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10:29:11 -- PICTURE OF THE WEEK: Automaton Gort brings alien-from-space Klaatu back from the dead as earthling Helen Benson watches in both fear and amazement in Robert Wise's 1951 sci-fi classic, The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Picture of the Week

11:05:11 -- PICTURE OF THE WEEK: March, 1963 front and back cover of the Soviet magazine Journal of Technology, which was aimed at a youthful readership, showing a future cosmonaut base on the moon.

Picture of the Week

11:12:11 -- PICTURE OF THE WEEK: Arm assembly of a Litton RX lunar suit prototype, circa 1964. The Litton suit was one of a series of prototypes tested by NASA for future lunar exploration.

Picture of the Week

11:19:11 -- PICTURE OF THE WEEK: A 1959 photo of molded astronaut couches lining the NASA Langley Research Centers model shop wall. The names of the test subjects -- in this instance, Langley employees -- are written on the back. Such individually-contoured couches were made for each astronaut in the Mercury program -- America's first manned flight series -- and fitted into the Mercury capsules for each individual astronaut's spaceflight.

Picture of the Week

11:26:11 -- PICTURE OF THE WEEK: From 1973, Artist Rick Guidice's illustration of how the Pioneer spacecraft made use of Jupiter's gravity to slingshot to the outer planets.

Picture of the Week

12:03:11 -- PICTURE OF THE WEEK: From 2006, an enhanced-color image of dunes from the southern hemisphere on Mars during the winter-time. The brighter tones are thought to be carbon dioxide or water frost.

Picture of the Week

12:10:11 -- PICTURE OF THE WEEK: From 2009, Astronaut Robert Satcher uses a digital still camera to take a self-portrait during the STS-129 mission's first spacewalk. During the six-hour, 37-minute spacewalk, Satcher and astronaut Mike Foreman (seen in reflection in background at left) installed a spare S-band antenna structural assembly to the Z1 segment of the international space station's truss.

Picture of the Week

12:17:11 -- PICTURE OF THE WEEK: From 1918, an illustration for a chart in Wonder Stories magazine entitled Unbelievable Time Req1uired To Cover Immense Distances Of Space and giving the travel times to the eight known planets at the futuristic speed of 120 miles per hour, ranging from 54 years to reach Venus to 1610 years to reach Neptune. The chart can be seen in its entirety at The Infomercantile. Image use courtesy of Derek Dahlsad.

Picture of the Week

12:24:11 -- PICTURE OF THE WEEK: From 1996 picture by Shuttle Mission STS-77 Endeavour Remote Manipulator System (RMS) Canada Arm with view of the RMS end effector over an Earth limb with a solar starburst pattern behind it.

Picture of the Week

12:31:11 -- PICTURE OF THE WEEK: From 1995, NASA's fanciful take on a future deep-space university dorm room. This artwork, entitled "Late for Class", was created for NASA by Pat Rawlings of SAIC.

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1939 World's Fair Visitors Entering the Perisphere

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Model of 170 Passenger TU-114, in Soviet Pavilion, Brussels World's Fair

Brussels Fair Spiral

Model of Russian Satellite Sputnik I on Display at the Soviet Pavilion at Expo '58

Painter on Walls of Philips Electrical Co. Exhibit at Expo '58

World's Fair Locomotive

Atomium Brussels

Space Satellite Exhibit and Statue of Nikolai Lenin in Soviet Pavilion, at Expo '58

Auto Exhibit in the Soviet Pavilion at Expo '58

Bobsled Ride at New York World's Fair

Fountains Surrounding Unisphere at New York World's Fair Closing Day

Trylon and Perisphere at New York World's Fair

Statue of Man and Horses Being Lit from Behind at New York World's Fair

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