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LaPaz Painting
Brazil Saucer
Fregnale Saucer
Bronx Sketch
Gun Camera
Shell Alpert
Saucer Chart
Saucer Chart
Saucer Chart

Summer:Fall 2014 -- PICTURES OF THE WEEK: From 1952, photographs and depictions of unidentified aerial phenomenon. Top: Painting by Mrs. Lincoln LaPaz of a mysterious "green fireball". Second: One of five pictures claimed taken in Brazil. Third: Four photos of a claimed flying disc taken in France. Fourth: Water color submitted to the New York Post by 16-year old Rita Acuna of a July 25, 1952 sighting from Bronx, New York. Fifth: Air Force gun camera film frames of object over Bellefontaine, Ohio. Sixth: Life Magazine reproduction of photo taken by Coast Guardsman Shell Alpert. Seventh: From the files of Project Blue Book, sketch of the path of an object reported by dozens of witnesses at a Bakersfield, California drive-in movie theater. Eighth: From the files of Project Blue Book, sketch of an object reported by William Squyres. Ninth: One of three photos taken by Metropolitan Group news photographer Wallace Litwin on September 20, 1952 while aboard the USS Roosevelt during Operation Mainbrace. Tenth: Eugene Lemon and Kathleen May after appearing on television show to tell of their claimed encounter in Sutton, West Virginia. Eleventh: Sketch of an object and occupant claimed sighted in Italy. Eleventh: Illustration for True Magazine article authored by Pan American World Airways pilots William Nash and William Fortenberry telling of their 1952 encounter.

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1939 World's Fair Visitors Entering the Perisphere

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Model of 170 Passenger TU-114, in Soviet Pavilion, Brussels World's Fair

Brussels Fair Spiral

Model of Russian Satellite Sputnik I on Display at the Soviet Pavilion at Expo '58

Painter on Walls of Philips Electrical Co. Exhibit at Expo '58

World's Fair Locomotive

Atomium Brussels

Space Satellite Exhibit and Statue of Nikolai Lenin in Soviet Pavilion, at Expo '58

Auto Exhibit in the Soviet Pavilion at Expo '58

Bobsled Ride at New York World's Fair

Fountains Surrounding Unisphere at New York World's Fair Closing Day

Trylon and Perisphere at New York World's Fair

Statue of Man and Horses Being Lit from Behind at New York World's Fair

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