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Arnold original sketch
Fate magazine cover
Arnold 1952 version
Maury Island saucer

06:24:17 -- PICTURES OF THE WEEK: Above, top: Kenneth Arnold's hand-drawn sketch and notes describing the weird aircraft he had seen while piloting his private plane near Mt. Rainier in Washington on June 24, 1947 -- given to Air Force investigators Lieutenant Frank M. Brown and Captain William Davidson on July 12, 1947. Arnold's reported sighting soon set off a two-week national frenzy of reports, launching the modern era of UFOs. Second: Arnold's saucer as portrayed nine months later in the premier issue of Ray Palmer's Fate magazine. In that issue Arnold gave his own account of his sighting and in another article wrote of his involvement in a sighting reported from Maury Island in Washington by salvage-boat operators Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl. Crisman and Dahl would prove to be perpetrating a hoax, although both Palmer and Arnold would continue to perpetrate -- and embellish -- upon their tale. Third: The evolved version of Arnold's saucer as portrayed in 1950 in Arnold's self-published pamphlet The Flying Saucer As I Saw It -- which would also be included in the 1952 book The Coming of the Saucers wherein Arnold embellished further on his involvement in the "Maury Island Mystery". Bottom: From The Flying Saucer As I Saw It, a portrayal of the craft claimed to have been seen by Dahl and Crisman at Maury Island. 2017 is the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the modern phenomenon.

Paul Villa photo
Paul Villa photo
Paul Villa photo
Paul Villa photo
Paul Villa photo
Paul Villa photo
Paul Villa photo
Paul Villa photo
Paul Villa photo
Paul Villa photo

07:01:17 -- PICTURES OF THE WEEK: Pictures of flying saucers taken by Paul Villa (formally Apolinar Alberto Villa, Jr.) in the mid-1960s. Villa was a self-proclaimed 'contactee' who said he had been in touch with the space people since the early 1950s, and that the ships in the photos above appeared specifically for the purpose of having their pictures taken. Villa's photos could be found in many pulp publications of the time. 2017 is the 70th anniversary of the first reports of flying saucers in the skies.

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1939 World's Fair Visitors Entering the Perisphere

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Model of 170 Passenger TU-114, in Soviet Pavilion, Brussels World's Fair

Brussels Fair Spiral

Model of Russian Satellite Sputnik I on Display at the Soviet Pavilion at Expo '58

Painter on Walls of Philips Electrical Co. Exhibit at Expo '58

World's Fair Locomotive

Atomium Brussels

Space Satellite Exhibit and Statue of Nikolai Lenin in Soviet Pavilion, at Expo '58

Auto Exhibit in the Soviet Pavilion at Expo '58

Bobsled Ride at New York World's Fair

Fountains Surrounding Unisphere at New York World's Fair Closing Day

Trylon and Perisphere at New York World's Fair

Statue of Man and Horses Being Lit from Behind at New York World's Fair

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