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Saturday Night Uforia began life as a series of weekly posts on the documented history of the UFO phenomenon. These entries were at a site completely unrelated to the topic, and were posted as a series of personal diaries on a weekly basis each Saturday night (hence the name), beginning in August, 2008.

Ultimately over 60 in-depth entries were posted before a confluence of events called for a pause in the series. The pause has lasted well over a year, and has come to an end with the debut of the series as its own Web site.

This site represents a new beginning for the series, with prior entries being revised and reposted along with brand new entries on a weekly basis, as always each Saturday night (7:00 EST), at the rate of one per week. There are a myriad of reasons for this approach, not the least of which is to give people a chance to discover for themselves what many regular readers of the initial series said was like nothing else online, and especially to allow new users to be able to join in the conversation from this new beginning.

The guiding philosophy behind this series from the start has been to explore the documented history of the UFO phenomenon, relying heavily on source documents. These are primarily declassified Air Force investigation reports, including witness reports -- often from members of the Air Force themselves -- found in declassified Air Force files, as well as contemporary newspaper reports and witness interviews. Moreover, the focus of the weekly entries is on the beginning decades of the phenomenon, from the 1940s through the 1960s.

This series does not promote the extraterrestrial theory, or any other proposed explanation of the UFO phenomenon. This comes from a philosophy that to do so can result in an emotional need to fit the facts to the belief, which is the antithesis of seeking the truth -- and the truth may include the possibility that the phenomenon may represent something so far outside the frame of reference of our human senses that it may not be fully comprehensible, or even -- as the cynics insist -- much ado about nothing.

But the history of the phenomenon is ultimately as riveting as any answers that may or may not lie ahead. And in the end presenting the documented history is the only path towards achieving the ultimate goal of this series... to bring together all the available source documents, all the witness descriptions, and the many official 'explanations', and to then present them in context, advancing no agenda other than to allow each reader to see what they might discern for themselves.

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2. One oft-repeated philosophy of this series has been that the weekly entries are built to be read at leisure, and now the same thing might be said about the entire site. It is purposely built to avoid a "hit and run" experience. Undoubtedly this will not be to the tastes of some, but fortunately there are plenty of other sites to indulge those in need of quick in and out viewing.


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