Earth's Asteroid Impact History
No Planet Nine? Weird Orbits of Distant Objects May Have Different Explanation

January 21, 2019

Spaceflight Now:
Delta 4-Heavy rocket launches U.S. spy satellite into unusual orbit
Stratolaunch abandons launch vehicle program

Spaceflight Now:
Iran admits failure in satellite launch attempt

Outer Places:
Scientists Discover Evidence of Summer Rain and Changing Seasons On Titan

Daily Mail:
Quick, make a wish! Satellite is sent into space which will create the world's first artificial meteor shower and provide on-demand SHOOTING STARS for the super-rich

WEEKEND EDITION: January 18, 2019 through January 20, 2019

Popular Mechanics:
A Russian Start-Up Wants to Project Giant Billboards in Space

Popular Mechanics:
The Giant Airlander 10 Airship to Welcome Commercial Passengers

The Aviationist:
Video Surfaces of F-35 Hitting Five Precision Targets at Once, Including Moving One

Air & Space Magazine:
This F-15 Pilot Holds the NORAD Record for Interceptions

Air & Space Magazine:
Restoration: The 1912 Olmstead Pusher

Air & Space Magazine:
How Perry Young Broke Aviation's Color Barrier

Air & Space Magazine:
Seven Oh Seven

Air & Space Magazine:
The Flight That Changed Everything

Popular Mechanics:
That Time a CIA Spyplane Had to Dodge a Spear During the Cold War

The Space Review:
Bulgarians still dream about space four decades after their first crewed mission
Why Reagan's 'Star Wars' Defense Plan Remained Science Fiction

Air & Space Magazine:
Pieces of Apollo

January 17, 2019

New York Times:
'Project Blue Book' Is Based on a True U.F.O. Story. Here It Is.
US to Launch Secret Spy Satellite Saturday

Daily Mail:
NASA reveals the gigantic 200ft tall main tank of its SLS megarocket that could one day take man to Mars

Daily Mail:
Astronauts venturing to the moon and Mars are at a higher risk of getting sick from antibiotic resistant superbugs that breed in space, experts find

Daily Mail:
Russia loses control of its only space telescope: 'Gremlins' caused by cosmic radiation are to blame as the craft fails to respond to commands
China's Moon Plants Are Dead

Daily Mail:
Getting down to business: NASA's InSight lander lowers its seismometer to better hear sounds from the red planet's interior

Universe Today:
Titan's Thick Clouds Obscure our View, but Cassini Took these Images in Infrared, Showing the Moon's Surface Features

Daily Mail:
Lights, camera, action! NASA releases footage of tumbling 'snowman' space rock that's the most distant object ever explored by humans

January 16, 2019

Popular Mechanics:
Elon Musk Reveals SpaceX's New Retro Test Rocket

Space News:
Chang'e-4 spacecraft enter lunar nighttime, China planning future missions, cooperation
Cotton Seed Sprouts on the Moon's Far Side in Historic First by China's Chang'e 4

Daily Mail:
Switching it off and on again DOES work: NASA reveals reset fixed Hubble Space telescope's main camera

Outer Places:
New Steam-Powered Spacecraft Could Explore Space 'Forever'

Daily Mail:
'Super blood wolf moon' eclipse set to be visible across North America and Europe this Sunday (and it will be the last until 2022)

January 15, 2019

The real-life secret UFO study behind the new TV series "Project Blue Book"

The Urban Legend That Roswell, New Mexico Can't Shake

Spaceflight Insider:
SpaceX completes 16th Dragon mission to ISS

Spaceflight Now:
Dragon cargo craft returns to Earth
Splashdown! SpaceX Dragon Returns to Earth After 2nd Space Station Delivery
See China Moon Mission's Far-Side Landing Site from Above (Photos)

Spaceflight Now:
China releases more images from far side of the moon
China On the Moon! A History of Chinese Lunar Missions in Pictures
Hubble Space Telescope Will Last Through the Mid-2020s, Report Says

January 14, 2019
SpaceX Launches 10 Iridium Satellites Into Orbit, Then Sticks Rocket Landing
SpaceX Finishes Building 'Starship' Hopper Prototype (Photo)
Stratolaunch Airplane Nears First Flight
Watch China Land on the Moon's Far Side in This Awesome Video!
See the Far Side of the Moon in This Amazing Panorama from China's Chang'e 4 Lander
NASA's InSight Lander on Mars Is Now Hunting for Marsquakes

WEEKEND EDITION: January 11, 2019 through January 13, 2019

Daily Mail:
Is THIS the future of the flying car? Tech firms including Toyota are showcasing prototypes of airborne transports at CES 2019 next week

Daily Mail:
$150,000 HOVERBIKE revealed (Although you'll only be able to fly it for 30 minutes until the batteries run out)

San Francisco Chronicle:
Atop Mount Tamalpais, a Cold War mystery hiding in plain sight

How Did NASA Engineer a Car for the Moon?

What Science Was Actually Done on the Moon?
NASA's Apollo Moon Rocks Still Thrill Scientists 50 Years Later

South Hills Almanac:
Scott resident's letter from 'First Man' on display at Heinz History Center

January 11, 2019

Bismarck Tribune:
1948 'dogfight' with UFO recounted by new TV show
Seen a UFO? In the '50s, You Could Report It In This Easy Questionnaire
SpaceX, NASA Push 1st Crew Dragon Test Flight to February

Space News:
NASA delays SpaceX commercial crew test flight to February
Chinese Rover Wakes Up on Moon's Far Side After Lunar Nap

Daily Mail:
Wakey wakey! China rover 'Jade Rabbit' gets back to work after 'sleeping' through the blistering 390°F lunar day on the far side of the moon

Space News:
Astronomers foresee long future for Hubble

January 10, 2019

Daily Mail:
Fresh blow for Mars missions as researchers find long-duration space travel causes crippling back pain that can last for up to four YEARS

Spaceflight Insider:
Hubble camera shut down following anomaly
Hubble Space Telescope's Camera Eye Suffers Malfunction
Phoenix Mars Lander: The First Spacecraft to Taste Martian Water

January 9, 2019
Launch of New US Spy Satellite Delayed Again

Popular Mechanics:
SpaceX Pushes Back 'Especially Dangerous' Dragon Test
Close But No Cigar: Watch SpaceX's Mr. Steven Just Miss Catching a Rocket Fairing in Test (Video)

Daily Mail:
Elon Musk's mysterious 'Tintin' Starship prototype that could one day take man to the moon and Mars to take its first test flight within weeks
Zoom! Asteroid Bennu Slips Past in OSIRIS-REx Flyby View
Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Triggered Mile-High Tsunami That Spread Through Earth's Oceans

January 8, 2019

Stuff NZ:
The reason behind the 'meteor' that lit up New Zealand skies
SpaceX's 'Starship' Hopper Prototype Could Make 1st Test Flight in Weeks, Elon Musk Says

Spaceflight Now:
SpaceX about one month away from first commercial crew test flight

Space News:
China's lunar rover enters standby mode for 'noon nap' as Chang'e-4 tests continue
From Radiation to Isolation: 5 Big Risks for Mars Astronauts (Videos)

January 7, 2019

Ottawa Citizen:
U is for UFOs in Ottawa: The truth is (still) out there

Yakima Herald:
Seen a UFO? Weird tales of the Yakima Valley and beyond
Behold! SpaceX's 1st Crew Dragon Spaceship Is On the Launchpad
There Are Plants and Animals on the Moon Now (Because of China)

Spaceflight Now:
Chinese rover begins exploring far side of the moon
Chinese Moon Rover Making Tracks on Lunar Far Side (Photo)

Daily Mail:
Run, rabbit, run! China releases 308lb rover named Jade Rabbit 2 to trundle across the far side of the moon at a maximum speed of 220 yards per hour carrying out mineral, biological and radiation tests as it prepares to build a 'lunar base'
China Just Landed on the Moon's Far Side - and Will Probably Send Astronauts on Lunar Trips

Outer Places:
A Dutch Astronaut Caused a Panic at NASA After Accidentally Dialing '911'

WEEKEND EDITION: January 4, 2019 through January 6, 2019

Drive - The War Zone:
What U.S. Submariners Actually Say About Detection Of So-Called Unidentified Submerged Objects

Popular Mechanics:
The Biggest Jet Engines in History Are Finally Ready to Power Boeing's Biggest Plane

Popular Mechanics:
Watch a Stealth Bomber Drop Two of World's Largest Conventional Bombs

Popular Mechanics:
Watch Fighter Jets Zoom Through 'Star Wars Canyon'

Popular Mechanics:
Super-Rare XP-82 Twin Mustang Flies Again After Decade-Long Restoration

Aviation History Magazine:
Forgotten Casualty of the Cuban Missile Crisis

History News Network:
Was Sputnik Really the Beginning of the Space Age?

Picturing the cosmos: Rare photos of Soviet space ambitions

The Root:
'Hidden Figure' Shelby Jacobs, Who Designed a Camera System for NASA, Finally Getting His Due Nearly 51 Years Later

Los Angeles Times:
At 83, hidden figure of space program finally gets his due

January 3, 2019

Daily Mail:
China's Chang'e 4 spacecraft releases its rover on the dark side of the moon after historic landing that saw it become the first craft EVER to touch down in the mysterious area
China Makes Historic 1st Landing on Mysterious Far Side of the Moon
China's Yutu 2 Rover Is Driving on the Far Side of the Moon
Photos from the Moon's Far Side! China's Chang'e 4 Lunar Landing in Pictures

Spaceflight Now:
China debuts new upper stage in final launch of the year

Spaceflight Now:
SpaceX crew capsule, Falcon 9 rocket roll out to pad 39A in Florida for tests
With Ultima Thule Flyby, NASA Probe Helps Unlock Secrets of Planetary Formation
Resist the 'Dark Side' of Moon Names: The Lunar Farside Is Plenty Bright

January 2, 2019
China's Chang'e 4 Mission Ready for Farside Moon Landing

Space News:
Chang'e-4 landing to be a step along a road of lunar exploration for China

Spaceflight Now:
Delta 4-Heavy launch with spy satellite pushed back to January
New Horizons Spacecraft Makes New Year's Day Flyby of Ultima Thule, the Farthest Rendezvous Ever
NASA's New Horizons Just Made the Most Distant Flyby in Space History. So, What's Next?
'Meet Ultima Thule': 1st Color Photo of New Horizons Target Reveals a Red 'Snowman'
Alien Hunters, Stop Using the Drake Equation

December 28, 2018 through January 1, 2019

Drive - The War Zone:
Edwards AFB Test Wing Commander Posted A List Of What A Week In His World Looks Like

Drive - The War Zone:
Here's Our First Look At Sikorsky and Boeing's Defiant Compound Helicopter Prototype

Drive - The War Zone:
Behold These Gorgeous Shots Of An E-2D Hawkeye Testing Its New Refueling Capability With A KC-10

Drive - The War Zone:
Behold Arguably The Most Spectacular Photo Of NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Ever

The Aviationist:
Check Out This Shot Of An F-35 Flying Through The Star Wars Canyon Generating Shock Wave Light Distortion

Aviation History Magazine:
The First Fighter

Aviation History Magazine:
An Air Force Pilot Flies Navy

Washington Post:
Apollo 8: NASA's first moonshot was a bold and terrifying improvisation

How engineers (and astronauts) made Apollo 8's 'Earthrise' trip to the moon possible 50 years ago

SBS News:
Australia and the Apollo 8 mission that sent a Christmas message from the Moon

Lake County News:
Space News: Fifty years ago Apollo 8 in lunar orbit

Northwest Indiana Times:
Live from lunar orbit, Christmas was an out-of-this-world celebration 50 years ago

Belleville News-Democrat:
Belleville man helped fish Apollo 8 spacecraft out of Pacific Ocean 50 years ago

Seymour Tribune:
Apollo 8 astronaut Frank Borman's journey started in Indiana

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:
Beating Soviets goal of Hoosier

Bellingham Herald:
'We went all that way to discover the moon and what we really discovered was the Earth'

Business Insider:
NASA's Apollo 8 mission to the moon launched exactly 50 years ago - here is every Apollo mission explained

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